tagNovels and NovellasMisery Rides Again Ch. 10

Misery Rides Again Ch. 10

byBill Smith©

Chapter 10: What Strange Thoughts These

Riding a bike on a windy day..., well..., it sucks. Unless you have a rider in front of you breaking the wind and you can draft off their bike, then it is not so bad. And if the rider in front of you has a nice looking ass, then it is even better! Amir is in front of me and the way he is riding, I don't think the wind is bothering him too much. And his ass, well it looks better then most women's that I know or seen, and I have been fooled by his in the past, but it is still nice to look at. I save about 20% of my energy by drafting off him. The one good thing about riding into the wind, is that when you ride back the wind is behind you and Mr. Wind is now your friend. But Amir is 30 or so years younger then I am and even drafting off of him he is starting to wear me down, but we are soon at the lake, the turning point of our bike ride.

Stopping and getting off our bikes, Amir looks at me and says, "George, very windy today."

"You know Amir, I noticed that too."

"George, you drafted off me to here. How could notice?"

I laugh out loud, pick up my bike and walk off towards the woods.

Amir laughs too, picking up his bike we walk towards the woods. Amir trips on something in the grass before we are at the edge of the woods and falls. I reach out only able to grab his bicycle as he falls to the ground, but I do prevent him from being tangled in his bike. Looking at Amir on the ground I know in a glance he is okay, raising one eyebrow I look at him and say, "Winder then you thought," implying he was more tired then he allowed himself to show.

"No, George. I trip. Something in grass I no see."

"Yea right," not cutting him any slack, then I start laughing. But as I look around I see what he tripped over, I stop laughing as cold chills run up and down my spine.

Amir jumps up and looks to where I am looking. Bending over he picks up the broken baseball bat from last night. "Strange place for a bat. No?"

"Yes, strange place," I reply and start walking through the woods with Amir behind me.

"Swim, George?"

"Yes, swim."

We start removing our riding clothes and as I watch Amir undress I think about our first time we did this together. Even with all of the sex I just recently had I feel myself getting aroused, must be the residual effects of the drugs, I think. Amir is one in a million, he has the natural grace and build of a truly beautiful woman. He notices me looking at him and if I am not mistaken I think he is blushing but it difficult to tell due to his dark skin, but then I see a slight smile cross his face. Soon we are both out of cycling clothes and Amir walks towards me. As he gets closer I open my arms to him and we hug.

He feels my hardness against him and an audible sigh escapes his lip. With his face against my chest he whispers, "George?"


"I happy we meet. You and beautiful wife, Justine, have taught me much. I feel like full person now. Before I not know sex so wonderful. I not know what missing. You understand?"

"I think so my pretty little friend, but you have taught me so very much too."

"Me? Don't think so... How?"

Using my head I push his head back till he looks up at me. I bend my head until our lips meet, then tongues dance that wonderful dance, and my hands drift downwards to that tight bubble butt where I lift and squeeze causing our erections to dance almost like out tongues. With great reluctance on my part I break our kiss and look into his dark eyes, "Before I met you I thought sex between men was wrong. No that is not right either, I was taught that sex between men was the worst thing that could happen to a man. That if you had sex with another man, you were somehow no longer a man, no longer human, something to be despised. But you have taught me that sex with another man is a sharing of love with another person. Gender be damned, and reproduction too, sex is a sharing of love between people. Perhaps if there was more sex between men then the world would be a better place to live? You think?"

Amir looks at me. I see a smile cross his face and then he asks, "Do you think maybe Arafat and Sharon make love together, Middle East be peaceful?"

I laugh out loud at the thought of these two old warriors in a sexual tryst together. And laugh, till my sides hurt and tears roll down my face. "Amir my brilliant, beautiful and sexy friend, maybe if Sharon and Arafat could have great sex together, then, maybe, there could be peace in the Middle East. That the two of them fucking for peace would certainly be a better way to seek peace then throwing their children at each other in combat to die in vain."

"George, fuck for peace, I like that!" Reaching downwards he graps my erection, pulling on it a few times, then asks, "Want to fuck for peace now?"

