tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMischief Makers Ch. 06

Mischief Makers Ch. 06


"Something wrong with your champagne?" Natasha asked Clint, joining him in the corner of the ballroom farthest from the orchestra.

Clint looked down at the glass in his hand. He guessed that he'd been carrying it around for almost an hour now. "No," he said, but still didn't partake of any.

Natasha stepped close, right into his personal space, and stared until he met her gaze. "You're moping."

"I just... have a bad feeling," Clint said.

Her expression softened. "OK. Explain it to me."

He studied her beautiful green eyes and the patient concern on her features. He collected his thoughts, wanting to make sense of them before he spoke, but having difficulties. "It feels like we're missing something important."

"All of our schedules have been thrown off lately," Natasha said. "Training Loki and Cami has us a little out of the loop. It will work itself out."

"No, that's not it." Clint shook his head. "This feeling, it nags at me like I've forgotten."

"Forgotten what?"

"I don't know and that worries me."

"Hey," she said gently, reaching out to straighten his tie that he kept fiddling with, "we're in Italy and don't have to work for my birthday. Can we just try to have some fun with our friends?"

"Uh, yeah," Clint said, looking guiltily at his champagne. "I'm sorry. Guess I'm just stressed out."

She reached up and rubbed at his forehead, hitting the tense spot exactly.

The party was winding down so the committee announced the last dance of the evening and the orchestra started a slow, romantic melody. Couples flocked to the dance floor, including several members of their combined group.

"Is Hill mad about all this?" Clint asked, seeing Maria and Steve standing together, watching the room.

"She didn't say so, but... you know." Natasha said, taking a step back.

Clint realized that he'd broken the moment by changing the topic. Now that it was done, he immediately wished he could undo it.

"You look great," Clint told her, his eyes skimming down her figure and back up to her eyes again. "I should have said so earlier."

Her smile brightened as she took the chance to ogle him back. "You look good too, Handsome." She took his champagne, drank half of it and handed the glass to a passing waiter. "Let's go, Barton," she said with authority, taking his hand. She pulled him out to the dance area. "I'll even let you lead."

Clint drew her close, gripping her waist as she slipped her hands up his chest and around his neck. They started to move. He stared into the depths of her intricate green eyes, drawn in by the balance of confidence, cunning and curiosity he could see there. In a way, he was almost afraid of her, which was intriguing since he trusted Natasha Romanoff more than anyone else he knew.

"That's a pretty intense look," Natasha commented after observing him for a little while. "Everything OK?"

No, it's not, Clint thought. His gut told him that there was something big going on, yet he was allowing himself to be distracted by her.

The lights reflected off her eyes like they were jewels. He admired the gentle curve of her bared neck down to her shoulder, and the way the purple dress hugged her toned and sensuous body. Her subtle perfume tickled his senses and made him want to track down the exact spots on her flesh where she had applied it so he could get closer and inhale the concentrated effect.

"Well?" she asked when he stared at her too long instead of responding.

He stopped moving, the music forgotten as his mind contemplated an important question - did he have the guts to speak his heart to the woman he desired above all others, even if it jeopardized their working relationship?

"You wore this purple dress for me, didn't you?" he asked, surprising himself with the question because his tone sounded so serious. He wasn't teasing or lightly flirting like they did on rare occasions.

Her steady gaze and smile faltered enough to catch his notice, and she fidgeted just a bit in her hips, which he felt with his hands. She didn't say no, make a joke, or even flirt back. He'd stunned her. Clint hated himself for disarming her like that, yet felt some exhilaration at the prospect of what the accomplished feat could mean.

Seconds passed in heavy, meaningful silence, before Agent Hill broke the com line. "Barton, Romanoff, the guards are starting to clear the second level. Supervise their efforts."

Clint slowly moved his hand from Natasha's waist to activate his com. "Roger that."

"I'll take the left corridor," Natasha said to him suddenly. She stepped back, pivoted and headed for the stairs, casually regaining confidence in her frame as she got further away from him.

- - - - -

As was becoming her custom, Hel made Loki wait among her subjects for what seemed like days before she finally made her appearance.

