tagInterracial LoveMiss Georgie’s Awaking

Miss Georgie’s Awaking


My name is Georgie or Miss Georgie, but when I was a kid everyone called me Butch. I was born in Memphis Tennessee, on the poor side of town. While growing up I was a tom boy and would played baseball with all the boys. They never knew I was a girl because back then you could get away with that. I would wear my brother's cloths and a ball cap that hid my long red hair. My family lived in a little 4 room shake, so my brothers, sisters and I slept together, eat together and bathed together. I have seen my brothers naked so I knew the difference between boys and girls. That was until I saw my first black cock.

One very hot summer day a few of the black boys from down the road came over to play baseball with us. This only happened every once in a while, back then blacks and whites did not mix much. After the game we all ran down to the pond for a swim. I went down but told the boys I could not swim, but it was alright because I would keep watch just in case someone was coming. No one really wanted to do this but I did not mind. I also figured I would sit far enough away that I would not see anything going on at the pond. Plus even if I did it would be no big deal; it was not as if I had not seen naked boys before.

I was sitting with my back against a tree looking up at the sky trying to figure out what the clouds looked it, I saw one that looked like a running dog.

I did not see Willy, one of the black boys we were playing with coming up behind me.

"So why can't you swim. Don't nobody teach you?" Willy asked as he walked around in front of me. He was pulling a shirt over his head but did not have any pants on yet. What I saw when I looked up I could not believe, his thing had to be at least twice the size of my big brothers and it was right in front of me. The thing looked like the black snakes we seen at the swamp, it was so shiny and back, and something about it was beautiful.

"What's wrong, can't you talk? Willy asked again, he did not notice I was staring at him.

"Hu,no I have a bad cut on my leg from a bottle and Doctor says I have to stay out of water till it heals, on account that he don't want it to become infected." I said, trying not to look at it again.

"Really, let me see."

So I raised my pants leg and showed it to him. He walked over to me, still with no pants and keeled down. Then he slid his finger over it. He had such a soft touch; it felt soooo warm and smooth, she felt something in the pit of her stomach. He was close enough for me to get a real close look at his thing, it was hung down between his legs, God it was unbelievable, it really took over my mind, I know how stupid that sounds. Then the fog cleared and I jerked my pants leg down.

"Shucks, I didn't mean nothing by it. Just never seen a scar like that before" Willy said.

"It's OK; I just thought of something, I need to get home." I jumped up and started to run. I turned and yelled, "By Willy." Willy waved and I turned back around ran towards home..

I never saw Willy again, nor did I have any dealings with black guys after that, not for a long time. I also thought it better not to tell Ma and Pa or even my brothers and sisters about what happen. I did not think they would understand and Pa would whip me for letting a nigger touch my leg. Tho from then on I always had this funny feeling inside of me when it came to black men. I was always standoffish, but they took it as fear. Now if you can believe this I almost could not trust myself alone with them. It was like they had some kind of hidden black power or me. I know stupid right.

All the schools I went to did not allow black so I never saw one for a long time, but that image always stuck in my head, and I pushed it deep inside of me. I also noticed as I got older I found it harder and harder to talk to or be around black men, because of this most of my family, and people close to me thought that I a Southern raciest, and as I have told you that was far from the truth.

As far as my looks, I am a typical red headed Irish girl, about 5 ft 5 in and 128 lbs. I have very long curly red hair, hazel eyes and freckles all over my body. My figure is a nice 38d, 28, 36, a little top heavy but most men did not mind. O yes, long legs with that half-moon scar on my lower right leg, most of the time people did not even notice it, especially when I wore nylons.

I met my husband, Richard, while he was in the Navy; I was a model for a paint company in Memphis. The first time he saw me I was on a float, in front of the store dressed in blue roller skates, a short white skirt that showed off my long legs and a very tight red sweeter, like a cheer leader sweeter. He turned to his buddy's and yelled, "That is the woman I am going to marry." I looked down at him and smiled, when I saw him again in that Navy uniform of his I could not resist him, something about Italian guys in uniform, those big brown eyes and that black shiny curly hair. We got married and had two boys, Tony and Little Richard. After a couple of years my husband was discharged and we left Memphis and headed for Chicago, where his family lived. I really did not want to leave the South, the north seemed so cold, both the weather and the people. But I got used to it.

