tagBDSMMiss Emma Pt. 01

Miss Emma Pt. 01


It had been some time since they had last been together, but now he once again stood before her on the carpet of her living room.

No one spoke, and for a while they just beheld each other. There was already a dynamic clearly at work. She suspected he would always retain that slight shyness about him, born of his inherent submission, and what she knew was his strong desire for her.

Emma looked him over. His hair was a little shorter now, but otherwise he was the same. Well, from what she could see with him clothed. She fixed with a look that was equal parts stern, alluring, and amused.

Matti in turn looked her over. His gaze flitted about more, eager, less in control. The woman who he had given his submission to, addressed as 'Miss', was as breathtaking as ever. Her short red hair showed off classically beautiful features. She was shorter than him, firm and soft and round and warm in all the places she ought to be. Dressed today in a top which showed her shapely breasts off to their full effect, above a loose, summery skirt, she was every inch as he remembered.

It was she who broke the silence.


The single word rang out. She arched an eyebrow, and his thoughts jumped into gear. He hadn't expected her to be so forward, but then, he recalled when he had first entered this room; things had unfolded similarly.

The weight of her expectation settled unspoken, and subconsciously licking his lips, now suddenly parched, his fingers went to the buttons of his shirt. His eyes flickered to her then away, and a soft blush had spread across his cheeks. The shirt removed he folded it carefully over a chair, and his hands moved to the belt and button of his jeans. His eyes lowered, and he missed Emma's amused smirk.

Jeans shimmied down his legs and socks off, they joined his shirt. Now his eyes raised to meet hers once again, as with a perceptible breath, he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers, slowly pushing them down over his thighs until gravity took over and they pooled at his feet. The boy's cheeks fully aflame now, he folded his underwear and at last stood before her in his natural state.

Emma paused, wanting to give nothing away. Her eyes drank in every detail, from his head down the length of his slim body. He had kept in good shape she noted, indeed there was only one noticeable change. Her eyes alighted on his handsome cock and scrotum; formerly he kept his red hair close cropped there, but now he was shaven smooth. She compared the sight before her with the memory, and decided she was pleased with what she saw. The room was warm, and his genitals hung pleasingly. Her eyes lingered a moment, then running off down his legs to his feet. Yes, she was satisfied.

"Sit down, have some wine," she said, her voice soft yet undeniably a command.

He lowered himself on to her sofa, smiling up at her nervously as she passed around the low coffee table towards him. She sat beside him, turning her body towards him, and patted the edge of the sofa between his parted legs.

"Bring your heels up flat on the sofa, let your thighs fall naturally apart."

Again, wordlessly, he obeyed. Emma allowed herself unashamedly to gaze at him now, whilst still masking any desire for the boy. In his position, his most private, secret places were exposed to her. His beautiful bottom, round, pale. His penis lying flat against the smooth skin of his scrotum. And there, most exquisite of all, his tightly puckered opening. Exquisite was the word she considered, in all guises: like this, defiantly closed, as if it wasn't aching for her; stretched, gripping tightly about her as she moved inside of him; and after, open, gently pulsing, as if beckoning her back into him.

"Do you remember how to address me?" she said, softly.

"Yes Miss" Matti answered, again tongue darting out slightly to moisten his lips.

"Good boy."

Emma reached for the glasses of wine, passing the deep red liquid to him. Her free hand dropped lightly between his heels, fingertips reaching out, almost imperceptibly brushing the soft smooth skin. This brought forth a small gasp from him, a strangled moan as she began to trace her fingernails over his scrotum, teasing lower, behind the sac, tracing towards his anus.

"Cheers" she said lightly, tilting her glass to his, swallowing a little of the ruby liquid, savouring its feel in her mouth and throat. Her eyes closed for a moment, as she saw ahead of her the story they were about to write together. She spoke then, fixing him with a gaze from which he was unable to look away. Her voice now was soft, but laid through with steel.

"You have erred, though I know you are sorry. I can sense your need, your desire. But there are rules to be followed now."

He nodded, "Yes Miss."

"You will submit to me in all things. I am not looking for a whining slave, I want a man who is on an intellectual, social, and physical par. However, our relationship dictates that my own will wins out over your own. We will converse, perhaps even debate, but even should I take your argument or advice on board, my word will be law."

