tagIncest/TabooMiss Feel Good Pt. 07

Miss Feel Good Pt. 07


Suggestions by Brockrockhold.

Everyone is over eighteen and Ruby is the narrator.


Chapter twelve

"Tanya, what are you planning to do with my poor boyfriend?" I blurted as she ran into her uncle's home.

"Honey, calm down," she explained from the living room. "Sit down and let's talk about it, okay?"

"Is this some type of test to be knighted into your kingdom?" I replied.

"No no no, I liked him before I knew he was interested in you. Let's just call it power of your mind, in a Erotic sense of the meaning I'm not going to play any tricks on him. I know how much you adore him." Tanya assured Ruby that she had nothing to worry about.

"Oh, not at all," Tanya assure Ruby. "I liked him before I knew he was interested in you. Let's just called it...power of mind? Erotically, at least. But don't worry. I'm not going to play any tricks on him. I know how much you adore him..."

"Very well," I replied by going silent.

"What is taking you so long Jane. I can't afford to be late for my photography class, I'm the teacher. I need to set a good example for my students, I need to be professional. Come on do you need some help?" Tanya shouted out to Jane at the other end of the house.

"I need to look my best, I'm going to be naked in front of virtual strangers. Scott is the only student there, we have got to know outside of class. No thank you I don't need any help." Jane yelled back at Tanya.

"What do you call all thoughts people at the Sex Beach last weekend. Have you forgotten that we live in this gorgeous home that overlooks this huge pristine long stretch of beach, that just so happens to be a nudist beach." Tanya queried Jane.

"They are like family or our special guests." Jane said.

"Oh Jane you are so weird. God love you, my sexy lesbian lover. Tanya rolled her eyes. Ruby is here, we're leaving in two minutes."

Jane and Tanya gave Jake, the father of their children a goodbye kiss on the way out the door.

As everyone was marked as present for, Tanya's photography class. Tanya said, this is my niece Ruby, Jane and Ruby will be assisting me with the running of the class today.

Tanya instructed the class the format for today's lesson. "First we will be doing some mind therapy, than we will be doing some nude yoga. To get your creative juices flowing. Followed by picking up your cameras for role playing." Tanya explained. Tanya then collected everyone's consent forms.

"Tanya's photography classes are certainly unique. I whispered to Jane. I can see why Scott asked me to come and support him today." I continued whispering, to Jane, Scott was only one of two boys out of this class of fifteen students.

Tanya beckoned Ruby and Jane to move up the front of the class to stand with her.

"In your own time get undressed and form a semicircle, with your cameras out in front of you."

Once the whole class constructed their semicircle, sitting down, Tanya beckoned me and Jane to follow her lead and they got naked. Holding hands, Jane instructed the class to reach out and hold your camera's, close your eyes and bring yourselves to your most erotic sexual fantasies. It was than my turn. "what are you guys thinking about? Don't tell us instead whisper it to the person next to you."

Tanya then clicked her fingers and instructed the class to stand up slowly and leave your cameras in the centre of the room. Now move towards the back of the room for our yoga session. The two boys were now very noticeably erect, and all the ladies were now incredibly wet, with erect nipples which included Tanya, Jane and I.

Jane lead the yoga part of the class and asked me to lay out everyone's yoga mats. I took particular notice of Scott's manhood and licked her lips. The yoga session lasted for twenty minutes. It took all of Jane's self control to contain lesbian inhibitions, as the ladies bent down to pick up their cameras, dangling their medium to large tits in front of her. Ruby was most impressed with Scott's self control and decorum being surrounded by all these naked beauties. That really touched my heart.

It was now time for things to really heat up as the role play part of the class frantically commenced. This was really an eye popping experience for Scott, watching all of these stunning women taking photos of each other and themselves having sex in front of him, especially as many of the ladies erotic sexual fantasies involved him. Of cause all of Scott's sexual erotic fantasies involved me. Scott invited me to participate in his role play fantasies and asked Jane and Tanya to take photos of him and me bringing his sexual fantasies to life. Scott of cause had a collage of photos he took of lesbian threesomes, especially when Jane and Tanya got in on the act and had passionate lesbian sex in front of Tanya's students.

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I wish I had attended that class !!!

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