tagErotic HorrorMirror Mirror Ch. 03

Mirror Mirror Ch. 03


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What I write is fiction/fantasy/fairy tales for adults. None of my characters are real, no one was injured during the production of my stories and just like on T.V., they all get up when the scene is over, have a beer, remove the makeup and go home, ready to return in the next chapter, all the boo boos healed.

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Mirror Mirror: Part Three

Chapter Six: Beware of Greeks...

The Dwarves returned from the city with several wagon loads of goods before Snow White fully recovered. Thorn was unhappy and very perplexed at the attack on the girl; no one should even have known that she was living here with the dwarfs.

Weeks passed and nothing further happened and Snow White had fully recovered and resumed her duties as house maid, cook, and sex slave, so the dwarf's relaxed and went back to their normal routine. Thorn gave orders to Snow White; if anyone showed up at the cottage she was to go inside and let the dwarf's deal with it.


The Queen was pissed; for once again the mirror had shown her that her one rival was still alive and living with the dwarf's. Worse she was getting more beautiful by the day as she ripened into a fully rounded young woman.

The Queen knew she would have to be a lot more careful if she was to trick Snow White again and there was those damned dwarf's to consider. She didn't dare show up at the cottage again for certainly they would be suspicious of anyone who came to that remote dwelling.

The Queen took to watching Snow White's every move through the magic of the mirror. Day and Night the Queen would lie on her bed and watch as the girl went about her daily tasks. She especially enjoyed watching the dwarf's fuck, torture and humiliate the girl and often would masturbate as the mirror showed the girl being forced to fuck and suck. Axe and Hammer were her favorites for they would cause Snow White the most pain and put her in the most humiliating scenes.

The summer reached its high point, the heat of the days seemed to go on forever, and even deep inside the dwarf's buried dwelling it grew too warm for comfort.

Snow White and the seven dwarfs' took to sleeping outside at night to take advantage of the cooler breezes.

They would occasionally go to a nearby lake to swim and bathe and that gave the Queen an idea.


Snow White, her body covered in sweat and dust from sweeping out the cottage, dumped the last of the garbage and sweepings in the great pit that the dwarf's used to burn and bury their trash.

She had several hours before the dwarf's would return from the mine and dinner was already prepared. She looked at her filthy body and hair. If she waited for the dwarf's, more that likely one or the other would decide fucking her or making her wash one or all of them, was more important than letting her get a good wash for herself and they never seemed to give her enough time to get her hair really clean and brushed.

The more she thought about it and the more she sweated and smelled her self the better the idea seemed. It really wasn't that far to the lake and she could be back before they got home and besides the water in the barrel was getting low and starting to smell.

Snow white made up her mind, grabbed her bathing gear, and skipped off to the lake for a long over due bath and shampoo.

She was approaching their usual bathing area when she heard a beautiful voice singing and noticed several women's garments hanging from the branches of a tree near the lake.

Snow White crept very cautiously up to the bushes and peered through the branches. There in the lake was a pretty young girl, seemingly a few years younger than herself, taking a bath, and washing her long red hair.

Snow White spent several minutes spying on the girl and looking around to make sure they were alone, when she noticed the girl had caught strands of her long hair in one of the hanging branches.

"It looks like you could use some help." She announced as she stepped out on the rocks next to the lake.

"Ohh!" Squealed the girl. "I thought I was alone." She was trying to cover herself with her arms and struggling to get back to shore but her hair was caught tight and she was pretty much trapped in the water.

"It's alright." Snow White reassured the girl. "I too came alone to bath myself." She dove into the water and swam around behind the embarrassed young girl. She worked for a couple of minutes and freed the girl's hair.

"There now you're free."

"Thank you, my Lady. I'll leave now so you may bath undisturbed."

"No need to run off." Snow White laughed. It's a big lake and there's just us two. Finish your bath. I'll even help you with your hair, if you'll help me with mine?"

"Certainly, my lady."

"My name is Snow White and we are all just girls here."

