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Missing Daniel


Of all the three wonderful sharing gay relationships I have had to date, I think Daniel was the very best of all and I do miss him so very terribly..

I am still at loggerheads why he just left me without rhyme or reason. We seemed to be getting on so very well and we had just decided to move in with each other too.

It was such a wrench having to travel miles to be with him at weekends.

Ah! Those wonderful gorgeous weekends I shall never ever forget. But when at last, I was able to get a job transfer with my supermarket employers and actually live with him, to be in his bed every night was absolute bliss.

We shared so many wonderful things in that month before he left me. Spending each evening together and not just weekends was sheer joy to behold. and we were both able to exploit the so wonderful exiting role play games.

I grew to love the guy, I really did. I was besotted with him and anything he wanted I would do, even things that at first I thought repugnant like when wanted to suck my ass in depth.

But imagining it would be quick I went for it. He had me astride the grand piano lid; he sat behind on the piano stool. Not knowing what to expect I closed my eyes and felt his light finger tips explore my ass and balls. It felt like he was feathering them and it was quite lovely, not at all what I expected.

He prompted me to sway from side to side as he enjoyed me in different positions, cupping my balls and sucking my ass cheeks. Then of all things; tickling the ivories with my substantial cock! Then, spreading my ass wide apart he complimented me, his rich sexy voice whispering just how fuckable I was and the next thing; I felt a protruding warmth and, twisting my head around, I was just able to see his head bobbing to and fro, and then I realized what I could feel was his nose and tongue pressing there, sniffing and sucking me there.

My first reaction was to stop him doing such a vile thing, and yet I was so very much enjoying it. The thought of it being vile or repugnant mattered no more because for me, it was simply heaven.

Daniel came up for breath and was still complimenting me about how good it tasted and everything, and then he went for it again and again, sniffing and sucking like there was no tomorrow. It felt he would split my ass apart he got so rough with me. His hands were groping my thighs and then cupping and balling me. And perhaps best of all, the deep thrill of his hand wanking me with a very nice stiff jerking motion which was out of this world coupled with the feel of his tongue protruding deeper and deeper up my hole,

I was in a complete trance enjoying to the full what he was doing to me, it mad e me feel so very wanted and needed and I wanted just to be all ass for him and everything he desired of me

I knew it would lead to his most wonderful full ass fuck and he never disappointed me. In fact now I can still feel him inside me, fucking me with all his zest, and enjoying those his all, like his so wonderful fresh sucked cock of which I still tasted the remnants in my throat, accompanying sounds of sexual gratification; his fuck becoming wilder and wilder as he really let go and gave me his very best, like he was going right through me. I felt his balls bouncing to and fro behind as he made his final thrust, I felt my hole stretching first one way and then the other. If it hurt at first it didn't matter because the sex took it all away but now I was numbed by his deep fucking and I knew, when he was ready to spurt, I would get it over my spine, feeling the heat of it trickle down between my ass and then again, his head would be there between my cheeks sucking away to his heart's content

Now he had gone I wondered just how I would cope. No other could ever replace Daniel I feel sure of that and all I could do was spend nights in the big double bed imagining he was there.

I bought a vibrator to help but it was a poor substitute for Daniel. I so wanted him, How could he do this to me. To leave me on the lurch like this. Those beautiful times we shared just taking turns to relish each other. Closing my eyes I can taste him now, I can feel the throb of him inside my mouth as I manoeuvre my mouth around that beautiful head, tantalizing his p-hole and feeling the sheer joy of it against my tongue as I slowly sucked it, balling him up at the same time as he balled me, we just chilled and enjoyed the ecstasy of all that, and he would drive me ecstatic when he sucked and fingered my asshole, usually a signal to tell me he would soon be fucking me again.

Whether it would be across the bed, me on top or he behind, across the piano again, on the kitchen table, even the sink as I washed up the dinner plates, somehow he would find a new way to get his cock up my ass and it was always lovely.

Come back Daniel, Please come back. I am aching for you so very much and just don't know how I can carry on.

But it was to no avail, I had no idea why where he went. That is until I found a note tucked down the side of the sofa. It was from a guy called Sam who said to meet him at the station on Friday the 16th January. That was the day he disappeared.

My feelings changed - I hated him - I was better without him.

I decided to put on a big smile and start all over, he was a colored guy called Steve I met clubbing.

What do they say about colored guys? - I have a feeling I was about to find out when he invited me to join him at his pad for the night.

But that's another story!

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