tagInterracial LoveMissed Connection Ch. 07

Missed Connection Ch. 07


Kassidy sat up in her bed and stretched. She smiled to herself remembering the night before... she could still smell him on her shirt. Laughing at herself, she stood up and something caught her eye: a note:

Call me when you wake up.


She took a quick shower and sent him a quick text:

Kassidy: I'm up, r u?

After making herself a bowl of cereal, she flipped on Saturday morning cartoons and began eating. Her phone began to ring, smiling to herself, she answered it.

"Hello?" she said, taking a bite of her cereal.

"I thought I said to call," Jackson's deep voice said into her ear.

"I know you did, I just felt like being a little disobedient," she said, smirking.

"Disobedience can get you into a lot of trouble, Kassidy," he said evenly.

"Yeah, yeah," she said, rolling her eyes, "What are you doing?"

"Just finished my run. Are you busy?" he asked, taking off his running shoes.

"No, why?" Kassidy asked, drinking her cereal milk.

"I thought if you weren't busy that I could pick you up and bring you here to my house," he said, stretching.

"What are we gonna do there?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I dunno, I guess I just wanted to see you again," Jackson said, feeling cheesy as hell.

"Aww, Jackson, aren't you sweet?" she teased, causing him to groan in embarrassment, "I'm kidding! That sounds cool, let me finish this episode of Spongebob and I'll start getting ready."

"Spongebob? Seriously?" he asked in utter disbelief.

"Don't judge," she said, shrugging, "I'll see you in about an hour."

After they hung up, Kassidy smiled until her cheeks hurt. 'I actually like him,' she thought, setting her cereal bowl on her coffee table and curling up with a blanket to finish her episode of Spongebob. As soon as it ended, there was a knock on her door. She looked through her peephole and squealed in delight.

"Sun-Sean!" she yelled as she pulled open the door and jumping into his waiting arms.

"Kassidy! I missed you, Kidd," he said, twirling her around several times before setting her unsteadily on her feet.

"I missed you, too! Have you eaten?" she asked, looking him over and closing the door behind him.

"Yeah, I had a McMuffin on my way here," he said, shrugging.

"Oh, okay, then," she said, feeling a little down.

"What have you been up to?" he asked.

"Nothing much, I just took a shower because Jackson's picking me up in about half an hour but I just finished watching Spongebob and eating cereal," she said with a smile. The deflated look on Sean's face was quickly replaced by one of amusement when he heard what she was watching.

"Cool. How are you and Soldier Boy, anyway?" Sean asked her, sitting on her couch.

"Jackson and I are doing just fine... he came over last night for enchiladas and Tyler Perry movies," she said, taking a seat next to him. He grabbed her legs and pulled them into his lap.

"Enchiladas or enchiladas?" he asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"Regular, edible enchiladas, Perv," she said, smacking him across his chest.

"The other enchilada is edible, too, Kassidy," he said, his hand traveling to her thigh.

"Enough, Sean!" she said, laughing, "If we're gonna do this whole 'just friends' thing, you're gonna have to have some self control!"

"I'm sorry, Kassidy, old habits die hard," he said, shrugging.

"I know," she said, getting to her feet to get ready. She went to her bedroom area and went through her closet. She decided on a navy blue and white striped tank top, short white shorts, red, dressy flip-flops, and red hoops. She began undressing when Sean rounded her room divider.

"Sean, get outta here!" she said, covering her body.

"Kass, chill out, it's nothing I haven't seen before," he said with a wicked smile.

"Still, avert your eyes," she said, frowning.

"Fine," Sean sighed, looking at the ceiling as she got dressed.

"Okay, how do I look?" she asked, doing a small circle.

"You look like a sexy sailor," he said with a smile. She could tell he wanted her... she wanted him, too, but she wasn't gonna go back to that, especially when she could possibly have something good going with Jackson.

"I think you're missing this," Sean said, walking over to her vanity and picking up a large, red flower headband. He slid it in her hair and smiled. "Perfect."

"Thank you, Sun-Sean," she said, blushing. She went to her bathroom and did her makeup and slipped navy blue and white studs in her other three holes. After applying her red lipstick, she smiled at her reflection in the mirror. She saw Sean in the mirror behind her.

"You really look beautiful," Sean said, leaving the bathroom.

There was a knock on her door and Kassidy was in the middle of changing out her facial jewelry. "Sean, can you get that?" she called to her friend.

"I got it, Babe," he said, knowing Jackson could hear him through the door. He looked through the peephole and watched the wave of emotion pass behind Jackson's eyes. He loved fucking with this guy.

He opened the door and looked at him. "Jackson," he said, nodding in his direction and stepping to the side to let him in.

"Sean," Jackson said, repeating his action and stepping inside.

"Kassidy's still getting ready, she just got out the shower... You know how women are," Sean said, with a smirk.

"Oh, yeah," Jackson said, trying to hide the fact that his blood was boiling right now.