"I'm Lucrezia." The girl handed a jar of perfumed soap cream to Snow White, who began to lather it into the long red hair.

The girls washed each others hair and rinsed and soaped each other. Snow White noticed that Lucrezia, spent a long time soaping and massaging her breasts, but it felt so good after so many months of rough handling by the dwarf's she couldn't ask her to stop.

Slowly what started out as a simple bath, heated up and the two young women were kissing and stroking each other as the slid up on the warm rocks beside the lake.

Lucrezia's kisses were so soft and gentle and her hands felt soo good as the probed into places no woman's hand had ever gone before. Her breasts were soft and it was delicious to suck her tiny nipples deep in Snow Whites mouth and nip her just enough.

She could feel Lucrezia's fingers traced out her rings and chains, pulling just enough to get a moan from Snow White. The two women explored each others bodies, using fingers and tongues to touch, tease, and taste.

Breasts and nipples, clit and anus, they played with each other, bring each to delicious orgasm time after time until they lay back exhausted on the warm rocks letting the sunlight warm their muscles and glint off their naked skin.

Snow White rose first and looked at Lucrezia and then down over her own body. She began to laugh as she pulled leaves from her hair and brushed dirt from her sweat soaked body. Lucrezia did the same and then dove back into the lake where Snow White joined her and they began to wash again.

They climbed on the rocks to let the sun and breezes dry their bodies and Lucrezia pulled from her basket several brushes and sets of combs. They took turns brushing each others hair and Lucrezia placed several small combs in Snow Whites beautiful full and ebony tresses.

"Keep these in memory of our time together." She said.

The two women dressed and kissed one last time before heading off on different paths towards home.

As soon as Snow White disappeared from sight, Lucrezia began to change, ageing and filling out until the Evil Queen stood upon the path, her poisoned combs safely delivered to the unsuspecting Snow White.

Summer slowly gave way to fall; Snow White continued her daily routines, of cooking, cleaning, and being used as the dwarf's sex toy. Yet as every day passed it seemed harder for her to concentrate. She once fell asleep while sucking Thorn's cock. She never got sick, but she was never completely well either.

When even Axe and Hammer commented on her condition (for no matter how hard they twisted her tits or beat her ass, no matter how long they fucked her holes, nothing got so much as a groan from the girl.) Thorn decided he had better investigate. He took the girl aside and questioned her. Was she not getting enough sun? Were Axe and Hammer mistreating her more than usual? Was she getting enough to eat?

Nothing the girl could point to seemed to be the matter but she grew more and more listless.

One evening while serving dinner she collapsed, Dark took the girl to his room and kept her there. Slowly she recovered and a week or so later was the bright and cheerful girl the dwarves had come to know.

A passing illness, brought on by overwork was the consensus. Thorn allowed her to return to her duties, but decided she was to be left alone for a time as far as satisfying the dwarf's sexual needs, at least until the finger marks and bruises from the dwarf's torture of her lily white breasts and ass healed.

Once again she grew sick and Thorn put her back in Dark's care. And once again she started to get better. This time Thorn decided to give her some time off to completely recover, yet no sooner had she returned to her room then she began to sicken.

Thorn had her room searched and that's when they discovered the jet black combs that the girl had left on a shelf in her rooms so they wouldn't get broken by the dwarf's. Thorn asked her where she had gotten the combs for she had not been wearing them when the dwarf's found her; as a matter of fact except for a torn and tattered cloak she hadn't been wearing anything.

Snow White confessed to her time at the lake and meeting up with Lucrezia, how she had been given the combs and why she only wore them when she was outside or by herself and wanted to pin up her long ebony hair.

Dark tested the combs and found the subtle poison that had been woven in them during their making. Once again the dwarf's had saved Snow White.

Thorn called a meeting of his clan. He was incised at the attacks on Snow White, not only in his territory but also under his very roof. He sent Axe and Hammer to travel to each of the other clan holdings all around the evil queen's kingdom with word that he was planning to march on the Queen come the spring.


