Miss Bernie

byGrey Eagle 286©

Hiding a Company sniper from drug lord killers.


My name is Bernice McDonald and I am the very happy owner/ operator of a couple of children's day-care centers. I love my life and I love this work. I love children and since I have one of my own this helps satisfy my need to nurture.

I have not always felt or recognized this need. I was born in a remote part of the mountains of West Virginia. My parents owned an eighty acre farm and leased an additional forty acres. I was the last of twelve children and was the only boy. Yes! I was born a male. My birth name was Bernard Jenkins. I was always called Bernie. We were a poor family in a very poor area. I never had any new clothes and was dressed in hand-me-downs until I was about fifteen years old. Because I had eleven older sisters I wore girls clothes until I went to school. Then my mother modified my sisters' cloths, jeans and tops, to look more like boys clothes. My underwear were always the panties and t-shirts my sisters outgrew. My sweet sisters never made fun of my clothes, they knew better. My father would have come down on them hard.

After I was nine years old I was expected to hunt almost every day for the family's meat. We raised chickens, a few hogs and had a couple of cows and steers, but I was expected to supply most of the meat. I was allowed only two bullets a day for the 30-30 rifle and six for the .22 rifle. The old shotgun we had was a muzzleloader and was not reliable. Only my dad was allowed to use it. If there was not enough meat to go around I was the first to do without.

By the time I was twelve I never missed a shot. If it was not a good shot I didn't take it, I became very adept at stalking the game in the area and getting close enough for a clean kill.

My father was killed by a blowout on a front tire on our old truck when I was fourteen. In our hills going off the road is almost always fatal. Five of my sisters had left home by then and had moved into town. The rest of us struggled to keep food on the table. Two years later my mother remarried. My stepfather was an abusive man and I went to stay with my oldest sister, April. We lived in a small apartment in Charleston. When I enrolled in the local high school I told them I was eighteen years old and a senior. When the transcripts from my old school had not arrived I was given placement tests. I was placed in the senior class and graduated in the spring. I enlisted in the Marine Corps and was sent to Boot Camp at Parris Island in Beaufort, SC. Because I was a very good shot with a rifle and set new records on the rifle range, I was put on the rifle team. I didn't like it. It was not a challenge for me. I was recommended for Scout/Sniper school and was transferred to Quantico VA. After ten weeks of training I graduated first in my class and received orders to Language School where I became fluent in Standard Arabic and learned a little Kurdish and Farsi. On completion of the school I received orders to Iraq. I eventually served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. I became a very good sniper with a good number of kills to my credit and a chest full of medals.

When my enlistment was up I was recruited by the CIA. I was sent back to Quantico, VA, only to a different school. My skills at blending into the local backgrounds were praised and I was given a crash course in Spanish. That was not too hard for me because I had taken Spanish in High School. The Agency had learned that I had made several kills in Iraq dressed as an Iraqi girl and as a woman. I had stayed with a local young Iraqi woman and studied her mannerisms and movements. I have a gift that allows me to mimic someone very accurately if I have an example to copy.

I am 5'6" tall and weigh 120 pounds. I am fortunate to have a metabolism that keeps me at that weight even though I exercise daily. My light brown hair was darkened to nearly black. I took tanning treatments and was fitted with brown contact lenses over my blue eyes. I spent several months in Columbia and Venezuela acclimating myself to those areas.

When I approach an assignment like this, my first task is to find a remote spot where I can visit for several days or weeks if I have the time. I learn the accents, the history, names of prominent people and families, the hangouts, where the best food is to be found, and things a person born there would know. I use this information to assume the identity of a fictional native of that area.

I have, on occasion, met a person very familiar with the village I chose, and have been able to convince them that I had indeed near lived there. Being small, I usually am of similar stature to the local men. I have never tried to assume the role of a female, except in the Middle East where I covered my head with the hijab or veiling worn over the asha, a black head scarf and a foota, a chin scarf. The abayah was worn over a dress. I tried to put a slight feminine sway in my walk and was never made as a man carrying a rifle under all those clothes. The feet in clogs or sandals were normally all you could see below the eyes. When you are that covered up a disguise is easy.

