tagIncest/TabooMissy Ch. 06

Missy Ch. 06


Well, after that Anna went back to her own bedroom for good and it wasn't too much later that Missy came into our lives. She must have really been hot stuff. When it comes to decision-making, my Dad is the slow, methodical type, weighing up pros and cons, never allowing himself to be pressured into action, rarely impetuous. But within six weeks of their first date, Missy had a rock on her finger and off they went for a three-week honeymoon at a private island in the Seychelles.

Afterwards, Missy somehow became part of our lives, almost like a permanent houseguest. It was soon apparent that dad and she had little or nothing in common and our evening meals were often accompanied by that uncomfortable, brittle silence that descends when no one speaks for fear of saying something wrong.

I know that Dad must have been remembering the easy laughter and comfort that mom always brought to our evenings together and Missy, cool as ice water, surely knew she could never compete with those memories. But to her credit, she never tried to play mom and she never tried to be friends with Anna and me. She was just a person who did her best to be amiable when we were around.

One afternoon when Anna was home alone and bored, she sneaked over to Dad's room. After he brought Missy back from their honeymoon he told both of us in no uncertain terms that their quarters were off limits to us, that Missy needed and deserved her private space and that we must respect that. I could have cared less, but Anna is a bit more feline in character and the whiff of forbidden fruit aroused her curiosity.

So Anna went snooping, under the pretense of looking through Missy's clothes closet. Fashion was one thing the two had in common. It was when Anna was shuffling through a lingerie drawer that she found it; a DVD labeled, "Seychelles Memories." Heart pounding, Anna slipped into the player and up on the flat screen appeared a large, airy rooms, with soft white curtains fluttering in a breeze, revealing lush palms and a white sand beach that gave way to the azure blue Indian ocean. The room seemed to be open on all sides and the bed in the center was enormous. On it lay my father, naked except for a small towel covering his midsection.

A young woman entered, dressed in a brightly colored Sari. She was an Indian beauty with a long, almond shaped face and dark, baby smooth skin. Her fingers were exceptionally long and lithe, capped by perfectly manicured fingernails. At first her ministrations to my Father took the form of a relaxing massage. There was no talking and the only sounds were of gentle wind and surf. By and by she took what looked like a small golden teapot and began to pour warm oil onto his chest and suddenly was playing with his nipples, tweaking and kneading them. The effect was immediate. Anna saw the towel on daddy's stomach begin to tent upward as his erection grew.

"Sahib," said the woman, breaking the silence. "I am here to bring your innermost fantasies to life. I am here to serve and please you in whatever way I can. Is that not what daughters are for?"

And with that my Dad groaned a sigh as she stopped down and nibbled on his tits, her silken hair covering his chest and stomach. And then she stood, reached behind her shoulder and undid her sari, letting it fall around and around her until it dropped in a silken puddle on the floor at her feet. She looked quite young, although her firm, large breasts appeared fully developed, as did her rounded, sloping butt cheeks. She began to move in front of him, undulating, almost dancing.

"Father, are you pleased by what you see?" she asked. "I've always wanted to fuck you father, to feel your cock slide slowly into me. To hear your cries as you come inside me, to feel your tongue on my tits. Tell me you want it too."

"Oh God yes, I want it," he gasped. And with that, she slipped the towel from him and like a catapult his cock flipped up onto his belly where she showered it with warm oil.

"I've wanted to feel this for so long, Sahib," she said as she began rubbing his dick slowly up and down. The oil slid downwards, coating his balls and leaking down into the crack of his ass. She began to masturbate him, rubbing his nuts as he lay there passively. She brought his cock upward, away from his belly and as one hand stroked, the other wrapped around its oily head, twisting back and forth as if trying to open a doorknob.

"I can already feel the cum surging up into your penis," she said. "You want to cum for your daughter, don't you?"

He could only nod helplessly. Now she poured copious amounts of oil on his hands and brought them to her breasts as she sat down on his chest. She held onto his wrists, allowing his hands to maul her lovely tits until her dark skin glistened and her nipples stood out.

"This is how I always imagined it," she whispered. "I knew you would be the perfect lover. My only lover, Father."

And with that she slipped backwards, allowing his cock to massage the slit of her wet, hairless cunt. As he pressed and kneaded and tweaked her breasts, she began humping his cock, sliding her slit along its length, allowing its head to make long, luxurious contact with her protruding clit.

"Ohhh," she cried. "I wanted so to give you pleasure, but it is I who am overwhelmed."