At that moment, Kassidy came into the living room, wearing a big smile. "Hi, Jackson," she said cheerfully, oblivious to the butter-thick tension in the room.

"Hey," he said, pulling her into his arms for a hug. "You look amazing."

"So do you," she said, looking him over.

Unable to take it anymore, Sean walked over to Kassidy and hugged her. "Kass, I'ma head out. Text you later," he said, walking to the door.

When he walked out, he left Jackson and Kassidy in an awkward silence.

"Kassidy?" Jackson said, breaking the silence.

"Yeah?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Are you still having sex with Sean?" he asked, trying not to take out his frustration with Sean's behavior on her.

"No," she said, looking at him quizzically, "Why?"

"Because I want you all to myself," he said, grabbing her hand.

Jackson watched as a small smirk danced on Kassidy's full lips. "It's about time," she said, still smirking.

"What do you mean?" Jackson asked, searching her playful, brown eyes.

"I mean that I've been waiting for you to make a move all week," Kassidy said, laughing.

"Why didn't you make one, then?" Jackson asked, trying to keep a straight face.

She leaned forward and kissed him, catching him off guard. "I just did."


One Month Later...

"Do we really have to watch the news? It's so fucking depressing," Kassidy whined, pouting.

"I had to sit through hours of Perry Tyler movies...one hour of information won't kill you," he said, pulling her into his arms and changing the channel from MTV to News Now.

"It's Tyler Perry, Silly," she said, laughing.

"Whatever," he said, dismissively with a smirk. He turned his attention back to the news story about a girl that was raped a county over and realized that Kassidy was right: the news was depressing. She began to trail light kisses on his neck. "Stop it, Woman. I'm watching the news," he said with a smirk.

Ignoring his protest, she straddled his lap and kissed him deeply. Jackson ran his hands up and down her back, pushing her deeper into the kiss. Something about this girl was addicting but how can you be addicted to something you've never had?

"Are you just trying to distract me from the news?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Depends...Is it working?" she asked, running her tongue along his strong jaw line.

"Uh huh," he said, flipping her on her back and taking his place between her legs. Kassidy wrapped her legs around his waist so he could feel the heat emitting from her wet pussy and went to pull his shirt over his head. He pushed her shirt up and discovered yet another tattoo.

"Jesus, Girl! How many tattoos do you have?" he asked, kissing the newly exposed skin.

"Enough," she said with a smirk. Jackson ran his hands upward to fondle her breast, eliciting a hungry moan. Kassidy groaned impatiently as he sat up, pulling her on top of him in a sitting position... She wanted him so bad that she couldn't think straight. "Not yet," he said, adjusting himself. She nodded and crossed her arms in frustration. "I want it to be special when it happens," he said, kissing her lightly and bringing his attention back to the news.


Kassidy went down an aisle in the grocery store, throwing things in her cart. She was in a hurry. She was hellbent on having Jackson's birthday cake ready before he made it to her dorm when he got off work. He had let it slip that his birthday was today about a week ago... 30 years old. Kassidy couldn't help but feel that it was hot that Jackson was older than she was... it made him even sexier to her...if that was even possible.

As she weaved through the aisles, she realized that she had no idea what kind of cake he liked due to the fact that there was only once or twice she had even seen him eat sweets... he was such a health nut. She was determined to get him to loosen up.

After she got everything on her list, she proceeded to check out. She repeatedly checked her phone to look at the clock... she had enough time. As she walked out to her car, she sent him a quick text.

Kassidy: Come by my dorm b4 u go home 2nite, Birthday Boi

She had already gotten everything ready for tonight. She made a special trip to Lucille's Lingerie yesterday to pick up a birthday surprise for him. Tonight she planned on taking their relationship to the next level and she hoped like hell that he was ready for her.

When she finally made it home, she carried in her groceries and began making his cake. She decided to use her grandmother's recipe for a Sock-It-To-Me Cake... her personal favorite. She hoped to God that he wasn't allergic to pecans. She finished the cake not a moment too soon because as soon as she pulled it out to cool, she got a text from Jackson.

Jackson: I'm on my way

She put on a short, yellow flared dress and put on light make-up. She didn't want him to suspect anything when he got here...

Jackson knew something was up. Her text made him suspicious... normally she'd let him go home and change before he went to see her but not this time. She was up to something, but he wasn't quite sure what it was. He started his truck and drove off base.

Kassidy smiled to herself when she heard the knock on her door. "Hey, Baby," she said, kissing him as he pulled his patrol cap off before stepping inside... God, she loved a man in uniform. "How was your day?"

"It was okay... normal bullshit," he said, shrugging, "You look beautiful."

Kassidy felt her face flush as she said thank you. "I have a surprise for you," she said, beaming. She was just too cute to him. He just wanted to just throw her down and...

"What is it?" he asked, shaking his head of the impure thoughts that he was thinking.

"You have to close your eyes," she said, walking behind him and putting her hands over his eyes, "Walk forward," she directed him.

