tagBDSMMiss Kate Puts Me in My Place Pt. 02

Miss Kate Puts Me in My Place Pt. 02


The next week leading up to our second meeting was serious torture. Having played with a chastity cage before I knew what to expect but having never been able to successfully sleep with one on I didn't know how I was going to be able to do it. Unfortunately I wasn't able to sleep for more than 3 hours at a time when my swelling cock would push the cage out and put serious pressure on my balls which in turn would permeate through my back. As I said torture with no respite.

Through the day it was ok, I could distract myself with work or whatever else I needed to do, but laying in bed my mind would wander which just made things hard. Literally and figuratively.

Sunday comes and I get the txt message in the morning to be at the beach around the corner from her house at 12 and wait further instructions. Out in public? I felt a deep sense of foreboding. My fears were put to rest when 12.20 I get a txt message that I could now come to her house, to let myself in and go into her bedroom where she'll be waiting for me.

I let myself in and walk into the bedroom and there she is in bed under the covers. Hair all messed up and obviously naked under there. My cock twitched again in it's cage trying to get hard.

"Take your clothes off and show me the cage. I want to see if you've been a good boy or not?"

I took my clothes off and moved closer to her so she could inspect the cage with my hardening cock pushing against it but unsuccessfully getting hard. This brought a snicker from her, obviously enjoying my predicament.

"Awww poor thing, like a caged animal trying to break free. Did you enjoy being locked up slave?"

"No Miss Kate, I haven't been able to sleep properly with it on."

"Aww poor baby" she mocks as a finger reaches out to gently touch over my exposed balls which again makes my cock twitch. She knows how sensitive my balls get when locked in chastity.

"Seeing as you've been such a good boy for keeping the cage on for the whole week I'm going to reward you. Put the towel down and lay down on it on your back. I'm going to allow you to lick my pussy and my arse."

Again my cock twitched which caused her to giggle a little. She knows I'm an arse man and used to love nothing more than tonguing her arse getting it all relaxed and wanting more for when I would slide my cock in. She always did enjoy a good arse fucking.

These thoughts are only making the cage tighter around my balls so I try desperately to distract myself. Tough chance when the naked godess slides out from between the sheets and starts to lower herself onto my face.

Her pussy is so wet and open and I wonder if she's been masturbating before my arrival. I'm rewarded with a moan of enjoyment as she starts to caress my balls rewarding me for doing so well. It's short lived though as she taps my balls, gently at first but it doesn't take much to send an electric jolt through my entire body causing me to groan in pain. Especially when I haven't cum for over a week and my balls were well and truly full. Her pussy gets even wetter, she's seriously getting off on this torment.

Then she repositions her body with her arse over my mouth.

"Lick my arse slut. Mmmm that's it get your tongue right in there."

I do as instructed and my cock is seriously hardening up in it's cage. I can't help but notice how open her arse is but I put it down to how turned on she is. It never really did take her arse long to open up when I would lick her.

That's when she reached back and grabbed my hair and told me to open my mouth. I was expecting a stream of piss to flood my mouth as she had done the week before, so imagine my surprise when her arse started to open up and a liquid started dribbling out and landing in my mouth.

"Aaaaah yes that's it slut. My boyfriend was just here before and gave me a good fucking and came in my arse. You always wanted me to force you to lick your own cum from my pussy and arse but you would always chicken out, well now you get to clean up my boyfriends you fucking freak!! Don't swallow until I tell you, I want to see it first!!"

I was mortified. Being forced to eat your own cum is one thing but another mans? Especially a man who is now fucking my ex girlfriend? This is beyond humiliation.

She finished up pushing all of his cum out of her arse and moved so she could see my mouths contents which brought a sneer.

"That's so disgusting. Swallow it slut."

As always I complied with her demand which brought a laugh from my tormentor.

"You're such a freak. Let me give you something to wash that down with." to which she positioned her pussy over my mouth and started flooding it with her piss.

By this stage I was a broken man and just accepted the foul liquid into my mouth and each time it filled up I would swallow as she would command. She finished up and I licked her clean before she started really grinding her clit on my tongue. She forcefully grabbed my hair pulling me right in as her moans got louder and louder until she started to cum. Her orgasm seemed like it lasted forever as she moved her clit off my tongue as no doubt it was quite sensitive now and had me lick her arse while she came down from her high.