She paused, fixing her gaze on his, watching him nod, knowing he was fighting the urge to close his eyes, tilt back his head, and sink into his submission. Her fingers continued to dance lightly across his smooth, hairless skin. His cock was no longer soft, but thick and long, resting against his belly.

"You will show me the utmost respect, the worship that the Sacred Female deserves. You know your true nature as the submissive male, and I am proud of you for that. Your raison d'etre will be service to me. My happiness, my pleasure, my fulfilment. In all ways you will be my loving servant, my pet, and we will love, nourish, and care for one another according to our roles."

She gazed down between his thighs, continuing in her soft voice,

"Your body belongs to me and me alone. And by that I don't simply mean that other women are forbidden to touch you unless with my express permission, but that my ownership of your body transcends even your own. You will care for and keep it in a manner that pleases me. You are forbidden from climax unless strictly permitted. You may not even play with yourself without my say-so."

She gazed deep into his eyes, inviting debate, and receiving none.

"On that note, when orgasms are allowed, you will henceforth only cum with your bottom filled. We will train you so that in time you crave to be in that state of ultimate submission to be able to reach climax. You will need in the very truest sense to have me inside of you to be able to achieve that ultimate pleasure."

She paused again, reading his thoughts writ large across his face.

"Of course, whilst you will be used regularly, orgasms may not be regularly given. Indeed, you're starting from a position below that at which I consider you to be deserving of even infrequent climax. During those periods, you will be milked regularly; emptied without reaching orgasm."

As if to emphasise her point, Emma curled her fingers around his scrotum, squeezing the delicate sac.

"When I choose to use you, to begin with you will submit to me on all fours like a beast. Our love making will be for my pleasure alone, though I am certain you will take your own pleasure from having me inside your aching, greedy little cunt. As you earn my favour, I will permit you to lie on your back, able to kiss my mouth and breasts as you take me inside of you."

"Yes Miss," he breathed, "I want to serve you, to please you, to pleasure you, delight you."

Matti groaned, arching his hips as Emma squeezed tighter, pulling his scrotum out away from his body.

"I don't take those words lightly pet," she purred, her voice soft even as she began to roll his testes between thumb and finger, "I will hold you to them, through every moment. Now, are you ready to submit to me?"

"Ahhh, yes Miss, please, I beg you" he replied, his voice thick with need and urgent desire.

"Then you are mine" she said simply, leaning towards him, her lips pressing to his.

She felt Matti part his lips, and her tongue slipped between them, teasing and pressing to his own. Then both open mouthed, hungry, instantly reacquainted. She moved her hand from his sac to wrap around his erection, and his moaned against their passionate embrace. Neither wanted it to end, and for some minutes they kissed, signing the contract of his submission, and her Domination.

Emma felt Matti's hand move to her side, his palm hot through her clothing. Reluctantly, she broke off the kiss, leaning back, certain she was as flushed as he.

"Kneel" she commanded, and he moved quickly to do so. And as simply as that they were one; Mistress and pet, Woman and boy, Dominant and submissive. As he moved to his knees before her, she placed her wine down, all but untouched. Her hands moved to her skirt, and lifting her hips and bottom she slipped both skirt and knickers down in one smooth movement. Tossing them aside, she parted her legs, either side of her kneeling boy.

"Oh my Goddess" he groaned, eyes fixed upon her. Unlike him, his Mistress did not shave herself smooth, but her hair was short, soft, and sparse, and did nothing to hide the shape of her from his gaze. With his eyes he drank in her perfection, the plump swell of her sex, the deep slit from which delicate pink folds peeked, already glistening slightly with her desire. He was dimly aware of an aching ball of need deep within his belly.

"Do you worship me?" She breathed, staring down at him.

"Yes Miss" he replied, almost panting.

"Then show me," she told him, parting her thighs, arching her hips to meet his eager lips. She cried out, head thrown back, her hand reaching for him, fingers entwining in his hair, pulling him to her. The boy's tongue pressed insistently, warm, wet, smooth up between her lips, parting her, opening her to his worship.

