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Missy Pays The Rent


Author's note: Welcome to my latest story. I've been writing some longer more involved works lately and decided to just write something simple and fun. One disclaimer, I do always put a little story in before the fun and this tale is no different. As a person who enjoys this type of fantasy what bothers me is stories where the couple is portrayed as robotic cut out sexual predators. So I take the time to let the reader kind of get to know "Lisa and Keith" first. Trust me this story delivers plenty of sex, but if you want it in the first couple of paragraphs this isn't the story for you. Hope you enjoy. Lovecraft68


Sitting at my desk in the spare bedroom that served as my office, I felt like a kid on Christmas day. It was the first of the month and sitting in front of me was a stack of rent checks. I opened each one and smiled, not just at the fact people were handing us money, but the sense of satisfaction that went with it. Four years ago everyone thought Keith and I were crazy when we sold our house and bought the rundown apartment building in Cranston. Not only did it need a ton of work, but the neighborhood was not exactly up and coming.

But after two years of living in the first floor apartment and barely being able to pay the taxes and sinking every dime into repairs, we'd caught our break. A real estate developer had bought the buildings down the street that had formerly housed mill workers in the forties and fifties and turned them into luxury condos and retail stores. In order to draw the high end renters and shoppers, the entire neighborhood had been renovated and property values had skyrocketed. At the time we'd had only two of the apartments rented, but within six months not only were all eleven full, but there was a waiting list.

Since then, anytime anyone moved out there was a new tenant living there before the month was out. Best of all was because we had bought cheap, the mortgage was low and we were doing quite well for ourselves. Well enough for me to stay home and manage the property and for Keith to leave the firm he hated and start his own Law practice. I opened the last check and with a delighted laugh, stamped it for deposit. I put the checks in the bank pouch for tomorrow and getting up, placed it in the small safe next to the desk.

I glanced at my watch and frowned when I saw it was seven o'clock. The only drawback to Keith having his own office was he worked later now, but he loved it and was happy and that's what mattered. Leaving the office, I went into the bedroom to get undressed. I was wearing a simple black sundress and as I reached behind my neck to untie it, caught my reflection in the mirror. Pulling the string, I put my arms over my head and gave a playful shimmy to let it fall to the floor.

Underneath I was wearing a black lace bra and a matching thong. Like most red heads I was fair skinned and took a moment to admire how good the black lace looked against my creamy complexion. I removed the clip from my hair and gave my head a shake, enjoying the feeling of my long thick hair caressing my back. Reaching back, I removed my bra and slipping it off, stared at my tits in the mirror. I was a full C and so far they were still standing high and firm. My nipples were so pink they could barely be seen even with my white skin. Keith adored them, and cupping my breasts, I stroked my nipples with my thumbs.

"Hmmm, you like those, baby?" I asked my reflection.

I sighed as I continued to fondle my tits. Looking into the mirror, I pictured Keith licking one while the pretty young blonde we had played with last month, licked the other. Thinking of her caused me to take a couple of steps back, and sitting on the bed, I slid my hand down my soft stomach, and into my thong. My breath hissed between my lips as my fingers found my clit and started to rub it in slow circles. That girl had been one of the best we'd had in awhile, eager to please and as good at licking pussy as she was sucking cock.

My fingers sped up envisioning the high point of that evening; I'd been straddling Keith's face as he lay on his back. The blonde, who had given her name as 'Candy' was straddling him, riding his cock. While licking my pussy, Keith had his thumb on her clit and as we rode his cock and tongue, we sucked on each other's nipples. I'd cum damn hard, screaming into her perky tits, while she began squealing and bucking wildly on Keith as he got her off on his cock. No sooner had she finished coming then. I pushed her off of him and grabbing my husband's cock, jerked it off into her open mouth.

I threw my head back and let out a long loud moan as I came to the delightful thought of how good his cum had tasted from her tongue as we kissed after he came. I leaned back on my elbows and tried to catch my breath, damn I'd cum quick, but then again I'd been pretty wound up today. Yet another good thing about it being the first was a little bit of that rent money was spent on some rather special entertainment. For the last year, since we'd been doing really well, the first Saturday night of the month Keith and I indulged in our favorite past time, women.

