tagNovels and NovellasMisery Require No Talent Ch. 5

Misery Require No Talent Ch. 5

byBill Smith©

Dennis smiles as he takes Justine's arm and leads her to the little sports car. Justine looks at him and notices. Bending over he opens the door for her. She smiles and then reaching up under her dress she pulls down her panties and putting one arm on Dennis she removes them and hands them to him. Then squatting down she allows her legs to spread giving him a perfect view of her sex as her butt touches the seat, then teasingly she rotates her hip and pulling first one leg and then the other she is inside the little car.

Dennis shuts the door and brings her panty up to his face where he inhales her special fragrance. Looking up he sees a young man who has been watching all of this, and he smiles at the young man and tosses Justine's panties to him. Walking around to the other side of the car, he enters it, starts the car, backs up and leaves the parking lot. Looking into the mirror he notices the young man still smelling the panties.

With a few quick turns Dennis has the little sports car on the highway heading out of town. Reaching behind his seat he pulls out a sack and gives it to Justine. Justine looks into the sack, smiles and then pulls out what appears to be a little dick with a wire running out of its' base. She looks at Dennis with a smile on her face and a slight puzzle look in her eyes. Keeping one hand on the steering wheel he reaches over and grabs the end of the wire where there is a black plastic piece attached. Removing the cigarette lighter from the car he inserts the black piece into the socket and the little dick starts to vibrate causing Justine to jump in her seat.

Justine starts to laugh and then looks at Dennis and blurts out, "Isn't modern technology wonderful!" Then she directs the little hummer between her legs and starts to enjoy the delights of this space age wonder.

"This is so fucking incredible," she yells aloud for all of the world to hear. The wind roaring in her ears, making her hair fly in all directions, and flowing in and around her flimsy dress and caressing her body is a sensation beyond her imagination. The vibration of the vibrator is incredible. So soon she climaxes but keeps the vibrator on her clitoris and goes into sensory overload; she does not know where she is and doesn't care she is just one endless climax there is nothing else nor does she want anything else. Her body can't take anymore and against her will her hand loses control of the vibrator and the little hummer drops to the floor of the little sports car where it continues its' mad little dance.

Dennis has watched it all and reaches over and unplugs the vibrator. He looks at Justine who has her head back against the seat, eyes closed, mouth open, top of her dress down exposing one harden nipple, pubic hair blowing in the wind and the little vibrator unmoving between her feet. Truly this is a Kodak moment and reaching behind the seat he removes the camera, makes a couple of adjustments and takes several shots. Putting the camera behind the seat he takes the next exit which happens to lead to a large lake.

Slowly Justine regains her senses, looks at Dennis and stretches like a feline just awaken from a cat nap. A satisfied smile slowly appears on her face and she starts to look at her surroundings. She is confused as she remembered that she was in the city just a few minutes ago and now there is no trace of it. All she can see is water and trees, and then just water as the car comes to a halt before it falls into the lake. She laughs at the strangeness of it all. Then without thinking she stands up on the seat and allows the remaining spaghetti strap to slide off her shoulder and the little dress slinks off her body. Then reaching down she undoes the straps on her sandals and removes her feet from them and the dress. Then she jumps out of the car with a laugh and runs into the water. Laughing and screaming like a child she keeps going farther until the water is deep enough for her to dive in and then she is gone from view. In a few short moments she burst through the surface and stands up. Shaking her head she looks at Dennis, smiles and says, "Aren't you coming in?"

Climbing out of the little car Dennis hurriedly undress and falls down as his erection causes him some problems as he attempts to remove his undershorts. Justine laughs out loud. But Dennis does not let this deter him and in no time he is nude and running joins Justine in the water. As he reaches out to her she takes off running and laughing in the opposite direction. Running he catches up with her, wraps both arms around her and pulls her out of the water and falls backwards pulling them both underwater. Then releasing her they both surface together and before she can run off again he captures her, turns her around, pulling her up to his body he kisses her. Before he knows what is going on she has wrapped her legs around him and impales herself on his hard dick.

"Got you," Justine says in triumph!

Dennis can only moan as he drops his hands to clasps Justine's ass and pull her closer to him. Then holding her he walks out of the water which causes his dick to move back and forth driving them more insane with desire. Once out of the water he moves to the little sports car and lays Justine down on the hood where he starts to drive his dick in and out of Justine's sweet wet cunt. They can both hear his balls slap Justine's ass due to the force of his movements and Justine's legs as she is pulling him into her as well. They ride this motion for as long as the both can and then Dennis comes first and then Justine follows. The excitement is such that both of their bodies spasms due to the intensity of their climaxes.

The eyes in the trees thought they were both having seizures, but they were young and inexperienced.

Dennis is the first to gain his composer and fighting against Justine's legs he withdraws his still hard cock. Reaching backward he places his arms behind her legs and raises them above his head and then places his mouth on Justine's sex where he proceeds to lick and suck driving Justine once again to the starry heights of coming again and in no time she is there and beyond. She loses all control and her bladder releases almost drowning Dennis in its' torrent. He pulls his head back and lets Justine's hot urine run down his body adding its' wetness to the other wetness there. His dick jerks in delight at this unexpected experience.

Dennis hears gasps from the trees to his right, jerking his head around he sees two teenage boys looking at him and Justine. Nodding his head towards the young boys he beckons them forward. The boys look at each other and then at the now smiling Dennis and they walk towards the little sports car.

Justine is unaware of everything around her. She is still in that wonderful after glow of truly amazing and mind blowing sex.

