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Missing Scott


“I think you should sit there and think about me and fuck yourself.”

Virginia’s head shot up, eyes wide at that suggestion. “Say what?!”

“You know you want to. You’re sitting there thinking about me and missing me. Come on … show me how much you want it.”

Virginia’s teeth toyed with her bottom lip as she stood there in her towel, fresh from her shower. This was nuts but she couldn’t deny it. Scott was all over her mind and she was so hot, just thinking about him. Grinning impishly, she slithered back onto the bed, stretching catlike with a low rumble in her throat. Brown eyes darkened even more as her eyes met the ones staring back at her from just a breath away as her velveteen tongue snaked out to moisten parted lips. Thighs shifted in a succulent caress against one another as the pair of eyes watching her sparkled with heat, raking over her lush body with a hungry gaze.

And then thighs bloom naturally wide, agonizingly slow in order to display dewy petals swollen with apparent need. Small beads of molten honey lined along the pink lips that arrow up to her small pearl that begins to grow and throb beneath the gaze looking back at her. Virginia’s lone fingers slowly begins to trail along the valley between twin mounds of soft flesh, almost hearing the soft sigh as wide eyes rake over the beauty of her form. “Such a lovely slut. No wonder I want to fuck you.”

Desire licks along her elongated spine as she shifts on the bed, hardened dusky peaks atop creamy breast tighten even more in the knowledge that she is being watched and in turn, wanting a taste. Her lips part even more as a slender finger traces around the aching areola to cause a soft moan to erupt from the slender column of her throat, growing in depth as those words curl to her ear. She can feel the throb in her belly begin to grow. “That’s it baby.”

Virginia can’t help but grin wickedly as fingers roll a delectable nipple between her forefinger and thumb, hips bucking up slightly as her pearl throbs in blatant need. The ooze of sweet nectar can be felt between her inner folds, knowing in a moment that it will glisten on her outer lips as dark brown eyes lock with those watching. Her other hand slowly traverses across the trembling flesh of taut belly and then shifts again on the bed, hips moving as thighs fall open even more to part outer lips, giving a glimpse of the hidden treasure within.

Soft folds of delightful pink rimmed with glistening honey beckon the watcher closer as her hand slides further down over her shaven mound to cause hips to thrust upwards in selfish want. “My pretty little pussy.” She whimpers helplessly as seeking fingers slide down, circling in slow agonizing passes around that part of her that craves attention. She can help but grin like a Cheshire cat at the words as hips move upwards reflexively as if she was offering herself for the taking. Her other hand still slowly twists an aching bud on her heaving breast as eyes flutter closed momentarily and then open again to lock gazes across the room, watching in return the eyes that devour her.

“You are so beautiful, slut.” Virginia can’t help but cry out softly as a fingernail grazes over her throbbing clit and then slides her finger further down to nestle between molten folds, hips wiggling a bit as if trying to work it in to relieve herself of this wanton hunger within. Her other hand toys and pulls on a swollen bud, causing more sweetened honey to moisten the path through her dark, tight tunnel. A moan erupts as it slips in slowly … slowly … torturing both herself and the one that watches, each ridge and smooth crevice felt as it dips in to her knuckle and wiggles a bit. A soft, squishy sound is heard as it withdraws just as slowly to trace outer lips with that sweet nectar and then, with a grin, eyes locked to those across the room, slides her finger up and into her warm mouth, tongue swirling purposefully to suck in every drop.

“Damn it girl …” Virginia can’t help but react, a soft moan lifting up as her finger slowly withdraws from her mouth, feeling her need building to an immediate frenzy. She smiles at those words of frustration as her fingers thumps her hardened nipple, shivering as she opens herself for his cock, all thoughts on Scott. Sliding her hand down again, causing fingers to splay out over her hip, a soft caress before dipping back between open thighs. A slight tremble is noticeable in her movements as two fingers slide slowly up into her heat, scalding her fingers with its hot nectar. Dark chocolate brown eyes flutter closed once again as hips thrust up, desperately wanting more … something harder.

Virginia’s breath comes in soft short pants as her breasts begin to heave beneath her own ministrations. Her hand leaves her breast to trail down, fingers sliding open into V and over engorged lips, parting them delectably so that eyes that watch might see them disappear into her moist, slick cavern. They wiggle delectably to bury themselves as far as they can go. “Yes baby, that’s it.” A low moan is heard as her eyes open to lock with those watching again. She can’t help but shudder to see the look of pure lust on the face as fingers withdraw to quickly zero in on her throbbing, aching clit. She furiously tickles it into submission, feeling that tell tale lurch in her belly as hips rock forward, begging.

She trembles deliciously, wanting to cum so badly but holding off … Reluctantly pulling shifting fingers from her clit, she adds a third and slides them into her open cunt just a bit to tease her desperate body like a swollen cock head. Her hips are unable to remain still as they want immediate gratification but still she makes herself wait on trembling legs that support hips that rock forward again, coming off the ground as if begging for something she can not fathom.

Unable to stop it now, Virginia thrusts her fingers in quickly to the hilt, crying out as they begin to move, almost as if they have a mind of their own. She can feel them sliding in and out with determination as her clit throbs unmercifully. Her hips move just out of the reach of the one watching, her eyes bored into those as she gasps and moans beneath her own ministrations. The feel of her fingers tempting her closer to the edge, a need to beg almost exploding into the air as her hips reflexively thrust upwards. “Cum baby … show me how you want to cum for me. Show me how you need this cock … how you ache for my cum … how you need to be my pretty leashed little slut pet.”

She shudders helplessly, crying out in wanton lust as fingers slam upwards and bury themselves into weeping flesh. Her legs tremble as walls collapse and shudder around her fingers, moaning uncontrollably as she cums hard. “Oh Scott, yesssss!!!”

“That’s it baby. Such a good pet … such a pretty pussy for me.”

Virginia trembles still upon the bed as dark eyes glance over to the picture of her lover on the dresser beside where she lays. Sighing softly, she leans over and plucks it from its place and pulls it close, a soft kiss placed upon his face within the frame and then curls up on her bed with the sparkle of unshed tears in the depths of longing gaze. “God, I miss you …”

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