tagNovels and NovellasMisery Requires No Talent Ch. 2

Misery Requires No Talent Ch. 2

byBill Smith©

Justine can tell she is now in the bathroom as the floor is now covered in tile. Her leg brushes past the toilet yet Dennis does not stop. Dennis tells her to pick up her left foot and step forward and when she puts her foot down she can tell she is entering the bathtub. Finally both feet are in the tub and Dennis rearranges her.

"Justine, if nothing else, remember that sex is dirty." Dennis pauses before he continues, "If you do it right. We have always enjoyed doing what we are not supposed to do: when we hung around kids our parents didn't like, or when we snuck out of the house at night to go play it added extra spice to the whole affair. It is the same with sex, if we feel it is nasty to do something then we need to check it out and see for ourselves if it really is and if it is 'dirty' and we like it, it becomes even more exciting. Most of our early programing, especially in the area of sex is seriously faulty and worth reevaluating."

Dennis then places his hands between Justine's thighs and turns it sideways forcing her legs apart. Then bringing his hand upwards he cups her sex and commands her to, "Pee."

At first she is unable to do anything as she is so confused. "Did she hear him right? Yes, she did he said pee," these thoughts were going through her mind. And these too, "Oh god this is so... so nasty! But what did he say about sex being dirty. Oh god I ask for this, do I have the guts to go on?" And then she released the sphincter that was holding her urine back and she just let it flow. The force of her flow as it hit Dennis' hand causes it to bounce back onto her vagina and it felt good. The pee was so warm and as it splashed against her clitoris she felt herself getting excited. "God what is happening to me, I love it," she tells herself as she was too embarrassed to speak aloud her thoughts.

But Dennis know as he watches Justine very closely. Her breathing increases and her nipples begin to harden. Smiling he brings his hand closer to her sex so he can apply pressure to her clitoris and feel that it was engorged with blood as well. Justine then starts to slightly moan, and it appears that she was doing her best not do it out loud. She was even biting her bottom lip, but it was no use, she was getting turned on. Then her flow starts to dwindle and Dennis could tell that she was trying to get it back to its' previous volume but she could not do it and she was whimpering with frustration as it came to a stop. Then Dennis removed his hand from between her legs, and placing both of his hands on her shoulders pushing downwards. Still whimpering she understands his request and starts to sit down in the tub. With his guidance she is sitting down and his legs are between hers with her drenched vagina open to his view.

Then she feels it on her clitoris, he is pissing on her! "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh God," she moans as she tilts her pelvis upward to expose her clitoris more to his stream. Never in her entire life has anything felt soooooooooooooo good! Even though her hands were tied she brings them down to her sex and using them she spread her outer vagina lips apart so her clitoris could be fully exposed to this fiery warmth. Making sounds she never thought a human could make she cums!

And he is still peeing.

Seeing Justine's pleasure he aims his stream to first one breast and then the other one. Justine gasps at the sudden loss of contact with her clitoris but becomes excited as she feels the warm pee as it splashes against her nipples. She starts to masturbate as her breasts become heated like fire. The pee splashes off her breasts and some lands on her face and lips and like a child tasting a new treat she licks her lips and she likes it. Dennis seeing Justine licking her lips changes his aim and directs it to her now open mouth. As Justine's mouth starts to fill up she cums again spewing a mouthful of piss out onto Dennis. The timing was good as Dennis could not keep the flow going any longer.

Reaching downwards Dennis pulls Justine to her feet and kisses her, long and hard. They are both wet with urine and they feel good. Then Dennis releases Justine and then the shower is on. At first the spray is icy cold but in a few minutes it starts to warm up and Dennis bathes Justine. After she is cleaned and dried off she is lead back to the bed and tied once again to it.

She is starting to drift off to sleep and can hear what she thinks is Dennis ressing. "Dressing for what?" she wonders to herself, but then sleep over takes her.

Slowly waking later, she stretches in bed and then she realizes she can't move her hands. In a panic she opens her eyes but she can't see and that causes even more panic! "Relax!" she cries to herself and then the memories start to come back. "Wow, I did all that," she tells herself as the images flow across her unseeing eyes; images born only of feelings, sounds, tastes and hearing. She starts to get excited. "God I can't believe this, how many times have I cum today," she asks herself and she can't remember. But the memories are even more real then just images, she relives all that has transpired today and she gets more excited. "If I wasn't ied...," she thought.

Then she hears the door open to the hotel suite. Dennis is coming back! "Oh God make him fuck me," her silent prayer is sent forth.

But she hears two different sets of steps. Then she smells a difference, at first she can't identify it and then it hits her: Perfume!

To Be Continued...

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