tagNovels and NovellasMisery Rides Again Ch. 02

Misery Rides Again Ch. 02

byBill Smith©

Riding back into my neighborhood I look at Amir. Once again he looks like a beautiful woman. His pony tail has dried and is flying freely in the wind, and if it is not my imagination his cheeks are even more rosy looking then when I first saw him.

He feels my gaze and looks at me and smile, "You live in this place of big houses?"

"Yes, I do."

"How much further to your house?"

I nod my head forward and tell him, "At the top of the hill."

He smiles at me and says, "America, I love it!"

I laugh and take off, sprinting ahead of him.

I hear that musical laughter of his and then he is beside of me once again.

We roll into the circular driveway of my house. The house that belongs to Justine and me. It is funny that now is the only time that I think of Justine since I have found Amir.

I open the door and roll my bike into the house with Amir behind me. I yell out "Justine!"

"George?" I hear from the bowels of the house then I hear her feet as she walks towards where I am.

When she sees me she runs towards me and I open my arms. She does not notice Amir.

She tells me while her face is buried between my neck and shoulder, "George I was so afraid that you were not coming back. I didn't know what I would do if you left me, and I didn't want to find out."

"It is okay baby. I home again. I brought us a friend."

Her head snaps back and for the first time she notices Amir. I can almost see the daggers flash from her eyes as she rakes them up and down Amir. I almost expect hissing and spiting, then she pulls in her claws, and smiles at Amir.

I almost laugh out loud as I know, without a doubt, that she thinks Amir is a woman. I have been there and done that, and I smile to myself.

"Justine, this is Amir. Amir, this is Justine."

Amir holds out his hand to Justine and says, "I am very much please to meet you."

Justine reaches out with her hand, tentatively and with a puzzled look on her face, and responds with, "I am pleased to meet you too."

Justine looks at me and ask, "George have you known Amir for long?"

I smile and tell her, "No, we just met a few hours ago while I was mulling over what you told me this morning. I must admit that if it was not for Amir I don't know if I would be standing here at all."

Justine looks at me puzzled. Amir is just looking at Justine and then me with a little smile on his lips like this was just normal American discourse between a husband and wife.

"Justine would you please take Amir to the guest bedroom. We could both use a shower, and since Amir's only clothing is cycling gear would you be so gracious as to place them into the washer. I will put them into the dryer when they are ready. Thanks baby." I kiss her on the top of her head and head to the master bedroom with a smile on my face.

I almost laugh out loud thinking of Amir's words as we rode into my neighborhood, America, I love it.

Removing my cycling clothes I get into a very hot shower and sing my way to cleanliness. I don't know how long I have been in the shower but I am surprised that my cycling clothes are still on the floor. Justine would have picked up my cycling clothes and washed them with Amir's. Strange. I dry off and put on shorts, a t-shirt and my Teva flip-flops, and that is when I hear sounds from Justine's bathroom.

There are two voices coming from her bathroom. I try and open the door but it is locked. I knock. "Justine?," I call out.

The sound from Justine's bathroom stops, then Justine speaks, "George, if you don't mind please put Amir's cycling clothes and yours into the washer. You will find his clothes in the guest's bedroom. We will be down in a few minutes."

Strange. What a strange fucking day this has been. I flip-flop back to my bedroom, pick up my cycling clothes, and flip-flop on down to the guest's bedroom. With an arm load of cycling clothes I head down to the washing room, where in a few minutes dirty clothes are being transformed into clean ones. I laugh again with the thought, America, I love it!

Then I flip-flop to our little bar and find the J.D. Black and make myself a very stiff drink as today may get more interesting. Shit I can use all of the help I can get as the J.D. makes it way down my throat as I noisily make my way to my chair. What are those two up to, I think as the amber liquid finds it way to my lips.


"I'm in the library Justine," I shout back as I look towards the door as she comes in. "Where is Amir?"

"Amir is gone."

"Ya right," I look up at her with a smirk on my face, "He took off butt naked on his bicycle, through our neighborhood. His cycling clothes are in the washer," I remind her.

She smiles at me and walks towards where I sit. Then like a cat she folds her body as she slips into my lap. Smiling at me, she has my J.D,. takes a small sip and calls out, "Mira."


Justine looks at me briefly, smiles and then looks back at the door.

I look at the door too. My mouth falls open as what walks through it is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Justine is no slouch and has never been but this woman who walked through my library door is cover girl material. What I call magazine women with all of the magic of makeup and special studio lights, you know no one ever looks that good, but damn I have got to eat my words as I look at what looks back at me. Words leave me, and that is not easy as I am an attorney.

This dream woman, this wet dream woman, is looking at me and smiling. She twirls around in a circle and looks at me again with a come eat me smile on her lips. Then she whispers, "Do it again?"