He had always had a talent for pleasuring her this way, and Emma sank into bliss, feeling her sex swell and open for him. She moaned and called his name as he first began to suck on her clit, groaned and bucked against him when he slipped his fingers inside of her, beckoning with them as he licked and kissed her sensitive bud. He settled into a rhythm that drove her quickly onwards. Her chest rose, breasts feeling constricted beneath her clothing, breathing rapid and shallow. Her boy had one hand flat on her belly, pulling her skin taught, lifting her hood, exposing her clitoris to his loving ministrations. She felt a third finger teasing at the opening of her anus and she lifted her hips, giving him unspoken permission, moaning again as she felt it slip inside her to join the two moving in and out of her velvet smooth cunt.

Moments later she felt her orgasm coming. It did not so much as build, as jump out at her. She threw her head back with an almost animal-like cry, pulling his head hard against her needy flesh, not caring if she hurt him, grinding her soaking labia against his hungry mouth. Matti continued to finger and lick her through her climax, only stopping when at last he felt her relax against him. Gently, he slipped his fingers from her, kissing her lightly upon her swollen clitoris, leaning back to sit on his heels, gazing up at her in awe and devotion.

Emma for her part gazed down at her charge. Idly stroking his hair, luxuriating in the afterglow, the room thick with the scent of her femininity. She noted his cock stood out proud from his body, stiff, a thin line of pre-cum connecting to the floor beneath his thighs. She cupped his chin in her hands, lifting his head towards her.

"Move to the rug before the fire. Get on all fours for me."

He moved hurriedly to obey, his cock dancing almost humorously from side to side in his haste. Both knew what was coming now; the final reconnection, both physically and spiritually.

As Matti lowered himself on to hands and knees as commanded, Emma crossed to a small chest upon the bureau. It contained a myriad of toys for use on them both, but there was no time for such things now. She drew out the only item of consequence, her Feeldoe double dildo. Unlike the literal 'strap-on' cocks beloved of cheap porn flicks, one end of the Feeldoe was ergonomically designed to sit inside her vagina, the textured base of the shaft then protruding from her thighs pressing directly against her clit, stimulating her as the realistic phallus was pressed deep inside her lover.

Turning to face Matti, she lifted one leg up on to the low coffee table, cocking her knee outward, baring her cunt. The passive end of the Feeldoe slipped easily between her swollen folds, to sit snugly inside her. Her eyes still on him, a sly smile on her face, Emma reached for a bottle of lubricant, and began to rub it along the length of the shaft, in a parody of male masturbation. She kept her top on, the boy was not yet deserving of seeing her fully unveiled; some rewards needed to be earned.

To Matti, her transformation to Goddess was complete. He found himself unable to tear his eyes away from her, in awe at the contrast of her natural feminine curves and softness with the straight, hard length of the dildo. There was a sense of heightened eager, near-desperate sexuality in the room now, and a shiver of almost pure pleasure ran down his spine as Emma moved behind him, squatting down, her cock standing proud longer, thicker, and harder than his own. He moaned low and deep as he felt her lubed fingers slide possessively between his rounded buttocks, seeking out his aching pussy. Her voice was husky in response,

"Look at you, like a bitch in heat. You need this so badly don't you?"

"Yes Miss," his tone one of utter submission and desire.

"This is what you were made for, to be used like this," she continued as her fingers massaged the tightly closed ring of his anus.

"Oh baby!" she cried in surprise as she applied pressure directly upon his opening, and felt her fingers be drawn into that sweet hole. "So tight. You really haven't given yourself to anyone since me have you?"

Her boy answered affirmatively, and for a while neither spoke then, though both were vocal. Matti had never been able to remain quiet as she played with his boy cunt, and for her part Emma found herself moaning in sheer delight at how perfect he felt inside. With one hand resting gently on the small of his back, she slid the two fingers in and out of him, using their full length to coat his bowels, relaxing him, preparing him. She alternated her movements, pressing to his prostate, twisting, opening them as far as she could inside of him. When she added a third, his anus giving way to her with a little fight, her pet gave a deep groan of bliss, his cock twitching and the steady stream of pre-cum glistening as it fell to the floor beneath him.

Satisfied he was ready for her, and impatient to have him, she withdrew her fingers, and positioned herself between his legs, taking the Feeldoe's length in her hand and aiming it at the dark crevice of his smooth, pale buttocks. His submission.

