tagGroup SexMission Beach Ch. 01

Mission Beach Ch. 01


We rolled into Pacific Beach at about noon on a perfect California day. The sky was high and impossibly blue and the breeze off the ocean was deliciously fresh and clean. The beachgoers were out in force, seemingly all of them young and attractive. We came in from the north down PCH, looking at the beautiful Pacific and beach after gorgeous beach full of tanned and happy people. In honor of the location I had Pet Sounds in the CD player, the sweet sound of the Beach Boys surrounding us as we rolled with the windows down and big smiles on our faces.

We both got the biggest kick out of the dog beach, a small stretch of sand between the end of a line of cliffs and a little river where people could bring their dogs to play. It was full of muttlies that were just beside themselves with joy, running and chasing each other and splashing in the surf. By the time we rolled through La Jolla into the town that would be our home for the summer Marie was asking me why I'd ever left, and why I hadn't come racing back after I did.

After picking up the keys from the agent and stopping for groceries we found the little duplex, just half a block from the surf in what looked like a fun part of town. There were restaurants and bars and a bathing suit shop whose storefront had Marie squealing with delight. The duplex was great, full of air and light, with a little southward-facing patio that had a view of the beach. The owners had left a note welcoming us and telling us the names of the couple in the other half of the building. They'd also left a bottle of champagne in the fridge.

"Now that's class," I said and showed Marie the bottle.

"Nice. Pop it open!" She wandered out to the patio as I looked for glasses, and I heard her speaking to someone. When I followed her out I found her exchanging hellos with the couple next door, whose patio was separated from ours by a railing. I handed her a glass and looked at the note I still held.

"You must be..." I said, "Kelly and Heather from Oklahoma. Kelly and Heather are on their honeymoon, baby."

They were a good-looking couple in their early-to-mid 20's, about our age. Both were blond, he was maybe three inches shorter than my 5'10" and in okay shape, very slim. His hair was longish and his features were delicate enough to qualify as pretty rather than handsome, in fact just for a split second I thought he was a she. The black baseball cap he wore backwards cued me to his gender before anything in his appearance did. He had a fairly distant demeanor, almost grumpy, which should be hard to pull off on your honeymoon in California. I pegged him for a jerk right away, but tried to withhold judgment until all the facts were in.

Heather was stunning. Tall, maybe 5'7", and built like a brickhouse. Big chest, great hips, nice legs. Her hair was white-blonde, and although I was sure it was from a bottle it still looked fantastic. With her blue eyes and great tan, she looked like she belonged in California, like she'd be right at home on Baywatch. She wore a thin white beach dress over a white bikini.

"I'm Marie. My pet gorilla is Ken." Marie held out her hand to Heather, who was standing close to the rail. She took it with a smile and we did the "Heather, Ken. Ken, Kelly. Kelly, Marie." routine. He squeezed the hell out of my hand when he shook it, actually turning his body to make sure he had leverage, and when he turned to greet Marie I could see that his hat had a Raiders logo on the front. The evidence was mounting.

"Join us?" I held up the champagne bottle.

"Sure!" Heather said. "I'll get glasses."

She hurried into their half of the duplex.

"Just grab me a beer," he called after her. She came out with a glass for her and a Budweiser for him. I poured and we toasted California.

"We were surprised to see the other apartment empty for so long," Heather said. "Did you guys get delayed?"

"No, we drove down," I said. "Marie had never seen the California coast, so we came through San Francisco, spent a couple days, worked our way down the Pacific Coast Highway from there."

"Ooh. I'd love to see San Francisco, the Bridge is so beautiful!"

"It really is. It's the most beautiful city I've ever seen." Marie put her hand on Heather's arm as she spoke. My love had adored the city by the bay. I couldn't wait to show her San Diego.

"Too many fags," opined Kelly. He flipped his wrist when he said "fags." Just in case we weren't familiar with the term, I guess.

Book him, Dan-O. Moron 1. I reminded myself that we'd be living next to these two all summer and didn't smack him. See how mature I am?

We chatted for a while, working our way through the champagne. Heather came across the balcony rail and followed Marie into our place to compare and contrast the decor while Kelly and I stood dividing our time between watching the girls in the apartment and the ones going by on the street. I learned that he sold BMWs at her dad's dealership, that they'd both gone to OU but that he didn't expect her to finish now that they were married, and that he was an avid golfer. He kept looking at my arms.

