tagNovels and NovellasMisery Requires No Talent Ch. 3

Misery Requires No Talent Ch. 3

byBill Smith©

"Oh she is as exquisite as you said," the unknown woman tells Dennis. "Her skin is like porcelain, so creamy and smooth." As she gently runs one hand up and down Justine's torso she tells no one in particular, "And smooth as silk to. Hmmmmmmm..."

As her hand continue to stroke Justine she speaks, "My mother had these exquisite little porcelain dolls locked up in a display case, that as a child I would admire and try to get into the cabinet so I could play with them. You know I never got to play with those dolls. One day our house burned down and the oh so precious dolls were destroyed. I remember my mother crying about the loss of those dolls to this day." As she strokes Justine's left breast she looks at Justine laying so helplessly and blindfolded she says, "Now I finely get to play with one." Then she bends over and kisses Justine's lips, very gently. Then like a child she pecks Justine's cheeks, nose, eyes, chin and then back on the lips. Very un-child like her tongue probes Justine's lips till she is playing touch with Justine's tongue. She coaches Justine's tongue out and she sucks on it like a child on an all day sucker. Both start to moan. Then the nameless lady breaks the kiss, and then there is nothing.

Justine is confused, but excited. She had never kissed another woman like this. She was wet again and wanting more. As her thoughts run wild she hears the rustling of clothes and smiles as she knows more is to come. As she presses and releases her legs she finds that the thought of loving another woman most arousing. Then she feels the foot of the bed shift as someone places their weight on it.

Then someone has Justine's left foot in her hand. In just a few seconds she knows it is the woman as her hands are smooth and small not like Dennis'. The unknown lady starts to rub her face against Justine's foot. Justine finds this foot play exciting.

"You know when I looked at mother's petty little precious dolls I knew how they would feel if I could just touch them to my skin," she continues to talk as she manipulates Justine foot, bringing first the sole to her lips to be kissed and then bending forward to kiss the top. Then she lowers Justine's foot until it is between her breasts, then she rubs her left nipple with it and then the right one, then back and forth. "No matter how hard I cried and threatened, mother never once let me touch one of her precious dolls," she informs the room. As she starts to lower Justine's foot towards the junction of her own legs she speaks again, "I had dreams about those dolls, and as I got older the dreams became more sexual."

Justine gasps as she feels her foot come into contact with the unknown woman's sex. The vagina is wet, very wet. The woman starts to slide her cunt back and forth across Justine's feet. As she rocks back and forth she continues to talk, "Of course I had other dolls, but none of them were porcelain. I would pretend that they were and I would rub them all over my body thinking of mother's pretty little precious dolls. As I got older I could climax by rubbing dolls over my body pretending they were mother's pretty little precious dolls."

The unknown woman then repositions herself and Justine can feel her big toe being sucked into the woman's wet cunt. She moans as the woman increases her tempo and Justine can feel the wetness as it flows down her foot.

"Oh god that feels good," comes forth from the unknown woman's mouth. "I lost my virginity to a doll, can you believe it. I think it was a Barbie Doll. I was a virgin one moment and then Barbie's head just slips into my little opening and it was all over." She increase her rocking motion on Justine's foot. "Yes. Oh yes, that feels so good my pretty little momma's doll. Fuck me good with your foot. Yes..., yes..., YES..., Oh God... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Can you feel my pussy sucking you into me? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That's it, oh yes..., I'm gonna cum! Fuck me momma's precious little doll, fuck me good! Yes, Oh Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, there it is. Oh fucking god that is sooooooooooo fucking good! Oh precious little doll that is so good." And then the tempo slows and then Justine's foot is removed from her pussy.

"Once Barbie had deflowered me and I came, I pulled her from my wet cunt and licked her cleaned," saying this the unknown woman brings Justine's foot to her mouth and she starts to lick her wetness from the foot as Justine squirms. Then one at a time she sucks on each of her toes.

Justine can't believe the feeling she is experiencing as her toes are sucked. It is an incredible feeling as the warm wetness and tongue of the unknown woman drive her crazy with desire. She knows she must be leaking gallons of secretions from her cunt as the woman licks and sucks her toes.

Placing Justine's foot down on the bed the unknown woman pulls herself up Justine's body. Justine can feel the unknown woman's breasts as they are dragged up her body as the woman kisses and lick her way up her thigh. Then she can feel the woman's breath on her pubic hair. Very gently she pulls Justine's pubic hair with her teeth and Justine moans, then she releases the hair. "Oh yes my pretty little doll," she informs Justine, "I shall be back down to play with you there." And she starts kissing her way up to Justine's breasts. "I became disappointed with the anatomy of my dolls once I started growing breasts," she talks as she plays with Justine's breasts. "You know the looked like the real things when they had clothes on but once you had them undressed it was just those little blank swells." Brining her head forward she sucks Justine's right nipple into her mouth, then gently bites the nipple and then starts to flick her tongue back and forth across the nipple.