As the teenagers stand beside Dennis he can clearly see their erections tenting their overly large pants so fashionable among the young now days. Both boys just look at Justine with their mouths open. Dennis takes matters in his own hands, he unbuttons the closest boy's pants and let them drop to the ground. Then he reaches in and hauls out a nice size hard cock from the boy's undershorts. Pulling the boy by his dick he moves the boy until he is in front of Justine's wide open cunt. Guiding the boy's dick he places the head into Justine's sex, then releasing his hand he places it on the boy's back and pushes forward burying the entire length into Justine pussy.

This action causes Justine to open her eyes in surprise. And to her amazement she is looking into the eyes of an angel. She had never been this close to a boy so beautiful. His beauty was so amazing that most girls would pale in comparison. She wrapped her legs around this heavenly delight and pulled his head down to her breast where he instinctively started to suck the harden nipple.

The other teenage just watches his friend. Dennis shakes his head and begins to undress the boy, and the young man passively allows it to happen. Dennis is amazed at the size of this young man's penis as it was larger then his own. Reaching forward he grasps the young man's big dick in his hand and gently moves it up and down on the harden cock. He notices a drop of precome glistening and rubs this around the head of the boy's dick causing the young man to moan and his legs to become shaky. Smiling Dennis leads the boy up onto the hood of the car where the boys knees are placed on each side of Justine's head.

Justine opens her eyes and sees another angel above her. As she opens her mouth Dennis directs the boy's dick towards her lips where it is met by Justine's tongue. The boy moans in delight causing his friend to open his eyes and stare at the sight in front of him. Justine gets into it and sucks the boy's dick into her mouth while running her tongue around the shaft.

Dennis releases his hold on the young man's cock and pulls away. Another Kodak moment, he thinks. He gets his camera and takes picture at all angles. Then putting down his camera he returns to the trio and runs his hands up and down all three allowing his fingers to dance and stroke to their delight. Then he takes hold of the dick that Justine is sucking and removes it from her mouth and pulls the boy forward till his balls are over her lips and she licks them and sucks first one and then both into her mouth. The other boy notices his friends dick in Dennis' hand and release Justine's nipple and places his mouth over the head of his friend's cock. Dennis feels the heat and looks to observe the young man sucking on his friends dick. Dennis starts to stroke the dick in his hand, then wetting a finger he reaches around the boy on his knees and starts to push his finger into the young man's ass. At first there is some resistance to the finger but then the boy relaxes and allows Dennis to probe. Then without thinking Dennis leans forward and sucks on the young man's nipple. All of the stimulation is too much for the young man and he comes in his friends mouth, but there is so much that it flows down to Justine's face and she releases his balls and starts to lick the escaping come. Finally the young man can't take it any more and pulls his dick away from his friend's mouth and hops off the car. Justine reaches up and grabs the young man who is fucking her and pulls his lips down on her's where they can share the other boy's cum.

Dennis pulls away from them and moves behind the young man fucking Justine. As the boy's ass pulls out of Justine his asshole becomes visible before it disappears again on the downstroke. Smiling Dennis wets a finger and stabs the boys puckered asshole when it becomes visible again. The boy initially grunts but soon adjust to the finger and then Dennis adds another one to the delight of the boy. Dennis grabs his own dick that is still wet with Justine's fluids and removing his finger from the boy he replaces the finger with his dick. For a minute the boy stops moving in Justine adjusting to the pressure in his ass but then he starts moving again and in no time everyone is moving in tempo. Justine opens her eyes and sees Dennis behind her young man, at first she does not know what is going on but she feels the added weight and notices the motion of Dennis' head and then she understands and it pushes her over the edge and she comes. Her climax causes the young man to climax which in turn causes Dennis to come and all three just fall into a heap on top of the little car.

Dennis is the first to move and he pulls backwards removing his dick from the warm embrace of the young man's ass. Then the young man sort of starts to drop to the ground but Dennis catches him and sits him on the ground holding on to him to keep him from falling over. The other young man walks over between Justine's spread legs, bends over and starts to lick and suck his friends cum from her pussy.

Justine cries, "OH GOD, I CAN"T TAKE IT," but she has such a grip on the young man's head that if he wanted to back away he couldn't leave. As she grinds her cunt into his face she comes again and once again she goes into sensory overload. The young man who was sucking her so well just falls over on his ass when she released his head, dick sticking straight up in the air. Dennis and the young man he is holding just laugh out loud. Reaching over Dennis pulls the fallen young man into his arms until all three are holding on to each other in a group hug. In no time each of them have another erection and with no one directing each one grabs another's dick and starts to gently rub it up and down. After a while the young men come again but Dennis just smiles and shakes his head with a smile and stands up.

One of the boys looks at his watch and tells his friend that they have to leave. Both boys look at Dennis and he can see glistening tears in their eyes and he opens his arms and they slide into them and hug him with all of their might. Then they separate and the boys dress. Once dressed they turn to walk away, but one turns around and runs to Dennis and gives him a quick kiss and then runs to catch up with his friend.

Dennis shakes his head and watches the boys as they disappear in the trees. Then turning to Justine he leans over and gently kisses her. She stirs, then he picks her up in his arms and walks to the lake where he sits down with only their heads above the water. Slowly Justine becomes aware of her surroundings and looks into Dennis' eyes, "I dreamed of angels. Were they real?" she asks.

"Yes," he tells her as he kisses her forehead, "but they were called away."

To Be Continued...

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