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Miss Kiss


Another story for one of the Literotica girls. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, hers was worth at least thirty-seven hundred. If only she would spend more time with us, post more, we would be in a constant state of bliss...


I'd known as soon as I saw her that I would rent her the apartment. It was her eyes I saw first, and it was those dark, dark eyes that had decided it. Christ, I thought, you could get lost for a week in those luminous pools, and their hypnotic effect had had me almost reeling since I had opened the door to the young girl.

"It's about your ad sir," she began, clutching the local paper in her hand. "It sounds just like what I'm looking for; I wonder if I could see it please. Oh, by the way, my name is Miss Kiss, Miss Toxic Kiss."

The ad had run in that mornings Guardian and read as follows, 'Two room flat on the top floor, old Victorian house, near university, tube; semi furnished, heat, cable, hi-speed computer access and electricity included. Prefer female university medical student, on an annual rental basis, references required, call tel. no. 767-7676.' How she had found me, and this early in the morning was a mystery as I hadn't received any calls that morning.

My name is Peter Brown, 44, an ex-soldier who had inherited the beautiful old house from my Dad when he had passed away three years earlier. Dad had been a professor at the University's Faculty of Medicine for thirty years prior to his death and often over the years had rented the top floor apartment to medical students. I hadn't rented the apartment the last two years but had recently decided to revive Dad's old practice.

"You're early Miss Kiss. I'm Peter Brown," I said, offering her my hand.

Smiling broadly, her perfect teeth glistening in the early morning light, she said, "They say the early bird gets the worm, Mister Brown."

After climbing the two flights of stairs we arrived at the door to the rooms. The suite consisted of a small bedroom and a large bright room that stretched the full length of the back of the house. "Oh gosh, darn," she exclaimed, "I don't think I can take it Mr. Brown."

"You don't like it," I responded, surprised that she didn't want it.

"It's perfect," she purred with regret obvious in her voice, "It's just too nice, I could never afford it."

"We haven't even discussed the rent yet Miss Kiss."

"I've seen twenty other flats over the last two days sir, and this is by far the best and I couldn't afford most of the others. I was hoping this would be smaller, worse. I've got a definite budget with a specific amount I can spend on rent."

"Tell me about yourself. If I'm even going to consider you as a tenant, I want to know your background, who you are and what your plans are."

"It's no use," she shrugged but seeing the interest in my eyes, she decided to talk. "I grew up in the north sir, the only child of two high school teachers. I'm smart sir, and I want to be a doctor, always have. I'm going to heal people, sir, that I promise you. Ma and Pa died two years ago, in a fucking stupid auto accident, I'm sorry about the language sir, but the stupidity of it still pisses me off. They left me a bit, but not a huge amount. I'm hoping that with the scholarship and cheap living that I'll make it through six years of school without owing a fortune. I know I'll never be a doctor, sir, if I have to spend twenty hours a week flipping hamburgers," she finished in a rush. "And what about you?"


"Sure, you don't think I'd live here without knowing something about my landlord, do you?"

"My Dad died three years ago, and when I inherited the house I quit the Army and moved here with my wife."

"Oh, you're married, and where do you work now?" she asked, then noticed the look of pain that passed over my face. "Did I ask something wrong?"

"I quit the forces only because Carol got sick, bad sick, fucking cancer if you must know," I growled, but quickly regretted taking it out on this little girl, a girl who had just lost her parents. "I'm sorry; it just still hurts a bit. She died only ten months ago, took over two years for her to die."

"Oh God, I'm so sorry," she murmured.

"The rents 375 Pounds a month, you can move in anytime," I said.

"That's too cheap. That's even less than my budget figure, way below. You could get a thousand easy for this place."

"Take it or leave it," I mumbled.

After looking at me for a minute, she finally nodded and said, "I'll move in this saft if it's okay with you. I'll bring cash for the first month."

"Good, do you need any help moving? I've got a pickup in the garage."

"Yes, please. Thank you Mr. Brown, thank you very much."

"I have only one demand" I added, "Study hard and get good marks; I don't want to see any more failures." And then belatedly remembering I asked, "By the way, do you have any bad habits I should know about?"

"I'm afraid I might do Peter, but you're too late to ask, I think we've made a deal. I'll have to tell you them another day," she finished smiling.

