tagNovels and NovellasMisery Rides Again Ch. 05

Misery Rides Again Ch. 05

byBill Smith©

Friday at last, I think as I enter the garage. Has my life been reduced to living for Friday evenings and weekends? Yep, but it is not too bad considering all that transpired last weekend, and what is to transpire this weekend. Smiling I enter the house.

"George your late," Justine tells me with both hands on her hips.

Not saying a word I slip my arms between hers, placing both of my hands on her firm little ass I pick her up and kiss her. This is not a kiss normally associated with greetings and we are both getting into it and the doorbell rings.

At first I ignore it, then Justine breaks the kiss, "George go and answer the door, it is probably Mira."

"It could be Amir," I remind her as I put her back on the ground. With one last squeeze I release her ass and head for the door with an erection tenting the front of my pants. I open the door and there stands Amir or it could be Mira, but then I notice that he is not wearing makeup and I decide it is Amir.

"George," smiling Amir looks me up and down and says, "you glad see me or is rifle in pocket."

I laugh and kiss him. His attempted reference to Mae West is too much, I break the kiss and start laughing again. My laugh is infectious and Amir starts to laugh as well.

Justine arrives at the door and demands, "Okay you two, we are running late. No more playing." She gives Amir a kiss and taking him by the hand pulls him past me.

I look at Amir's European car with his bike in a rack on the back. I get his bike and bring it in the house. Then I'm off to my room to get out of the monkey suit and into shorts and polo shirt. Friday, gotta love it.

As I dress I hear giggles and other strange things from Justine's bathroom. I guess she is turning Amir into Mira. I laugh as I think, Larry you are in for one big surprise. Laughing I'm off to the Library and the J. D. Black.

With drink in hand I sit down and think about Amir. I just finished kissing a man not more then a few minutes ago. Not that long ago I would have slugged a person who told me that I would be doing that. How quickly things change, or do they? I remember when my son, Justin, was born and all of the kisses I gave him when he was so young so helpless. I remember kissing Justin for years, when I left for work or came home he would run up to me for his kiss. When did the kissing stop and why did it stop? When he comes home from graduate school he still kisses his mother but why not me? I love him as much as I ever did but a hand shake or hug is the most I ever get, what happened here and why? Is the world so fucked up that the only affection men can show to one another is a hand shake or a brief hug? Women still kiss each other. I am on the verge of depression when the women come down and join me in the library. No man can stay depressed when these two women stand in front of you as the blood is flowing to fiercely throughout your body.

"I think George happy to see us," Mira looks at Justine with a smile on her face.

"Either that or he has a gun in his pocket," replies Justine.

We all laugh. And then we walk to the car for our trip to Larry's and Ann's house for dinner and fun.

Nothing out of the ordinary occurs on the way over to Larry's house, perhaps it is the unknown as we are introducing something new to our friendship. I think that things will work out fine. Justine told me earlier that she had seduced Ann a few weeks ago, and afterwards in their pillow talk Ann had told her that Larry has always wondered what it would be like to have sex her. Justine told her that I had said similar things about her, so in this past week the girls have been busy getting things ready. According to Justine, Ann knows about Mira but Larry doesn't.

It is not long we are at Larry's and I am helping the ladies out of the car and Mira flashes me some leg, Justine notices and not to be outdone she flashes the whole enchilada. I mean the whole enchilada as she is not wearing any underclothes. I whistle my approval, and she smiles. With a woman on each arm I walk them to the door. Justine pushes the doorbell and we wait. Larry opens the door and seeing me with a woman on each arm his mouth just drops open, reminding me of the dolls hanging everywhere at the Eros Boutique with their mouths displaying their perfect little "O."

Justine releases my arm, steps forward at the same time reaching up with her hand and pushes Larry's mouth closed. Then she kisses him, I notice that his mouth does not stay closed as Justine is giving him a kiss to remember. I also notice that his hands are starting to wonder around her backside. I think that both have forgotten Mira and myself.

"Larry," I almost shout, "You do have other guest to attend to." Larry never hears me but Justine does, and using both of her hands she pushes Larry away.

"Larry let me introduce you to Mira." Turning to Mira she smiles and says, "Mira Ramadan this is Larry Sanchez."

Mira steps forward to greet Larry but before she knows what is happening Larry is kissing her. With just a little bit of hesitance on her part she kisses back trying to out do Justine.

