tagIncest/TabooMiss You Mom Ch. 03

Miss You Mom Ch. 03


Toby had intended to wake up early that Saturday morning and start his History paper. If he didn't nail it, there was a chance he might flunk out. Jesus. Was there anything lower than that? Flunking out of Community College? He already lived at home and hadn't gone on a date in, well, forever. Adding college drop-out to his resume would seal the deal on his status as one of the all-time losers.

He'd already hit snooze on his phone seven times and was about to make it eight when a text appeared from his buddy Trevor, who went to State, a few hours away.

"Can you go over to my house right now?" Trevor asked.

Toby shook the sleep off with a shrug and typed back, "U Home?"

"Just go," Trevor replied in an instant. "I'll explain later."

Trevor was Toby's best (and, if we're being honest, only) friend in High School. The much more popular Trevor had taken Toby under his wing and made a project of his social life. Toby's senior year became a whirlwind of parties that would never have happened were it not for Trev.

"I'll be there in a few."

Toby pulled faded jeans up over his long, thin legs, stopped in the bathroom to take a leak and brush his teeth, and left. Trevor's house was only a few blocks away, so he went by foot. As he walked, he recalled the obsession that started the night after his 18th birthday when Trevor's incredibly attractive mom had invited him over to their house for dinner and cake. He'd known her before then, of course, but something about the way she looked in the soft light of the birthday candles had elevated her to the level of masturbation obsession for months to come.

He rang the bell and was thrilled by the sight he beheld when the door opened. Mary (Mary? Was her name Mary?) smiled out at him, dressed in a thin silk robe that was tied at the waist and fell just above mid-thigh.

"Trev told me to come over," he stammered. "Not sure why."

"Come on in," she beamed. "It's so good to see you, honey. And now that you're all grown up, feel free to call me Mary."

(Yes. Mary!)

Toby could not resist the impulse to visually devour Mary's ass as she led him to the kitchen. Her body was even better than he remembered, which he would have thought was impossible.

"Coffee?" she asked.

"Sure," he managed, but only barely, as he took a seat. She brought their cups to the table and sat across from him.

"Tell me everything," she said. "I haven't seen you since last summer."

"Not much to tell," he began, slightly sheepishly. "Still at home. Going to Community."

"Nothing wrong with that," she interjected. "Bank some credits. Save some money. I sometimes wish Trev had gone that route."

With that, Mary jumped up and went to a cupboard to grab sugar. Again, Toby openly admired her ass, only this time she turned quickly and caught him, or, at least he thought she did. Her smile made it hard to tell.

The silence that settled between them next was awkward, at least for Toby. For the life of him, he could not think of a single thing to say. In fact, he had great difficulty doing anything other than staring at her ample chest through her sexy white robe. She was beyond amazing. He felt like he had stumbled into a porn clip.

"So...I needed to talk to you, Toby," she said finally. He managed to shift his gaze north. "And what I need to say is kind of unusual."

She paused.

"You can say anything," Toby offered weakly.

"Be careful with what you say young man," she replied. "I am in an odd phase of life that finds me wanting to dispense with superficialities and get my hands a little dirty. So you never know what might come out of my mouth."

Puzzlement played on Toby's freckled, pimple-pocked face.

"I am not sure how to start. Can I be absolutely honest with you?" she asked, leaning toward him in a way that created deep cleavage. "No matter what? Consider your answer carefully."

"Yes," he answered softly after a long moment. "You can be absolutely honest.)

"Trevor told me you guys used to refer to me as Hot Mom."

Toby nodded.

"I liked hearing that very much," she continued. "In fact, if I can be blunt with you Toby, it made me wet."

Toby struggled to swallow. The jeans that once were loose, had grown impossibly tight beneath the table top. She leaned even closer, clearly enjoying the effect she was having on him.

"Trev also told me something you said to him one night when you were a little drunk."

"Oh yeah?" Toby asked. "What was that?"

"He told me you told him you jerked off every night thinking about me. He said you said I was better than porn. Is that true Toby?"

After another endless pause Toby nodded.

Mary pushed her chair away from the table and stood. She was two feet in front of him, tops. She undid the sash of her robe and let it slip from her body so that she stood before him totally naked. She pointed at the moisture trickling down her inner thigh.

"See how wet I am?" she asked. "You've turned my pussy into a faucet."

She reached her right hand out for his, and when he gave it she used his fingers to erase her juice trail.

"Taste it," she instructed gently, and he did.

"Sadly, I am not permitted to give you me pussy, darling boy," she continued. "But I can show it to you."

She sat back down and spread her legs wide. She pinched her pussy lips and peeled them apart for him, moaning a little as she did so.