Was she the most beautiful girl in the city or just one of the top ten I asked myself as I drove her over to the small B+B she had been staying in since she had arrived in the big city two days ago. She didn't have much to move, two big suitcases, a box of books and a larger box of papers and knickknacks and finally a students knapsack. "I don't have much," she explained, "I put a few keepsakes and the like in storage with a great-aunt in the country; she's the only family I have left."

She had changed while I was carrying the last of her bags up to her rooms and greeted me now in black shorts and tank top. She was about 5'8" tall and 130 pounds and her thick, black, lustrous, over the shoulder hair matched her beautiful eyes. Her breasts were both full and firm, but it was her skin that you couldn't help staring at. Her skin was the color of the brightest ivory, translucent and aglow, and was as smooth and as unlined as a new born baby. "Christ, Miss Kiss, are you born of a human mother and father?"

Blushing furiously, the red instantly visible on her white features, she answered, "Don't tell me you're going to be another of those bastards who make fun of my skin? Shit! They often called me the ghost when I was in school. Miss Effing Hot Lips, the Ghoulish Ghost."

Laughing in sudden glee, I sputtered, "I always knew those bloody northerners were stupid gits and that confirms it. Christ, girl, you're as pretty as the most beautiful Greek maiden, you could be put on a pedestal in the Parthenon and thousands would come and bow at your feet every day. Besides," I said grinning, "the way you glow, I'll never lose you in the dark. You don't have any tattoos, do you? I'd hate to see that perfection marred."

"I wanted to, yes, a couple of times I almost got one. But my Mum, she told me if I ever marred my skin with a tat she'd cut off every hair on my head while I slept. It was a tough choice but I decided I'd keep my hair."

"Thank you Mrs. Kiss," I intoned and then added, having noticed irregular bumps next to her nipples, easy to see through her tank top, especially given her lack of bra, "You've pierced yourself though."

"You've either very good eyes Mr. Brown or you've been watching my tits a little too closely," she laughed, and quickly lifting her top showed me the two silver pendants hanging from her magnificent rack. "Do you like them?" she asked slyly.

Her large full breasts, white as cream, were topped by wide pink aureoles and lovely little nips. "Miss Kiss, It's always dangerous to try to improve on perfection. God's work there definitely needs no embellishment. And before you tell me or show me something else I probably don't need to know or see, I think I better leave. Come down for dinner at six if you like, I got lots of food."

"OK, thanks," she finished, a broad grin on her face, knowing she had surprised me with her show.

My cock was huge and throbbing as I stumbled down the stairs, mumbling to myself. I had been seconds from throwing her on her bed and ravishing the young beauty, and still felt an enormous urge to rush back up. I hadn't had much of a sex life for the last three years, having watched my sweet wife go from a beautiful vibrant woman to a seventy-five pound scarecrow, a woman in pain twenty-four hours a day. Two months ago, realizing I needed a sex life, but incapable of any kind of real relationship, I had started hiring prostitutes to service my needs. Soon, I had come to rely on the weekly visits of these young sluts, finding that the pounding of my fat cock deep into their hot little pussies was somehow ridding my system of the hate and bitterness that had threatened to engulf me.

It had been a Monday when Miss Kiss moved in and what with registration, organizing her courses, shopping, etc., we hadn't seen much of each other during the week so we arranged to have dinner together Friday night. Before dinner I gave her a tour of the house, the highlight for her being Dad's medical library, a library filled with about every medical text published over forty years. "Christ, this library is as good as the Universities," she exclaimed amazed.

"Use it any time."

"It's your private library, your house," she protested.

Handing her keys for both my house door and the library, I told her, "Dad didn't want a museum, Miss Kiss, he wanted a room where medical students could get some work done. Use it whenever you want, the only thing I ask of you is that you don't bring others into my part of the house without asking first."

"Oh, you didn't happen to see Dick leave this morning, did you," she asked shyly, grimacing.

"He wasn't the skinny guy with the Mohawk and the chains around his neck, was he?"

"I think I better tell you about some of my not so good habits," she offered. "Did you by any chance hear any noise last night?"

"The screaming? The wailing? The moaning? The pounding on the walls? I actually rushed upstairs at about three a.m. to save your life but as I got close realized you didn't need help."

"How did you know I didn't need help? I might have been murdered," she said, a grin spreading across her face.