"Larry enough," Justine shouts and walks up to them and pushes them apart.

I'm not really sure but I don't think either one wanted to break the kiss. Justine is lucky if they had been dogs she would have been bitten but all she got was heated stares.

Justine grabs Mira and drags her off to the kitchen where I assume Ann is.

Visibly shaken Larry extends his trembling hand to me saying "Damn George now I understand why you needed those pills."

I slap his hand away, reaching up with both of my hands I grab his head and kiss him on the lips. It is not as intense as what Mira and Justine received but not bad. I release his head and break the kiss.

"George maybe you need to cut those pills in half," Larry looks at me with a smile on his face as he closes the door.

"Larry I'm tired of taboos. Who makes these damn things up anyway and why do we pay so much attention to them? I just remembered a few hours ago how enjoyable and natural kissing my son was. It was a bonding experience that he and I looked forward to, and then it stopped. We didn't discuss it we just stopped because someone said we should or planted the thought in our minds. Larry I am pissed at the stupidity of most taboos, and they way some people are willing to fight to the death to keep them going..."

Using both of his hands he grabs my head and kisses me. It is not the friendly little kiss I gave him this is more in keeping with what he gave Justine and Mira. I feel my tension leave me as my blood drains from my brain and travels to my dick. I kiss back.

Larry breaks the kiss, "I have wanted to do that since we were freshmen in college. Watching you in the shower I wanted to do more."

"You?" I stammer, "You did? I never knew..."

"No, you were always chasing girls. I was just always your college roommate. I could have tried to move on you but I didn't want to loose you as a friend, so I didn't . And I knew that I was going into medicine and being a queer G.P. was not a way to make it in the world, so I became straight. I met Ann and she became my all around lover. Now buddy if you want to talk about taboos, I'm willing to talk."

"Boys," Ann screams, "what are you doing out there? We need your help in here."

We both walk into the kitchen together.

Mira notices our excited state and speaks out loud, "They happy see us, or have pistols in pockets?"

Everyone laughs.

I walk up to Ann who has her arms out waiting for me and I pull her into me and kiss her. Where Justine is Ms. Hard Body, Ann is soft. Justine is a little tall, Ann is 3 inches taller. Both are good to hold and kiss. And kiss we do, I have one hand on Ann's ass and one running up and down her back playing her like a cello, and she was singing. Her body was moving up and down against my erection. We both hear the hooting, whistling and clapping at the same time. We break the kiss and look at Justine, Larry, and Mira who keep up their antics while we blush.

Ann is the first to speak with a mountain twang to her voice, "He ain't got no pistol in his pocket honey, that thing there is a cannon and the fuse is lit. Weeeee doggie!"

I almost fall on the floor laughing at hearing this, Ann has a Masters in Speech Pathology but a PhD in humor. Oh lord this is going to be a hell of a night, I shake my head and continue to smile.

It turns our that our manly skills were needed to open the wine bottles. Dinner is ready and we proceed to the dinning room. Talk is free and wide ranging, and then we focus on our new friend.

We find out that Mira is from Oman. Justine and I knew that Mira's mother wanted to be a dancer but this was new to Larry and Ann who are excited that Mira's mother has taught her how to dance. Justine breaks in and tells them that Mira brought her dancing outfit and music, and that she will dance sometimes after dinner and the news brings smiles to everyone. We also learn that Mira's father is a personal advisor to Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman, and that his family comes from a long line of ship builders.

Dinner over, 4 bottles of wine emptied of their contents, the ladies leave the table while Larry and I clean up the table. In the kitchen I asked Larry about his sexual experiences as a young man. Larry tells me about his limited experiences with other boys while in high school and a few in college as well. Some of the men he mentioned in college I knew and I was surprised to learn that they were gay. I mean a couple were big football players, really big and mean football players, one went on to the pros and was inducted in the Hall of Fame. Larry called me on my stereotyping and I 'fessed up to it but told him I was doing my best to change. Larry's experiences were typical of sexual experiences of most young people regardless of sex; clouded in secrecy, confusion and hurried. I want to tell him of my experiences with Amir but that would spoil the surprise. We hear music, Middle Eastern music, smiling we head off in the direction of the music.

