Mirror Mirror on the Wall


I felt a little embarrassed that she should be thanking me when she had just given me the greatest gift any man could want, and unable to find suitable words to respond, I kissed her hard and for the first time our tongues entwined. Our first 'adult' kiss seemed to last forever as I continued to fuck her until every last drop of my cum was inside her.

Withdrawing slowly I frowned at the crimson streaks on my rod, evidence of what had just happened, and I looked at Jenna anxiously. "Are you OK, Baby?"

"Daddy, I just had the most wonderful fuck in the world, with the most wonderful man in the world. I couldn't be more OK. It didn't hurt as much as I expected, so even that felt good. I just wish I could be a virgin for you every time you fuck me."

I chuckled at the absurdity of the concept of self healing virginity, but my heart soared at the promise implicit in her statement. An hour before it had been beyond my wildest dreams that she could want to feel my cock meat filling her tender young cunt, and now that it had happened she was suggesting that she would want it again and again. The mere thought started the blood surging into my tool, but wary that she might be a little too tender I stood and gestured ruefully. "I guess I'd better get this mess cleaned up a bit."

Jenna held out her hand for me to pull her up from the couch. "Good idea. We can do it together." Hand in hand we walked to the bathroom, where she shrugged out of her robe. Wrinkling her nose she showed me the stained evidence of her lost virginity and giggled. "I don't know if I should wash this or preserve it as a reminder of the sweetest moment of my life."

I couldn't think of a suitable reply, and she tossed the soiled garment into the wash basket and joined me in the shower. Taking the hand fitting, I directed a stream of warm water up into her plundered crack, rinsing out the gunky mess I had made, and when the spray struck her clit she sighed and spread her legs wider. "Mmm, that's even nicer than when I do it. Keep that up and I'll cum in no time." Out of pure devilment I turned the water pressure on full, and she gasped and sagged against the wall, eyes squeezed tight. Although the flow of the water made it almost impossible to tell if she was actually cumming, the way her entire body shook convinced me that she was almost certainly experiencing her third orgasm in less than an hour. Slowly her trembling knees gave way and she slid down the wall to the shower base, out of reach of the spray. "You rotten pig," she pouted without rancour. "You did that on purpose."

"Guilty as charged." I grinned, reaching for a sponge to wash my cock.

"I'll do that for you," she said, with an angelic look on her face.

I surrendered the sponge, but she dropped it to the floor and soaped her hands. Cupping my balls in one hand, she wrapped the fingers of the other around my shaft, stroking lightly until it was clean, and then taking a firm grip she started to jerk me off in earnest. Her hand flew up and down my throbbing prick, bringing me closer and closer to the edge, before she slowed down. "Oh, Baby," I gasped, "Keep going, I'm nearly there!"

"Are you really?" she smirked. "Isn't payback a bitch?" Releasing her grasp, she ducked out of the shower and took off with me in hot pursuit, following her wet footprints to her room with my stiff boner bobbing uncontrollably. She had just enough start on me to dash inside and turn the key in the lock, erupting into peals of laughter. The sound of her gleeful giggles rang in my ears as I jerked frantically at the handle.

"Aww come on Baby, don't leave me like this." I pleaded.

"Go away you filthy beast," she laughed. "That will teach you to take advantage of an innocent defenceless maiden." I leaned against the panelling in exasperation as my erection started to subside. Suddenly she pulled the door open and I fell into her room, landing on my butt. As I looked up from my most undignified position on the floor, the minx doubled over, clasping her arms across her belly and laughing so hard she had trouble catching her breath. "Oh my god," she gasped. "If only you could see yourself!"

I had to admit I must have looked pretty ridiculous, and I grinned ruefully, trying hard not to laugh with her. Abruptly she stopped and threw herself backwards across the bed, patting the covers beside her. Climbing to my feet I lay down with her and kissed her gently. Earlier we had both been in too much of a hurry to bother with proper foreplay, but now I took my time, exploring and learning her body as she held my tool loosely. I caressed and kissed her forehead, and then her eyelids and cheeks, my lips following my hands down her neck to her shoulders. She drew in a sharp breath when I cupped her perfect young tits, squeezing and kneading the firm flesh, teasing her equally perfect nipples into hard little points.

