tagInterracial LoveMiss Ashley Goes Black

Miss Ashley Goes Black


Ashley sat at the window watching the two gardeners tending her mother's prize winning roses. The sun was high in the sky as they toiled removing weeds. The younger one, Nathaniel, stood and removed his hat. This is what Miss Ashley had been waiting for. He lifted his overshirt attempting to remove it. His undergarment lifted with it giving the seated voyeur a tantalising glimpse at his lean muscular torso. He struggled for a short time before completely removing both. Ashley's eyes feasted on the half naked man and her clenched hands pressed into her lap.

All too quickly he regained his decency and resumed work. Frustrated Ashley stood before moving towards the door. She looked at herself in the mirror. She looked the quintessential southern belle in a starched white dress with light blue trim. The top might have been a bit small for her growing bust but it wasn't indecent. Satisfied her clothing was in place she picked a large straw hat off a hook and placed it on her head.

Miss Ashley meandered her way around the garden until she was in the middle of the rose garden. She bent to sniff the fragrance of one of the large red blooms. Her breasts threatened to burst out of her white top. Out of the corner of her eye she watched the gardeners hoping for a reaction. Disappointed she didn't even get a sneaky glance she turned around and bent over further so her shapely bottom was outlined by her skirt.

Nathaniel nudged his Uncle Joe and pointed at Miss Ashley's behind that was pointed squarely in their direction as she bent to smell the rose. His uncle nodded, that was one fine piece of white ass and if his intuition was correct it wasn't being pointed at them by accident. But rather than smile he scowled and pointed back to the weeds they were tending. This was much too public a place to ogle the masters daughter. She had the hunger, he'd seen it before. She'd seek them out when she was ready.

"Miss Ashley, your mother wants you inside right now!" Called Emily, the chamber maid from the porch.

Miss Ashley stood up while managing a quick peek at the men working behind her. She was disappointed their heads were still down as they continued their work. She pouted, lifted her skirt and flounced back to the house.

Emily watched the young Miss swaying her hips as she strutted back up the path. She also noticed Joe sneak a look and whisper something to his nephew. Jealousy flared briefly but as she looked more closely at Miss Ashley, her curvy figure and big breasts she became excited. Emily was no stranger to pussy, however she'd never had a white one before. Later she'd quiz Joe when he came to her for his nightly relief. If he was going to take Miss Ashley's innocence she wanted to be there.

Later that evening Ashley paced restlessly in her room. Then she heard it, the large clock downstairs chimed nine times. Bedtime for her parents. Soon enough there was the familiar squeak of the boards on the stairs as her mother ascended. Ashley quickly blew out her candle and jumped into bed pretending to be asleep. She heard the door open and her mother came over to the bed. Satisfied her daughter was asleep Ashley's mother left.

Ashley waited a few minutes before getting up again. She made her way over to the door and waited for her father's footsteps. On cue she could hear the familiar creaks again then the door opening and closing to her fathers bedroom.

The next five minutes were agony as she listened for any movement then satisfied they were both settled in for the night she crept into the corridor. With no light she felt her way along the wall until she reached the servants stairs. They were much quieter than the main staircase. Still feeling her way she descended into the deserted kitchen. Only then did she light her candle as she made her way to the back door.

Upon opening the door she saw the moon was full and bright so she doused the candle and continued her journey by moonlight. A slight breeze fluttered her long nightdress as she made her way to the very bottom of the garden. She moved as fast as she dared and hoped she wasn't too late. Arriving at a clump of trees on the edge of the lake Ashley carefully moved to a small open patch of grass in the middle where she had a perfect view.

Emily was waiting near the old boat house. She was leant against the wall looking out over the inky black water. There was a low whistle and she turned around, then waved to someone hidden in the trees. He strode out into the moonlight, Joe. He was shirtless wearing only short pants. Quickly covered the distance to Emily, he took her in his arms for a passionate kiss.


Emily could already feel Joe's hard cock pressing against her. Something had him worked up tonight and she was pretty sure she knew what or more correctly who it was. They broke their kiss and Joe began kissing her neck and bare shoulder.

"You're thinking about her aren't you? Little Miss Ashley."

"There ain't nothing little about Miss Ashley no more," Joe hissed in her ear. "And she be watching us this very night."