And with that she pressed her hands down on his chest, supporting herself as she bucked up and down on his rampant, oily cock. "You're going to make me cum, father, do you want me to cum? May I?"

"Yes, do it, cum for me!" he answered.

And with that, the young Indian beauty, laid her head on his chest, and rocked her clitoris up and down Daddy's steely cock until she shuddered to a standstill, shrieking out in some kind of Hindu cry that could only be understood as pure release.

Her body quivered for minutes and when she arose, she spread her legs and out of her cunt popped two shining steel balls, coated with her cum. One after the other she inserted them into Father's mouth and he rolled them in his mouth as if to clean them.

"I'm such a naughty girl, Father. Please give me what I need." And with that she straddled him, grabbed his cock and inserted the head into her steaming hole. She pushed back and the flesh of his penis disappeared slowly but surely inside her body. And as it was buried up to the balls, she leaned forward and kissed him for the first time, slurping his tongue into her willing mouth, pushing his oiled fingers back onto her breasts.

"Who am I today, Linda or Anna?" she asked as she began thrusting her ass back and forth, revealing and then concealing his cock. "You fucked Linda so hard and so good yesterday, perhaps you want to try Anna today."

"Oh yes, oh Anna, my beauty," he cried. "I'm fucking my daughter."

And with that he threw away his passiveness, grabbed the Indian girl and twisted her onto her back, throwing himself on top of her and ramming his cock to the hilt, driving deeply into her, speeding his thrusts.

"Cum on my belly, daddy, I want to see how much you love me!"

Dad was rocking furiously now, slamming into her, causing her to heave and moan as her tits moved back and forth like jello. She threw her legs over his shoulder and thrust upwards, shrieking in joy as another orgasm enveloped her.

"Anna, I'm fucking you, you're making me cum, you're so fucking hot."

And with that he extracted his cum filled pecker, pumped it once by hand and let loose a cannon blast of white hot jizz that left a creamy line extending from her gaping cunt, up her belly, across her heaving tits, her chin, her cheek her silky hair and onto the pillow above her head. The first blast was followed by a series of tertiary explosions that coated her midsection with milky cum. And as father panted at his release, another figure joined them on the bed, quickly licking up the fluid my Father had left behind, guiding his wilting penis into her mouth, teasing the Indian maiden's breasts. It was Missy.

By now, the real Anna, my sister, watching this home video, had stripped off her tank top and shorts and was lying on Dad's bed, fingering herself furiously to the images up there on the flat screen. And there was plenty to see.

The Indian maiden once again grabbed the golden teapot, spilling hot oil onto Missy's shoulders and letting it slide down her breasts and into the crack between her legs. Dad and the dark-skinned girl each took one of Missy's breasts, sucking and massaging them and in seconds dad's new wife was gasping for air. Tongues and hands attacked her perfect body from every angle and soon she was sandwiched between them, dad underneath frantically eating out her pussy while the Indian girl gently tongued her anus and toyed with her tits. Within minutes, Missy was wracked by orgasm, screaming so loud that the audio distorted.

As the three rested, Anna fast-forwarded and before long, there was movement onscreen as the two women sucked the muscle back into Dad's penis. Now it was Dad and Missy's turn to minister to the girl and soon both of their tongues were working out on her clitoris, bringing her to her third orgasm.

But the best was yet to come. Missy hopped off the bed, disappeared for a second and when she returned she was wearing that large, black strap on dildo. Dad's new wife obviously had some experience handling penises. She grabbed the Indian girl's golden teapot and slathered hot oil all over her rubber dildo, stroking it up and down, making it bounce in the air as if it were real.

As she did so, the maiden began to take Dad's organ into her mouth, tonguing it, wetting it, letting it slip further and further into throat. She slathered saliva on it, massaging the head with her lips and tongue, alternately teasing the tip and then swallowing the spear in its entirety. As she worked on his cock, Missy crawled into place and inserted the long black dildo into the girl's sopping, crimson twat.

"Mmmmmm," she mewled, letting go of Dad's prick for a moment to push back as Missy shoved the oily rubber cock in to the hilt.

Our stepmother seemed to be a natural at taking over the male role. Soon she was humping the strap on in and out like it was second nature. And her finger slipped down and began massaging the dark folds of the girl's shaven pussy, finding her clitoris, flicking with her fingernails. The maiden in turn went back to her salacious bout of cock sucking, sucking Dad back in up to the cods, eliciting a groan of satisfaction from him.

"I think it's time for a little togetherness," Missy hissed. "Your daughter needs to experience two cocks at once, don't you think?"

