tagRomanceMiss December

Miss December

byBones Malone©

Part I

David watched from the window as the car pulled around the corner and out of sight. It was Friday evening, and now he'd have the house to himself for the whole weekend. He was looking forward to relaxing at home for a couple days before he had to go back to the real world on Monday.

He decided to take a shower because he wanted to be nice and clean for what he was planning to do. He made sure to wash himself thoroughly. He admired his cock as he cleaned the long semi-erect shaft. David's dick was eight inches long, and instead of being bent to the side, like most penises are, his was perfectly straight, which was something he was quite proud of. When he finished rinsing himself off, he turned off the water and dried himself off. He left the towel in the bathroom and stepped out into the hallway completely naked. His penis was now fully erect in anticipation of what was soon to follow.

He went into his bedroom and opened the bottom drawer of his dresser. He didn't keep clothes in this drawer. There were various items inside, but he was only interested in one item. A long time ago, David had carefully removed the centerfold from a December issue of Playboy magazine. He did this because the centerfold for that month was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He lifted a couple of old MAD magazines out of the way, and took out the centerfold, still folded up. He unfolded it, and there she was, Miss December. David knew the image well. In the picture, Miss December stood beside a window, with her hands placed against the wall. She looked out over her right shoulder with the sweetest smile on her face. Her light brown hair was up in a little ponytail, and she wore only a pair of fur-covered boots, and one white glove on her right hand.

David let out a sigh of pleasure at the sight of her. He could see that her nice round buttocks were perfectly shaped, as was her right breast, which was just visible at the angle at which she stood. David was in love. He straightened out the folds and hung the centerfold on the wall, in order to make love to her. He placed his index and middle fingers on the underside of his penis, while resting his thumbs on top. He then literally fucked those six fingers, but in his mind, he was making love to Miss December, the most gorgeous woman he had ever laid eyes on. He rocked his hips back and forth, while at the same time jacking his cock with his fingers. His eyes were fixed on the centerfold, switching from her face, to her breast, to her buttocks, and then switching back again. Every so often he would whisper "I love you".

He knew this whole act seemed a bit silly, but it made him feel warm inside. He felt so close to Miss December each Friday he made love to her. David could feel that his dick was now throbbing. He was almost ready to come. At this point, he looked directly into her eyes, those beautiful blue eyes that were with him every day in his dreams. When he climaxed, he quickly grabbed a tissue from a box nearby, and held it to the end of his cock. Using the tissue, he caught the two thick spurts of hot cum that shot out of the end of his penis, and let out a great sigh. He milked his dick to be sure he had collected all the semen, then tossed the tissue away. He took one last look at his favorite playmate, then folded the centerfold back up and placed it back in the drawer, safely hidden underneath the magazines. He felt joy and disappointment at the same time. He loved Miss December so much, but he wasn't fooling anyone. What he was having sex with was in reality just a picture, a photograph of the woman he loved so much, and this fact always made him feel a little sad. As he was thinking about this, he realized it had gotten pretty late, and he was exhausted. He slipped on a pair of boxers and climbed into bed. He was asleep five minutes later.

A few hours later, David woke up feeling thirsty. He took a big drink from the glass of water he kept by his bed. He glanced at his watch and saw that it was about three o'clock. He was about to go back to sleep but he changed his mind. He wanted take one last look at Miss December hoping that he could then dream about her more vividly. He once again went to his dresser and opened up the centerfold... David couldn't believe his eyes. He stared at the picture and almost thought he was still dreaming. He could see the window, and the wall she had placed her hands against, but that was all.

She had vanished completely! David was speechless. What on earth had happened? Where could she be? David feared he would never again be able to look into those beautiful eyes. Just then, David heard three soft knocks on his bedroom door. David jumped, and almost yelled out loud. His mind was racing. His first thought was to hide under the bed, but then his mind made the connection. Could it be? David knew there was only one way to find out. "Come in," he said. The knob turned, and the door opened slowly, to reveal none other than Miss December!