"Holy shit" were the only words that could escape her lips until she was able to compose herself. She looked down at me with such an evil glint in her eye. She was always an extremely sexual horny woman, but this was something else.

She finally composed herself and jumped back into her bed, ordering me to go clean her kitchen and do the dishes. So I get up and clean myself off and go to the kitchen to follow her orders.

In the kitchen of course there was quite a lot to do, she'd obviously been cooking the night before so I get to it. Half way through washing them Miss Kate walks into the kitchen and comes up behind me grabbing me by my hair pulling me back into her and I can feel her strapon poking into my arse cheeks.

"That was so hot you licking my boyfriends cum from my arse. One day I'll have you licking my pussy while he pounds my arse so he can shoot it directly into your mouth. I know it's not what you want, but I just love the look of fear in your eyes with each degrading thing that I make you do. You've got a lot to atone for, so are you ready to take it slut?"

That wasn't a question she was waiting for an answer though as she pushed her well lubed cock straight into my arse.

With a wack she slapped my arse. "I didn't tell you to stop washing the dishes slut. I don't care if this is distracting or not, you're my slave to get to work."

Do you have any idea how hard it is to wash dishes while you're being fucked in the arse? Yeah, almost impossible but I knew what would happen if I stopped.

She kept fucking me until I had finished and then ordered me on my knees to suck her cock. Well it wasn't so much to suck her cock, she would just use it as an excuse to fuck my mouth and shove it down my throat. It was a little bit easier this time and I didn't gag as much but it just meant that she was a little bit rougher with me to cause the gag she desired. Sadistic woman.

She pushed me down to the floor and ordered me to make her a sandwich. After all isn't that what good bitches do? She said with a sneer. I did have to appreciate the humour though.

So one salad sandwich and a glass of pineapple juice later she had me on my knees massaging her feet while she watched something on tv. When she'd had enough of that I was ordered out to get dressed and to go mow her lawns. Talk about slave driver but first she had to push a buttplug in my arse. She wanted me "ready" for what was to come.

So I moved the front lawn without incident and then went out the back to start on the back when she came outside and called me to the door.

"You look hot and bothered, would you like a drink?"

In her hand a glass of yellow liquid, I wanted to say no that I was fine but I don't think I had much of a choice so I reached out and took it. Took a sip and my face instantly scrunched up. I still can't get used to the foul liquid.

"You don't like my drink slave? Here I am trying to be nice to you and you turn your nose up at it? Take your shirt off and lay on the ground."

She stood over me and raised her skirt just a little before she started to piss all over my face and then over my chest and stomach. "That's what you get for being a bad slave. Now get out of my sight and finish mowing my lawns. Don't you dare wash that off until I say so."

Not only do I have a foul taste in my mouth but it's now all over me. How did I get myself into this predicament? Maybe when I get home I'll get the bolt cutters out and free myself and never come back.

I finished mowing the lawns and knocked on the back door for Miss Kate to come let me in.

"Go clean yourself up slut, you smell like piss." she laughed at her own joke as she walked off.

I jumped in the shower washing away the mess, still thinking of ways to escape. The torment was just way too much for me to handle and the lack of sleep was getting to me. I knew what had to be done. I was going to walk out there, grab my clothes and leave. Go home get the bolt cutters and free myself from all this. I was strong and there was no way she could stop me.

Imagine my surprise when I walk into the lounge room only to find a huge hulk of a man standing next to Miss Kate. He would have been 6'6 and as big and solid as a front rower. I just stood there with my jaw almost hitting the floor. My plans had all gone out the window at that point as I knew that I was no match for this guy.

"Slave meet Keith. Keith is on of my boyfriends mates and when he heard about you he was super keen to help you atone for being such a fuckwit." Miss Kate barked. "Now get over here and get on your knees."

I got on my knees in front of them both where Miss Kate roughly grabbed me by the hair and pulled me towards Keiths bulge in his pants. With trepidation I knew what was coming.

"Please don't Miss Kate, I'll do anything but not this please."

They both laughed at my predicament.

"Keith, show him what a real mans cock looks like. Not a little bitches cock that's locked in chastity." and with that he undid his pants and a solid slab of meat flopped out. It had to be about 8 inches soft but thick. He stepped closer and started to tap it all over my face which brought shreaks of laughter from Miss Kate.

