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Missing Pieces


Author's Note: The names of these places exist, but I made up the characters using a baby-name list and a surname list, so my characters are just a work of fiction. I hope you love the story and leave a comment if you do. Thank you to Tseranc for helping with editing. As always, have fun. ~ Red


The sun shown down on the lone man walking Kalalau Trail. He was young, strong, and confident, but in his hands he held a fragile object, a beautiful crystal urn; his mother's ashes rested safely inside. As he walked, Terrel Robinson thought about the last time he'd made this trip.

Three months ago he and his mother had walked this same route. His strong hands held tight to the fragile glass, just as her weak and frail ones had found the strength to carry the ashes of her soul-mate, though her body was riddled with cancer. His father had been killed in a car accident, while his mother fought a hard battle that eventually claimed her. The doctor's noted that the cancer spread faster after his father passed and Terrel knew in his heart that his mother had willed it. She was ready to go, only having fought so hard in order to spend one more moment with her mate.

When Terrel reached the spot where his parents became engaged he took a deep breath and whispered a prayer to the wind. He opened the urn and released his mother's spirit. His dark-black eyes glistened with tears that fell over his black skin. He closed them and prayed that someday he found that love, the kind his parent's had, the kind that kept you going till you had nothing left, but the passion to be with your partner.

It was several hours before Terrel returned to his hotel. He'd spent a few hours on the trail and even shared his reason for being on the Island of Kauai with a few people besides the staff at the Outrigger Resort. Most everyone else who'd asked he quietly told them he was enjoying a mini vacation. In a way it was, he had spent the first two days on the tropical island relaxing and making himself mentally ready for the trip to his parents' final resting place.

Now the third day was behind him and he was in his hotel room, showering the sweat from this journey. He had spoken at length with a young woman on the island a beautiful native girl that danced for the tourists. He actually found himself hoping to see her again.

Terrel chose a black shirt with tropical red lei print and dragonflies. His black slacks hung snug on his firm waist and tight ass, while still being loose enough for the Hawaiian breeze to move through the fabric. His gold watch caught the light and his sandals only added to his tropical appearance. He would have worn shoes with the slacks, but the little dancer had told him he had the feet of a dancer when she had spoken to him last night. He figured if she like his feet enough maybe she'd stop and take note of them again. He traveled to the Naupaka Restaurant and ordered his meal and drink. It wasn't long before he saw her. She walked among the tourists, greeting them. Terrel watched her as she wove her way toward him. He had caught her eye and his smile filled his face. When she reached his side he winked and looked down at his feet. The young man of thirty-eight looked like a teenager trying to catch the Prom Queen's eye.

Serephina Kahookano had fought all day her desire to see the African-American from New York City. She had seen him the first night of his vacation and then last night she had made a point of dancing closer to him then anyone else that evening. She wasn't sure what it was that pulled her to him, but something did. Last night as they spoke, she thought it was because he had lost his parents, but she still was here sitting in front of him and chatting up a storm.

"Lovely feet," she smiled and laughed at his toes that wiggled at her. "I see you're wearing your sandals again. Careful or I will have you dancing out of them before the night is over."

Terrel joined in her laughter and sipped his drink. "I would rather watch you dance, than force you to watch me attempt to move like you do." He had gazed upon every sway of her hips last night and when she danced in front of him it was as if she danced for him. Little did he know that it was for him. Serephina had gotten ribbed for it afterwards, the others teased her until her bronzed skin was bright pink.

"But I see you are not in your skirt tonight," he said. Terrel's eyes glanced quickly, but not so fast as to miss the bright green bikini top and the white shorts that caressed her lithe body. Her feet were incased in sandals and he noted them with a smile. "Your feet are much more delicious then mine."

Serephina giggled, "But I've not tasted your toes, so I would beg to differ."

"Have you tasted yours?" Terrel asked, his right brow raised slightly higher then the left.

The raven-haired lovely almost choked on her drink, but managed to swallow it before she swatted at her companion. "When I was eight, I think was the last time, and then it was a dare to see if I could do it. I was a chubby child and my legs were not as flexible as they are now."