"Oooooooooooooooooooooooo," Justine can't help herself as the pleasure is just too great and she moans out loud.

"Yes momma's petty little precious doll tell me about how you feel," the woman taunts. "My dolls never made a sound as I licked their little bodies or other fun things." And then she attacks Justine's left nipple into her mouth.

"Yes. Yes, that's it. Oh yes, it feels so good!" Justine shouts. "God I can't believe this. God..., Damn..., Oh Yes..., Fuck I'm gonna cum..., Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS."

The woman looks up at Justine and says, "My dolls never talked like that," and then laughs. Pulling herself upward she kisses Justine and as tongues do battle the woman is repositioning herself until she has her clitoris positioned over Justine's clitoris and then she starts to grind against Justine. Both are now moaning as both tongues continue their sexual dance. As pelvises grind against each other the unknown woman starts to sway her upper body rubbing her large breast's against Justine's smaller ones. The moans increase in volume and intensity with this added friction, and it is not long until both climax. Then both bodies start to slacken their pace until there is just gentle motion of body and lips.

Smiling at Justine the unknown woman tells her, "A promise is a promise." And then quickly she moves between Justine's thighs and places her mouth on Justine's sex, letting her tongue dive into the sweat nectar of Justine's vagina.

Both moan equally loud.

Justine's hands are tied but she desperately wants to place both of her hands of this woman's head but all she can do is push her pelvis upwards into the talented mouth and tongue, and then she comes again. The intensity is such that she feels like she is having a seizure as she has no control of her body and if it was not for the rope and the woman hanging on to her she knows she would have flown out of bed. The woman continues to gently lick Justine's clitoris and each little lick produces a corresponding spasm in Justine.

Releasing Justine's clitoris from her lips, the unknown woman reaches under Justine's legs and raises them over her head. "Momma's petty little precious doll taste so good," the unknown woman tells Justine. "So much wetness left." And so repositioning her hands until they are now under Justine's ass the woman sticks out her tongue and lowers her head to Justine's ass.

As soon as the tongue makes contact with Justine's ass hole, Justine jumps like she has been hit by lightening and screams. This only makes the unknown woman work harder. As she pushes her tongue into Justine's ass, Justine is pushing back trying to get as much tongue in her as possible. Both are breathing equally hard.

The woman breaks contact with Justine's ass and breathes deeply. "You know momma's petty little precious doll I used to stick dolls up my ass as well? My favorite doll for this was my little friend Barbie. Yes she got my virginity there as well. As I shoved her in and out of my ass I would rub my clitoris at the same time. It was one of my favorite things to do, but of course I had to wash Barbie's hair after those encounters!" And then she went into a hysterical fit of laughter.

Then the laughter stopped and Justine could her the woman say, "What? Oh, yes that would do nicely."

Justine could feel something probing her ass hole. It was thin, then it started getting bigger and bigger. Then when she couldn't take anymore she felt it get thin and then, whatever it was, was lodged in her. She kept clinching and unclinching her sphincter muscle around this strange intrusion and as she did she found out that she was getting excited again. "God," she thought, "How many times can I cum?"

"Hmmm, momma's petty little precious doll likes it," the unknown woman notices, and then starts to gently push and pull on the object causing Justine to moan. "Yes, doesn't it feel good my little doll?" Then with a twist of her body she has straddled Justine chest facing towards her feet. "It is time for mamma's petty little precious doll to taste momma's wet cunt," and with that she lowers her pussy onto Justine's face and pushes so hard that Justine's nose and lips are flattened. She then starts to grind her cunt against Justine's mouth and in only a few seconds the woman cums with a yell.

"Now my pretty, stick out your tongue and lick me," and Justine does.

As Justine licks the unknown woman, the woman leans forward and start to push and pull on the unknown device buried in Justine's ass. Then with her other hand she starts to manipulate Justine's clitoris. In no time both cum again!

After the intense orgasms subsides, the unknown woman rolls off of Justine and stares at the ceiling. " I wish I had a cock so I could fuck you too!" she cries.

Justine catching her breath hears the woman say, "What? Oh yes, that would do nicely! Were you a fucking Boy Scout? Shit can I look into that drawer? Oh well."

The bed shifts again. Justine can hear a few ohs and ahs and grunts from the woman.

The woman laughs and says, "If momma could see me now! And what I'm about to do to one of her petty little precious dolls."

And with that the bed shifts and Justine can feel the woman between her thighs. And then something strange is making contact with her pussy. It is hugh, bigger then a finger almost like a cock. And then whatever it is, is now pushing easily into her wet cunt and it is going and going and going and then she feels the unknown woman's body making contact with the junction of her thighs.