I took one between my lips, nibbling and sucking, before transferring my attention to its twin, and finally pushing her glorious globes together so I could suck both nipples at once. Her sighs became deeper, and I kissed my way slowly down her soft young body, trying to restrain my eagerness to taste my daughter's sweet pussy. I finally arrived at the junction of her slightly parted thighs, and feasted my eyes on the pouting bald lips split by the neat dividing line. Very carefully I spread her open and folded back the hood to reveal her swollen clitoris. The exotic view was more than I could resist, and I fastened my lips on the stiff little love bud, holding it tightly and flicking it with my tongue for a moment before licking up and down her slit. Her breathing was coming faster now, and she humped against my face, letting out a strangled moan and pouring her creamy nectar into my mouth and over my face. I kept licking and nibbling until finally she pushed me away. "Oh my god Daddy, that was amazing. I'm so glad I saved myself for you."

Sitting up she leaned forward to kiss me then licked her lips. "Mmm, interesting." I was longing to fuck her again, but I didn't want to make her any sorer than I thought she must be, so I just lay holding her quietly. After what seemed an eternity she reached out to grasp my now flaccid manhood. "Do you want me to suck it for you Daddy? I don't know if I'd like the taste of your stuff, but I want to try."

Words failed me, and in reply I put my hand on her shoulder, watching in awe as she leaned forward and her full lips encircled my cock. "I'll warn you in time in case you want to change your mind." I whispered, then gave myself over to enjoying the exotic sensations radiating through me as I watched my daughter's sweet mouth sliding up and down my shaft. Her eagerness more than made up for her lack of experience, and before long I tapped her shoulder. "Any second now Baby," I panted, humping my hips furiously. She hesitated for no more than a second, and then she pursed her lips tightly, hollowing her cheeks as she sucked harder. Right on cue my cock exploded, and I carried on fucking her mouth until I had pumped out the last drop. Keeping her lips tightly closed, she smiled at me almost shyly, and then swallowed slowly and carefully.

"Not the best thing I ever tasted, but I'll get used to it after a couple more times." I raised her face and kissed her, tasting myself faintly on her lips and on her tongue, and she gave me an odd look. "I didn't think you would want to kiss me with your stuff in my mouth. I didn't think guys liked that."

"Baby, I love you, and I'll kiss you anywhere and anytime you want. As you said, it's not the best taste in the world, but on you and in you I might learn to like it." In all honesty the thought was making me feel a little uncomfortable, so I changed the subject. "One thing I don't understand is why a beautiful girl like you never let a boy touch you. You must have had lots of them begging."

She shrugged. "You can blame Rhianna for that."

At the mention of her best friend's name an image came to me of a rather attractive outgoing girl a year or two older than Jenna, not exactly plump, but well padded. She often came to our place, but there was one time I would never forget. She had come to pick up Jenna to go clothes shopping, and whilst we waited for Jenna to shower and dress, we sat chatting, although I could not for the life of me say what about. Rhianna had been wearing the latest fashion in tights which followed every contour, and I had trouble keeping my eyes and imagination off the clear outline of her delightfully chubby pussy. By the time Jenna was ready I was sitting with one leg crossed over the other, trying desperately to hide the biggest boner I'd had in years. The instant the door closed behind the girls my cock was out, and I was jerking it furiously to a mental picture of a naked Rhianna holding her delicious puffy cunt lips open and begging to be fucked. Although that was the only occasion on which she had dressed in such an unconsciously provocative manner, there had been countless times since then when I had lain in bed at night, jerking my cock as I pictured myself fucking her in every imaginable position. Shaking my head to dispel the memory, I looked at Jenna. "Oh? Where does she come in?"

"We were talking about guys one day and she let it slip that her dad was doing her, and he was a hundred times better than any of the boys that did her. I was a bit shocked, because although I knew she sometimes let boys feel her tits -- I mean all girls let boys do that because it makes kissing more fun, - but I didn't know she went all the way, and definitely not with her dad. When I got over the shock of her dad fucking her, I started thinking about how good she said he was. I decided there and then that when the right time came for me the first cock I wanted in my cunt was my Daddy's, and if you didn't want me nobody would have me. Now that I know you do want me I want you more than ever. I belong to you, and you belong in me."