"I am tired of this game, Hel," Loki said. "Tell me his plans."

"He wants you guarded from death. Nothing more has been asked of me."

"It cannot be that simple. You have to tell me what he promised you in return."

"I do not," she said with determination and frowned deeper.

He muffled a growl, trying to maintain some manner of civility with her. "I am your father. Shouldn't I know what my daughter desires?"

"Your interest after all this time is far from touching."

Her words stung him and he doubted he masked it very well since her eyes were studying him with an intensity that indicated she could see him, even though he appeared to have no physical form from his own perspective.

"I sense changes in you," she said with deep consideration. "Why?"

It hardly seemed fair for him to answer her question when she repeatedly refused to answer his; yet, he found the words slipping out much easier than he would have expected.

"I had an unfortunate run-in with a blood sorceress," Loki admitted.

Hel's interest was piqued. "What happened?"

"She tore me apart. She took my strengths and gave them all to that perverse double of me."

Hel drifted a little closer. "But where did this 'double' come from, Father?"

"I conjured him as nothing more than a complex illusion, and Jahla used my blood and seed to give him life. I believed her when she said she could permanently free me of Odin's spell by moving it to the double. He was meant to be the one who was weak - not me." There was tightness in his chest with the weight of this confession.

"So he is half of you," she clarified. "Your soul has been divided."

"More than half, I'd say," Loki said bitterly. "He has all my magical abilities and others that he's developed on his own."

In that moment, she almost looked a little sympathetic.

"Though blood magic is very powerful, it cannot do to a soul what you are claiming," Hel said firmly. "You speak of spirit magic."

"How do you know this?"

"Is my magic not similar? I control the spirits here. This woman must have some power over living souls."

"Blood and spirit magic;" Loki pondered aloud, "how would someone counter such a combination?"

Hel backed away, drawing up the hood of her cloak.

"Wait," Loki called. "I need your keen insight on this matter, My Dear. Please?"

"I am done here. I have the information I need."

"What information?" he asked with renewed irritation. Wouldn't it be just his luck that his own daughter was using him when he thought she might really care about his plight?

She turned away, choosing to ignore him.

"He has hurt people I care about," Loki pleaded with her. "Let us negotiate our own contract."

Hel paused, floating on the mists. "He will not hurt her again," she said in a soft, almost tender tone that was a bit uncharacteristic of her and caught Loki off guard.

"Explain," he demanded.

"He said she was beautiful and that you prized her above all others."

"What part does Cami play in your bargain with him?" Loki asked heatedly. "What do they want from her?"

Long moments passed in silence with only the random groans of the dead to fill them.

"Hel," Loki pressed, "give me an answer."

"I hope you truly have changed," Hel said, swiftly abandoning him.

- - - - -

Cami stirred awake because her bladder was aching insistently. She turned on the bedside lamp, threw back her covers and carefully slid down to the floor. It took her a few moments to find her robe in her suitcase, but she managed and pulled it on over her bra and underwear.

Someone had set Loki's bag from the hotel outside her door and she nearly tripped on it in her rush. She moved it over with the other luggage and continued to the bathroom, finding it unoccupied.

When Cami returned to her room, she locked the door behind her again. She discarded her robe on top of the pile of Loki's dress clothes.

Loki appeared to be resting peacefully. It was still early morning by Naples time, but Cami decided she would try to wake him.

It was then that she realized she had no memory of them having sex. In fact, her lack of memories after entering the bedroom made her worry that she'd fallen asleep on him. This theory seemed even more likely when she spotted the unopened box of condoms on the nightstand.

She climbed back up onto the bed, shifting covers out of her way until she reached Loki, dressed only in his boxers. Cami straddled his hips, stretching out on his chest. She had to strain just a little bit to reach his mouth, the reality being that he not only had long legs, but was also longer in his torso.

"You know," she said, starting to caress his face, "these little talks can be nice. I tell you stuff that I don't want to share with anyone and my reward is that you wake up, being all sexy and sometimes sweet... and for some reason you only wake up for me. It's such a romantic notion - Loki the Sleeping Prince. You're all mine until you close your eyes. Then the evil Sandman drags your consciousness back to his domain."