She looked exactly as she had in the centerfold. David stood as if frozen. She entered the room, and closed the door behind her. "Hello, David," she said. What a beautiful voice, David thought. Obviously, he had never heard her voice before. It was as lovely as she was.

"Hello," David managed to say, still in disbelief. After a short pause, he continued, "I can't believe this is happening." At this she smiled, revealing her pretty white teeth.

Finally she spoke up again, "I suppose I have some explaining to do. I've seen you many times, while looking out from my picture, and I could see the love and appreciation in your eyes. I also know that you've been wishing that I could be more than just a picture and that I could be here in person. So, I thought I'd pay you a visit."

David couldn't believe what he was hearing. He had to force himself to think clearly. "I'm glad you did," he said. "You look beautiful."

She smiled again. "Thank you," she said. David's heart was beating like crazy. Was this really happening? Was he still dreaming? He was pretty sure that he was awake, but at that moment, he wasn't really sure of anything. David saw that she was looking down at his boxers. He followed her gaze and then realized what she was staring at. He had a huge erection, and the large bulge in his shorts was easily visible.

Embarrassed, he quickly tried to cover it up. Miss December then spoke up, "Oh, I'm sorry. Please, you don't have to do that; it's alright." David reluctantly turned back to face her and put his hands at his sides. She walked towards David and stopped right in front of him. Up to this point, David hadn't even taken his eyes off her face. Now, with her standing right in front of him, he couldn't help but look her over completely. He could now see both of her large perfectly shaped breasts, as well as the stripe of hair between her legs. David was in heaven. It took all the strength he had just to remain standing on both legs without collapsing.

She spoke again, "This is probably going to sound crazy, but, would you take off your boxers so I can see your penis?" This was too much for David, after hearing this he sat down (or fell down) on his bed. David was still a virgin. He had hardly even had any close relationship with a woman, let alone been naked with one. She continued, "You see, I've never been able to see your penis from my picture, and I was curious."

David managed to stand up again. "Ok," he said, although he wasn't sure he would be able to go through with it. He pulled down his shorts and stepped out of them, and then stood up straight again. Miss December nervously bit her bottom lip while she looked down at his long erection, and then, let out a big sigh. "It's beautiful," she said finally, after taking a good look. After a few seconds she casually said, "Have you ever had a blowjob, David?"

After David heard this, he snapped out of the trance he was in and said, "Oh no, I can't ask you to do that. You're... you're like a goddess to me. I... I wouldn't feel right about it."

She thought for a while and then said, "I've seen you, David. I've seen you pour out your heart and soul when you make love to me. I know how you feel about me. I don't want you to think of me as someone who is too good for you or out of your league. I want us to be equal partners, and I want to prove it to you. I want to show you the same love you showed me." David was in awe upon hearing this. He couldn't speak; he only nodded to show his agreement. "Ok," she said, "Sit down on the bed and lean back." David did as he was told. He propped himself up on his elbows while his legs dangled from the side of the bed. David was more excited now than ever before. He still couldn't believe his good luck. Miss December knelt down on the floor, allowing her head to be at just the right level.

With her right hand (the one with the glove on it) she began softly stroking David's balls. She gripped the base of his cock with her other hand. She looked deep into David's eyes and asked, "How does that feel?"

"Wonderful," David said dreamily. David now realized why she wanted him in this position. This way, they would be able to look into each other's eyes, which David knew would drive him wilder than he could ever imagine. While continuing to stimulate David's balls, Miss December touched the end of David's penis with the tip of her tongue and licked all around the head.

Then, she took the whole head of his cock into her mouth, and sucked it gently. "Oh God!" David exclaimed. His breathing grew much heavier and faster now. After about thirty seconds, Miss December began sucking half of David's penis into her mouth, while at the same time looking into David's eyes. He was unable to keep silent. "Oh yes, oh God, yes! I love you so much!" At this point, Miss December tilted her head forward slightly, and then took all eight inches of David's cock into her mouth and down her throat, and continued sucking his dick. "Ohhhhhhhhhh God!" David was ecstatic. His body had never ever felt so wonderful as it did right now.