But, it wasn't quite complete.

"Reach back for me" she said huskily, her mouth suddenly dry, "show me your submission."

Matti lowered his head and shoulders to the carpet, and slowly reached back behind himself, placing his palms upon the smooth pale flesh and moving them outwards.

"Yesss" Emma sighed between gritted teeth, bringing the tip of her cock up to his trembling opening.

"Please" he begged, and that single word, delivered with such plea melted her. With one hand resting gently on his hip, the other holding the shaft, Emma pressed her hips forwards, slowly, yet insistently. Her eyes locked upon her boy's pussy, watching as it opened, blossomed around her. The crinkled flesh drawing taught and opening with a little reluctance, having lain unused for so long. Beneath her he groaned deeply, fingers digging into his buttocks as he sought to open himself as much as he could for her, then a cry of animalistic lust as the head of her slipped into him. Emma gave him no chance to catch his breath, but continued to press ever deeper, feeling his soft submissive bowels part for her strong feminine form. She put both hands to his hips drawing her back ever more on to her, until at last her belly pressed against her boy, every inch of her inside, and there she held him.

She drew a breath and spoke,

"Hold yourself open for me. I want to enjoy the view of your pretty cunt as I use you. I'm going to take you deep, and hard, and you're going to make me cum with your sweet, beautiful, clever body."

He gasped then uttered a low moan as she began to slide backwards out of him, waiting until the head of the shaft caused his anus to bulge out from the inside, before gliding back into him with a practised thrust. She was a skilled lover, knowing how best to open up the young boys and girls who got on hands and knees before her, whilst ensuring her own exquisite pleasure. Matti was in turn a willing and eager recipient, and the two quickly rediscovered their rhythm; her rolling her hips, angling her thrusts, choosing the depth and pace, he arching his back and pressing back against her to meet his Mistress.

Emma was in ecstasy; physically and mentally on a higher plane. She felt the thrum of his body beneath her hands as he worked with her to further her pleasure. She was aware of the material of her top drawn taught over her nipples, the press of the ridged Feeldoe against her clit, the ball of the stub end in her aching womanhood. She revelled in the moans, gasps, and mumbled cries of the boy giving his very essence to her. Near subconsciously she reached around beneath him, fingertips finding him hard and dripping, his cock swaying almost violently back and forth as she upped their pace, now well and truly fucking him.

Emma felt her orgasm begin its slow, steady build deep down within her. Beneath her, she became aware of a change in the boy; Matti's breathing shallower, ragged, his moans deeper. She reached around beneath him again, finding his heavy sac and taking it in her grip, tugging firmly and pulling his testes away from his body.

"Not now, not yet my love, only for me, only for me" she panted as her climax crashed upon her. She cried out driving harder into the boy, each time her belly slapping against his crudely spread bottom, a fresh wave of pleasure firing through her at the depth of each thrust. Matti's own moans of frustration drowned out by her own crashing orgasm.

As the last wave of her climax faded she leant forwards on to him, wrapping her arms around his chest, nuzzling his neck.

"Good boy, you did very well. Tell me, how did that feel?"

"Amazing Miss" Matti replied, a dreamlike smile playing upon his face.

"Even though you didn't get to cum? But no, all you need is my cock in your asshole, don't you?"

He blushed sweetly as he murmured in the affirmative, and pleased, Emma kissed him softly before rising up and sliding slowly out him. She took a moment to admire his freshly fucked hole, so different in appearance now to when he had first undressed for her. The tightly puckered pink now gaping, red, glistening and slightly swollen.

"How does your cunt feel baby?" she cooed, reaching out to trace the sensitive rim with a single finger, "you were so tight. You really needed that didn't you?"

"Oh God Miss, yes," he replied, his voice deep, pushing back to meet her as her fingertip danced across is opening.

"Then we're going to spend a lot of time getting you used to be used again."

His answer was a low moan that spoke volumes. Rising to her feet Emma smiled kindly down at him.

"Come", she beckoned. "Time for bed I think."

Emma took his hand and led him through to the bedroom, aware of his eyes on her bare bottom as they walked, giving it an extra wiggle and being rewarded by an "oh Miss" in that tone she so loved.

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