This is when the story begins;

We now live in a far northern suburb of Chicago, a little town called Wauconda. My husband, Richard and the boys were leaving on their first fishing trip and it was without me. Richard does not believe in women going fishing, fishing is a man thing and he wanted to toughen up the boys. This expedition was to Canada with a friend of Richards. I watched them leave hoping they would come home safe.

Richard decided to go at the end of the summer while it was still warm. He said that would work out because his friend told him there would not be a lot of fisherman up there that week. So it would be easy to get their choice of boats.

So there I was in this big house all by myself, far away from anything or anyone. Truth be told, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with all this time. I thought could do a few things for myself, maybe I would go to the movies, or go shopping and just look around. I could also clean the house and have it clean for more than just a day.

I turned and walked back into the house, got my purse, my car keys and hopped into the old ford and headed to the Eagle Food store. I figured I would buy food I liked to eat, some good old Southern food, and may be a bottle of Jack and some 7up. I am not a real drinker but tonight I wanted to relax, since I am home alone I could even tale a long hot bath in my big oversize bathtub, that Richard did get for me.

As I drove up the long driveway I took a good look at the house. It was an old 2 story home on 1 ½ acres of wooded land, so we had a lot of privacy. There was some cut grass but it was close around the house.

I got the grocery and walked into the house. After putting them away I made myself a large Jack and 7 and then started cooking dinner. I cooked up some cornbread, fried chicken and black eyed peas for myself, just like back home. Sitting down to eat I had another Jack and 7, I was feeling pretty good. That hot bath sounded pretty good by now.

It seemed the more I drank the bigger the house got and the lonelier I felt. I started thinking about how I had hated Richard when he came home and told me we were moving and that he had already bought the house, without me. Yes it was bigger than what we were living in but all of my friends we around me and there were places to go. Here I felt like a poor hillbilly again, nothing around but trees and roads.

When I was done I left the dining room and headed for the den. There I fell asleep in Richard's big, overstuffed recliner watching our RCA TV. I had forgotten to turn on the alarm. I did that a lot lately; it was a pain in the ass. All those numbers I had to remember. More than once I had forgotten to either turn it on or turn it off and then the buzzer would go off.

When I woke up my head was in a fog, but I thought I had heard something coming from the patio doors. I wasn't sure so I kept quiet. The talking was coming from the kitchen, so I thought I would head for the bedroom where our gun was but then someone spoke and the other guy answered, I could still not make out what they were saying, but I could tell that there were at least two of them.

There was a little sowing room in the back of the den. So I jumped up and headed there to hide. I figured there would be no reason for them to go into the sewing room so I would be safe. They would steal whatever and then leave, and then I could call the cops. That sounded like a good plan anyway. All I had to was be quiet.

As I laid there they were still talking but never moved from the kitchen. I also noticed they did not turn on the lights either. Then I heard music and thought why would they be playing music while robbing a house. Thinking no one home, but that still did not make sense. As my head started to clear up I realized it was that stupid new radio clock that Richard had bought me for my birthday. Damn thing would go off every once in a while, and I had not learned how to set it correctly yet. It happened last week and Richard grabbed a gun and went into the kitchen. He came bake piss at me because I had left the timer on and the radio went on.

"You know sometime you can be a stupid Hillbilly, now lets get some sleep."

I got up and slowly went to the kitchen. Sure enough it was the clock radio. Maybe Richard was right, I was a stupid Hillbilly. So I unplugged the think so it would not happen while I was alone. Now it is time for the hot bath, and then to bed, alone.

The next day I got up, took a shower and through on my old jersey. I headed down stairs to make myself some breakfast, and a nice hot cup of coffee, and I would not have to hear Richard tell me I put too much cream and sugar in it. He would say,"If you do not like the taste of coffee why do you drink it, for Gods sakes."