He could feel that he was almost ready to come, and so could Miss December because she was still stroking David's balls, and she could feel them rising slightly in her hand. When she realized this, she stopped sucking his cock and stroking his balls, and now just jacked him off slowly and softly. "Do you want to come now David?" she asked almost teasingly. "Yes, please," David said desperately. She tugged at David's dick slightly faster now.

"Are you sure?" she asked again.

"Yes," David repeated, "I love you."

That's what Miss December wanted to hear. She once again resumed sucking David's whole penis, while massaging his balls, only this time, harder and faster than before. A few seconds later, David shouted, "Oh God, I'm going to come!" At this, Miss December removed his penis from her mouth, took David's cock in her hand and jacked it off quickly. David climaxed. He shot one, two, three, four, five thick spurts of cum across the room. Miss December continued jacking him off to allow all of David's cum to finish dripping out of his dick, and then slowly rose to her feet once more. David stood up as well and looked at her in awe. "Thank you," he said with all his heart.

Miss December smiled and replied, "You're welcome, David. It was my pleasure." After a pause, she continued "I better slip back into my picture now."

"Ok," David nodded.

She walked over to the blank picture lying beside the dresser on the floor, and just before leaving she spoke up, "David?"

"Yes?" David answered.

She smiled, and said, "I'll see you next week." And with that, she disappeared again, back into her centerfold, as if she had never left it. David picked it up off the floor, placed it back in its drawer, and went back to sleep, feeling happier than he ever had.

Part II

A week passed, and once again, it was Friday night. David had been counting the hours all week long, and now, it was finally that time again. David made sure that he would have the house to himself this week. He couldn't imagine what was in store for him this time around. If it were half as good as last week, he would be quite happy indeed. David was in his bedroom with the door closed. He was lying on his bed naked with the centerfold lying next to him. Every so often he would check the picture to see if Miss December was still there or not.

In the meantime, he was playing with the ridge around the head of his penis with his index finger and thumb. He found it to be quite stimulating, but he didn't want to go too far. He was after all still waiting for Miss December. He checked the centerfold again, and this time, it was blank, the way it had been last week. David's heart leapt in his chest when he once again heard the familiar three knocks at his door. He stood up and answered it himself this time, and there stood Miss December. This time, her beautiful hair was down, and she was wearing black nylons with matching black high-heeled shoes. "You look magnificent tonight," David said, "Please come in."

She came in, and took a seat on David's bed. David noticed that all her pubic hair was shaved off this time, and he had a pretty good idea why that was. "I'm glad you like it," she replied, "I thought it was time for a little change of pace."

"I love it," David said.

She smiled. "So, what would you like to do this week?" David asked.

Miss December paused for a little while and then said, "Well, in the spirit of being equal partners, I was hoping that since I gave you oral sex last week, that you could return me the favor this week."

David smiled; he was thinking that she would suggest that idea. He had never eaten a woman before, but he had always wanted to, especially now, since he wanted to give her the same gift she gave him. "I would love to," he replied, "It's the least I could do after what you gave me last week." She smiled and lay back on David's bed, the same way he had lain there before.

David saw that in this position, her breasts looked a lot wider than before. Her large nipples stood erect in the center of each of her beautiful tits. Miss December noticed that her being in this position made David's cock so erect that his dick actually curved upwards.

"Wow, that's the biggest erection I've ever seen," she remarked, "We'll be sure to tend to it later."

David was still staring at her magnificent breasts. Finally he asked, "May I suck on your breasts first?"

Miss December let out a little laugh and said, "Yes, of course, I would like that very much. My body is yours tonight; you may do with it as you wish." Hearing this excited David very much, so they eagerly began. David sat down on the bed while Miss December stood facing him. David cupped each breast with his hands and massaged them slowly with his thumbs. They felt so wonderfully soft in his hands. He could hear her breathing already beginning to speed up. He moved his face to Miss December's right breast and took the large erect nipple into his mouth, sucking it hard. Miss December gasped at the powerful sensation that ran through her body and continued breathing even faster. David did the same with her left nipple, and a moan escaped her lips. David went on squeezing her fabulous tits and getting incredibly aroused, hoping that she would never ever tire of this.