The Agency briefed me on four targets in two South American countries. I assigned the task of eliminating these targets. I was successful in carrying out all of my assignments. A leak in the agency led to my having a 25 million dollar price placed on my life by several drug lords who were sure they were next on my hit list.

I was ordered back to Quantico and debriefed. I was told that for my own protection I was being placed in a witness protection program. I was disguised as a sick woman for my trip into hiding. I was sent to north Florida where I was given a house in a quiet subdivision. I entered my new home and was told by my escort to remove all my clothing and place every item of personal property in a plastic bag, and I was instructed to take a pill I was given, then I was told to go to bed.

I was awakened in the morning by a beautiful young woman who handed me some female clothing and told me to get dressed. I stood and looked at the clothes. I almost fell down. My sense of balance was way off. I was startled to see two large breasts attached to my chest. I noticed that I was hairless from my eyebrows down to my painted toenails. I reached for my crotch and was startled to find nothing there. I guess my expression was priceless because the girl giggled and said, "Everything is still there, It is just tucked away and glued in place. I promise it will all work normally when you need it."

I looked at her and tried to smile, "I sure hope you are right, Ms.?"

She smiled and I felt a stirring in my groin area. She said, "I am Jane Cooper, Ms. McDonald, and I am well aware that you are not a man to trifle with. It is my responsibility to disguise you so there is no chance of you being recognized. The people at the Agency determined that your best chance is as a woman. Your body has some very feminine characteristics already. We will just enhance them. You will have nothing that is not reversible done to you until you can live totally as a female for a year. At that time you can make a final decision. How do you feel about that?"

"Ms. McDonald?"

"Yes, you have a new name to go with your new look."

I held my hands in front of my face, I looked at my fingernails painted to match my toenails. I looked at her and smiled. "Miss Cooper, If you can make me look half a pretty as you do I might stand a chance. I promise to try to learn everything you can teach me so I can be a prime example of womanhood."

She grinned at me, "The shrinks at Quantico said you were one of the most adaptable and versatile people they had ever seen and rated your chances of being successful at 98 percent. Call me Janie and let me help you with your clothes. We are going to start out simple, you will wear a bra, panties, women's slacks, a shell and a sweater. You will start with 'Stay-up' stockings under boots with a 2 inch heel. We have to get you used to high heels as soon as possible. We will always dress in similar clothes. We are posing as a lesbian couple. So try to act like lovers in public. In private we are strangers even though I know everything about you. You are a very brave man, I don't know how you did some of the things you have had to do for your country."

"To be honest with you Jane, I just didn't think about the risks involved in completing my assignments. I did what I was told was my assignment. I don't worry about what I did. I just shut that away and never think about it."

She stared at me with her mouth open, then she softly said, "I am so sorry I said that. Please don't think you need to think about it now."

I saw tears course down her cheeks. I reached for her and held her close to my chest. Our breasts touched and I shifted a little so they slipped past each other and were pressed tightly together. I fought off an urge to kiss away her tears away. "Please don't cry, I can't stand seeing girls cry."

"Forgive me, we need to get you dressed, here try these panties."

I laughed, "I thought I was out of panties for good, ten years ago."

She smiled, "Were you a cross dresser before?"

"Yeah! I guess I was, I had eleven older sisters and I never wore anything but hand-me-downs 'til I was about fourteen."

"Oh My! No wonder you have so many female traits, you were totally immersed in girlie stuff for nearly half your life."

"Female traits?"

"Yes! Your profile says you are very neat, fastidiously clean, caring of others, like your hair long, and other things that are considered feminine traits."

"Effeminate too?"

"Oh no, that was one of the questions about you. You are not a macho type but none of your friends or comrades ever mentioned that they thought you were effeminate or gay. The questionnaires they had to fill out asked that question in six different ways. There was not a single negative answer. No, they all think of you as completely male."