Moving her head down the unknown woman bites Justine's left nipple and then laughs and says, "Hold on my pretty as I'm gonna fuck you like no one has ever fucked you!"

Then Justine feels what must be an artificial cock moving in and out of her as the unknown woman moves back and forth. As the woman pushes forward Justine can feel the weight of the woman's breasts on hers, and then they are gone as she pulls backwards. Justine tries to stay up with the woman but she is just moving too fast. Justine can only just lay there as he woman fucks her at a pace she has never been fucked before, but it is starting to turn her on. From the bottom of her feet she can feel the approaching orgasm as it moves upwards to her pussy and another one is moving down from the top of her head to her cunt. As the approaching orgasms get closer together Justine starts to moans and encourages the woman to, "Fuck me! Fuck me faster! Harder! Yes, that's it! Yes, Yes, Yes! Now!!! Do it NOW!!! Now!! OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! Oh God! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhoooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooohhhhhhoooooooooo!"

And as Justine was screaming so was the woman, "Take it! Take it all momma's petty little precious doll! Take my hard cock up your pretty little porcelain cunt. Feel my cock as I ram it up that porcelain pussy. Yes, beg for it. I'm going to shatter that porcelain cunt of your once and for all! Oh shit! Piss..., Fuck..., Cunt!"

And they both cum at the same time with voices shouting, limbs flying, bed rocking, mattress sliding and the big old bed a jumping. Till there is no movement left but their breathing and it is fast and ragged. But even their breath starts to slow down and the woman pulls the dildo out of Justine and rolls over on her back.

Justine can feel the bed rock, and hears what sounds like buckles being unfastened and then before she loses conscience she can hear the woman say, "Can I take her with me?"

And then a man saying, "No."

"Can I stay with you both," the woman asks.

"No," was the same reply.

And then she was asleep.

Later she is awaken by a gentle kiss. At first she thinks it is that strange woman, but it is only Dennis.

Dennis tells her as he removes her blindfold, "It is time for you to get up and go to your room and do what you need to do. It is getting late."

Justine knows she needs to call George. She stirs and feels something strange in her ass. "What is in my ass," she simply asks Dennis.

Dennis smiles and tells her, "It is commonly called a butt plug. It is a tapered appliance that fits into the anus and grows wider towards the base then it quickly reduces in diameter where it flairs out to prevent it from going completely up the anus. There may be some difficulty in removing it as there is not a taper, it starts out big and then gets smaller. Are you ready?"

"Well it seems that I have no choice. What do we need to do?" she asks.

"Just turn over on you stomach," he instructs her. We can yank it out all at once, which I don't recommend, or we can take it the easy way."

"I vote for the easy way," she casts her vote.

"Well as I start to play with the plug, you can start playing with your clitoris," instructed Dennis.

"I don't think I can cum again," Justine moans but does as she is told.

Dennis starts to gently push and pull on the butt plug as he watches Justine start to rub her clitoris. He is very sensitive to her actions and times his movement of the plug to the movement of her hips.

Justine is surprised that she is starting to get excited again. It feels kinda good, the gentle pulling and pushing on her ass hole by the plug.

Leaning forward Dennis starts to blow warm air up and down Justine's ass crack. Then getting into things he gently starts to bite her ass cheeks and rubbing his beard over her ass as well.

All of this attention to her ass is causing Justine to get really excited and she starts to moan out loud. She also increases the rocking of her hips which causes more pressure to be applied to her ass hole by the butt plug.

Dennis knows what is happening and he starts applying more force to the outward movement of the plug in tune with the gyrations of Justine's ass. Just as Justine starts to climax Dennis pulls the thickest part of the plug out of Justine's beautiful ass sending Justine over the edge and she comes with a moan and a shake of her ass.

"God I can't believe all of the things I've done today," she exclaims, "and there is more to come?"

Dennis nods his head yes. Then he goes and retrieves her clothes and helps Justine to dress. Then leading her to the door he kisses her cheek and tells her, "See you in the morning. Just come over when you are ready."

She nods her head yes, and leaves.

Thirty minutes later Dennis hears knocking at his door. Opening the door he sees Justine dressed in a robe.

"Can I stay with you tonight," she asks.

"Yes," he smiles at her and replies.

Together they walk to the bedroom.

They both remove their robes and crawl into bed nude. Justine snuggles up to Dennis and whispers like a child in his ears, "You didn't make love to me. Don't you like me?"

Laughing Dennis pulls her tight to him and tells her, "Justine to accomplish the things you have asked of me it is important that I maintain my..., hmmm..., my sexual drive or if you will my sexual focus. If I have sex with you I will lose that edge. We have time later to play. For right now it is more important for you to go to sleep and get some rest." Gently kissing her he watches as Justine quickly falls asleep, with a smile on her lips.

To Be Continued...

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