"Have you tried it recently? I mean. . .you seem flexible, but perhaps you can't," Terrel smirked.

She rolled her eyes and tossed her drink umbrella at him. Terrel plucked it from the center of his shirt, where it had landed, nestled against the thick hair on his chest. He tucked it into the shirt pocket and smiled back at her. "So, since it looks like you have the night off. What are you planning on doing with yourself?"

Serephina shrugged. "I really don't know. I have the next three nights off. I was supposed to go to the Big Island with a friend, but she's bailed out on me. So I figured I'd just hang around here."

"You can't do that. I mean. . . you are here all the time," he said. He raised his hand and soon both Serephina and Terrel's drinks were refilled.

"Yeah, but it's not a bad place to be. The island is beautiful and there are so many things to see and do."

Terrel tilted his head and agreed with her. "I saw some beautiful things on my walk today," he told her.

Serephina reached out and touched his hand. "How was it?" she asked.

He'd told her about his walk to scatter his mother's ashes yesterday, when they had shared a few moments of conversation, now he found himself enjoying the time he'd spent with her even more. She squeezed his fingers and would have moved them if he hadn't squeezed back.

"It was healing and very peaceful," he said. "I can see why people fall in love here in the Islands. It is full of romance and beauty, how could people not fall in love."

Serephina smiled and readily agreed. The night continued and the couple shared parts of themselves that would have taken most people months to learn. By the time the restaurant was closing they knew more about each other then either one realized. Terrel walked her to her ride and he left for his hotel with plans on meeting her for a picnic the next afternoon.

That evening he found it hard to sleep and in the morning he found himself trying to sleep in so time would move faster. By the time afternoon rolled around Terrel was nervous and sweating up a storm, though the Hawaiian temperatures and breezes were relaxing and welcoming. "Hello Serephina."

She turned around and smiled up at him. She too was nervous. Her full lips parted and showed off her straight teeth and her laugh bubbled up when she took in his off-kilter shirt. "In a hurry to get dressed, Terrel?" she asked. Her fingers released the buttons on his shirt. As she repaired the order of his clothes her fingernails brushed against the hairs on his chest and she bit her lower lip. Little sparks of electricity seemed to shower her stomach and she felt herself blush.

Terrel stood still as he felt the tiny fingers touch his skin. He clenched and released his fists, until she was done. When she stepped away he looked down on her short stature and wanted to bring her back to him. The air seemed to be full of her scent, yet he knew it was the tropical flowers that surrounded them.

"Thanks," he told her, his voice thick with emotion. They walked along the coastline and eventually came to the place that Serephina wanted to share with Terrel.

"This is where I learned to swim as a small child." She spread the blanket while he looked out at the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific.

"Gorgeous," he stated quietly. "New York is nothing like this. My God, Serephina, you are so lucky." He turned around and watched her slim ankles slide free of her white sandals and she eased herself onto the blue blanket. Her long white skirt billowed out. His eyes caressed her shoulders, the pink spaghetti straps falling continuously. Her fingers would casually slip the thin strip of material back as she unpacked the food.

"New York sounds awful busy Terrel. I don't think I would like it," she told him. She looked up and smiled. "Come down here and enjoy this food." She extended her hand and he took it willingly.

Terrel took his place beside her and expected to sit down to a Hawaiian feast. When she pulled out sandwiches, chips and sodas, he laughed. "A taste of home," she smiled.

He grinned and found himself pulling her close to him. His lips pressed against hers as his fingers moved firmly over the back of her neck. Terrel felt his stomach tighten as the warmth of her mouth enveloped him. Her tongue moved with his and he slowly laid her down on the blanket. Their kiss continued as his large, muscular frame laid over her small, petite figure.

Serephina trembled. Her fingers moved up his arms and over his shoulders. For three days she'd wanted to do this, this day was to be her fourth and she knew that he would be leaving tomorrow. She melted into his kiss, welcoming every thrust of his tongue with her own. Her hands slid down the smooth material of his shirt and then slowly up the inside of it. The young woman had only made love to two men in her twenty-eight years and those experiences had both been pleasing, though one had been awkward.