Although Keith more than enjoyed our trysts, the girls were more for me than him. I had no desire for any cock other than his, but ever since I had to perform a sixty nine with another pledge to get into my college sorority I'd been hooked on the taste of pussy. For the first few years of our marriage I stayed good and kept it to fantasy, but one night while vacationing in Cancun we had been approached by a local prostitute who solicited both of us.

We had been drinking heavily and I told Keith I wanted her. He laughed and said the only way I could fuck her was if he could fuck her too. I hesitated, but when she smiled and lifted her shirt to expose a pair of perfect caramel colored tits with gorgeous rose colored nipples I'd said why not and the three of us had fucked all night. For awhile we would rely on chance encounters whenever they would arise, but last winter Keith had come home with the number of an escort service a close friend swore by.

I'd been dubious, but Keith had known the guy since college and he insisted the girls were all beautiful, clean and most importantly discreet. Most of them were coeds working through school and a few of the ones that were a little older had been, but decided they could make more money doing this. We'd tried it once and were hooked. The first girl, a stunning green eyed redhead, had been so amazing there was no way we weren't going to do it again. Each girl since had been enjoyable, and we felt confident our little habit wouldn't get found out.

The one precaution we did take was that we wouldn't use one of the girls as a regular, we always requested different girls. Personally I would have liked a steady playmate, but we didn't want them to get to know us too well. Although I'm sure if we got to the point they didn't have any new girls we would be willing to go back to square....

"Starting without me?"

I jumped and looked over to see Keith leaning against the doorway. He was dressed in a white polo shirt that accented his tan and was snug enough to flatter his impressive arms and shoulders. My eyes dropped down to the crotch of his black Dockers and I smiled at the sight of the large bulge in them.

"My husband works late and leaves me all alone!" I said in a little girl voice, "What's a girl to do?" Reaching between my legs, I pulled my thong to the side to expose my glistening red haired pussy. "See? I'm all wet!"

"And a true redhead!" He said softly, pushing himself from the door and slowly towards me. "Your husband's an idiot, how could anyone a leave a pussy that pretty alone?"

He made a show of scratching his blond hair and I fought to keep a straight face as I sighed,

"He's a boring lawyer." I told him and as he laughed, shook my head, "A real prude."

"That's too bad," he said, his blue eyes riveted on my pussy, he unbuckled his belt and slipped it off. "For him."

He looked up at me and locking my own blue eyes onto his, I said, "Come here and fuck me."

"How romantic." He laughed, but was unzipping his pants as he did.

"Screw romance, just come over to the bed and fuck your horny wife."

"Yes ma'am." Keith nodded,

Stepping up to the bed, he pushed his pants down allowing his cock to spring free. Keith pulled his shirt off and released a surprised gasp when I sat up and quickly took his hard thick cock into my mouth. I'd been just looking for a quickie, but his prick had looked too good not to taste. I took him deep into my mouth and after savoring the feeling of having my throat stuffed with his throbbing flesh, started rapidly bobbing my head.

"Oh, yeah," he breathed, "Fuck romance!"

Reaching down, he began fondling my tits and I sighed around his cock as I blew him. Keith gave my nipples a pinch, causing me to yelp, then putting his hands on my shoulders, pushed me back onto the bed. I immediately put my feet on his chest and pulled my thong to the side just in time for him to drive his cock into me.

"That's what I need!" I cried out, as wrapping his arms around my thighs, he started fucking the shit out of me.

"Yeah, that what you need, you little red headed slut?" Keith asked as he continued pounding me, "A good hard cock, in that hot little pussy?"

"Yes, oh, fuck yeah!" I cried as he lifted my legs up, bringing my ass off the bed and causing his cock to plunge even deeper into me.

"I like when you squeal," he smiled, and started slamming me harder, making me emit one, "But I like it better when you're squealing into a hot little pussy!"

"Hmmm," I purred in between yelps, "I bet you do!"

"I love pounding you with your ass in the air, while you're sucking on her clit and her cumming in your face."

"And you cumming all over my ass," I moaned, "Letting it drip down my pussy so..."

"She can lick it off," Keith finished, "And then...Oh!"

He gasped and I released a loud cry as he began savagely pounding my pussy. Keith gave me several more brutal thrusts before whipping his cock out and spraying my stomach with a huge load of hot white cum.

