tagInterracial LoveMissed Connection Ch. 04

Missed Connection Ch. 04


"What the fuck was that about?" Kassidy yelled into her phone before even saying 'Hello'.

"I just wanted to see what the competition was like and I'm not worried," Sean said casually despite her tone.

"Competition? Competition! Sean, what the hell are you talking about?" Kassidy asked, staring at her phone in utter disbelief.

"Kassidy, I want to be with you," Sean said slowly and calmly so there was no misunderstanding what he wanted.

Kassidy scoffed audibly, clearly not taking him seriously. How lightly she took the situation made him crazy... "Kassidy, I'm fucking serious!" he said, his anger getting the best of him.

"Sean, I'm sorry but I don't want to be with you... You're my best friend who I happen to have sex with, nothing more. I thought we had an understanding," she said softly.

"We did, it's just- fuck it... I'll see you in a little bit," he said, sighing.

"Actually, I'm really tired so I thought maybe I'd take a shower and go to sleep early tonight," Kassidy replied, mind reeling.

"So now that you're talking to that motherfucker, I can't even come over anymore? That's bullshit, Kassidy," Sean said, actually feeling a little hurt.

"Fine, come over, Sean," she said, throwing her free hand up in defeat.

"No, it's fine... Why the fuck would I go over there if you don't want me over there. I'll see you around, Kassidy," he said before hanging up.

Kassidy did not like her best friend being angry with her at all but she also didn't want to mislead him. After collapsing on her bed, she exhaled. What the fuck...


Jackson got home and sat his keys on the kitchen counter. Even though his home was the loneliest place he could fathom, he smiled thinking of the evening's events. He really liked Kassidy and he could fully understand why Sean was having such a hard time accepting a simple friend label. Jackson, however, had more pride than to pursue someone that was clearly uninterested in him. Of course the whole sex thing complicated things a bit... but, hey, they had an agreement.

He took off his shoes and laid on his couch. He was flipping through channels when he got the text message.

Kassidy: Sean is mad @ me.

Jackson: Why?

Kassidy: He thinks things have changed cuz I'm talkin 2 u...

Jackson: Have they?

Kassidy: No! I juss started talkin 2 u 2day! This was my 1st time talkin 2 him since I got home n I told him that I was juss gonna go 2 sleep and hinted at no company. Then he flipped n hung up on me!

Jackson: Wow...I'm sorry

Kassidy: U didn't do nething... he's just actin rly crazy.

Jackson: Do you need me to leave you alone for awhile so you can sort things out with your friend?

Kassidy: There's nothing 2 sort out! He'll get over it. I'm gonna shower n go 2 sleep. When can I c u again?

Jackson: I don't have any plans until I start back work. I'm on post-deployment leave.

Kassidy: Awesome... ttytmrw

Jackson went to the kitchen and got some water, confused. He didn't know what to expect from Kassidy and for now, she was fair game but he knew that soon she'd be his.


Kassidy tossed and turned in bed, feeling torn in a million different ways. She knew that she really liked Jackson but she knew that she was in a really fucked up situation right now and the last thing she wanted was to be mind-fucked by Sean. Against her better judgment, she picked up her phone and sent a text:

Kassidy: I'm sry we fought... I cnt sleep, come over?

Sean was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling when his phone vibrated. He looked at the phone saw the text. As much as he wanted to ignore the text, he couldn't. She had been texting him when she couldn't sleep for years and he couldn't walk away from her now.

-4 Years Earlier...-

Kassidy covered her head with her pillow to muffle the sounds of her dad and stepmom arguing. This was getting so old... Before long, she heard the door slam, indicating that her father had finally had enough and was taking a drive to cool off. Kassidy hated all of this for her father, he was such a good man and deserved a helluva lot better. She picked up her phone and called her best friend... He picked up on the second ring:

"What happened?" he asked, concerned and ready to whip some ass.

"Dad found out that Tina was cheating again," she said, matter of factly.

"That woman is such a fucking cunt," he said, gripping the phone a bit tighter. He knew that Kassidy's stepmother was a lying, cheating, manipulative bitch that Kassidy's dad thought the world of. She took advantage of him and always ended up apologizing and putting on the 'waterworks' and her father, in fear of dying alone, would always take her back.

"I can't sleep, Sun-Sean...come over?" she asked, hopeful.

"You never have to ask me twice, Kass... be there in a flash," Sean said, smiling.

"Thank you," she said, relieved.

Within 10 minutes, she heard knocking on her window. She got out of bed and opened it for him. It was cool out and the whoosh of frigid air made Kassidy's nipples strain against the thin fabric of her t-shirt. Sean gulped uncomfortably and thought of nursing homes to keep his erection at bay.

"Thank you so much for coming," Kassidy said, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"No problem," he said, returning the hug, "I'll always be here when you need me."

Kassidy laid down on her bed and flipped her covers back for him. Sean took his shoes off and removed his shirt before climbing in next to her. She turned on her side and he pulled her securely into him. This was heaven for her. She smiled inwardly...finally able to relax, she started to drift to sleep.

Outside, they heard Kassidy's dad's car pull up and heard the car door slam shut. Soon, they heard the front door open and close.

It didn't take long before they heard Tina crying: "Kevin, I'm so sorry! I just made a mistake... please, Baby...I love you so much!"

Sean felt Kassidy's body shake and he held her tighter. He hated this for her... to have lost her real mom to cancer and get this cumhole in her place.

Kassidy turned around and rested her hand on his cheek, looking at her hero. He was incredibly important to her and was always there for her. Without thinking. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his, causing him tense up.

