tagNovels and NovellasMisery Requires No Talent Ch. 6

Misery Requires No Talent Ch. 6

byBill Smith©

At 8:07 PM there is a knock on the door. Dennis walks towards the door and opens it to find Lisa standing there. She is dressed as she was instructed. He looks at her and says, "You're late," and walks away from the door.

Lisa uncertain on how to proceed decides to enter the room and shuts the door behind her.

Dennis calls out, "Justine, Lisa is here. She is late and needs to be punished."

Justine walks out of the bedroom dressed in a black nightgown just like Lisa. Looking at Lisa she asks, "Well young lady what do you have to say for yourself?"

"Momma I'm sorry," she replies with her head down, "but the traffic was bad."

"You should have left earlier," Justine says sternly to her. Sitting down in a dinning room chair she looks at Lisa with a disappointed look in her eyes and commands, "Come here."

"Momma I'm sorry," Lisa whines as she approaches Justine.

Justine reaches out and grabs Lisa's closest arm and pull her across her lap, bottom up. Reaching down she pulls the little gown up exposing Lisa pretty little ass. "Young lady when you are told to do something you will do it. There are no excuses. If you fail to do it then you will be punished."

"But momma I'm sorry. Don't spank me," Lisa begs as she looks up at Justine with real tears in her eyes.

That is when Justine pulls back her hand and smacks Lisa ass with a force that causes Dennis to flinch and Lisa to cry out. And then she follows that one with another and then another. Lisa's pretty little ass is starting to look like an overripe tomato.

"Momma, oh momma. I'm sorry. I won't do it again," Lisa whines and cries, "I promise!"

But Justine continues to deliver blows until she can no longer pull her hand up and then she lets it rest on Lisa's bright red ass. Then reaching lowering her hand Justine encounters Lisa's very wet pussy. Using her thumb she enters Lisa and rubbing the edge of her hand on Lisa's clitoris she elicits another response from Lisa, "Oh momma. Oh momma... OH Momma. OH MOMMA!" And then Lisa climaxes around Justine's hand.

Justine removes her hand from Lisa's sex and starts to grab her bright red ass causing Lisa to squirm on her lap. Justine is smiling as she starts to pinch Lisa's ass. Lisa starts to moan again as her ass is tortured, the more Justine pinches the more Lisa moans until she climaxes again. Then Justine pushes Lisa to the floor like a doll that has fallen from her grace.

Looking at Lisa, Justine spreads her legs exposing her wet cunt to Lisa's eyes and then commands, ACome suck your momma's pussy. Now!"

And Lisa complies like a dog told to heal. She buries her face in Justine's pussy and sucks her clitoris into her mouth and licks the head of it like there was no tomorrow. Justine grabs Lisa's hair and pulls her head with it trying to force more pressure on he clitoris. Just before she comes she pushes Lisa's head away and she falls on her ass. Looking at the bewildered Lisa, she scoots forward on her chair and commands, "Now eat your momma's ass hole."

Once again Lisa scrambles on her knees and using her hands to spread Justine's ass she buries her tongue up Justine's asshole. She probes so deeply that Justine's eyes start to bulge in surprise. "That's it. Ohhhhhh yes! Suck momma's ass hole like a good little girl," Justine sings.

Lisa mumbles something but it is lost in Justine's ass.

Justine uses her hand to manipulate her own clitoris and comes. She has to use force to get Lisa to give up her hold on her ass and for a moment she feels empty without that wicked tongue up her ass. She looks down at Lisa and tells her, "Good girl. That was a fine job of eating momma's ass. No go and straighten out your face so we can go eat."

Lisa finds her purse and heads towards the restroom but she looks smugly in Dennis direction before she disappears, and the look is not lost on Dennis or Justine.

Once Lisa had reapplied her makeup, the three walk out of the hotel room and down the elevator. Dennis ask for directions to the "ball," and was given directions to the restaurant on top of the adjoining tower. As they walk Dennis was aware of all the stares both women were drawing from men and women. Part of it had to do with their dress but most of it was because of their beauty.

Once atop of the tower and in the restaurant wine was ordered and Lisa chose the most expensive bottle on the list. As they drank their wine they ordered dinner. Not a word was said but before the meal arrived Lisa wanted to order another bottle of wine but Justine had other ideas. "No I don't think so. Give me your glass," she tells Lisa. Taking the glass Justine removed it from the table and it was gone from sight. Then there was the sound of water flowing. Justine smiles at Lisa and then presents the full glass to her new riend, "Drink."

And Lisa reluctantly sipped her "wine." The meal was brought out and Dennis and Justine both enjoyed their meal. After the meal was finished Justine still noticed "wine" was still left in Lisa's glass, turning to her she commanded, "Drink."

And Lisa drank it all.

The waiter brought out the check and placed it in front of Dennis, but Justine picked it up and handed it to Lisa, "You can buy momma's dinner and daddy's too."

And Lisa paid the check.

Once they arrived back at the hotel room Justine looked at Lisa and told her, "You can go home now."

"But, I thought we could play some more," Lisa said with shock.

"Maybe tomorrow night," Justine replies, "Right now momma is tired." Giving Lisa a quick kiss on the cheek she and Dennis entered the hotel room alone.

Dennis looked at Justine and said, "You do know that we won't be here tomorrow. Don't you?"

To which Justine replied, "Damn and I was looking forward to playing momma again." And then laughing she ran to Dennis' arms. "Tonight is my night and I would like to have complete control. Are you willing?"

"Okay, I will try," Dennis meekly replied.

"Now where is that rope and blindfold," Justine asked.

And Dennis leads her to the drawer holding the items.

Pulling the drawer open Justine looks in and whistles, "Damn you are a boy scout!" There were all kinds of dildos, vibrators, harnesses, lubricants and oils. Neither one of them got a wink of sleep that last night, and both were walking a little funny the next day as they boarded the airplane home.

* * * * *

Ann answered the door and there was Justine. She reached out and hugged her friend and was surprised by the force of the returned hug. "Wow. You look so good, and different too. That must have been a really special conference," she laughs as she pulled Justine into the kitchen. As she put water in the coffee pot she asked Justine with her back to her, "So tell me all of it. Start from the beginning."

Justine walks up behind her friend, reaches around her with her arms and cup both of her breasts with her hands, and pulled her friend into her body. Then bending her head she licks her friend's neck and said, "I prefer to show you."

The only response from Ann was a welcoming moan.

The End... Or only the beginning?

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