"They didn't see me as a kid. Around the farm I wore girl's clothes all the time. Skirts and dresses. That was all I had that would fit me. My sisters wanted to do my hair but I never wore anything but a ponytail. My favorite hunting outfit was panties, tights, girl's boots, and an ankle length brown skirt, a jacket and overcoat with a green knitted girl's hat that went over my ears. Hell, I even went to town once in a while with my mom and people thought I was one of her daughters."

Janie giggled, "You should have no trouble except with your hair and makeup. You look pretty stable in those boots."

"Hey, my hunting boots had the same height heels only thicker, the toes weren't as pointed though."

"OK Miss Bernie, girl, let's do your makeup, for now we will just go with a light lipstick in a pink. I'll just lightly brush your cheeks with a touch of color. Damn, you look cute already. Here let me put a spritz of cologne here and there. We'll leave your hair in a ponytail, only we'll put a gold clip around it. You look very feminine in just your clothes. Here put this lady's watch on with these bangle bracelets. We need to get your ears pierced while we are in town shopping for groceries. OK? Don't forget your purse, all your new credit cards and your new IDs are in your new billfold."

I glanced at her, "I don't know about this, it is too soon."

"Not for you, Honey, you have done it before. We can hold hands and no one will think anything of it. We are gay."

I looked at her, "I guess you are right, I think I am a lesbian, I am very attracted to you. Wow! Look at me, I know I am a lesbian now, I'm even attracted to myself."

Jane giggled, "Hey, I think you are hot too!"

I looked at myself in a full length mirror beside the front door. Damn, I did look hot! Nice tits, flat front in the slacks, long, long, legs. I turned a little, Damn! A real cute ass in the tight slacks, only the heel and toe showing on the boots. Where was 'I'? I looked nothing like me in girl's clothes. I was nearly smokin' hot.

I looked at Jane, she was smiling, "Hey! Miss Bernie, I never thought you would look this good. Want some higher heels?"

"No girl, let me get used to these first. They feel pretty good now, but I haven't done this for a long, long time. I don't know how they'll feel after I have them on for a while."

We went out the door to the garage and she pointed me towards the passenger side of the sedan. She corrected me on how I got in the car. She said it didn't matter now with slacks, but I needed to do it correctly so I didn't show off my panties when I wore a dress or skirt.

She showed me the proper way to sit, then swing my legs in the car while holding them tightly together, just the reverse to get out.

I said, "Heck, I just won't wear skirts."

"Sure you will, I have a LBD picked out for you to wear when you take me out to dinner tomorrow night."


She giggled, "Yes, Sweetie, your 'Little Black Dress'. With 4 inch stiletto heels. I'll need a baseball bat to keep the guys off of you."

As we drove along I asked some questions, "How are my tits attached?"

"Glue, they have to come off for a few hours every week to 10 days for the first couple of months, if there is no irritation under them they can stay on a month at a time. The attachment areas are artificial skin, as is the whole outer surface. If you leave them on too long they may permanently bond with your skin and become part of you. We don't want that to happen."

"We don't?"

"No, Honey, If you want to go permanent you want your own breasts. You need to go on a prescription for hormones, you will grow your own breasts that will be real with all the feelings and the ability to lactate. I would think you would prefer real ones anyway. Another effect is that your hair will grow faster and thicker but your beard will almost disappear. Your tush and hips will fill out a bit. You can figure you will look very much like your mother and your sisters. We have to carefully monitor your hormone levels so we don't do any permanent damage to your male sex organs and desires. How big your tits and ass will grow is in your genes."

"Hey great! All of them have C or D cup boobs, and they are all slim with tight little asses."

Janie grinned at me, "That is what you have now. That is what our investigators said your family had." She looked serious, "Can you cook?"

"Yes, I am a very good cook. I am the twelfth child in an Irish family. You had better damned well learn how to cook or you will have thirteen people on your ass. You either cook or do the dishes when it is your turn. You learn to do all the other housework too. I will admit my sisters all spoiled me because I was the baby boy. They all loved me." I felt tears grow in my eyes. "I love all of them too. What do my sisters know about this?"

"Nothing. If you like this, they could be told you are dead."

"Damn, I would hate to do that to them."