All three women are sitting on the floor dressed in costume, like they have just escaped from the Genie's bottle, the one from the televison show of years past except their faces are veiled. Looking at Justine and Ann their costumes would not have made it past the TV censure as their breasts are bare under their blouses, their nipples erect like the points on top of the pyramids . Mira bows her head to the floor when Larry and I enter, Justine and Ann slowly follow her actions bowing as well. I punch Larry in the ribs with my elbow and point him to the couch where the ladies are facing. We sit on the couch facing our harem.

Mira sits up and starts to dance while she is still seated. This time she has the tympanums in both hands and she uses them to accent the music and her actions. Ann and Justine are mirroring Mira's moves except they don't have the little cymbals to play or the years of experience. The music ends and the next track starts to play. Mira rises to her feet like a bird taking flight and the real dancing begins. Mira told us at dinner that dancing she does goes back at least to 2680 BC. I see her dance as a dance of fertility, and as a dance Temple Prostitutes danced to their gods and suitors; across the ages the message is still the same: SEX!

By sheer determination I am able to remove my eyes from Mira and I am able to see the other women. Ann and Justine are into the music and either one would have caused a dead man to become erect, their movements and actions are certainly erotic but they pale in comparison to what Mira is doing. I look at Larry and he has eyes only for Mira. I know lust, I have been in lust but I have never looked at lust objectively. But as I look at Larry I see lust and if I had the scientific instruments and had him hooked up to them I'm sure I could have measured it as all externals signs point to lust: bulging eyes, rapid and shallow breath, beads of sweat his forehead, tongue licking his lips, and if I had doubts looking downward I see his dick tenting his pants or as Mira would try and say, a gun in his pocket.

Mira is locked in this dance of lust too. She is dancing for Larry as I think she knows she has him totally in her power.

Ann notices me looking at her and with a smile on her face she joins me on the couch sitting on my lap. I put my arms around her, feel her softness, smell her perfume, and gaze at her unencumbered breast through her flimsy blouse. I try and kiss her but she shakes her head no and nods towards Mira and Larry indicating that she wants to watch what is unfolding.

Justine notices that Ann has stopped dancing and she joins us on the couch, sitting on the couch's arm she drapes one arm around my shoulders and one around Ann. The hand of the arm she places around Ann cups a breast and gently squeezes. Taking my lead from her I cup Ann's other breast. Ann never removes her eyes from Mira but a soft sigh escapes from her mouth.

Mira moves in closer to Larry. She moves slowly like a snake, gliding, slithering, eyes hypnotizing her prey. I don't think Larry could move away if he wanted to. Her hands strike out like snakes but gently and sensuously as they make contact with his face, her fingers act like little kisses covering his entire head. Larry moans and Mira inhales his excitement like wine, growing intoxicated with her power over him.

Ann starts to rock in my lap. I look at her and notice that Justine's hand is missing from her breast. I look down and notice that Justine's hand has found it way into Ann's pants and between her legs. The movements underneath Ann's pants leave no doubt as to what Justine is doing, but it is not hurried. Justine too is playing the part of a snake and she has control of her prey.

Mira pulls Larry to his feet. Larry standing is shaky at best but once Mira feels he can stand alone she removes her hands from him and starts dancing around his body. As she circles Larry parts of her are always in contact with him. After a couple of revolutions she stops in front of him but continues to dance while making fleeting contact with various parts of his body. She doubles then triples the tempo of the music with her body. Larry starts to tremble, slowly at first but then it increases to the point where I think he is having a seizure; his eyes close, his mouth makes the perfect little "O" and then there is a rushing of air from his lungs and a moan escapes from his lips. Larry's moan sounds like a million voices giving cry to pent up passions that have resounded over countless centuries. Then Larry's knees give out and he slowly falls to the floor.

All of us freeze as we watch Larry go down. Mira and I are the first to see the spreading stain in front of Larry's pants. Mira falls to the floor and quickly undos Larry's pants and pull out his still ejaculating penis. With a cry of triumph on her lips she quickly engulfs his dick. Larry comes alive, captures her head in his hands and once again starts to tremble. Mira devours her prey with the intensity of a predator who has thoroughly enjoyed the hunt.

Then Ann cums. I reach around with my free hand and cup Ann's other breast as Justine continues her manipulations on Ann's clitoris. Ann's eyes never leave Mira and Larry but her climax is intense and long lasting, then she goes limp in my embrace. Justine removes her hand from Ann's pants and brings her wet fingers to my lips, a foretaste of things to cum.

To Be Continued...

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