"Wha-" Emily's exclamation was cut short as Joe kissed her again.

"Hush now girl, we is goin' to give her a show." Joe said as he returned to sucking on her neck.

"Are you looking to give that girl some of this here Alabama black snake?" Emily cooed as she rubbed his erection through his pants.

"This very night, once Nathaniel has her warmed up."

"And what if I want me some of that white pussy?" Emily spat pushing Joe back at arms length.

"Don't worry Em, there's plenty of Miss Ashley to go around." Joe replied flashing his white teeth with a smile.

Joe put his hands up either side of Emily's face then slid them down to her shoulders. Gripping her nightdress he tore it open her exposing her pointy black breasts. He roughly squeezed them as Emily squirmed and sighed before pushing her onto her knees.

"Now let's give this girl a real show," he said as he hauled out his big black cock and pushed into Emily's open mouth.


"Oh god." Ashley muttered as Joe ripped open Emily's top.

She felt her own nipples harden as Joe played with Emily and couldn't help but squeeze them through her nightdress. Then he pushed her down onto her knees. The two other times she'd watched them pleasure each other she'd never seen him do that. He pulled out his manliness and again she gasped. It was so much bigger the Nigel the preacher's son. Emily licked up and down the length of it then took it in her mouth. Now wet it glistened in the moonlight. Ashley's other hand lifted up her bed clothes and strayed between her legs.

She could feel the pressure building. Just as it had when Nigel had touched her the first time. She closed her eyes and revelled in it as her hands continued manipulating her womanly charms. When she opened them Joe had lifted and turned Emily around so she could bend over and brace herself against the wall. With one hand he held Emily's hip while the other fed his manliness inside her.

Ashley was so close now, her fingers frantic under her nightdress as Joe pleasured Emily. Then a voice came from very close behind her.

"Is there something I can help you with Miss Ashley?"

Ashley jumped in fright and tried to scream but a large black hand clamped over her mouth so it died before it started. Another strong arm wrapped around her middle catching her bunched nightdress and leaving her legs bare.

"Hush now Miss Ashley and watch." A deep voice spoke in her ear.

But Ashley was no easy mark. She squirmed and twisted, kicked her legs but all to no avail as the strong arms held her tight. A cry from Emily caught her attention and she looked up. Joe and Emily were coupling frantically. She could also hear the sounds of their bodies crashing together. It was mesmerising watching Joe's hips as he ploughed into Emily with long powerful strokes.

Ashley didn't notice the hand had left her mouth until it cupped her breast. Thick fingers rolled her hard nipples until she moaned. Her nipples weren't the only hard thing. She could feel something else trapped between her thighs touching her privates. Looking down she gasped again, protruding between her thighs was her assailants penis. It shone with the juices from her own wetness. As she watched the man holding her pulled back slightly and it disappeared only reappear from between her folds moments later as he pushed forward.

The sensations were incredible as his manliness brushed her most sensitive places. Ashley threw her head back and surrendered to it. The hand on her breasts took the opportunity to untie the bow holding her top together then sneak in a fondle her bare skin.

"Watch," the voice urged her. "Watch, they are close now."

Ashley opened her eyes and saw Emily had collapsed onto her knees. Her elbows supported her body and her head rested on her crossed arms. Joe was still merciless, holding her hips tightly as he continued pumping in and out. The man behind Ashley increased the intensity of his assault. Flicking her nipples while he thrust faster between her legs. It was too much for Ashley. She bit her lip to stifle a scream as her desire seemed to consume her very being. Joe showed no such restraint. He lifted his head and roared as he held himself deep inside Emily pulsing her full of his essence.


Ashley was still in a daze as Nathaniel laid her on the soft grass. Even as he opened her legs and moved between them her eyes stayed shut. They only opened when he pulled her hand down and placed it on his rigid tool. Her fingers closed around it and she felt his heat and hardness. Lifting her head she looked down. Her hand was dwarfed by the long thick shaft. The tips of her fingers barely touched her thumb such was its circumference. It had to be twice maybe three times the size of Nigel's.

"Show me where you want it Miss Ashley." Nathaniel said calmly.