"Snow White recovers more each day, the combs the dwarf's have done away. Come the spring, dwarf clans will meet and lay these attacks at your feet." The mirror's voice quaked as he reported on the Princess's condition.

"Damn the girl and damn the dwarf's" the Queen was thinking fast and furious. If the Dwarf's came to war on the kingdom, the King would learn his daughter lived and who was responsible for her departure. The Queen's men were loyal to her but they could never stand up to the Kings army.

"This would all go away if the little bitch would just die." After all she could then blame the kidnapping, torture, and death on the dwarf's with the mirrors images to back her up.

Three days and three nights the Queen sat and thought, hatching one scheme after another and discarding them just as fast. She watched the Dwarf's through her magic mirror and finally hit on the perfect plan.

The big dumb oaf of a dwarf named Oak liked to travel around by himself and visit the neighboring farms. There he played with the kids and helped out around the places and was generally know as a good friend to the farmers and their families.

One of the farms he went to quite often was an old widow woman that he helped out. She would bake him pies and cookies made from the apples in her orchard that Oak helped her pick each autumn.

Now the Queen watched the old women and soon she had the perfect weapon.


The dwarf's shuttered the mine for the coming winter. Once the snows arrived, travel to and from the mine would be too hazardous and arduous even for the powerful legs of a dwarf.

Winter was the time to relax and repair tools and plan for the next years work. A time for hobbies, and parties, and get togethers with other clans.

One day before the snows came, Oak came home with the old widow woman from down in the glen. He was carrying baskets of apples and she hobbled along behind him, carrying a couple of pies in a basket.

Oak introduced Snow White to the old woman and the rest of the dwarf's greeted her as well for they had known her for many years, even before the death of her husband and they loved her cooking.

"Well Mrs., has Oak been helping as he should or is he just eating all your apples?" Thorn joked.

"Oak is a good boy as you well know, King Thorn. I don't know what I would do without his help, picking my apples and chopping me a pile of apple wood for the winter. That's why I made you these pies and had him bring these baskets of apples. He picked way more than I could sell.'

The old woman set the pies on the table in the upper cottage.

"Why your young woman is working miracles, I can't remember when I've seen this cottage look so bright and clean."

Snow White smiled at the compliment for she had worked many hours to make the cottage a pleasant place to live.

The dwarf's were all for digging into the pies then and there but Thorn made them take them down to the pantry and save them for dessert.

"Surely, you won't mind if they try a few of my apples, King Thorn? They go bad so fast."

Thorn agreed and the dwarf's were soon eating and throwing apples at each other.

The old woman pulled Snow White aside. "I heard about your illness, my dear, so I saved a special apple just for you. It comes from my best tree and is ever so sweet."

The apple was the most red and perfect apple Snow White had ever seen. It smelled of the outdoors and summer and sweet tartness all at once. Snow White bit into the top of the apple and smiled at the crisp crunch as she dropped to the floor.

The old woman cackled and spun around. "Finally Snow White is dead!" The old woman melted into the figure of the Evil Queen, smoke billowed up around her and she was gone, all that was left behind was her evil cackle of triumph.

The dwarf's tried. They worked mighty magic know only to those tied to the earth. They tried spells and potions, incantations and prayers to the gods above and below. Nothing worked and finally even Dark had to admit Snow White was dead.

The dwarf's worked long and hard to make a beautiful casket of gold and silver and studded with gems. Dark even used his precious supply of crystal to make a cover so clear you could see ever hair on Snow Whites head perfectly.

They dressed her in the finest clothes they could make and brushed her hair to perfection. When they closed the lid and sealed the coffin, she looked so perfect it was as though she was just sleeping.

Chapter Seven: Someday my Prince will cum.

The Prince had ridden all summer and almost all of the fall. He had visited so many kingdoms and met so many Princesses'. He shook his head. Brainless bores, most of them. No spark, no challenge and as for sex. Oh my god I wanted to kill most of those dead arsed bitches. And tits, I'd kill half a kingdom to find one of theses bitches with a decent set of tits.

