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Missing You...


dear Priya,

I miss you a lot. I have been thinking about you & I thought of sharing it with you. I'm lying naked in the bed with a blanket covering me, you walk in from the door & stand in front of the bed looking at me. I get up a little on my elbows to look at you & the blanket drops slightly showing you my naked chest. I'm looking at you in a nice semi transparent red nighty showing your legs.

"I'm naked," I say & you smile & slowly pull the shoulder straps down one by one & let the nighty fall down to floor revealing your naked body. I'm just enjoying the view of you standing naked in front of me nibbling on your lower lip. I pull the blanket away & gesture you to come to me. You come to me & lie beside me on the bed as I make room for you. I get on top of you & kiss your lips, you part your lips & my tongue slips in to play with yours.

I can feel your nipples getting hard against the skin of my chest & you open your legs to give me access but I withdrew the kiss & lick your neck, then your tits. I take your nipple in my mouth & suckle like a hungry child trying to get milk from them. You place your hand on my neck trying to pull me up but I remove your hand & make my way down licking your stomach & spreading your legs.

I hold your thighs firmly apart & look at your pussy glistening & inviting me to jump in. I look at you, your chest heaving up & down with your heavy breathing, your mouth open & your eyes closed. I bend down & lightly blow air on your wet pussy & I feel you squirming & then I place my tongue on your thigh & lick all around your pussy. I can taste your arousal as your pussy is dripping now & I'm licking all that juice flowing from it but my tongue is not touching your pussy & you want that touch; the soft touch of my spongy tongue on the sensitive skin of your pussy.

I place my lips on your inner thigh & lightly bite on the soft skin making you moan & then I lick your pussy, my tongue inside the folds of your pussy enjoying the wetness & hearing the moans coming from your mouth. I push your legs up towards your tits & hold them there opening you up more for me. I wanna feast on this delicious leaking pussy & I do just that. I FEAST on that pussy which I have been dreaming about for so long.

My tongue is all the way inside your hole collecting all the juice that your pussy is generating & then you cum on my tongue. I feel your pussy contracting & all that cum leaking from your hole, my lips & mouth is covered in your juices & I still keep on eating your pussy. Then I let go of your legs & I place my hard cock at your entrance & rub the cockhead to your pussy lips making my dick wet with your juices. You want me to put it inside you & you say "put it in me darling," & I smile & keep teasing your pussy, I stop at your hole & insert just a little then again remove & rub it on your pussy.

Your getting restless now & want that hard meat inside you, you want me to fill you up & fuck you the way you deserve to be fucked. I grab your tit in my hand & squeeze it hard, playing with your nipple as my other hand keeps rubbing the cockhead on your pussy lips & clit. A few minutes of this & you cum, I sense your pussy flowing with juices & I pinch your nipple hard & shove my cock inside your gushing pussy.

Your eyes open up at the sudden intrusion & your orgasm just washes you completely over as you are now filled with my hard dick. I slowly start moving my dick out of your pussy & then when it is almost out I slide it back in to the hilt. I keep on doing that in & out, in & out, in & out slowly just feeling the warmth & snugness of your pussy & making you feel the same. Your moaning now lightly as my hand keeps on squeezing your tit & nipple.

I ask you, "You like that baby? Huh? You like my dick sliding in & filling your pussy like that?" you reply with a few moans & then, "YESSSSSSS YESSSSSS I waanttt mooorreee."

And I smile & slow my pace even more this brings out a shout from you, "NOOOOO DON'T SLOW DOWN, FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD BABY! PLEASE JUST FUCK ME HARD & FAST! I WANNA CUM ON YOUR COCK BABY! MAKE ME CUM ON YOUR COCK!"

I nod my head but doesn't increase my pace & remove my dick from your pussy. I look at your pussy open & empty leaking with your juice & wanting my dick inside.

"You want me to fuck the lights out of you, don't you darling?" I ask & you say, "YESSS BABYYY." I grab a pillow & place it under your ass elevating it & then I push your legs towards your tits & ask you to hold them tightly which you do. Now your pussy is open & waiting for me & at just the right height for me to pound. I mount on top of you with my dick just inches away from your hole.

You look at me; naked towering above you, my body covered in sweat & my dick hard & wet from your juices. I place my hands beside you & let my dick enter your wet pussy till my pubic bone is touching yours. Then I pull it out & slam it back in hard making you shout & stir a little with the hardness of the impact, then I do it it again & then again & start pounding my dick inside your tight little pussy HARD, VERY HARD, shaking your whole body with the intensity of my pounding.

"UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH!" come your voice after every hard thrust & then you cum, you shout my name & start scratching my hard back as the intense pleasure just makes you go crazy. You're screaming my name & shouting & your head is wailing to the side as your pussy cums on my cock hard.

All this makes me so hot that I also cum deep inside your pussy, filling it up with my thick cock cream. I bend down & kiss your sweaty lips & keep kissing you till this amazing orgasm subsides. After that I lie beside you & rub your naked sweaty body with my hand & look in your eyes & I see the desire that you have for me & you see the desire & passion & lust that I have for you.

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