No! No, it can't be. No way Jose!, my mind screams. I just stare and look, drool must be running down my chin. I feel Justin's hand on my chin as she pushes it upwards closing my mouth. "Amir," I manage to get our of mouth.

Justine looks at me as one would look at really slow person and says, "No. This is Mira. Amir is a male."

"Mira come and sit in George's lap. There is room for both of us Dear."

Amir..., eh, I mean Mira almost floats across the floor as she walks towards me. With a little smile on her lips she to folds herself up and sits in my lap. I have two "women" on my lap and I have had sex with them both. Life can be so strange.

Mira leans forward and kisses me on the lips. "George, I'm very pretty, yes? Justine make me so." Then without warning she kisses Justine on her lips too and Justine kisses back. Breaking the kiss Mira laughs and looks at me with a wicked smile on her lips, "Your wife has very wicked tongue and lips too George. I am very lucky person to have found two of you. I like being Mira, it feels, ...it feels like she has always been part of me," and she blushes.

Turning to Justine I ask, "Okay Justine, how did you come up with this?"

"Well I took Amir to the guest bedroom thinking all the way there that he was a she. Once there I just decided that if you had made love to her then I was going to do the same. I kissed her. One thing lead to another and when I started to remove her clothes well the truth was revealed. As I kissed and stroked him I got him to describe what the two of you did. George he was a virgin, did he tell you that?"


"Well he had never been with a woman either, that is until me. As I was having him I kept looking at his face and all I could see was this woman looking back at me. That is when I decided that our new friend could not only pass as a woman but an exceptional one too. And I just put it to the test. She passed with flying colors, didn't she."

"Lord yes, she did," I said as I looked at Mira. Reaching out with one hand I touch Mira's face, "Do you like this," I asked.

"Oh yes. Yes I do George. When I put on your wife's clothes it felt like..., I was made for them." Blushing she goes on, "I have been very erect since putting on the panties." Taking my hand from her face she places it on her penis, and yep, hard as a rock.

Eyes downcast she goes on, "Sex was good with Justine. She is so soft. I like having sex with you too". Looking up at me , "Both are fun, we can do it all together, yes?"

Squeezing her dick I tell her, "Yes, but not right now. I am an old man and need a break."

Justine reaches down between my legs and grabs my semi erect dick and squeezes it gently. "George baby, it is time to call Larry and ask for some pills, cause keeping two "women" happy will take all of the help you can get."

I moan out loud. Larry and I were college roommates, he went to medical school while I went to law school. He is my G.P. and I am his attorney. We are both very good friends and our banter has evolved to almost an art form and the thought of asking him for sex pills, well would only add ammunition for him to use. And the thought of it causes me to squirm. "Justine," I whine, "I will have hell to pay."

Justine laughs, "Baby when he sees you with me and Mira, who will be laughing last and the hardest?"

"Yes, but..," I stammer and then with great reluctance I have the "girls," get out of my lap and I head to the phone.

I call Larry and he answers and the banter starts, "Larry, George here," I say

"George are you calling me over to help out with Justine?"

Oh fuck, I almost moan out loud. "Larry this is serious, cut the shit. Okay?"

"Sure buddy, what can I do for you?"

And I can hear the concern in his voice which does not make this easier. "Larry I need some of those new sex pills. You know the ones I'm talking about?"

He laughs!

"Cut it out Larry, this is serious!"

"I'm sorry," snicker, snicker in the background, "but I can see how calling me for this would be difficult for you. You are such a hard headed, self sufficient kind of guy that, well, no problem buddy I will call you in a script. I let you try out the kind that I use."

"The kind that you use? I am not hearing you correctly. Shit Larry I think that you may need to check out my hearing too."

"Fuck you, your hearing is okay. When you take one of these pills you become all prick, and the damn thing feels like it is filled with molten steel. And like that damn pink bunny rabbit you just keep going and going. Shit after I take one and grab Ann, she is walking bowlegged for the next two days but she has a smile on her face that can't be rubbed off. I shit you not.

"But I do know your aversion to taking prescription drugs, so if you want I can grab of couple of pills and make a bedside visit to Justine for you buddy."

"Just call in the prescription. Thanks buddy."

"You bet. See you guys next weekend."

I hang up the phone. Then I look at the "girls," Justine is smiling and Amir, I mean Mira is looking puzzled. "It is okay," I tell them both. "I just need to go down to the drug store."

"George go and change your clothes. Since you have had your ways with us both you at least need to take us out to eat every now and then. We may both be slut puppies but we need to eat," Justine says with a smile on her face.

"Justine you are way past the puppy stage," I say and then duck as a pillow flies past my head.

"Come on Mira, you can help me dress. Let me tell you," Justine looks at me with an evil glint in her eyes and continues, "once a man has had you they have a tendency to loose all respect for you." Justine sticks out her tongue at me as she and Mira walk past.

I start laughing and so does Justine. Mira just looks puzzled.

To Be Continued...

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