Cami knew she was being ridiculous, but Loki wasn't in a position to care or judge her little fantasy.

"I think I was dreaming about the Jotunheim last night," she told him. "Everything was rocky and covered with ice. The cold seemed so real and I felt a profound sadness there, which made me think of you."

She gently kissed him. "I wish I could help you," she said, staring and studying his relaxed features, "but you need something that all the hugs and kisses in the world can't replace. That's why..." She paused, feeling instantly too emotional to admit out loud that she knew he would be compelled to leave her some day and she wouldn't be able to change his mind.

His sudden, deep intake of breath startled her and Cami sat back to give him some room. Since Arizona, he'd never awakened this quickly.

Loki rubbed at his face and opened his eyes, focusing on her. "Are those tears?" he asked with concern, gripping her legs to help him sit up. "What happened?"

"Nothing," she said, shaking her head of messy hair and wiping her eyes. "You caught me confessing. I tell you secrets while you're asleep."

He smiled with uncertain amusement. "You cannot tell me these things while I'm awake?"

Again she shook her head. There were no good words to explain the significance of the ritual to him.

"I don't tell you things too," he admitted, looking down between their bodies and rubbing her thighs.

She smoothed his hair. "I'm sure you'll tell me when you're ready."

His gaze skimmed up her body and he looked at her as if he was seeing something he'd not noticed before. "I've never met anyone as accepting as you."

Cami shrugged. "I know I can't always help or change things."

"But you do change things, all the time. Clint and I joke about how Cami always gets what she wants."

"I don't think things happen just because I want them to. There are smarter and wiser people around than me. Sometimes I just have to point out a fact or possibility for someone to make a different call."

Loki reached up and took a hold of her chin as he drew in close enough to almost kiss her. "You've said on more than one occasion that you don't think you're very smart, but I easily recognize your intelligence," he said. "You are capable of great things. Perhaps you should stop trying to be what others think you should and trust your own instincts."

She stared at him, feeling unnerved and vexed by his words and haunting eyes. It wasn't that long ago that she was the one giving him a pep talk, trying to make him see just how useful he was despite the loss of his magic.

"Sometimes you have to play by the rules if you don't want to end up alone," she said sadly.

"You won't be alone," Loki tried to assure her.

Cami drew back and climbed off him. She settled on the mattress, turning away onto her side.

Loki curled up against her back, wrapping his arm around her waist and softly kissing her shoulder. "I apologize for the lecture. Though, I meant every word."

Cami quietly mulled over his words and noted the loss of his touch as he left the bed.

"Bathroom is to the right," she said, assuming that was where he was headed as he stepped into the hallway.

Loki returned a few minutes later, gesturing to the clock as he sat beside her. "Isn't it a little early for us to be up?"

"I wanted some time alone with you before the day got crazy," she said. "Plus, you woke up really fast this time."

"Then I was obviously eager to be with you too," Loki said.

She nodded, but frowned. "I'm really sorry about last night."

He looked at her quizzically. "Why? What happened?"

Cami picked up the box of condoms and held it out to him. "Apparently nothing happened last night. I must have fallen asleep or something. Why don't you know?"

He took the box, giving it only a few seconds inspection. When he spoke, there was an edge to his voice. "My memories of last night are scattered and unclear."


"Perhaps I had too much champagne."

Cami felt sorry for him because he looked so confused. She pulled him down next to her and embraced him.

"I remember that you weren't feeling well at the party," he said. "You look much better now."

Cami ran a hand through her tangled hair. "I think you have an ulterior motive for that compliment. I know I look terrible."

Loki looked sexy as hell as he smiled at her. Cami let him shift positions, settling his larger frame on top of hers.

"I'm ready to make up for last night," Loki said, leaning in to deliver slow, warm kisses on her shoulder. "Any objections?"

Cami could not deny the immediate rush of arousal that he caused within her body. If she hadn't known he was mortal, she would have sworn that he'd just cast a spell on her.

- - - - -

"I haven't done this in a while," Cami warned Loki. "I guess I'm a little nervous, and I might not last long the first time."

Since she brought it up, he felt within his rights to ask, "How long has it been?"