Missy pulled out and lied down on her back. In a flash, the Indian girl perched on top of her and re-impaled her cunt on the rubber dick. Father literally brought up the rear, inserting his steel-hard penis into her tight ass.

"You're fucking your daughter's ass now, honey, how does it feel? Yeah, fuck it harder, feel how tight it is."

"Goddam it, I can't take much more," he cried.

And he began pumping his pole in earnest as the sandwiched maiden smiled and yowled in delight. She was really getting into it and Missy's hand was flailing away on her distended clitoris. It seemed she was getting the best of the situation. She began tugging at her own nipples and her head bowed down as her whole body shuddered and rippled as another orgasm pumped through her. Dad was ramming at full speed and it was clear he was about to spill his seed as well. Missy, directly beneath him, pulled his cock out with a plop and pointed it downward, taking the head into her mouth just as he screamed and discharged an awesome amount of sperm.

Missy tried to take it in but couldn't. She gagged and spit dad's penis back out along with a big gob of cum. At the same time he threw down a second rope of creamy jizz the length of Missy's tummy, followed by a third and fourth ejaculation. The Indian girl immediately started licking it up and then dropped onto Missy's tummy, reveling in the hot mixture of cum and oil.

Watching the screen, the real Anna was now stark naked, frantically mauling her tits and playing with her clit as she took in the bizarre scenes. She was so engrossed in her masturbation that she almost screamed out as a hot tongue pressed itself into the back of her neck, followed by hot, wet lips that sucked on her ear.

"Aren't you a bit innocent for this kind of entertainment?" a breathless voice asked.

Anna turned to see Missy, in the flesh, misty eyed, wriggling out of a tight black leather mini skirt. She was wearing no panties and soon her well-manicured cunt was exposed, already moist with pearls of lubrication. She ripped off a sheer white cotton blouse, exposing her voluptuous breasts and then she pounced, diving in between my younger sister's legs. As her tongue shot up into Anna's slit, she babbled an explanation.

"I've been watching you for at least 10 minutes now," she gasped. "Watching you get hotter and hotter, watching you play with your tits and twat, watching the juice drip out of you. You're not quite sure what to do yet but you're going to get a lesson right the hell now."

And with that, Missy locked her mouth onto Anna's mount of Venus, her red-hot tongue slithering in and out of the sopping slit. She pushed her hands underneath Anna, gripping her ass cheeks and pushing her cunt upwards. And then she hit the spot, sucking and nibbling and teasing Anna's clit until sis screamed out in delight, pouring down an orgasm that nearly ripped her apart.

"If you think we're through you're wrong, young lady," Missy mewled as she crawled her way up Anna's beautiful body, kissing and biting her way to those sumptuous tits. Missy took both nipples into her mouth sucking and slavering on them until Anna was gasping for breath.

Now, our stepmother forced Anna into action, thrusting her own conical tits into her face, forcing her to take them into her mouth. She did so willingly and with great enthusiasm, and soon both women were thrashing on the bed. Anna sensed it was her turn to deliver the goods and went south, spreading Missy's legs and licking for all she was worth. She must have been a natural because Missy grabbed her hair and thrust her pelvis into her greedy mouth, as an orgasm shivered through her.

Barely recovered, the two locked in a long, wet, salacious kiss, their tits crushed against one another, each humping themselves to orgasm on the other's thigh. Anna said she had four orgasms in about five minutes and Missy must have had just as many, and then the two women literally passed out in each others' arms, waking up a good half-hour later, embarrassed but sexually gratified.

"Don't worry about the tape," Missy counseled. "It was just a fantasy your Dad wanted to play out. In real life he'd never in a million years try anything like that. Me, on the other hand, I'm a bit more flexible in my attitudes."

And with that, Missy disappeared into their sauna. Anna grabbed her clothes and hobbled out of the room, not even bothering to put away the DVD.

After Anna bared her soul (and everything else) to me, I disclosed my peeping tom episode of the past two days, telling Anna in glaring detail about Missy's tryst with Kurt and then with the other guy. Neither of us was quite sure where this was going but we were very curious.

At some point we finally got out of bed and into the shower. I found my nipples were so sore that I had to rub them with Vaseline and tape them before I could do my morning six thousand meters. As I fell into my routine in the pool, I continuously let the images of the past 48 hours rotate through my head. Once in awhile I'd get a glimpse of Anna, undulating in a lounge chair, oblivious to the world. And every so often, I'd catch her glancing my way. When our eyes met, she'd smile, her brilliant white teeth glinting in the sunshine.

To be continued...

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