I walked around the house with my cup of coffee wondering what I was going to do today; I had the whole day by myself. I could do some laundry, clean the house and then go to the movies. Then the doorbell rang and I thought now who could that be I wonder? I went to the door and opened it, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepbeeeeep

"Danm" I yelled, "It's the damn alarm, hold on" I did not even look up I just turned and ran to reset the alarm. As soon as I reset it the phone rang. I picked it up and told the people at the other end that I had forgotten to turn it off this morning. The lady from security said "I need your security word" I answered, "James Cagney"

"Ok, you take care now, good bye. "James Cagney was Richard's idea; James Cagney for OK and John Wayne if there is trouble and you need the police to come to the house.

When I came back to the door, I froze. It was two black men standing there. One was about 6 foot tall, about 200 lbs. and I would say about 40 or so years old. The other man was younger, about 20 a little shorter, and about 175lbs.

"Mam, we're sorry. We made a wrong turn; we thought we were headed down to a place called Fox Lake. My name is Gus and this here is Tyrone. We are looking for jobs, we were wondering if you have anything around the house we could do for you. We would even work for something to eat and then we will head on down the road.

"Hu,have you eaten today." She said nervously.

Gus thought she looked afraid and said," Miss we mean you no harm, we are really from Tennessee, a place called Dyersburg."

"That is north of Memphis, isn't it?" Georgie asked.

"Why, yes mam it is. How'd you know that?"

"I was born right outside of Memphis." She said and felt a little more comfortable. But she had that feeling in her stomach.

"Well mam that makes you somewhat kin. So you gotta know that and old darky like me would not think of hurting a Southern Bell like yourself." Gus said with a big smile.

"Why don't you boys go around back, there is a table back there and I will bring you some food and then we can talk about some work for you two."

"Thank you mam, yes thank you very much mam" said both of them as they bowed and walked around the back and sat at the glass table that was on the patio.

"Now Tyrone, this is a real Southern Lady, so you treat her like one. I have a feeling in my bones if we are good to her she will be good to us. She also seems afraid or something, that I cannot put my finger on. But she sure ain't no Yankee girl." Gus said as if was talking to his boy.

When Georgie came out she had a big tray filled with fried chicken, black eye peas, greens, the rest of the cornbread and some lemonade. "Hope you boys are hungry, and like good old Southern cooking. Georgie said with a smile, she had overheard what Gus had said to the boy but said nothing.

"Damn Missy, this is like being back home. After eating all of this we would paint your whole house for nothing." Gus said, and both of them started to eat.

While eating, Gus asked, "By the way Missy, what is your real name? That is if you do not mind me asking?"

"Well my name is Georgie; or Miss Georgie is what they used to call me back home, and home was Memphis. I sure do miss it at times."

"Miss Georgie that sure is a pretty southern name, I was just telling Tyrone, you sure be a Southern lady. We miss home too. People up here sure aren't as friendly as people down south. We came up here on a job but now the job is over and we are headed back home. We are working for money to get gas and food to get us back home." Gus said.

"Well, let me see what I can do for you gentlemen. First I need to know what you can do. But like I said you finish eating and then come and get me, I will be in the house. Now enjoy your vittles and relax." She laughed and turned and went into the house.

They both looked at each other and laughed as well. It made them feel good because they knew she said that to make them feel good, not to make fun of them.

Georgie turned and walked back into the house. She started to think of what Gus had said about painting the house. It did need paint and Richard was talking about hiring someone to do it. Why not these boys, she could buy the paint, it would only take a few days. They could sleep in the garage, and take showers in the boy's bathroom, as long as they cleaned up after themselves. I need to find out how much to pay them, but it should be enough for them to get gas and even food to get home on. This just might work out. She also knew Richard would never hire darkies to do the job because he was a true Yankee raciest. Him and his family and friends would always say those niggers this and those niggers that. He was also teaching Tony and Little Richard to be raciest. Well they would be gone by the time Richard showed up.

I had just finished cleaning up the kitchen when I herded a knock on the back door. That had to be Gus and Tyrone.

When I went and opened the door, I was shocked. Tyrone was holding the tray but the dishes were clean.