Terrel's hand continued to cradle her head while his other slipped down her torso and he cupped her ass with a firm hard grip. "Sere," he mumbled against her lips; the food lay forgotten a few feet away. Terrel moved his tongue along her jaw until he reached her ear. He tugged gently on the soft lobe and let his fingers move down her thigh and back up again. His knee pressed between hers and Serephina opened her legs willingly.

"Terrel," she whispered. Serephina's thumbs kneaded his taunt shoulders and then she trailed them down his ribs. He rolled her on top of him and he lay still for a moment as he watched her remove her blouse.

"Beautiful," he moaned. His large black hands cupped her firm breasts. He marveled at the contrast of his dark-colored skin and her soft, gold bronze. She was perfection, he thought to himself as his thumbs rubbed across both her nipples.

Serephina straddled his hips and shifted her weight to make herself more comfortable. She giggled and increased her wiggling as she watched and listened to his discomfort. "Mmm..." she moaned as he played with the darkening pearls of her breasts. Her fingers moved down his shirt and she began to slowly undo the buttons she had repaired earlier.

Terrel hissed as he felt her run her nails up and down his chest, her fingers tangling over the curls that covered his hard body. He pushed his hands around her back and brought her down to him. Her breasts hovered over his lips and he raised his head. "Ohhh. . ." she sighed as she watched him open his mouth.

When his teeth latched onto her right nipple, her hips grinded against his thick cock. She rubbed her panties over his shorts and bit her lip as he took her pearled gift deeper into his mouth. Her fingers dug into the blanket and she arched her back as he suckled from her tit. Her long black hair fell like silk over her bronzed shoulders and blanketed them both.

Eventually, he released her nipple and sat up with her. She wrapped her arms around him as he rolled her to her back once more. His mouth moved up to drink from her neck. Terrel sucked on her skin and licked his way over her shoulder and back to the center of her collarbone. He pressed against the small dip over and over again tasting her flesh and feeling her pulse throb under his ministrations.

Her fingers moved to his shirt and with his help it was soon peeled off his body. He licked and bit his way down the center of her chest until he came to the nipple he had not yet feasted on.

"Sere, you are beautiful," he told her. His hand cupped her left breast and lifted it. Her nipple pleaded silently for him to taste it, yet he studied it.

Serephine growled low, her hips grinding against his sex. "Please," she whimpered. Her lower lip trembled and her pussy clenched by instinct alone.

"Terrel," she begged. Her long nails moved from his back to his head and she tried desperately to force him to take her nipple.

Terrel chuckled, his eyes met hers and he winked. She hissed in frustration. He only laughed and kneaded the succulent globe, until finally he too was wanting to capture the engorged jewel. His mouth moved over her breast and his pink tongue traced the warm flesh that rippled and rose up to greet him. Her hand pushed him down further. This time he did not resist her urging. Serephina's other hand traveled down his back and over his ass, she gripped it tight and lifted her hips up to once more grind against his.

He released her breast and traveled down her flat stomach. He outlined her belly button with the tip of his tongue, dipping it inside and running it back and forth, up and down her hot flesh. She trembled underneath his touch. Her eyes watched him travel lower.

"You smell like this land," he told her. He laid his weight on one hand and ran his other hand up her thigh under her long skirt. His nails grazed her flesh and she opened her legs for him. Gentle touches slipped higher until he reached the damp panties that covered her silky lips. He pressed his palm against her sex and rubbed gently.

She whimpered and her hands gathered her skirt. She raised it higher and gasped when the Hawaiian breeze caressed her sex as he pushed the material away from her welcoming pussy. His finger dipped into the full velvet blankets and he stroked them firmly, first the left, then the right. Occasionally he would pull on both of them and then slide his fingers between and down the moist opening of her sex, only to abandon her thrusting and search out more of the satin textured skin.

"Oh God, please," she begged him. Her fingers curled into his shoulders as his mouth traveled down.

Serephina wanted to scream, cry, thrash, hit. She wanted to force him to speed up and she wanted to fight to make herself slow down. The emotions that ran through her were so conflicting she barely had time to focus on what she truly desired. Her hips lifted and without warning her pussy collided with his eager lips.

