tagBDSMMiss Evangelina's Live Sex Toy

Miss Evangelina's Live Sex Toy


As I lay on the lounger enjoying the ocean view spread out before me I listen to the rhythmic sound of the ocean waves beating against the sandy shores while I am waiting for you to arrive. I'm wearing my favorite Marilyn Monroe inspired bombshell vintage swim suit and feeling pretty sexy at thirty-five. I check the time on my I-phone and I see it is 7:00 pm as I impatiently place it back into its case and reach into my beach bag to retrieve my sun block. "I really hope he isn't late and he hasn't lied to me." I begin to worry as I massage the cocoa scented cream into the delicate fair skin on my smooth legs.

When we spoke the night before you made it clear to me that you understood what you were supposed to do and having an obedient cock was what I expected of you. Adjusting my hat and looking around through my designer shades I combed the beach looking for my fuck toy who was supposed to be wearing the sleeveless white tee and orange swim trunks as I had instructed you to do so. Only, these were special trunks which I had special ordered just for you so that I could easily recognize my fuck toy when you approached me. They were a bright prison orange with one word embroidered in black across the crotch that read "Inmate".

I had to take a sip of my mineral water to moisten my lips as I pleasured my mind with all the little thoughts of what I was going to do to you when my fuck toy arrived as I smiled at all the people coming out to the beach to take their pictures in the awakening of the sunset. I planned on you meeting me here at this time because I knew that the beach would be crowded just enough to fancy my desires and yours.

I see you walking towards me in the sunset. My breath catches in my throat and I know it's you because I recognize the orange trunks that I purposely ordered one size too small so that the material stretched across your bulge and your tight ass. Your brown eyes are gleaming with fear as you nervously walk towards me. Finally, you walk close enough that I can see the bewildered look on your face like a buck that has been caught in the headlights as you are unsure if it is me you are looking at. Already, I am feeling in control of you as I watch you drift carefully closer towards me through the noise of the ocean, birds, and the clusters of people who are beginning to gather around.

Smiling at you, I beckon you with my French-manicured hand with that special gesture that we had already agreed on the night before so that you will know it is me. Immediately, I am surprised to learn that your body is much better looking than the pictures you sent me. Delighted and pleased with you, I gesture towards the spot in front of my lounge chair and command you to stand in front of me so that I may inspect you. "Y-Your Miss Evangelina?" you ask me with your low-key husky voice full of uncertainty.

"Yes I am." I answer you sharply as I move my shades down just enough to drink you in with my green eyes scaling every inch of your hot body from head to toe. I begin with your clean cut dark hair as my eyes travel past your clenching jaw and the veins along your neck, I see your nipples becoming hard and trying to cut through your white t-shirt. "Mm mm!" I moan softly expressing to you how satisfied I am with your thirty-six year old six foot muscular frame as I move my eyes to what I am really wanting.

The word inmate is emblazoned across the outside of your bulge right where I know that your cock is waiting. I decide to tease you just a little and I begin to manipulate my nipples to high beam on my 38 D tits as I casually sway one of my legs which is slightly bent back and forth while I slide my tongue over my upper lip never taking my eyes from your bulge. In a soft voice I order you to undress and you ask me, "Here?" As you look around at the people on the beach.

"Yes! Here! I want all those clothes off of you accept leave your thong on!" Another order I had given you the night before. "No, wait! Come over and stand beside me so that I can feel your cock grow in those trunks before you take off those clothes!" I command you and you obediently walk over to my right side so that your bulge is now near my face and in my reach. Without a care in the world for the people passing by to enjoy the sunset over the ocean in front of us, I bury my nose into your thick bulge and I can smell your manly essence through the fabric of your brand new trunks. The smell of your familiar expensive cologne fills my senses and makes my pussy become wet with my own juices. I hear you whisper in a gasp, "My God!" As I begin to rub your cock to full erection through your trunks. I don't care who sees me manipulate your cock this way either as I can see you are looking around you with worry but you don't want me to stop.

Unexpectedly, I slide my hand excitedly in through the top of your trunks and I watch your face as you feel my long, slender fingers wrap around your cock and squeeze it tightly. Roughly, I begin to pump your cock not caring if my nails graze your flesh because I am making you my fuck toy which means I am in control of your cock. Once I hear you begin to pant as you are past hard by now I abruptly stop, leaving you standing there with pre-cum seeping from the engorged head of your throbbing cock. Using my forefinger and my thumb I begin to rub as much of your semen onto my fingers as I can.

"Come down here and clean my fingers." I command you as you obediently stoop low enough to suck and lick my finger and thumb clean of all of your own cum juice. "Mmm that's a good fuck toy!" I praise you as I reach up for a kiss so I can invade your mouth with my tongue and taste you myself. "Now I want you to strip those clothes off for your Mistress, but leave your thong on!"