"We threw away the bones and cleaned the rest with the hose out back." Tyrone said with a big smile on his face.

"Well you keep doing things like this and we are not going to get along fine." Georgie took the tray and instructed them to take their shoes off and come into the kitchen.

"Have a seat, would you like more lemonade?"

"Yes mam ifen you don't mind."

"OK, here is the deal", as she was pouring the lemonade into their glasses. "Now what can you do?"

"Well, we were hired by a company that brought us up here to paint houses. We can do some light repairs to the house, fix the lawn, cut down trees, we can pretty much do anything. "Gus said while drinking down his lemonade and lifting it up again to her to for a refilled. "Mighty good lemonade Miss Georgie."

"OK,this is what we'll do. We will start with the house. It does need painting, so I will pay you $7.00 a day to paint the house. With that $7.00 dollars a day you will get 3 meals a day, you can stay here and sleep in the garage and clean your selves in my house as long as you clean up after yourselves. So what do you say to that?"

"Well, that a sure kind of you. No one could ask for more, and we will give you a good day's work. You won't be sorry."

With that he put out his hand for me to shake it. I reach out my hand and placed it into his. It felt so small in his big black hand. He took it softly and shook it saying "It's a deal."

I shook it and just stood there looking into his eyes and then jerked it out right away. "OK,so what do you need, for painting supplies?"

"Miss Georgie, please believe Tyrone and I are not here to hurt you, would never think of hurting you. If we do anything out of like just tell us and we will stop." Gus said in a very soft and sincere voice. Tyrone looked up but said nothing, he did not want to say anything wrong.

"OK,sorry for jerking my hand back, I guess I have been up north too long. "Miss Georgie said as she bowed her head.

Gus looked at her kindly then said, "OK where do you keep your paint supplies?"

The rest of the afternoon we spent getting and pulling out the supplies. Gus and Tyrone also got things set up so they could start bright and early the next morning. Gus told me they could use the paint we had in the basement to patch the house, that way I would not waist money on primer. I figured I would go out and get the new paint while they were patching the house tomorrow, better get some food too.

It got hot that day so while Gus and Tyrone were working outside they asked me if they could take off their shirts. I said that would be fine but they needed to put them back on when they came into the house. They thanked me and pulled off their shirts. I looked at their black shiny naked bodies admiringly then I turned and hurried into the house.

When I got into the kitchen, I was sweating and my heart was pounding. That twinge that I got in the pit of my stomach was stronger and lower now. I could not believe the effect their naked bodies had on me. I got a glass of ice water and a rag and sat down and relaxed. Then I looked out the window and watched them working. Gus was an older man, as I said; his body was large but not fat. Tyrone on the other hand was built, like those body builders she had seen in magazines, lots of firm mussels that shined do to the sweat and the sun.

I had not noticed it before but my womanly parts became wet and itched for me to touch them. Richard never had that effect on me lake that. We all ways had this Gentleman and lady love affair. We never did any of those discussing things to each other. Our sex life was, we would clean up, get into bed and have sex, and go to sleep, nothing more nothing less.

I got off of the chair and went into my bathroom, had a cold shower and cleared my mind. OK, I have things to do so let's forget about this, it must be the heat. I need to cook dinner.

When dinner was ready I went out and got the boys. "Dinner will be ready soon. Now what I want you to do is to bring me all of your cloths, because I am going to clean them. I want you to totally get undressed and then go take a shower before you come to dinner. There are two robes and some towels by the washing machine. Do not use the robes till you have showered. Remember, depending on how well the bathroom is clean is how long you will be able to use it. "understood."

Both of them said "Yes Miss Georgie, and thank you kindly, we have not had clean clothes or showered in a while."

I set the table as the boys dropped off their cloths and went up to the bathroom. While they were showering I went into the laundry room and started the cloths. God they were dirty, and smelly. That smell, it was somewhat intoxicating, it was different than Richards smell. He was more of a sweet smell; this was strong, more of a manly musty smell. My stomach started to act up again, and my female parts started to get wet again. What was wrong with me, this is so not me. I wish Richard was here so he could take care of this for me. Funny I never felt with Richard the whole time we were married.

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