"Oh fuck, baby boy, I am seriously ready to explode. Show me that cock now."

Toby's eyes alternated between her pussy and her tits as he stood. His bulge was obvious but she was still not prepared for the monstrosity he revealed as he pushed off his pants and boxers.

"Oh my," she gasped. "That's the biggest cock I've ever seen."

"My one strength," he said with a crooked grin.

"Wait just one moment. Don't stroke it for me just yet. Let me look at it."

She perched on the edge of the chair and leaned toward him, amazed by the spectacle of his manhood. Then, before Toby even knew what was happening she leaned back and frigged herself off in no time flat, a shrill scream accompanying her release, as she stretched, arched, shivered and shook.

"Fuck," she moaned for her exclamation point. "That felt so fucking good, baby. Now show me yours. Show me how you cum when you picture us fucking. Is that what you picture Toby? My pussy sliding down onto that giant fuck stick of yours?"

Toby seemed hypnotized by her words and her body as his right hand began the tight, steady, familiar manipulation of his straining hard-on. She kneeled on the floor in front of him and pressed her big tits together.

"I saw you looking at my tits, baby. Is this what you want? Do you want to shoot your big load over hot mom's big tits?"

Toby nodded, groaning as his fist took flight and became a determined blur beneath his waist. Within moments, thick, hard ropes of his spunk splashed across her massive tits.

"Yeah, baby, yeah," she cooed, hypnotized herself by what she was seeing. "That's beautiful!"

Gradually, they both settled back to earth. She grabbed her phone from the table, unlocked it, and handed it to him.

"Do me a favor, Toby. Take a picture of this."

She smiled, looking happily at the load atop her chest.

He snapped the pic and returned the phone.

"I promised Trev I'd send him proof." She spoke the caption she tapped beneath the pic. "Mission accomplished."

Before Toby could react, or even understand, a voice broke their spell.

"Well what have we here," a woman asked from the hallway. "Did somebody make a mess."

A woman Toby had never seen entered the room. She had dark hair and hot, tight body beneath a skimpy little sundress.

"Toby, this is my best friend, Betty," Mary announced. "Betty. Toby."

"So good to meet you Toby," Betty said in a throaty purr.

She then stunned Toby, in the very best way, by lifting her dress up and off, then kissing Mary on the lips and pecking a trail down her friend's chin and neck. She proceeded to lick up every last drop of his cum.

Mary moaned a little, then smiled at Toby.

"Just because I can't have your cock in my cunt, doesn't mean she can't baby. Would you like that?"

Toby nodded enthusiastically. His hard-on was no where near receding.

Mary stood and guided Betty to the edge of the table.

"Sit on the edge, sexy slut," she murmured.

"Did you see that cock? Have you ever fucked anything that big?"

"It's fucking gorgeous," Betty replied earnestly. "Bring it here, Toby. Bring me that big fucking tool of yours."

As if in a trance, Toby stepped forward and stood between Betty's knees as they separated. Instinctively, her gripped his dick in his hand and slid the head along her dripping slit. She shivered.

"Ah fuck, Mary. It already feels like heaven. Push it into me, baby. Give me that fucking cock."

Mary reaches her hand down and places it around Toby's, so that together they feed inch after inch of him to Betty, who wiggles and spreads to allow his entry.

Mary plays with herself with her free hand while also managing to lean down to suck Betty's firm tits.

"Touch my fucking clit, Mar," Betty pants. "It feels so fucking good."

Slowly, Toby grows more comfortable in his movements and begins fucking in earnest. When Mary's fingers find her clit, Betty cums with a scream that seems only to intensify her need to be fucked.

"Harder, baby, harder," she begs and Toby happily complies, his massive member disappearing, repeatedly, with each long, deep thrust. Betty cums again, reaching out to grip his arms screaming and moaning in ecstasy.

As Betty navigates her third climax, Toby feels the end approaching. As Betty's cunt unclenches slightly he pulls his big dick out of her and looks at Mary expectantly. Mary quickly falls to her knees and opens her mouth.

"Feed it to be, baby," she coos as he jerks and then empties onto her tongue, chin, next and tits.

Betty smiles down at her spunk-littered friend and says, "Trevor will be so proud."

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by AckleyPrince01/08/18


I describe Mary in better detail in Ch 1. FYI.

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by MAJOR0401/08/18


This story just makes mother son and friend sound really fucked up.. one star

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Love it!

Keep them coming AP. Love this series!

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very good loved it but how about more details on the tits seems Mary has huge ones so cup size nipples and if you wanted even color of the nipples

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by Alwaystaboo01/07/18

So hot

Loved every word of it.

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