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Mirror Mirror


Calista woke to the sharp spank upon her bottom. "Why are your legs closed, cunt?"

His deep throaty question was caught in the spider's web of sleep. Like a fly stuck in the sticky strands, Calista shook her wings, trying to free her mind from the haze of sleep.

Through it all, the first thing, the only thing that registered was obedience. Her legs fell open automatically, without thought. His voice brokered no hesitancy.

Still it was not fast enough as a powerful slap landed directly on her mons venus. Her clitoral hood that always seemed to poke just out of its protective embrace like a small child peeking around her mother's skirt tingled, both in pain and pleasure. She moaned but His hand covered her mouth. "Do not wake my neighbours with your screams, whore."

Her lungs burned with the craving for oxygen. She battled her natural instincts to fight back. She reminded her cloudy brainy that she trusted this man. They had played these games before. He would not do anything to truly hurt her. She willed her body to relax, to submit even this, her very life to her Master. All resistance left her body as she slumped back against the embracing clouds of His bed. Just when stars appeared before her eyes, His hand released its grip and she gulped life giving air deep into her lungs. His gift to her, His power over her.

Then He was upon her. Filling her with His cock. Pounding at her as if she were merely a vessel for His pleasure. It seemed to go on forever. Her body climaxing time and time again as she held it all inside. She fought the need to scream out each release as her fingers clutched at His broad shoulders like a drowning man holding onto a life preserver. One orgasm flowed seamlessly into the next and the next for eternity.

"On your knees," Calista whimpered as she felt the hard cock of her lover withdraw from her needy body, but as always she obeyed. It was instinctual for her, especially with this man. As the last tremors of her orgasm ebbed from her, she found the energy from somewhere to move. To comply.

"Not that way. Turn. Face the mirror," His deep voice sent electrical impulses of pure need down her spine to pool between her greedy thighs as she turned to face the other wall.

Her breath caught in her throat at what she saw in that mirror. Dark red hair wrapped about her face like those whispers of a spider's web. Her green eyes were glazed with the passion they had been sharing for hours. Her pink lips that were swollen from His kisses formed the perfect 'O' as He moved behind her, once more filling her with His thick cock. Her eyes grew wider and wilder with each thrust, her head thrown back as she once more raced head long over the edge towards another powerful orgasm.

"Watch me. Watch me fuck my girl's cunt," He growled as His fingers stroked down her spine sending even more erratic messages to her passion clouded brain.

She moaned as she felt the sting of His open palm against her bare right ass cheek. The pain only heightened the pleasure, the drug that He used with such expertize upon her. She bit her lip to keep from screaming out as His hand connected with her left cheek this time.

"Mine," He breathed as He surged forward again, burying all of His hard cock deep inside of her.

His words echoed in her mind as surely as His touch mastered her body. The next blows landed quickly on alternating cheeks as He pounded deeper and deeper into her. Her body crested another peak, higher than all of the others. She felt its power washing over her, drowning everything else as she watched that creature in the mirror move back to envelop even more of her lover. He moved faster and faster, matching each frantic beat of her heart as if sensing the depths of her needs.

Calista eyes were glued to the mirror, watching the mastery that this Alpha took with His mate's body and the answering welcome in the creature's movements to take more, give more to her Master. She had never seen anything more primal, more beautiful, more erotic.

Only the deep thrusts of her lover and the loud thud of another blow warming her ass brought her back to reality. She cried out and threw back her head as she felt him lunge as deeply as possible into her body, finding His own release. As she collapsed forward onto her forearms, she smiled, satisfied and content not only with the multiple orgasms that He had given her but her power to give Him pleasure as well.

'Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the most beautiful of all?'...Definitely the creature that Calista saw there. The one who glowed with each caress, each command. 'Mine,' she thought. Yes, she was most definitely His and her body knew that.

For a single heartbeat, she wondered, 'how the fuck did this happen?' But just as quickly the satisfied, throaty voice of that creature answered in her mind, 'does it matter?' It did not and would not. For as long as this thing lasted, she would enjoy each moment, just as the beauty in the mirror did so easily.

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