She told me of the plans she had to help me become a female 24/7. She would teach me to do my own hair and makeup. She had books and magazines for me to read. She said I needed to decide on a female voice to use as my own because she had heard me use several voices.

I said, "How now brown cow? How about this one?"

Her head snapped around. "Hey, that's my voice, find one of your own. Shit! You are really good at that, you sounded exactly like me."

I thought about the voices I knew well enough to be very comfortable with them doing them full time. I thought about a voice I really liked a lot. It belonged to my sister Catherine, I had loved to mimic her when I was young and had it perfected. It had a little southern country accent in it but not too much.

"How do you like this voice, Sugah! It's a sweet, slightly different voice from mah past."

"Oh! I like that! It has a lot of you in it, just sweeter and a hair higher. It suits you."

"OK Sugah, Ah'll use this voice from now on."

We pulled into a parking place in the mall. Janie led me right to a jewelry shop that did ear piercing and in no time I had two studs in each ear. Janie giggled, "I know you want a whole bunch of body and tongue piercings but they will have to wait."

I laughed and said, "Forever! I have never seen a piercing, other than the ears, that improved on God's good work."

"Good!" said Jane, "I am not fond of them or of tattoos either. I never saw one I thought improved the landscape very much."

We filled two shopping carts rather quickly with items on Jane's list. We filled the trunk of the car with the supplies and returned to the house. We carried everything in the kitchen. I let Janie do the arranging of the kitchen. I hadn't fully explored the house as yet, so when everything was put away I asked her to show me around. It was a very nice three bedroom two and a half bath, ranch, with a two car garage and a screened in pool and patio. The house was not new but had been refurbished inside and out. The landscaping was super and well cared for. The vegetation around the patio area was lush with a tropical appearance. We stood and admired the pool area.

I took Janie's hand and pulled her to me. I gently kissed her on the lips. She was startled at first then kissed me back. I pulled back a little and whispered, "That is for the neighbors on the right who are watching from their patio." She opened her lips and kissed me passionately.

She grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the house saying loudly, "Let's go christen the bedroom." We entered the house and held each other as we laughed.

Suddenly we stopped laughing and looked in each others eyes. I said, "Girl, I think I ..." a finger went over my lips.

Jane said, "Don't say it if you are not sure of what you want. We don't need to say anything right now."

I held her tight. "I just want to say, I think I need a shower very soon."

Jane giggled, "Yes! I am sure you do. I vote we cancel going out tonight. We can fix something simple and eat here tonight."

"I second the vote."

"Great, the motion is passed by acclimation! Do you want help with your equipment?"

"Yes! I would appreciate that, I don't exactly know what to do."

"OK Bernie, I will be glad to take the matter in hand and see what can be done to help you get some relief."

I carefully took off my boots and placed them in the closet. I removed my slacks and clipped them in a pants hanger that I hung in the closet. I put the rest of my things away and looked for Janie. She was nude, on a chair watching me. "I am going to love having you for a roommate. The last two were slobs."

"How often have you done this?"

"Like this, never, the others were real roommates. I guess I need to explain. I accidently found out about you and volunteered for this job. You see, my husband and I were both Agents. He was killed in the line of duty in Columbia two years ago. After that I didn't want to live alone. I had two female roommates. I read your reports and knew you had killed the man who killed Tommy, my husband. I wanted to help you survive any way I could. I hope we can pull this off so you are safe. After this afternoon I believe we can do it."

"How long can you stay with me?"

"As long as we both agree it is working."

"Thank you for doing this for me. I really appreciate your sacrifice in doing this. I wish you weren't getting . . . . Oh! Forget it. I am happy it is you."

She smiled, "You were going to say you wished I wasn't being paid to do this. Right?"

I shrugged, "Yes, I guess so."

She walked to me and placed a hand on each side of my face, "Honey, I told the Agency from the start I would do this for free if they would give me a leave of absence for as long as it takes. They wouldn't hear of it. So I AM being paid. I am doing this for a couple of reasons, first I think it will give me closure in Tommy's death. Second I very much want to be with you. I watched videos they made of you while they debriefed you when you came back from South America. I like you a whole lot."

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