I knew the thong I ordered you to wear would not be enough to conceal your erection and I watched with controlled delight as you pulled off your white t-shirt and revealed to me all of your hard-worked muscles while you very hesitantly and slowly slid your trunks down and stepped out of them. You are facing me now with your scarcely-covered cock in my face and I know that you are wanting to hide your erection for fear that the people who are all around us will soon notice you in this state. I love watching your eyes widen with anticipation as you look around worrying if you will get seen by a passerby but I want to keep your cock hard so I hurriedly reach inside my beach bag for the extra beach towel I kept waiting on you and I toss it to you and tell you, "Wrap this around you and use it as a shield so that no one can see what I am doing to you."

"Yes Miss Evangelina." You answer me and I can hear lustful excitement ring out in your husky voice because you want to cum so bad. Eagerly, you throw the towel around your waist, covering your tight ass and gripping the towel by either corner in each of your hands, you move closer to my face and use the towel to shield my face and your cock.

I remove my hat and allow you to entertain yourself with the sight of my curly raven hair which is piled loosely on top of my head with just a few spiral strands dancing along the nape of my neck as I pull my beach bag into my lap while I begin to remind you of what I expect from you. I want to make sure that you understand that you are not allowed to exhibit any open sign that you are being aroused no matter what I do to your cock so as not to be easily discovered by any of the passersby. Before I begin to speak, I slide two fingers just under the fabric of your thong, sliding it over to free your cock from its cell and I squeeze it tight with my fist just as two elderly couples pass by us and greet you with their smiles and politely ask you, "How are you this evening?" I grip your cock in my hand and begin to tease your sensitive head with my tongue as you force yourself to answer them with a cracked breath of husky air, "Jus- Just fine!" I hear you babble breathlessly as you force yourself to return their smile.

I can hear one of the elderly men comment something to you about the weather and I become so aroused watching you suffer as you answer his responses and fight the urge to gasp or moan while you keep my face hidden from view with the towel as I wrap my pink-glossed lips around the head of your cock and I taste your slight salty pre-cum . I begin to slide my wet lips all the way down your cock while my tongue glides all over the bottom of your shaft. With precision, I swallow your cock till I feel your head touching the back of my throat and my bottom lip is barely grazing your ball sack. I decide that I like the way your cock tastes and I hold tightly to the bottom of your cock as I begin to fuck your cock with my mouth until I hear your breath become quick and raspy. I pull your cock from my mouth and I begin pumping it with my hands and I look up at you and warn you to not drop the towel or give any response. I know you are so close to having an orgasm because I can see the veins along your cock pulsing. Quickly, I release my hold on you and I watch as some more of your semen creeps from the opening of the head of your cock which is beginning to turn purple. Eagerly, I use my tongue to lick it up myself because I know it is driving you mad.

I reach into my beach bag and retrieve a vibrating cock ring and my bottle of lube that I brought along. After lubing your cock and turning on the small bullet that is located in the cock ring, I slide the snug cock ring down your hot rod all the way to the base and I wrap the other side of the ring around your testicles then I slide your thong back to the front of your erect cock as I softly but firmly say to you, "Now that I have your cock wrapped up, it is mine. I want you to very casually sit in this lounger as soon as I get up and I'm gonna restrain both your wrists in order to aid you in not touching your cock. You are my fuck toy now and you will not cum unless I give you permission to do so and only then will I release you from your restraints and allow you to make yourself cum. Is that understood?"

"Yes Miss Evangelina."

"Good then sit down in that lounger and I will place this towel over your lap so as not to draw too much attention. "

With your vey prominent hard-on trying to escape the little piece of fabric that was barely covering it, you obediently lie back onto the lounger as soon as I stand up. People are still casually walking past us to admire the sunset over the ocean as I begin to tie both your wrists to the arms of the chair, making sure that you get a good glimpse of my tits as they pass in front of your face while I restrain you. After making sure you are restrained properly, I devilishly slide the small piece of fabric from your stiff cock exposing it to anyone who may happen to walk by. I watch your eyes widen again as you turn your head looking from side to side hoping none of the people walking past can see your cock while I enjoy this feeling of having you under my control.

Intentionally, I take more time than what is needed to cover your exposed cock and restrained hands with the towel. As soon as I have you properly tied up and concealed under the towel, I remind you once again to not make a peep no matter what I do to you. In anticipation, you watch me sit next to you on the lounger and I take out a silicone beaded sleeve which I explain to you is actually a male masturbator. It has one hole that contains beads for extra stimulation as it slides up and down your shaft and another very tight hole for sliding your cock in to use like you would a pocket pussy. Only, I am inserting my finger inside the extra hole to remove the beads and replace them with a small bullet that is attached to a remote control. You watch me as I lube up the bullet and insert it into the hole while people are still casually walking past us.

You are beginning to feel the strain from the cock ring as it is still vibrating around the base of your cock and driving you nuts because you need more stimulation. Suddenly, you feel my hand slip beneath the towel and grope your balls as I search for the button to the vibrator in the cock ring and turn it off. "You won't be needing this turned on anymore you fuck toy. I got something better than that!" I tell you as I hear you inhale a quick breath of air.