"No, we can wait until tonight. Justine tells me that we have a guest coming over that wants to play with us. Did not you and Larry have enough sex?"

This time it is Amir's turn to laugh. "George, your friend..., our friend Larry, he is animal! His wife too!"

"Tell me about it," as I pull his hand and direct him to the lake. We walk together until the water is up to Amir's shoulders. I look at him as his dark hair floats on top of the water. I have a difficult time getting the thought that he is a man out of my mind as he is just too damn fucking beautiful to be a man. I pull him to me and tell him, "Speak."

"George, Larry put tongue up my ass. It felt good! I thought too much this, it could kill you, feel too good! Know what I mean?"

"Yes, it does feel wonderful to have someone's tongue playing with you ass. I am new to this sensation too, and if sensation like that could kill, it would be a nice way to die."

"George I like to do to you. I not do it with Larry."

"Why not?"

"He was to busy doing to me! Things, all kinds of things."

"Like what?

"Well besides tongue up my ass, he sucked my toes. I never thought my feet sexual, I was wrong, it too feels good. He bite me all over, not hard bite but enough to make me jump in surprise and pleasure. He make entire body catch fire. When he fuck me, he not do it slow and tender like you, but he pounds me like machine go crazy. While he fucks me like crazy man, his wife gives me wine from her mouth to mine. Good way to drink wine, I think.

"Larry he fucks me on my back, on my knees, on my side. I think if he could, he fuck me standing on head. He was ruff but I found roughness can be fun, but I think favorite is slow and tender like you do it. I fuck Ann too, while we do it we both suck Larry's cock. It is funny, our tongues go crazy we fight to get head of dick in our mouth. He cums and we pass it back and forth like wine.

"Then I cum. Ann pushes me down, head between legs and pulls face to sex. I almost suffocate until nose can get free, then I taste both of us, it is good. She cums like crazy woman! While I do this Larry takes my dick in mouth. And then..."

I look at my little friend and since we are so close I can see that he is blushing. "Go on."

"George, she pees! My mouth open licking her sex, trying to suck all wetness out, and she pees! I'm trapped between her thighs, her hands hold my head to her sex. Can't get away. If don't drink will drown. I drink, almost like drinking wine from mouth except warmer. I cum again. Larry not turn me loose, just keep sucking, then...," looking up at me he continues, "I pee. Larry drinks. I feel..., I feel confused but feel really good. You think me bad person?"

"No! The peeing thing is different. It is another one of those things that we were programmed as children to think of as dirty. Out of the million stupid and incorrect things we program into our children, this is only one of them. Each of us should take some time to explore those taboo/dirty things to see if we were lied to and make up our own minds. We might be surprised what we will learn.

"The pee thing is new to me too, and like you I find it strange that it feels dirty but at the same time if feels so wonderful! I need more exploration here."

"You like too?"


Amir holds me tight and trembles. I just hold him tight until he calms down. Then I ask him, "What else happened?"

"We drink more wine. I find myself between them both. As one gives wine to me from mouth the other one licks, bites and rubs my body. I want to cum but already cum bunch of times and can't. I stay excited, finally they pull me to bathroom and Ann gets into tub. Larry tells me to get in tub to, but to stand between legs. I do, then watch as he starts to pee on Ann. She places hand on her sex and starts to masturbate as he pees on her. I start to pee to. As he pees on upper torso, I pee on her lower part. He pees in her mouth and I on her sex, then we switch. She cums, and it is big one, I think she pass out. Then she smiles and know that she is okay. We take shower. Then go to bed. I so tired, when head hit pillow I sleep."

I pull my little friend under the water and as we surface I kiss him after he has the chance to get some air into his lungs. He kisses back. I'm so fucking incredibly horny after listening to his story that I want to fuck him like Larry did, fast and furious! But I break the kiss and pull him to the shore. I release his hand, grab his dick and stroke it a couple of times then tell him, "Tonight."

With a tearful look upon his face he dresses. Then through the woods and once again on our bikes we head home. The wind at our back and dreams of things yet to come.

To Be Continued...

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