"Well, when I heard you yelling, 'Fuck me Dick, oh Dick please, harder, harder', even though I'm not very smart, I was pretty sure you were OK."

Blushing quickly she said, "He and others like him are my worst habit." Seeing my confusion, she continued, "Since my parents died, all I do is work and study like crazy for five or six days and then I just have to get out. I love the punk scene, you know, the music and the clubs, and once I'm out I party hard. It's amazing, I have a couple of beers, or a joint, or some ecstasy and presto I'm the worlds biggest slut, and invariably wake up next to some of the biggest losers in the world."

"No steady? No nice young med student?"

"I didn't know what a prick was eighteen months ago, Mr. Brown. And then one night two punks raped me in the woman's loo in a crappy little night club in my home town, the music blaring the whole time the bastards banged me. I liked it Mr. Brown, God, I loved the feel of them deep within me. They knew it, they felt my body squirming, responding, orgasming. My school friends didn't notice anything, but whenever I went into any of the four local punker clubs, all the boys sensed my need, my hotness. Last night, Christ, I was only in the club fifteen minutes before Dickie had his hand in my cunt and I was sucking him off. I'm sorry; I'm pretty fucked up for a potential doctor. I should have warned you, I'll understand if you want me out."

"Nothing wrong with liking sex, Miss Kiss, but Jesus, you better use a little common sense. Fuck, you're studying to be a doctor; you have to know the dangers. Listen, I'd like to have a pound for every bird I screwed between the ages of eighteen and thirty, I'm no virgin prince. Just use your goddam head."

"So what do you do for sex now?" she asked teasingly.

"I'm now officially an abstainer."

"Then who was that young girl I saw leaving your flat this afternoon?"

"Ah, so you met Miss Lucy." Smiling I said, "Well I'm not one hundred percent abstaining. Miss Lucy is helping me decide my sexual future."

"Does she do this work charitably or is she recompensed for her efforts."

"Well Doctor Kiss, I believe that's better left between Miss Lucy and I."

After dining with her that night, I knew I was falling helplessly for this girl, her youth and beauty and smarts and energy an aphrodisiac. I fell asleep with my hard prick in my hand, visions of Miss Kiss swirling in my head. I woke twice that night, each time to the spurting of cum from my cock, the soiling of my sheets a tribute to her lush body.

On Tuesday, Lucy the sweet, little whore returned, and unbeknownst to me at the time, Miss Kiss was in the library as I was having noisy sex in the living room, finally sneaking out quietly as I started a second round with the delicious Lucy. Forty-five minutes later, Miss Kiss, sitting in a café terrace down the block, saw Lucy descend my steps and hurry over to the same café and grab a seat at the next table. Miss Kiss couldn't help but notice that Lucy seemed sad, almost in tears, so finally got up and approached the girl.

"Are you alright Miss? Is there something I can do to help?"

"No, no, it's OK, I'm just a little sad, that's all."

"I saw you come from the house where I have my flat. Are you a friend of Mister Brown? He didn't hurt you did he?"

"Oh, you're the girl upstairs. No, Peter would never hurt me. In fact, that's why I'm sad, he's too good, so I can't see him ever again," Lucy said, rubbing a small tear from her left eye.

"But that doesn't make sense."

"Maybe you don't know Miss, but I'm a whore, I do this for money. You're not supposed to like the client or ever kiss them on their lips; it's just fuck 'em and get the money and get out, no emotions. With him I can't, I think I'm falling in love with him. See, he's gentle Miss, but he's so big, so hard, and he makes me enjoy his body, his kisses, his penetration. Shit, I came four times this afternoon; he's fucked up my schedule, Jimmy my boyfriend is really going to be pissed."

"Well, once in a while it's probably OK to enjoy yourself, isn't it?"

"Not in my business Miss. Fuck 'em and forget 'em, it's the only way. I can't go back – I told him so just now. You're going to have to find someone else, I told him, and fled the house. What about you Miss? Have you ever slept with him?"

"No, no never, I just arrived, I'm just a student; he's too old for me."

"Hah! Take my word for it Missy, and I've slept with my share of men, you're not likely ever to do better. He's big and he lasts, he's gentle but his kisses ignite you, his deep strokes take you places you've never been. And look at you, you've got a body on you, shit, I'll bet you like a fat prick in you, you're probably one of those hot students there always showing on the telly. He must want you, he's a real goat, I bet he only rented you the room cause he wanted to fuck you." As she got up to leave, she turned back and added, "I wish I was in your shoes Miss, good luck."