"Yesss " she cried out as she felt the hot breath of his mouth overtake her.

Terrel groaned, opened his mouth and immediately ground his face into her cunt. His tongue spread flat and it swept up and down her soaked lips, gathering her honey. Terrel let the flavor rest on his tongue before sliding it back to this throat and swallowing it. He treated her pussy to several more long licks while her hips drove forward against his face and her fingers dug into his hair.

Her bronzed flesh, the color of spun honey, blended beautifully with his dark, black skin. His mouth moved over her sex, suckling juice as soon as it escaped her. "Oh Terrel," she moaned. His finger pushed into her sweet lips and more nectar flowed free. He drank that up and dipped another long digit inside.

"God baby," he whispered against her cunt. His hot breath sent a tremor up and down her spine. His fingers hit the spot that made her scream out in desire. Serephina exploded on his hand and showered his eager lips and tongue with her come.

"Terrel " she yelled as her juice flowed hot and thick. Her fingers left his hair to fall to the blanket and she anchored herself to it while her hips lifted higher. She placed her come on an altar for him to feast on. As the waves crashed along the shore and the seagulls and egrets flew over head Serephina found herself with them. She felt each crash along the rocks, every breeze that sailed through the wings of the birds and she opened herself up for Terrel's thrusting fingers.

He looked up and watched her face become a mask of angelic bliss. He saw her eyes clench and her lips curl. Terrel locked her expressions inside and found himself praying for her to never come down from the high she was on. She was the most beautiful creature in he'd ever seen and at that moment she was his.

Serephina did come down from her flight across the skies and when she did, her eyes opened and she gazed at the man that had moved up her body to lay across her. She still had her skirt on, though the back was now wet with her come and Terrel still wore his slacks. His eyes bore into hers and she pulled him down. Their lips met and their tongues danced. He loved her mouth slowly and fully, then dipped in and stroked each side of her cheeks until he was sure he had her texture, taste and shape memorized.

He slipped off her and brought her with him as he lay on his back. He ran his fingers through her long black hair and worked free the tangles. Serephina's hand trailed down his hard chest, the tiny black curls a contrast to her pink painted fingernails. She slipped it to his waist and before she could release the button of his slacks he took her wrist in his hand.

She watched him lift it and move it to his mouth. His lips covered the inside of her wrist with kisses and he pulled her tighter against him. "I didn't bring protection," he told her.

Serephina smiled and kissed his lips. "I could. . ."

He knew what she was suggesting and he smiled. "Perhaps, back at my hotel?"

Serephina's grin sparkled. Her dark obsidian eyes shone bright with the suggestion and she readily agreed. Her body was completely free at the moment. She wanted to say full. . . but empty was how it felt. It wasn't empty in an unsatisfied way, but in a way that made her feel as if there were an opening inside her that Terrel could fill up later. She chuckled at her thoughts of confusion and instead concentrated on helping Terrel with serving and then later packing up their lunch.

They walked together, hand in hand until they reached the club where she worked. He kissed her goodbye and made plans to see her at the Hotel Dining Room that evening. She agreed and watched him wave goodbye, before she slipped onto her bicycle and peddled toward her small dwelling.

That night came and Terrel waited for Serephina. His thoughts were consumed by her face, body, hair, scent. Everything revolved around her. When their appointed time came and went and she had not arrived he felt as if the wind had been knocked out of him. He thought of calling the restaurant where she worked, but decided not to. He waited two hours for her to appear, but she never showed.

As he boarded the plane the next morning, he wondered if perhaps she had felt pressured into coming to his hotel and she didn't know how to tell him. He wished he'd known. He would never have mentioned the hotel to her. Terrel watched Hawaii disappear and as he did he felt he'd left more then just his parents' remains there, but in fact a large part of his heart.


After they parted. . .

Serephina peddled her bike home and as she did her thoughts revolved around the feeling of giddiness she had inside. It had never felt like that before. She kept trying to grasp the feeling of his fingers against her skin and his mouth possessing her. She didn't want to lose that memory and the more she thought about him, the more she thought about turning her bike around and peddling the miles it would take to reach his hotel.

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