Instinct and desire took over. Her hand slid down to direct his tip to her wetness. Her legs opened wider and she tilted her hips slightly to make entry easier. Just as Nathaniel's body loomed over her and his head breeched her opening Ashley had a moment of clarity. All her upbringing told her this was wrong. Even as he slipped deeper inside she bought her hands up to his chest.

"No Nathaniel, we can't, we-,"

Her protests were cut short as his mouth found hers. His tongue pushed inside as his lips crushed hers. For the second time Ashley surrendered. The only thing that mattered was the desire awoken within her.

Nathaniel lowered his hips and his cock began to explore Ashley's fertile garden. He was surprised at the ease of his initial entry but as he explored deeper the gasps coming from the his young mistress assured him he was breaking new ground.


Once they had recovered Joe took Emily's hand and led her to the place he'd seen Ashley watching from. As they got close the sounds told them Nathaniel had been successful. They pushed through the trees to the cleared area behind and were astonished by the sight before them. Nathaniel's had his arms hooked under Ashley's knees. She was folded almost in half exposing her sex to her lovers rampant pole. Her bare breasts bounced each time their bodies slapped together.

"Oh Miss Ashley," Nathaniel groaned as he went rigid.

Ashley continued working her hips milking every drop from Nathaniel and taking her over the top again. When she stopped moving her partner rolled over to the side. With her legs released she let them fall still wide open. Remarkably Joe's cock had almost revived and he moved to take Nathaniel's place between Ashley's open legs. Emily's hand grabbed his semi hard tool and she squeezed it to get his attention.

"My turn, this girl needs some tenderness before she's ready to go again." She whispered.

Jo was miffed but understood Emily's reasoning. Also watching the two girls and the extra recovery time would only make his encounter more enjoyable.

Emily eased down between Ashley's legs. She didn't wish to alarm the girl who was still in la-la land after the fucking Nathaniel had given her. Starting off she gently touched Ashley's inner thighs with her fingertips. Then light fairy kisses in the same area before moving back to her hands only more firmly this time. Emily did this until she could move Ashley's legs at will without causing anything but the odd sigh.

The scent of Ashley's well fucked cunny was to strong of a temptation for Emily now. In much the same way Nathaniel had, Emily pushed Ashley's bent legs up towards her chest so she was spread out before her like a smorgasbord. In the tree filtered moonlight she could just make out some of Nathaniel's seed seeping from Ashley's swollen lips. Flattening her tongue Emily dove in taking one broad swipe from bottom to top.

"Arghhhhh," Ashley gasped in shock.

She had been coming down slowly from an incredible high. The light touches had been pleasant and kept her from nodding off but what was that? Ashley reached down to push Nathaniel's head away but another surprise was waiting for her. Instead of Nathaniel's closely cropped hair she encountered a mass of curls.

"Wait...what?" Ashley tried to sit up but firm hands pressing her legs up high prevented her. "No...arhhhh."

The tongue lashed her again and she looked down to see Emily smiling face between her legs.

"Just relax Miss Ashley, I got you." Emily said before dipping back down to resume her seduction.

Ashley was ready this time so Emily tongue wasn't a shock. In fact it was felt quite nice. She looked to her left and saw Nathaniel teeth flash as he smiled. Then he moved closer and he started suckling on her breast.

"Ohhhh," Ashley moaned. It felt so good.

Her head lolled back as she accepted her fate. As her eyelids fluttered shut she noticed some movement to her right as well. She forced her eyes to open even as another spasm caused by Emily's talented tongue shook her. It took a moment to focus but when she did it forced another low moan from her. Joe, the other gardener towered over her stroking his mammoth manhood.

Emily knew Ashley was getting close when the hands that had previously tried to push her away were pulling her face closer. Juices now flowed freely from the young white girl. Emily doubled down, increasing the speed of her attack as well as concentrating exclusively on Ashley's most sensitive nub.

"Oh god, oh god Miss Emiilllyyyyyy..." Ashley cried out.

Ashley felt like she had lost all control as her body peaked again. She felt a gush of fluid flow from her privates even as Emily kept sucking down there. Suddenly the mouth was gone and in it's place she felt enormous pressure. She didn't have to open her eyes, she knew what it was. The pressure grew until she thought she was being split in half as Joe's big black snake forced its way inside her.

"Wait, wait, please?" Ashley cried as tears formed in her eyes.

The pressure stopped getting worse and a calming voice whispered in her ear.