Kiss dreamed of me that night, she told me later, she dreamed of my body atop hers, driving relentlessly into her hot centre, each of my strokes being met by her thrusting hips.

I only saw her next on Thursday night, around ten, Kiss coming down the stairs just as I entered the front door. Instantly I knew where she was going, her dress and make-up obvious clues to her destination. She exuded sex, the young student body now transformed into a temple, a temple just waiting to receive a penis, any penis, as long as it would bathe her deeply in male seed. "Hi,' I said casually, "going out somewhere?" I was stunned at how jealous I was, at how badly I wanted her to stay.

"Yeah, had a hard day, just going out for a drink somewhere, you know, I need a break from all that studying," she mumbled, uneasy meeting me like this.

"Don't go. Please don't go," I whispered, stepping between her and the door.

"Why? What do you mean? I'm just going out for a drink."

"Miss Kiss, you'll break my heart if you bring some other man home tonight. God, you're so beautiful."

"I'm young, just a little slut, I'm not good enough for you," she whispered, moving her body into mine slowly, then eagerly as my arms engulfed her.

There was no subtlety in our first joining; our first kiss had ignited us both. Rapidly dropping my pants, I took her with her rear resting on the third stair, moving her panties aside to gain entry. As my first long deep stroke reached bottom, a groan of pure pleasure, pure contentment escaped from both our mouths. It seemed it went on endlessly, but it was only minutes before we were both coming, the dam broken, our juices flowing into the other.

As we lay panting on the stairs, both of us breathless from the power of our union, she finally said, almost purring, "Never again, Mr. Brown, never again."

"I was that bad? And I was ready to propose to you, make you an honest woman," I said jokingly.

"When I said 'never again', I meant I'm never going to have to sleep with anyone else again as long as you're around. You're stuck with me, I'm afraid. I'm you're little slut medical student."

"No more punk clubs Miss Kiss?"

"Only with you Mr. Brown."

We spent the next three days in bed; the only exceptions were quick meals and long showers together. That first night in bed, after our first explosive fuck, we took our time, exploring each other completely. She had some indefinable quality, an inner beauty that made me want to almost cry in happiness, an essence I had never seen or even sensed before. We spent hours just staring into the others eyes, while gently caressing with our hands the other's cheeks, lips, neck and hair.

And our tongues, when they came together, touching and probing and then hungrily seeking, seemed made to be twined together. As her tongue lightly touched my nipple and then moved slowly across my stomach, stopping to lick my belly button, I felt a shortage of breath, a dizziness, and my penis arched mightily, jerking madly, impatient for her lips attention. Just the feel of her lips accepting his head combined with a light flick of her tongue brought a huge spurting, my seed eagerly swallowed. "You taste so good," she murmured, pumping me like a cow's teat, impatient to get the last drop.

Her mount was hairless, shaven smooth and as my fingers spread her, her bright insides were clearly open to my view, the vivid pinkness in sharp contrast to her white skin. As she slowly took me again into her mouth and drew me deep into her throat, I used my fingers, lips and tongue on her tiny clit, and in her hot sheathe, her yips of pleasure rising finally into a crescendo of orgasm, her deluge of juices flooding my mouth.

Later, as I pierced her deeply with my organ, our joy was obvious, both knowing we had found the perfect partner for our lust, our love. I seemed to fit her perfectly, and had an ability to last exactly until her orgasm came. Stroking slow and deep, or fast and hard, her vagina seemed always able to match my rhythm. As our fluids spurted, our liquids mixed, flowing together to form ambrosial meal, a taste we soon both craved.

As the weekend flew by, we tried every possibility for pleasure, whether hands or toes or breasts or asses or mouths. There was no shyness or falseness between us, both recognizing we would never hurt the other.....

Two years later we're still together, our first child, Samantha, six months old, the two of us juggling our busy lives, I taking care of the baby as Kiss works hard to keep up in her classes. She'll be a Doctor one day,

And yes Miss Kiss, 'yourkissistoxic.'

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Second installment, please

Loved the story. How about a second installment. I'm a sucker for a saviour story. Rescue Lucy from prostitution?

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