I take my hand out to lube it up good and I lube up the inside of the fuck sleeve I am about to use on you. "Now, I am about to slide your cock into this tight little hole here." And I use my finger to demonstrate for you just how tight it actually is. "I have the remote to the bullet inside this sleeve in my hand." I show it to you. "We are gonna sit here while I manipulate your cock without allowing you to orgasm. Whenever I think that you are about to orgasm I am gonna set the switch to off on this remote and stop fucking your cock with this sleeve. Remember, you are my fuck toy right now and I am in control of your cock, not you. You cannot shoot your load till I decide I want you too. "

Nodding your head to let me know that you understood I look into your eyes as you fight the temptation to moan as you feel me force the head of your cock into the tiny opening of the lubed silicone sleeve. You can feel the silicone tightly wrapped around your cock as I force it all the way down onto the base of your cock. I set the remote attached to the bullet inside the sleeve on low and I watch your face as you begin to feel the vibrations of the bullet stimulating your whole cock. I watch you as you tense and begin to adjust your legs wanting more stimulation so I turn the remote off and I watch you as you obediently plead in silence begging me with your lustful eyes for more interaction so that you can release your built up load.

Very casually I wave and smile at a jogger who is running by staring at the two of us almost as if he suspects that something is going on. As I wave to him I slide my hand under the towel and wrap my hand around the silicone sleeve that is tightly bound around your stiff cock and I begin to pump it up and down under the towel and listen for you to begin panting again. Just when you feel yourself build up again and I can feel your cock begin to swell, I feel the silicone sleeve split and slide away from your engorged cock as you begin to take deep breaths and staring up towards the sunset trying to fight the urge to cry out for me to allow you to release your load. "Wow." I say to you amazed at my discovery as I show you the silicone sleeve that is now split in half from your engorged cock. Looks like it's time for me to play with my fuck toy myself!"

After giving you enough time to catch your breath again I decide it is time I take a seat on my new fuck toy. I stand up and yank the towel from your lap, exposing your erect cock once again, before I throw my leg over the other side of the chair straddling you and the chair. Using the towel as a shield, I place it over my lap in front of me that way no one passing by the front of us can see what is going on but if anyone were to approach us from either side, they just might catch a good view of your fat cock about to slide into my slick pussy.

Beneath the shelter of the towel, I raise my hips up slightly as I slide the crotch to my swim suit bottom to the side exposing my dripping shaved pussy and I slide very slowly down onto your swollen cock. Your cock is so swollen now that I can feel the walls of my tight pussy stretching around it as I force myself to take you all the way in. I reach under the towel to tease my clit and I bring myself to an explosive orgasm while I am still sitting on your cock. I enjoy the endorphin-like spasms that begin to shoot through my body causing the walls of my pussy to shudder around your cock, I look up at the sunset as the sweet clover smell of my juices rise up and fill our nostrils. I sit on your cock still writhing with orgasm and I decide it is time to reward you for giving me so much pleasure and being such an obedient fuck toy so I begin to undo your restraints while your cock is still throbbing inside of me.

After freeing your hands, I slide my sopping wet cunt off you just long enough to remove the cock ring that has been binding your cock. As soon as your cock and balls are free again I turn to look you in the eyes and I command you to release your whole load into my pussy. "I don't care who walks by and sees you fucking my pussy, you are not allowed to stop until you have unloaded all of your cum in me! Now, you may put your hands on me and do whatever you like to your mistress."

Wasting no time at all, I feel both your strong hands reach under the towel and tug at the crotch to my swim suit so hard that I hear it rip as you tear it in half exposing my bare wet pussy for your cock. I feel your hands grip my ass cheeks and raise me up and back down onto your cock as you begin to pump your cock so hard into my pussy with no more concern for the few people who are still passing by from time to time. I feel your cock erupting inside of me, smell our juices mixing in the air, hear you moan with pure final satisfaction, and I look up to see the jogger running past us unable to keep his eyes off of me as I begin to uncontrollably moan with pure delight.

As soon as our show was over I decide it is time for my fuck toy to become clean up boy so I hop off your wet cock and command you to sit up onto the edge of the lounger to face me as I stand in front of you so that my wet cunt is in your face. This time, I wrap the towel around my behind and hold it up to shield myself waist down and your face while you lap up all your creamy cum from inside my sopping pussy. I feel your tongue whipping in and out of my pussy making sure to clean all your juices from me and then I feel your tongue manipulating my clit forcing another intense orgasm from me right as I look up to see the two elderly couples strolling by again smiling and waving as they pass.

Finally, I decide that your work here is done and the sun is setting. I tie the towel which is damp with our juices around my waist in order to conceal my ass which is exposed from your hastiness to cum and I watch you reach for your trunks. "Oh no you don't fuck toy!" I shout at you. "You are coming home with me wearing nothing but that thong!" I command you as you dutifully obey.

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