"Over a year."

It had been even longer for him - almost two years, he realized. He wouldn't admit that to her unless she asked.

He gave her a kiss, letting it deepen and grow of its own accord as Cami's nerves settled. With time they fell into the comfortable familiarity from their make out sessions, yet with the excitement of just how far they were planning to take their passions.

Loki slipped his hands around to unhook her strapless bra. He tossed the garment aside before shifting down to stimulate her supple breasts. He stroked and sucked her pink nipples in turn to get them hard and then further teased the nubs with his tongue while Cami trembled and her breathing quickened.

She squirmed beneath him and he could tell she was trying to untangle her legs from his. He moved off of her and stretched out against her side, nudging apart her thighs with his right hand. He cupped her mound through her damp underwear, giving her a caress, which made her jump.

"So sensitive," he commented with a smile, leaning in to capture her mouth with a penetrating kiss. Her tongue wrestled with his as she bucked gently against his hand.

Loki moved down to slide Cami's panties slowly off her body. After depositing them over the edge, he slipped between her legs.

He admired her glistening folds for a few moments before leaning in to touch and taste her with his tongue. Cami shuddered and fidgeted as Loki licked eagerly at her slit and reveled in her intoxicating scent. Then he decided to be more assertive and delved in, exploring her sex inside and out. He stroked and applied pressure to her sensitive bud as Cami's breathing came and went in rushes. Then Loki pushed his strong tongue through her opening to first caress and then assault her tender tissues as he feasted on her plentiful juices.

Loki gripped Cami's thighs in his arms to keep her close as she tried squirming away from him when the sensations grew stronger. He wanted to push her just a bit past what she thought she could handle. Moments later, her whole body tensed and she bucked violently in orgasm, while she smothered her scream in the pillows.

"Oh my God," Cami uttered as she panted and shivered in the aftermath. "You are amazing."

Loki felt tremendous accomplishment from her reaction. He licked his lips and crawled up her body, purposely pressing the bulge in his boxers against her wet and quivering heat. He admitted with a sly grin, "I couldn't help myself."

"I'm not complaining," she giggled and shook her head. Pulling him down on top of her, Cami kissed him passionately, gripping him tightly around the back of the neck and tangling her fingers in his long hair.

Even Loki was panting when the intense kiss broke. "You're welcome," he said, continuing to grin at her enthusiasm.

"Lie down," Cami said, sounding very comfortable ordering him around. "Your turn."

He complied, taking her spot as she rolled out of the way and onto her knees.

Cami immediately tugged off his boxers and also took some time to inspect him. Already very aroused, he was visibly longer than the average human male and from her expression, Cami noticed.

"You have a scar here," Cami said, lightly touching the side of his scrotum with her fingertips.

He knew the spot, but his memory immediately clouded over as he thought about it. Loki said with exasperation, "That's not exactly the reaction I was expecting."

"I'm easily distractible," she said in her own defense. "That scar looks different than your others."

He tried not to sound too annoyed as he said, "I don't think now is a good time to talk about this." He decided not to mention that he couldn't talk about it with less-than-intact memories.

"Mood-killer, huh?" Cami teased, not appearing to expect a response from him.

She stroked his length tentatively at first as she kissed at his chest and stomach and then took him in hand with a firm grip. She certainly did not appear intimidated, especially when she leaned over and licked the head up one side and down the other, sending a strong jolt of sensation straight through him.

"How long has it been for you?" Cami asked, eying him.

"Almost two years," Loki said. "That's a while for me."

She nodded and her lips curled up in a mischievous smile as she started at the base of his penis and licked the underside all the way up to the tip, causing him to inhale deeply.

"So sensitive," she purred at him and closed her lips around the head.

He sounded a little apprehensive as he asked, "You're going to torture me, aren't you?"

"Are you into that sort of thing?" she released him to ask. "Should we compare kinky lists?"

"Maybe later," he said quickly, but actually thought, definitely later.

She started working his shaft with her hand, pumping him with just the right pressure in her grip while she licked at his scrotum.

Loki tried to stay relaxed and not let the sensations get the better of him so quickly. It was a difficult task. She was marvelously good at this.

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