"Its okay Miss Ashley. Old Joe goin' make you feel real good." Emily cooed to her. "You'll get used to it soon enough and then you start flying..." Ashley tried to reply but Emily's mouth covered hers with a soft passionate kiss.

Joe stopped moving and let Emily calm the girl. He was only half way in but he knew it might take a while before Miss Ashley was ready for the lot. He started moving again just slightly as he watched the girls kiss. Miss Ashley was sucking hungrily on Emily's mouth tasting her own pussy and Nathaniel's cum without even knowing it. She had gone past reason and sanity into a world where the only thing that mattered was pleasure.

Ashley could feel Joe moving inside her again. As Emily had promised it wasn't as bad now but she still clung to the maid. Drank from her lips and felt comforted in her embrace. Emily was gasping too and Ashley had a vague understanding that Nathaniel was behind her helping himself to Emily's treasures.

Joe was trying to hold out but the tightness of Miss Ashley and the decadent scene before him was too much. Once again he lifted his eyes to the sky and roared as he flooded Miss Ashley's battered pussy with his seed. He felt her shudder under him as his cock throbbed inside her. Then Nathaniel pulled out of Emily and quickly moved forward to where the two girls were still kissing. He stroked his manhood and sprayed both their faces with his cum.

Ashley fuzzy brain thought it must be raining as drops of liquid hit her eyelids and cheek. Except the drops were warm and they stuck rather than ran off her face. Emily licked at her face then kissed her again and she tasted the saltiness. Emily mouth disappeared and when Ashley opened her eyes she saw her with the tip of Nathaniel's manhood in her mouth.

It was too much for the poor white girl. She collapsed back onto the ground finally empty and spent.


Ashley woke late the next morning in her bed. Her memories of getting back to the house after her adventures in the garden were hazy at best. Emily and Nathaniel had helped her but it was a bit of a blur. Pushing back the covers she sat up and groaned. It felt like she had been run over by a team of horses. Her legs ached and her private parts felt raw and tender.

Shuffling over to the wash basin Ashley poured some water into the bowl and washed her face and hands. There were little crusty spots on her face and she could feel more in her hair. She was consider whether she should wash down below when there was a light knock on her bedroom door. Emily's head appeared and Ashley turned away glad the room was still darkened to hide her blushing face.

"She's awake Mistress, I'll just help her get dressed." Emily called out before closing the door behind her.

Ashley couldn't bring herself to look as Emily walked towards her. Tears burned in the corners of her eyes. She tried to hold them back but when Emily's hand touched her shoulder the trickle became a flood.

"Easy Miss Ashley, what's wrong?"

"Everything, I'm going to have to tell mother about last night." Ashley blubbered.

"Why?" Emily was worried.

"I've got to go to the doctor. Something's wrong down there." Ashley pointed to her crotch. "It hurts when I walk."

"You're just stretched a little that's all." Emily said stifling a chuckle. "I've got something here that will help that." She held up a small jar.

"What's that?" Ashley was skeptical.

"Some special cream that will make you feel a lot better." Emily turned Ashley to face her and began undoing her night gown.

"But its not just that..." Ashley pushed her hands away.

"What else?" Emily was getting exasperated.

"I've, I've got spots." Ashley sputtered.


Ashley was silent and Emily could see the internal debate going on behind her eyes. In the end Ashley started undoing her nightdress herself. Emily had been helping her get dressed for years so they had no secrets from each other. Once it was loose she shrugged her shoulders and let it fall enough that her creamy white breasts were exposed.

Emily couldn't hold back her laugh. "They're just a couple of lovebites silly. Nathaniel just love them white titties."

Ashley looked confused so Emily took her arm and bought it up to her mouth. She sucked on the soft part inside her elbow for a moment then showed her the resulting dark blotch.

"Nothing to worry about silly girl. Now let's get this right off so I can put some cream on your tender bits."

Ashley wasn't completely sold on the need to be naked again but Emily didn't give her a chance to argue. Soon enough she was naked on the bed with her legs spread. The maid opened the jar and waved it under the Ashley's nose.

"See, it even smell nice too," Emily said.

She got a generous portion on her fingers and moved down between the frightened girls legs. Ashley jumped a little as the cold cream touched her skin for the first time.

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