"You're pretty big, man," he said. "What do you bench?"

"About two fags. Unless one of them's a bear." I finished my champagne. "Excuse me, Kelly, I'm gonna go bring in our luggage. It's getting to be afternoon, and I've still gotta rip Marie's clothes off before dinner."

He laughed, not quite sure what to make of me. I goosed Marie on my way out to the truck, getting a laugh from both girls. They helped with the bags and Heather even stuck around to help unpack, finding homes for our kitchen utensils and hanging up the contents of my garment bag. In no time we were all moved in.

"Are you gonna come down to the beach for a while?" Heather asked as Marie arranged her beauty products on the bathroom sink.

"I think we'll have to wait until tomorrow for the beach. It's been..." she checked her watch, "almost seven hours since we made love. If I let him out with all those bikinis right now he'll be a public menace, end up carrying two of them home over his shoulders. He was already grunting and beating his chest on the drive through town."

It was true, I had been. 'Course, that was mostly Marie's fault, she'd been showing me her hot little body the whole ride, teasing me until I'd just about pulled into a parking lot and jumped her in the truck, broad daylight or not. Heather looked at me in amusement.

"Two of them, huh?" she said.

"Well, they're small, I wear 'em out. And sometimes I break one." I ducked my head and scuffed my toe. She laughed, and Marie grinned.

"If you guys want to have dinner, though..." Marie said. "Do you have a favorite place yet?"

"Kelly's playing in a pool tournament in town, it'll go late. I could go, though, if that's okay."

"Sure." We made plans to leave six-ish, and Marie walked Heather to the door.

They chatted for a minute, so I took off my shirt and walked out to them doing my best gorilla routine- walking with my legs bowed, scratching my head and pawing at my chest. I picked Marie up over my shoulder, which caused both girls to laugh and scream, then as I started toward the bedroom turned back and looked at Heather. I scratched my head a second as though thinking, then put out my arm and started toward her. She screamed and ran, laughing.

Marie was still laughing when I tossed her on the bed and dove on top of her, landing on my elbows so as not to crush her.

"You big goofball," she said, putting her arms around my neck. "Flirting with a newlywed?"

"Was that flirting?"

"You know damn well it was. Hubby irritated you so you flirted with the pretty blonde. You, sir, are incorrigible." She was grinning widely and wriggling her hips under me.

"You started it. 'No, we can't come out to the beach with you, Ken's gonna fuck the hell out of me all afternoon. Isn't your new husband gonna fuck the hell out of you all afternoon?'" My cock, having been teased all morning, responded quickly to her movements, helped along by her shorts being thin enough that I could feel her sex moving against me.

"Does it seem kind of odd to you that he's playing pool all night on his honeymoon?" she asked. "I know they've already been here like a week, but still..."

"You might want to think about that before you start inviting her along too much, baby. He told me out on the patio that he's playing thirty-six holes tomorrow. If we're not careful we'll end up adopting that girl."

"She's sweet. And she thinks you're cute. It won't hurt anything if she hangs out with us at the beach or tags along to SeaWorld."

I put on a thoughtful face.

"Well, I guess it can't hurt to have a spare," I said. "She looks strong, she might last a couple days if I break you. Give your bones a chance to knit."

She yawned theatrically, the effect of which was somewhat diminished by her still gyrating hips. We grinned at each other, and my hips moved in answer to hers. We kissed for a minute, then she reached down to untie my board shorts. I pushed her hand away and started fondling her strong little body gently, which caused her to laugh and grab my face.

"Enough with the teasing, big fella," she said. "I'm a little past that, here. Make with the fucky-fucky."

I laughed, sat up, and yanked her shorts off, pulling her legs up into the air with the swiftness of the motion. She screamed and laughed. I sang as I undid my shorts.

"Last night I tried to tease her... I gave my love a little pinch... She said now stop that jivin'..." She cut me off, tackling me onto my back, still laughing. Our lovemaking was full of giggles and laughter, tickles and sweet caresses. We dozed lightly for a while, tangled up in each other's embrace, before awakening to a slow, languid reprise. For all the games, for all the incredible fun we have with other people, this is the heart of our relationship. The simple joy of each other.