As she spoke she continued to circle her areolas with a fingertip, her breath quickening again. Her exotic fragrance wafted up from her slit, and I reached for her again, and slowly and gently we made love with hands and lips, stroking each other lightly and sensuously without penetration. After almost an hour she squeezed my cock tightly and urged me above her. "Do me again Daddy," she whispered. "Make me cum again."

Wary that she might yet be too tender I eased into her carefully until the tip of my cock was pressing against her womb, and began sliding in and out as smoothly as I could. As I moved inside her I was unable to think of what was happening as fucking, because in my mind fucking involved lust, and this was a tender expression of our love for each other. Her legs went around me and she lifted her hips to meet me. "You can do me harder Daddy, I won't break." I still felt that it was too soon for the full on action she was asking for, but nonetheless I applied a little more forcefulness to my thrusts, holding her hovering in a steady orgasm until I climaxed inside her.

It was daylight when I awoke, slightly disorientated until I realised where I was. I looked at Jenna, and for just the briefest instant I was filled with horror at the enormity of what I had done with my own daughter, but the memory of how good my cock had felt inside her, and how eager she had been washed away all remorse. As she had said, I belonged in her, and no matter what, I wanted to be in her again and again.

Trying not to wake her I circled her somnolent nipple with a fingertip, but she opened one eye and smiled. "Hello handsome Daddy." She looked at my finger on her tightening bud. "That feels nice. I think I like being wakened like this." Sliding her hand on to my stiffened rod, she grinned lasciviously. "Hmm, this feels nicer though. It would be a sin to let it go to waste." Without waiting for me to react she moved down and took my morning boner deep into her mouth, and began sucking and licking eagerly. Her action was so sudden and unexpected that before I could warn her, my cum was gushing down her throat. She began to swallow without flinching, and then gripped my cock hard, stopping the flood, and licked her lips. "I told you I'd soon get used to it," she smirked. "In fact it didn't taste too bad the second time, so by the third or fourth time I might even like it." Lowering her head she engulfed me again and relaxed her grasp, taking the rest of my load into her mouth. She puckered her mouth for a kiss, and pressed her lips to mine with a muted giggle.

Unsuspectingly I returned her kiss, and froze with shocked surprise as she pushed her tongue between my lips and dribbled a huge glob of my cum into my mouth. Although I had hinted that I might lick my jizz out of her, the truth was I had only said it to please Jenna, in the hope that I would never have to. Like most men, having semen in my mouth, even if it was my own, was not exactly at the top of my list of things to do, but now that it had happened I had to deal with it. Mentally holding my nose like a child taking medicine, I swallowed, relieved that I didn't gag. I still had the aftertaste, but there was little I could do about that, and as it slowly faded I told myself that my aversion was purely due to my masculine conditioning, and I had tasted far worse in some of the food I had eaten from different countries around the world.

Rolling off the bed I fetched a robe from my room, and after relieving the pressure on my bladder, I went into the kitchen and fixed some scrambled eggs for breakfast. It wasn't until we sat down to eat that I realised how ravenous I was after skipping dinner last night. Pushing myself away from the table I gave an exaggerated sniff. "I don't know about you young lady, but I need a shower." Just as I had hoped, as I dropped my robe and stepped under the warm spray, she pushed her way in beside me. Soaping my hands, she guided them over her body, sighing with pleasure as one stroked her breasts and the other found her pussy. Closing her eyes she wrapped her fingers around my cock, caressing the rubbery tip with her thumb. Abruptly she released her grip and turned her back, leaning forward and cushioning her head on her hands against the soap dish halfway up the tiled wall.

"Now Daddy, like this! Shove your hard cock into my cunt and fuck me hard! Pull my tits and fill me with cum! Fuck your little girl!" Goaded by her pleas, and the sight of her beautiful bottom pushed back in invitation, I drove into her with one thrust of my hips. "Oh yes Daddy, now my tits! Don't forget my tits!" Not caring if I hurt her, and figuring she wouldn't mind if I did, I dug my fingers into her swinging boobs, slamming my cock relentlessly in and out of her eager hole. Within moments she was rotating her pussy on my tool and moaning deliriously. "Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck yes! I'm cumming! Oh fuck, oh fuck! Cum in me! Oh fuck!"