But just then, she spoke up, "Oh David, eat me, please, I need you to eat my pussy now!" So, she laid herself back down onto the bed while David got down on his knees in front of her. He positioned his face directly in front of her vagina, eager to discover what his goddess tasted like inside. He could clearly see that he had already made her quite wet between her legs, which pleased him, a great deal. He began by stimulating her clitoris by flicking it lightly with his tongue.

"Oh God!" Miss December practically screamed out. At this, David plunged his tongue deep into her pussy and maneuvered it strongly back and forth.

"Oh God, oh God, yes, yes, oh don't stop," Miss December screamed. She was going totally crazy now. David switched his motions to moving his tongue forcefully up and down now. "Ohhhhh, Oh God, I'm going to come, I'm coming!" Miss December shrieked now. With this, David moved his tongue in the best circular pattern he could muster, and moved as fast and hard as he could. This drove Miss December over the top. Her back arched, her eyes closed, her mouth opened wide, and her entire body shook with a powerful orgasm. She seemed to be screaming yet there was no sound that could be heard. David felt all of her wonderful juices flowing out of her pussy and over his tongue. Miss December tasted fabulous, which didn't surprise David at all. He knew that a woman who is as gorgeous as she is had to taste good. "Oh my God, David, that was unbelievable," Miss December managed to say.

"I'm happy that you enjoyed it so much," David replied, while breathing quite heavily himself. They both stood up, and for the first time, kissed passionately, with their tongues deep in each other's mouths.

"Oh, I love you so much," David said after a few seconds. "I love you too, David," Miss December replied. She took a step back and looked down at David's penis. It was still very hard and erect, and she noticed there was a drop of pre-cum at the very tip of his cock. She bent down and rubbed the droplet off with her index finger and stood up again. She held up her finger so David could see the drop of cum. She then opened her mouth and slowly sucked David's cum off her finger. This act turned David on even more. David was amazed at the fact that he still hadn't had an orgasm yet.

Reading his mind, Miss December spoke up, "Alright David, I suppose you've waited long enough. It's time for us to truly make love. I want you inside me David; I want your big beautiful cock inside me, and I want you to make love to me." David almost jumped for joy upon hearing this. He knew now that he would never ever forget this wonderful night. Miss December went and lay flat on her back on David's bed. David remained where he was for a moment in order to take in the wonderful sight. The woman of his dreams was lying on his bed, with her legs open, waiting for him to make love to her.

He couldn't help but stroke his cock a little at the thought of this. He climbed onto the bed and positioned himself on top of his love. He could feel her tits pressed softly against his chest. He slowly slid his penis into her wet pussy and began pumping it in and out of her. If there were a place that is better than heaven, David was sure he was there. They moved their hips together as one. At the same time, they continued kissing each other intensely while gazing deep into each other's eyes and into each other's souls. David quickened his pace and soon afterwards, Miss December climaxed with her second orgasm, while David finally released his large load of semen into her with his first orgasm. They remained locked in that position, kissing and holding each other, for several minutes, until they finally broke their union and rose to their feet.

"Thank you for an evening that I'll always remember for all my life," David said, beyond happy at this point.

"You're welcome," Miss December replied, "You were wonderful, David." Feeling exhausted, they climbed back into bed together, and fell asleep in each other's arms.

David awoke the next morning alone in his bed. He looked around and saw the centerfold lying on his night table. He unfolded it, and there was Miss December, once again in her usual position, but this time, there was a message written next to her.

It read, "Dear David, I had a wonderful time with you. I have to leave you alone for a while, but some day, if you're feeling lonely, I'll be sure to come cheer you up. I love you. Miss December." David looked into her eyes and whispered, "I love you too." He replaced the centerfold in his drawer, and went back to sleep, dreaming of when he might see Miss December again.

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