When we were at last satisfied she kissed me and got up, pulling on my t-shirt as she walked out to the patio. I always love to watch her move after we make love. Slow and graceful, like a cat stretching and sauntering across a room after a nap. Pulling on my shorts, I went to the fridge for a couple Pacificos, grabbing a third when I heard Heather's voice. It was after five, I was guessing her husband was already gone. I wandered out to join them and handed them each a beer.

"You two look like you should be purring," Heather said with a smile. We enjoyed the late afternoon sun in silence for a few minutes.

"Getting hungry?" I asked Heather.


Marie sent me to the shower first. When I was done I looked at myself in the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door for a second, indulging my narcissism. If there was a plus side to work taking me away from Marie that spring it was that I'd used exercise to take my mind off my frustration and was cut up pretty nicely. My cock looked obscene, still dangling long and thick after its exertions. On the whole I looked pretty good, although I could definitely use a tan. I walked out of the bathroom stark naked, both hands raised to dry my hair, the towel hanging over my face.

"Hey honey, how should I dress?" I said, my voice raised to carry to the patio. "Do you two want to go somewhere nice, should I get pretty?"

"We're in here, dummy!" Marie said with a laugh. I raised the towel and found myself right next to Heather, who was in an overstuffed chair in the living room. She was radar locked on my cock, which was practically touching her arm as it rested on the arm of the chair. Her eyes were wide, a deer-in-the-headlights frozen look on her face, so of course I let her have a good look before I moved. After a second I lowered the towel to cover myself, holding it with one hand so my wedding tackle was the only thing I covered. I held out my other hand apologetically.

"Sorry! Sorry, Heather. I thought you were still outside." Laughing, I backed into the bedroom, stopped when the blonde couldn't see me any more and shrugged at Marie. She laughed.

"Sorry about that, Heather. That's my man, strong as an ox and almost as smart. Are you okay?" She was amused, but there was a little... not concern, exactly, maybe interest is a better word... in her voice. When Heather answered I could hear why.

"Y-yeah. I'm okay. I've just never seen one- I mean... I've never seen a man- it's..." She paused, and when she spoke again she'd gotten a handle on herself. "I've never seen a man other than Kelly naked. I haven't even seen him that well."

I pulled on a pair of 501s and went back to the living room. Seeing Heather's reaction to my nudity made me laugh. It also made me feel a little old and jaded, which was silly since she was roughly my age.

Kinda turned me on, too. But you probably guessed that, didn't you.

"Again, my apologies, Heather. Kinda took you by surprise, there. I guess all the blood wasn't back to my brain yet, it didn't even occur to me that you guys might be in here." I leaned crosslegged on the arm of the sofa, which sat perpendicular to where she sat on the love seat. I was maybe three feet from her. It didn't occur to me that her eyes were on a level with my crotch again until I noticed that she couldn't quite manage to raise them to my face for more than five seconds. She was zoned in on my chest, my stomach, and the outline of my cock in my pants.

"No, it's okay. I just got a little flustered." She waved a hand and quickly added, "Because of the surprise. Like you said."

Marie was getting drinks in the kitchen, which was behind Heather. She caught my eye and, with a question on her face, pointed at Heather, then at her eyes, then at my crotch, asking "is she staring at your joint?" I nodded and smiled. Heather saw the nod, so I held a hand out toward Marie.

"Sure, baby, I'll have a drink. Thanks." Marie brought bottles of beer for the three of us, grinning at me.

"My turn in the shower," she said as she moved that way, carrying her beer. "You guys decide on dinner, but somewhere nice. I want to wear something sexy."

I sank down onto the couch and took a pull on my beer.

"What'cha think, Blondie? Got a favorite place around here?" With my pants below eye level she was able to look at my face.

She hadn't been into San Diego since they flew in, so we decided on a restaurant I knew on Harbor Island followed by the penny tour. She was pretty quick getting ready, and we were on our way within the hour. I was still in Levis, but I had on Marie's current favorite shirt, a black silk one with some understated embroidery that she'd gotten me for Christmas. She adores silk, seemingly everything she buys me was spun by worms. I added my best jacket, an almost-black dark green Italian number that was also a favorite of hers. Yes, I'm whipped. Shut up.