"Oh, that feels good!" I cooed while watching him pump his spurting cock.

"Wow." Keith gasped, giving his cock a squeeze and dripping the last of his cum onto my pussy. "That was fun!"

Grabbing his shirt from the bed where he tossed it, Keith began to wipe the cum from my stomach. Before he could get it all, I scooped some up with my finger and sucked it into my mouth. I rolled my eyes at the taste and with an exaggerated sigh, said, "Would taste even better mixed with some pussy.

"Suck on your fingers then," he laughed, sitting on the bed next to me. "They usually taste like pussy."

"Yeah, but my pussy isn't as good." I told him, with another sigh.

"Honey, your pussy is the sweetest I've ever tasted," he said, kissing my cheek.

"Smooth answer, councilor." I laughed and lying back on the bed, patted it.

Keith laid down next to me on his back and I rolled over, draping my arm across his waist and my leg over his, kissed him, "Sorry I didn't have dinner ready, I wasn't sure when you'd be home."

"No worries," he said, flashing me a tired smile, "This was much better, and I had a sandwich at the office."

"Good timing then," I replied, idly tracing my finger nails down his chest. "I was going to get up." I paused then whispered in his ear, "Speaking of timing..."

"Oh, yeah it is that time isn't it?" He made a show of thinking. "I really hadn't thought of it and..."

"Bullshit!" I laughed, then propping myself up on my elbow looked down at him. "I picked last time, what you in the mood for?"

"Hmm," he paused. "She was blonde and you had her in the slutty schoolgirl outfit. I was thinking dark hair and the sexy librarian look. Hair up, nice suit, glasses." He looked over at me, "What do you think?"

"Sounds good me." I replied, "Hell, they've all been good."

"I'll call in the morning." He said stifling a yawn.

"Short notice."

"Please, Lisa, we're preferred customers at this point." He laughed, "No discount though."

"They're worth every penny." I reminded him.

"Speaking of money." Keith said, "You get the mail?"

"Of course." I smiled, "It never gets old, baby."

"Did the Wilson's pay?"

For the first time today, I frowned. "No."

"You call them?"

"Keith it's the first, let me at least give them until tomorrow."

"Lisa, we talked about this. They're three months behind, we told them they had to have at least one month today or we're going to have to...."

"I feel bad, John's company closed the door overnight and the union can't even get their pension money for them without going to court."

"I know Lisa, but..."

"And," I went on, "His wife's been laid off for months and still can't find a job."


"And their niece lives with them so she can go to URI and they're helping to pay for that and..."

"Enough!" Keith cut in. "I feel bad too, that's why I let it go one month, then two. But Lisa they can't get this far behind, it's not fair to the people who pay their rent."

"Yeah, I know." I agreed nodding.

"I told them if they can get this month's we'll work with them on what they owe, but we need something."

"Technically we don't need it, Keith, we're doing really well and when the court makes his company pay..."

"I'm an attorney, that can go for years." He saw the look on my face and rolled his eyes, "Lisa it's a business, we have a list of people, we can't let it go because you feel bad."

"Okay, I'll talk to them tomorrow." I lowered my eyes and sighed.

I didn't have to look up to know Keith was rolling his eyes again, but he gave me what I wanted, "You want me to come with you?"

"Would you?"

"Yes, Miss property manager. I'll look like the bad landlord."

"I'd just hate to see them go." I gave him a playful giggle, "Their niece Melissa is adorable. I'll miss seeing her by the pool."

"Melissa?" Keith shook his head, "She's a kid, Lisa."

"She's a sophomore, she just turned nineteen."

"Still young."

"Please," I laughed, "How old was that girl last month? Twenty one? Its only two years."

"Two years and a lot of experience. Melissa's just a cute kid"

"That's what makes her hot." I laughed, "They call her Missy, and she's cute and she's shy." I closed my eyes, picturing her by the pool, "And she's got this perfect little ass and perky little tits and those big brown eyes..."

"Don't get wound up Lisa, I'm really tired and we don't shit where we eat."

"It's just a fantasy." I assured him, and then asked, "Ever wonder what that would be like?"

"What? A girl still in her teens?"

"Not so much that, but sweet and demure, no experience at all. The girls we get are professionals; they're as experienced as we are. I wonder what it would be like to..." I tried to think of the word.