The stream of unaccustomed obscenities pouring from the lips of the previously demure Jenna acted like an aphrodisiac, and I twisted her nipples savagely as I hammered in and out without mercy. With an almost primeval grunt of triumph like a rutting beast, I pulled her backwards by her tits and filled my horny daughter's already dripping cunt with jet after jet of hot steaming cum.

Spent and exhausted we slumped to the base of the shower, clutching each other and gasping to drag breath into our tortured lungs. I don't know how long we sat there, but eventually Jenna climbed to her feet and turned off the water. As we dried each other she looked down at my limp tool and grinned. "Oh dear, it looks like the damsel has killed the horrid dragon," she giggled. I slapped her bare butt in mock reproach, and with a squeal she dropped her towel and fled, with me in hot pursuit. To my surprise she bypassed her own room and headed straight to mine, where she flung herself on the bed. With a smile she held her arms out, and as I joined her she turned suddenly serious. There was no mistaking the almost pleading note in her voice as she asked softly. "We won't need my room any more will we?"

I gazed wonderingly at this sensuous young woman in my arms. I knew it had been wrong to spy on my daughter, and even more wrong to touch her intimately, but she had been so tempting and insistent that I had been too weak, morally and physically, to resist when she had asked me to fuck her. There was no longer any doubt in my mind that what had happened was what she had wanted, perhaps even more than I had, just as there was no doubt that she was the stronger of the two of us. Despite the number of times since I had installed the camera that I had dreamed of driving my cock into her pussy, only she had found the courage to make it happen. Just as only she had the courage to suggest we share a bed on a permanent basis.

Over the next month my life can only be described as idyllic. Except for that one week when Mother Nature paid her inevitable visit, whichever of us arrived home first would prepare our evening meal, and after we had eaten, according to the mood we would either fuck lustily and raucously, with the accompanying obscenities, or we would make love slowly and gently, constantly whispering soft endearments. For the first time in my life I was totally fulfilled, with someone who understood and met my every need, emotionally as well as physically.

One Saturday evening we had just finished eating when Rhianna turned up. Hiding my frustration, I made her welcome and we sat chatting idly whilst Jenna busied herself at the sink. She was dressed reasonably demurely, at least for her, in a shortish skirt that showed only a modest amount of her thighs, and a crisp white blouse which accentuated her full breasts, with her braless nipples clearly defined. When Jenna joined us we chatted for a while longer, and then Rhianna excused herself to answer a call of nature. As I watched the sway of her hips as she left the room Jenna chuckled. "You'd like to fuck her wouldn't you?"

The unexpectedness of the question shook me, but in view of the fantasies I'd had there was no way I could deny it, so I nodded uncertainly.

"I thought so. She knows about us you know. If you really want to fuck her I can arrange it but there's a catch. She will only agree if you let her dad fuck me. I know he wants to and I wouldn't mind, so it's up to you. I'd like to find out if he is as good as she says he is, and I'd love her to find out how good you are."

The way in which she mentioned the 'catch' made me think that that was what she had in mind from the start, but to me it didn't make sense. If she wanted her friend's father to fuck her, I had no right to deny her, and she didn't need my permission anyway. She could simply go ahead and do it without telling me. Maybe the offer to arrange for me to screw her friend was a sweetener, but I couldn't really believe that either. The only other explanation I could think of was that maybe Rhianna wanted me to fuck her, and Jenna had mentioned spreading her legs for Rhianna's dad because she didn't want me to feel bad about what she guessed I wanted to do. Whatever the case, the thought that some of my fantasies might actually become reality was too tempting to resist. I was not exactly over the moon at the idea of seeing another man sticking his cock into my daughter's cunt, the cunt I had come to regard as for me only, but on the other hand I had dreamed for so long about how it must feel to fuck her friend, so with a show of reluctance I was far from feeling I agreed.

Before I could think any more about it Rhianna returned. Some unseen signal must have passed between the pair, because she produced her phone and sent a text message. After receiving a response she grinned at Jenna. "OK Dad's on his way."

Although it was obvious that the two schemers had set me up, I couldn't feel any resentment because, as Rhianna approached me and began to unbutton her blouse, I knew my life was about to take a new, and what promised to be a very interesting turn.

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