Marie had on one of her favorite dresses, a short, black satin slipdress that was tremendously sexy on it's own and allowed her to "accidentally" expose herself with ease. She wore very tall heels and understated silver jewelry that was amazing against her olive skin. With her shapely legs, big dark eyes and shining black hair, she was both elegant and stunningly beautiful.

Heather was gorgeous, a total bombshell. She'd changed into a silky, cornflower blue top that hugged her curves and a short, tight-fitting white skirt. To me, all girls pale into insignificance next to Marie, but the tall blonde was devastating nonetheless. It was nearly impossible not to stare. My frank "Wow!" and Marie's laughing "Okay, that's not fair! How am I supposed to compete with that?" got us a lovely smile and laughing curtsy. With her heels on she was actually a little taller than me, I made them both laugh by eyeballing her height and changing into my black cowboy boots.

"High heels for boys!" Marie said, delighted, pointing and laughing.

"I just don't want her to feel self-conscious," I said haughtily, my chin raised. "I'm only thinking of our new friend."

"Uh-huh." We were all grinning as we piled into the Bronco and headed across Mission Bay into the city.

The restaurant didn't disappoint. Good food and a fantastic view of the westering sun and all the boats and ships on San Diego Bay. Just a great place to start our evening.

Our waitress was a sexy mess. Nice body, pretty if somewhat tired and harried-looking face, hole for a nose-ring, red-brown hair worn just on the edge of mussed-up, short black skirt and white shirt a bit rumpled, black vest with only one button done, she looked like she'd just rolled out of bed, probably hung over, to come to work. Marie flirted with her obviously and relentlessly. The poor girl got so flustered she kept having to ask what Heather and I were drinking, even as she was dropping off another glass of wine for Marie.

Part of the flirtation was about Heather, who couldn't stop giggling at Marie's increasingly risque compliments and double entendres. Marie kept poking me under the table with a foot to make sure I caught all the action, grinning broadly as she moved from "I'm sorry, I was distracted by your eyes, tell me the specials again?" after we sat down to "Come here, pretty girl, and tell me about this dish" when it was time to order, and so on and so on, all of it meeting smiles and increasingly bold returns, until the girl brought the dessert menu and Marie cracked that she didn't see "Sexy redheaded waitress" listed. The waitress, Laci, grabbed the menu in mock-surprise and said "What?! It's gotta be on there. Here, let me write it in."

Amidst much laughter Marie and Heather ordered a dessert to share, one of those chocolate-on-chocolate-with-a-side-of-chocolate things, and I had a piece of pie. Or anyway I tried. Laci brought two of the chocolate things instead, realizing the mistake when she saw my surprised look.

"You wanted pie," she said, slumping a bit.

"Yeah. But no worries, I like chocolate."

"No, no, I'll get it." She grabbed the extra dessert and put it in front of Marie and Heather. "Here, you got one each after all. On the house."

"But we can't eat all this," said Marie with a laugh. "You gonna help us out?"

"Sure. Scoot over." Much to Marie's delight, she crowded into the booth and took a bite. They laughed and grinned mischievously at each other as they shared a fork. After a couple minutes Marie's foot went nuts kicking me under the table. I wasn't sure why until I saw how wide Laci's eyes were and just how wicked Marie's grin was.

"I like a girl who wears stockings instead of hose," Marie said. Laci laughed, I grinned broadly, and Heather looked confused.

Laci stuck around long enough to make me wryly reflect that I might just be looking at the two worst waitresses in the world, sitting side-by-side. I never did get my pie, by the time she went back to work I didn't want to make the girls wait. Marie invited the pretty waitress to join us at the beach or show us around town or whatever was clever, giving her one of my cards with our local info written on the back.

"Hey," said Heather as we rolled toward downtown. "What was that about stockings?"

Marie turned to grin at her.

"I didn't need both hands to eat," she said as though that explained it. At Heather's blank look she added, "So my left hand got a little curious about Laci. Turns out those were black stockings, not pantyhose."

"You..." Understanding dawned. "Jesus! You were feeling her up?"

"Little bit." Marie held her fingers up an inch apart. She shrugged at Heather's wide-eyed look. "I'm in a really, really good mood about spending the whole summer on vacation with my boy. And the better my mood the friskier I am. Which means right now I'm basically a little sex-bomb looking for places to go off."

Heather was quiet a second, then laughed.

"And here I was glad you sat by me because I was afraid of Ken getting happy hands."

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