"Excuse me Your Highness?" Will the Princes captain of the guard asked?

"Nothing, Will. I didn't mean to speak aloud. I'm just so tired of all these vapid Princesses."

Will chuckled as he pulled his horse next to his Prince. "What we need is to find some lusty village girls and have a couple of days of party. Nothing like a big titted cow of a village wench, sucking your manhood, to make ya feel right as rain in no time."

The Prince growled under his breath. "If my father wasn't so damned set on me settling down and marrying one of these twits, we could part the winter away. Like we used to."

"Aye, Lad. But you've got to grow up sometime, besides if one of your younger brothers has a male heir before you're even married..."

"Yeah yeah, I lose the throne."

"Aye, Lad."

"So, who's next on the list?"

"Princess Snow White and you can take your time getting to know her. That's where we will be spending the winter."

They rode on.


Six of the dwarfs carried the coffin behind Thorn who led them to a large stone mausoleum under the trees where she would be laid to rest.

They had just set the coffin down and were preparing to start the service when several horses came down the path. There were two soldiers in the lead, followed by two humans in fine clothes and trailed by six more solders.

The procession came to a halt next to the coffin and the Prince looked down through the clear top at the beautiful princess laid out inside.

"My condolences for your loss, friend dwarfs. She is a beautiful girl. Who was she?"

Thorn looked up at the Prince. "She was the Princess Snow White and my friend."

The Prince dismounted and stood beside the coffin. He gazed down upon the woman who might have become his wife if the fates had been kinder.

"How did such a vibrant young woman die?" he asked.

"Murder most foul." declared Thorn. "She was poisoned by an evil Queen."

The Prince raised the clear lid that he might look more closely at the beauty laid there and knelt down to give her a kiss. Their lips touched and when Snow White's lips parted a piece of the apple fell from her mouth.

The Prince stared as Snow White's eyes opened and she drew a deep breath. The dwarf's and the solders all gave a cheer as she sat up and was helped out of the coffin by the Prince.

Late that night at the celebration in the great hall everyone had drunk and eaten their fill and the men and dwarfs had enjoyed several contests of strength and drinking prowess.

The Prince and Princess sat and talked and kissed the evening long, oblivious to the merriment going on around them. Old King Thorn sat in his chair and watched with a twinkle in his eye for he was planning to achieve several goals all with one simple gambit.

"My Lord Prince, I understand that you came here to woo the Princess and marry her."

"Such was my intent, King Thorn."

"Is it still?"

"It is."

"Then as I stand in loco parentis, I shall marry you two if that be your wish, for I find I am unable to continue to protect the Princess."

They exchanged a glance and both nodded.

"Come forward!"

And so the Prince and Princess were married in the great Hall of the dwarf King, with the Captain as the best man and Dark giving away the bride, surrounded by their compatriots and amidst great joy and revelry.

Still later that night the Prince found he had gotten a great deal more than he could have hoped, for Princess Snow White was well trained in the arts of pleasing a man, had a body to die for and was as demure in public as she was a whore in bed.

The following spring brought sad news to the Prince for his father had passed during the winter while they had waited out the snows, but he had received the message of his son's marriage with joy and named the Prince his successor.

The new King and his Queen Snow White surrounded by both his father's army and an army of dwarf's rode to the castle of Snow Whites father.

There the new king informed his father in law of the evil Queens treachery. The Evil Queen abandoned by her guards was arrested and the marriage dissolved and she was sentenced to live out the rest of her life in service to the dwarf King. Thorn immediately had her stripped naked, placed in chains, and given over to both the dwarf and young kings solders, just to break her in so to speak.

The last sight Snow White had of her former mother in law was on public display in the courtyard of her father's castle being fucked in both holes while sucking another solder.

They rode back to her husband's new kingdom and once the new King showed his bride the toy chest provided by the dwarf's and especially Dark; Snow White knew they would live happily ever after.

The End

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