"Corrupt one?"

"Kind of," I shook my head. "Imagine a girl that's never licked pussy or doesn't know how to give a blow job. That could be..."

"Okay Lisa, we can skip hot librarian and go for the little girl routine."

"That would be acting, I'm wondering what it would be like." I leaned in and whispered in his ear, "It's okay Missy, we won't hurt you, we just want to make you feel good," I sighed and continued, "Now put that cock in your mouth, just a little and... Oh, you like that!"

I exclaimed when I felt his once again hard cock, pressing against my thigh. Rolling over, he pushed me on my back and getting between my legs, pressed his cock against my still moist pussy.

"It's okay honey," he whispered, "I'll go easy,"

As he spoke, he eased just the tip into my pussy.

"Ohh, sir, it's so big!" I moaned, "Oh please go easy! I...hmmm"

Keith entered me and leaning down, kissed me then said softly in my ear, "I love you, you little perv."

"Love you too baby!" I sighed as he began moving within me.

Life really was good.


I sat on the couch across from the Wilson's trying not to look as nervous as they did. In the time we'd owned the house we'd only had to evict one tenant and that was because we'd found out they were dealing drugs and I'd had no qualms with it. Our apartments were expensive and located in a now high end area and most of the tenants had excellent jobs and we never had any issues getting our money.

The Wilson's had been no exception and we'd had no problems with them the two years they'd lived there. Mary had been laid off from her job last year, but John was making good money as a contractor until the company he worked for folded overnight three months ago. They had just paid a year's tuition for their niece and the closing had come out of nowhere. To continue their string of bad luck, Mary had to have her gall bladder removed two months ago and with the medical coverage gone, they'd paid thousands to the hospital.

They were good people on hard times and as bad as I felt, I knew Keith was right, we couldn't just keep letting it go. I felt like a little kid having him come with me; after all I had left my job as an office manager to run the property, meaning this was supposed to be my job. I'd been on edge since this morning when Mary called and asked if I could come speak to them today. Keith didn't have court so would be home early and we agreed on five o'clock.

As soon as he arrived, we'd headed downstairs and were let in by Melissa, who looked like a dear in headlights when she opened the door. That made me feel even worse, part of their monetary issues right now were the fact they were paying their nieces way through college because her parents had nothing. Good people like that were pretty rare and didn't deserve to go through this.

Trying to stop my mind from spinning, I'd let my gaze drop to watch Melissa's cute little heart shaped ass in the denim shorts she was wearing. For a slender girl, she had a nice little sway to her hips that I enjoyed watching as we walked down the hallway to get to the living room. She was fairly tall and her long legs were deeply tanned and, again, for a thinner girl had a nice shape to them. My eyes rose to take in her long thick black hair, that was gathered in a pony tail, and I had to blink away the thought of Keith pulling on it. We entered the living room and Melissa went over and sat on the foot stool next to the couch where John and Mary were sitting.

"Have a seat, please." John said softly, pointing at the loveseat across from them.

As we sat I could see John was nervous and Mary's eyes were red as if she had been crying.

"Lisa said you needed to talk to us?" Keith asked.

"Yes, and you know what it's about I'm sure."

"Were you able to come up with the rent this month?" I asked, even though the looks on their faces gave me the answer.

John looked over at Mary who put her head down and I saw Melissa look away as well.

"I have half."

"Of what you owe?" Keith asked.

"Just this month." John shook his head, "It's all I could get right now."

Keith looked over at me and for a moment held my gaze, I looked away and felt him continuing to stare at me. I felt like a jerk, I was leaving him to be the heavy. I heard him sigh, and then begin speaking.

"Look John, I think we've been more than fair and patient with your situation, but a thousand out of six is nowhere near enough."

"I know Keith." John nodded, "And you're right, you guys have been great, I know you can have this rented in a heartbeat, but we're just really up against it right now."

"I understand, but John..." Keith paused and I could hear him wavering, "Look can you have the other half next week? Then maybe start catching up next month?"

"I could say yes, but I'd be lying." John answered softly. "You guys are good people and I won't do that, I can't have anything until the first of next month and..." he shrugged, "It depends on the union dipping into the strike fund to pay us."

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