tagChain StoriesMirror Mirror Ch. 08

Mirror Mirror Ch. 08

byMy Erotic Tail©

"Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak---" I awoke to the sound. It was kind of like someone having sex on a bed going back and forth. "Squeak, squeak, shhhhh, shhhh," I looked to my side and saw my lovely oriental dream laying next to me asleep. So what was that noise?

I looked around the room, her room. I was still with her in her room. I was a little confused to say the least for I was dead and found another soul trapped in a room similar to mine. Things were getting stranger.

"Shh, Shhh, Squeak squeak," I raised my head up and saw the mirror in this room and on the other side was Rosie the cleaning lady. She was spraying the mirror with window cleaner and wiping it. My little Asian companion stirred then rose her sleepy head to see what the noise was too. I jumped to my feet and ran to the mirror.

"Rosie," I yelled aloud. My Japanese princess was now by my side as Rossie stopped what she was doing and looked around as if she heard her name. Curiously she glanced outside then came back to her chore.

"Hey she heard you," the little oriental spat with a smile. "Hey, hey Jason Simms is a murderer, call the police. Please, Rosie, 5466 red oak way. PLEASE." She yelled over and over. Rosie seemed to understand but she didn't call or go to the phone she just kept working. Slower but continuously, a little spooked Rosie cleaned the room as we watched her through the Mirror.

"Did she hear me?" The little oriental asked.

"I don't know but I think so?" I replied, I had other words I wanted to say to Rosie but it was a little late now. "What's your name?" I finally got to ask.

"Keno," she answered with a radiant smile. Her fingers toiled on my chest as she appeared to recall the intimate time we shared. Her soft eyes slowly looked up into mine as she licked her lips. I melted into her frame as my arms wrapped around her and she received me with her own hug. "What's yours?" She asked with a mischievous smile.

"Charlie, Charles Falcon the third." I answered.

"Oh that sounds distinguished," she said with a sexy tone. Her body rocked upwards on her tip toes and her lips pressed into mine. I returned the kiss and drove my tongue deeply into her mouth as my desires were fueled by her passion play and seductive way. Reaching for her perky little breasts and squeezed. Her moans let me know she enjoyed my touch while her tongue swirled around mine.

Our hands freely roamed each other while we laid slowly to the floor. I positioned myself between her legs and pressed my hardened muscle into her slowly. She was pulling on my ass cheeks wanting me more. I began to thrust and hump at her with vigorous rapid drives. The urge to pump deeper was animalistic. Forcing into her fully while she spread her legs wide for me.

My grip tightened on her more as my orgasm began to peak. Pressing more and more till I couldn't hold back any longer and filled her with my warm love syrup. Her sexy moans stirred me fully. Our bodies ignited with feverish grips and grasps. Pushing into each other with lips and humps. I was over cum with ecstasy, it had been way to long since I had been with another woman. The urge to ravish her was powerful but my body was spent.

I lay to the side and pulled her into my arms and began gazing at this oriental delight. She was smiling and looking back at me. I noticed she seemed to lighten, almost transparent. It was a strange glow around her. Then I heard noises in the room through the mirror. It was Rosie.

"I heard someone say it right here. I don't know this person," Rosie spoke in her Hispanic accent. "It say senior Jason Simms he is MURDER." Rosie explained with excitement in her voice. I sprang to my feet as did Keno. Peered through the mirror and saw Rosie and two police officers. She was explaining something to them.

"Well, Mrs. Gonzales, voices in an empty room is pretty flimsy evidence, although we have Jason Simms in custody again on another charge. He has confessed to the murder of his girlfriend. He was belittled with guilt. Now you call and say you heard a voice tell you this? In this room?" The officer asked.

"Si, yes, I was right here by the dresser and cleaning this mirror ands I hear them yell. It was a girls voice. You no believe me?" Rosie asked with concern. "I think I should call the police so I do so and you think I'm, loco?" Rosie was getting a bit frustrated.

"Well, Mrs. Gonzales as I said he is being charged with the murder but were just curious how did you know this?" The policeman asked while writing in his note pad.

"I tell you I was cleaning and I hear a girl yelling that Jason Simms is a murder." I call the police and tell them and you come here. I no loco in the cabeza." Rosie settled down slightly but still had a wrinkled brow.

"She heard you, Keno! She heard you and called the police," I shouted and turned to Keno. And she was gone, vanished. Not a single word. I franticly searched the room but she wasn't here and she didn't leave through the door. She just disappeared. On the floor lay my rod, I instantly looked around for Keno's and it was gone too. I then heard a door slam and I turned looking through the mirror and Rosie and the police had left.

Well, this was strange, if Rosie heard her and the case was solved or justice was done, Keno passed into another realm? Or did she die? Was I in a nightmare? How can I get my justice for my murder? I had so many questions and so few answers. I picked up my rod and went back to my room.

I will wait for Rosie and try to yell my murderers name and see if I can get out of this too. Poor Rosie might not call the police again for fear of being insane. But maybe someone else. I sat on the bed in my room and waited.

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