"Awww look at the fear on his face. That makes me so wet. Keith the sluts all yours, do with him whatever you want."

"With pleasure. Now open your mouth cunt." Keith forcefully pushed his thick cock into my mouth and moaned his approval. That's when I saw Miss Kate out of the corner of my eye get her phone out and start to take pictures and I knew there was no escape. Even if I followed through with my plans she would send these photos to everyone that I know and my work place which is all guys, I would be the laughing stock. Forever known as the cock sucker.

I accepted my fate and allowed Keith to use my mouth and face fuck me. I couldn't help but gag at it's size but he didn't care. He just wanted to get his rocks off.

Over and over again he would shove his large cock into my mouth and down my throat. Gagging constantly but unable to do anything about it. After a number of minutes and more pictures/videos being taken Keiths cock got even bigger which was hard to believe as he pulled out of my mouth and covered my face in his cum. Groaning, calling me his bitch, his cum dump, his fucking slut, everything degrading under the sun and at that point I was all of those things. I had allowed another man to use my mouth to get himself off and cover me with his cum. I'd never been so used and degraded in my life to which of course gave Miss Kate endless amounts of pleasure and it showed on her face.

"Wow that was amazing." Miss Kate purred as Keith scooped a bit of his cum off my face with his softening cock and pushed it straight into my mouth. Forced yet again to swallow another mans cum. Again I just accepted my fate and did as I was told.

"Now because you've been a good slave, it's time for your reward." Again I was laid on my back and she brought out the vibrator to put on my balls and locked cock. "This is the only way the bitch is allowed to cum and he's only got 10 minutes. If he can't cum in that time then it'll be another week of blue balls." to which they both laughed.

"What a pathetic little bitch to allow his cock to be caged like that. There's no way I'd allow someone to lock mine up." He scoffed, degrading me even more as he watched intently to see if I could cum while still locked in my cage.

Like last time I got the count down. 10 minutes. 9 minutes. 8 minutes. Etc. Then with a minute to go I could feel something starting to build. I was so desperate for release even after all the degradation but before I could get there time was up. I begged for a little longer. I pleaded but all it did was anger her.

She slapped me in the balls "Show some respect slut. Since when do you think you were in charge?"

"I'm sorry Miss Kate. It won't happen again."

"You're damn right it won't. Now get dressed and get the fuck out of my house and no you can't clean that cum from your face until you get home. Plus there's a bottle of your favourite drink in the fridge for you to take before you leave and remember I want proof."

She hugged Keith and he left while she went to go have a shower leaving me naked, alone, degraded and extremely horny longing for release. I slowly got dressed, grabbed the bottle of foul liquid from the fridge and went home.

I walked in the front door and burst into tears. This was all too much for me and what made it worse was that Miss Kate knew it and it turned her on more to push me further and further along a path I never wanted to walk. Then in an instant remembering her naked body getting out of bed and lowering her pussy to my mouth my cock sprang to life and started hardening in my cage. Again the pressure on my balls was overwhelming. It's one thing to be slapped in the balls but the constant pressure from the chastity's O ring pulling and squeezing the balls in constant pressure was agonising. How was I going to last another week let alone another 3 weeks?

Just as I started to calm down a message from Miss Kate came through. It was a video of her using her vibrator on her clit and talking to the camera.

"OMG watching you suck your first cock today turned me on so much. I can't get the image out of my head. I need to cum so badly. If only you knew what else I had planned for you. Makes my pussy sooooo wet. And your poor cock locked up for a week now, and 3 to go just to be let out. I still haven't decided if I'll let you cum or not. How does that make you feel my little cocksucker?? OMG I'm so close. Oh and you licking my boyfriends cum out of my arse. OMG I'm gona cum. I'm cummiiiiiiiii nnnnnnnnngggggggg aarrggggggggggg hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... Oh my fucking god ... mmmmmm ... I bet that's made your poor cock all nice and, hard, well hard if it wasn't locked up. Is it squeezing your balls nice and tight. Love it. Til next time slut."

She was right. My cock was as hard as it could possibly get locked in it's cage & there was noting that I could do about it. Now she's enjoying teasing me and causing my cock to crush my balls. This is going to be a long 3 weeks...

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by mrwidehorizons04/15/18

a bit harsh but fun fantasy

Pretty extreme for reality but a fun fantasy read

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