After they made into her kitchen, she counted to three and uncovered his eyes. Jackson's eyes grew wide when he saw that she had baked him a cake with a lit '30' candle sticking out of it... he hadn't had a birthday cake in over twenty years!

"Surprise! What do you think? I hope you're not allergic to pecans because-," she spouted before he put his index finger over her lips, shushing her.

"I'm not," he said pulling her into his arms and kissing her deeply. He ran his hands under her dress and found her hot cunt. This fucking girl had a clit ring...who would have known?

"Jackson," she groaned as he teased her clit with his index finger. She moaned his name again as she began to grind her clit against his fingertip. She had been wanting him for so long that she could hardly believe he was touching her. "You have to make a wish."

A wish was the last thing on his mind but she took the time to bake him that cake and he'd make the wish if she wanted him to. He nodded, walked over to the cake, closed his eyes and blew out the candle. "I'm going to eat a slice of this cake. I want you in your bed and naked...now," he growled, looking into her wide, lust-laced eyes. She nodded and disappeared behind her room divider. He wanted her so much, he couldn't believe he was gonna eat the cake first.

He poured himself a cup of milk and cut himself a slice of cake. He removed his jacket and sat down, taking his time eating. He wanted her to squirm in anticipation. The cake was delicious. After washing his final bite down with milk, he rinsed his plate and glass and stuck them into the dishwasher.

With no warning, he walked around the room divider to find her laying in bed wearing the sexiest piece of lingerie he had ever seen... it was barely enough to leave something to the imagination. He was absolutely appalled by the amount of ink that adorned her otherwise brown skin.

"I thought I said naked," he said, standing at the foot of the bed.

"You did, I just felt like being a little disobedient," she quoted, giving him a sexy smirk.

"Disobedience can get you into a lot of trouble, Little Girl. Come here," he said, gesturing to her with his index finger.

She crawled over to him in such a catlike, sexy manner that Jackson almost came in his pants. "Take off all of my clothes," he said.

Kassidy ran her hands over his tan shirt before trailing her fingertips down his taut stomach, reaching his belt buckle. She took it off and slid her hand down his pants, rubbing and softly squeezing his rigid cock. He groaned, briefly allowing her to stroke him.

She wrapped her fingers along the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head. Her mouth watered, seeing the tattoo of his dog tags for the first time.

"You have tattoos, too," she said smiling.

"I have a tattoo, there's a difference. I'm not a human canvas," he said, his eyes rolling hungrily over her body.

She buried her face in the hollow of his neck, pushing his pants down his thighs. She dropped to the floor and began unlacing his boots. He stepped out of them when she was finished, leaving him in just a pair of black boxer-briefs and sporting a very prominent erection.

She returned to the bed only to be pushed on her back forcefully. His lips crashed against hers as he forcefully kneaded her breasts. He wanted to take this slow with her but she was having none of it. She unsnapped the crotch of her teddy and rubbed his cock over her clit.

"Fuck, Kassidy," he groaned, loving the silky feel of her smooth, wet pussy as well as the metal on the head of his dick.

"Jackson... fuck me," she said, her eyes boring holes into his. Normally, he would resist her seduction but he hadn't had sex in almost a year and he was thinking with his cock.

He nodded curtly and slammed into her causing her to cry out. "Jackson!" she squealed, raking her fingers down along his strong shoulder blades. He pumped inside her roughly and she loved every second of it. She watched in awe as his muscles flexed deliciously under his sweat-sheened skin. "Fuck, Jackson! Please, don't fucking stop!"

Jackson felt her feather-light touch on his biceps as he pounded her hard. He closed his eyes and relished in the sound of his skin smacking off of hers. He groaned and dug his nails into her hips... she felt like heaven. This was the best fucking birthday gift he had ever had.

"Ah, Jackson! I'm gonna fucking cum!" She shouted as her body quickly gave in to the deliberate thrusts of his cock nudging her g-spot. Jackson almost lost it as her pussy did a death grip on his cock, almost stilling him.

"I love your fucking cock, Jackson... you feel so good!" she praised as she came down from her high. Without a reply, he flipped her over, presenting her round ass (and lower back tattoo) to him. He lowered his head and licked her pussy hungrily, wrapping his skilled tongue around her clit ring and tugging. She released a jumble of obscenities as she rode a wave of pleasure given to her by his tongue.

He pulled away and slammed into her from behind, pumping vigorously without pulling too far out. Kassidy screamed into the mattress, quivering with the feeling of his cock as it continuously prodded her cervix.

"Kassidy... I'm about to cum," he said, eerily calm. She backed her hot cunt onto thrusting cock, beckoning him to cum inside of her. He smacked her jiggling ass and anchored her hips as he pumped inside of her vigorously. He let out a low growl as he filled her hot cunt with his seed

Kassidy fell to the bed, thoroughly satisfied. She had never felt anything like this from Sean...ever. She loved how he knew exactly what to do to make her body scream. He pulled her limp body into her arms. "Happy Birthday, Jackson," she said, closing her eyes.

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