"Shit, Sean, I'm sorry! I-," she began only to be cut off my his mouth crashing into and claiming hers.

He rolled her on her back and positioned himself between her legs, kissing all the way. He massaged her tongue with his causing her to moan in his mouth. The sound alone sent all the right signals to his cock and caused goosebumps to raise on his skin.

He shook his head, coming to his senses. "Kassidy, we shouldn't... I don't want to take advantage of you," he said, looking into her lust-filled brown eyes.

"Please, Sean," she said, kissing him again. She loved him and wanted to give him her virginity. With no further protest, he pulled her shirt off, leaving her naked from the waist up. Her dark nipples hardened invitingly, causing him to lean down and take it into his mouth. She exhaled sharply at the sudden contact and ran her hands through his hair. He dipped his hands behind her and gripped her full ass through her pajama bottoms. He couldn't believe how perfect her ass felt in his hands, like it was meant for them.

"Kassidy, I'll only do this if you're absolutely sure," he said as a final attempt to give her an opportunity to back out. Sean already knew that she was a virgin and he wanted her to be certain that she wanted to give it to him.

Without saying a word, she stepped back and removed her pajama bottoms and panties at once. Gesturing to him with her index finger, she laid on the bed and separated her legs.

"Jesus," he said aloud, looking longingly at her pussy, taking note how her juices made it glisten in the moonlight. He walked over to her and knelt between her legs. Before she could ask what he was doing, he attacked her pussy. She groaned and squealed as he ran his tongue between her folds, sucking her clit into her mouth. This was unlike any pleasure she had ever experienced in her life.

"Oh, Sean! That feels so fucking good... Don't stop! Don't fucking stop!" she squealed, her bedroom obscenities catching him off guard.

He pulled his mouth away long enough to say: "Keep talking, Kassidy... Tell me you fucking like it!"

"Sean, I fucking love it! Just like that! Right there!" She said, pushing his face deeper into her pussy.

'She's the most vocal virgin on the fucking planet,' he thought as he felt her body tense, her fingers gripped his hair, and heard her scream several filthy words that was indicative of her release. He spread her legs and prepared to insert a finger only to be stopped by her.

"Just do it, Sean... I can take it," she said looking down at him, brown eyes ablaze.

"Kassidy, I don't have a condom," he said quietly.

"I don't give a fuck! Fuck me and pull out," she said, growing impatient.

That is how Kassidy Levine became the only girl that Sean ever had sex with without a condom.

He crawled in between her legs and pushed inside of her... she was so tight it was almost painful. "Fuck, Kassidy," he groaned, gritting his teeth. She bit her bottom lip and minded her breathing to control the pain as he took her cherry.

It didn't take long for the pain to be replaced by raw pleasure... Sean pulled her legs over her shoulder and began to plow himself into her wet cunt. "Shit, Sean!" she squealed, dragging her nails down his back, drawing blood. The pain snatched him out of his happy place and he flipped her hard on her stomach.

With no warning, he slammed into her tight opening. Kassidy clutched the sheets as she began to feel tension in her loins. "Fuck, fuck, fuck... I'm gonna cum!" she shouted as her pussy clutched him securely. He slowed his pace as she spasmed on his cock.

Not showing an ounce of mercy, he pushed his arm beneath her waist and pulled her slack body to her knees and pounded her doggy style. He was in heaven as he repeatedly impaled her... gripping her hips, he let out a groan as he pulled out and shot his load all over her back.

He fell to his side and pulled her cum-coated body against him, kissing her forehead. He was exhausted and that was the best fuck he ever had. Kassidy nuzzled into his chest, content.

"I love you, Sun-Sean," she said softly, making his eyes widen.

"I love you, too, Kass," he responded, looking into the distance behind her.

They slept that way, bodies tangled together until sunlight peeked through the blinds. Kassidy opened her eyes and blinked several times before she remembered what happened and why Sean was naked, sprawled over her bed.

She felt so gross, there was dried cum everywhere and she was sore all over. She nudged him.

"Unh!" he groaned, smacking her away.

"Sean, get your ass up!" she said, shaking him.

"Fine, shit!" he said, sitting up and looking at her, "What?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to know why the hell you were taking up the whole damn bed and why you took all my fucking cover," she said, gestured to the bed.

"Kassidy, every time you call me over here, I take up the whole bed and steal all your cover... if you don't like it: stop calling me over here!" he said, smiling.

"Never!" she said, tackling him to the bed. She looked down at him and lowered her lips to his... Instinctively, he gripped her ass and returned the kiss.

"Kassidy," he began, "just because we did this doesn't mean things have to get weird between us, does it?"

Kassidy knew what this was: It was him saying that he wanted to keep things the way they were to avoid being tied down with a relationship. She partially expected this but it didn't make her feel any better. She was stupid to think that because she was in love with her best friend that the feelings were mutual...

"Of course not, Sun-Sean," she said with a forced smile. He smiled and kissed her lips... he could have his cake and eat it, too.


Kassidy heard knocking on the door. She stood up and opened it after looking through the peephole. She looked at him, he looked sad... she hated being the cause of his pain but she wasn't going to make it worse by leading him on.

"Hi," he said, simply. He wanted nothing more than to break the awkward silence.

"Hi," she replied with a small smile. Without another word, she grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bedroom. Kassidy laid down on her bed and flipped her covers back for him. Sean took his shoes off and removed his shirt before climbing in next to her. She turned on her side and he pulled her securely into him. This was heaven for her...She smiled inwardly...finally able to relax, she started to drift to sleep.

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