tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMissy's Weekend In Hell

Missy's Weekend In Hell


Missy couldn't wait for the weekend to arrive. She had just turned 18 and was so excited because this would be the first weekend in her entire life that she would be left alone in the house!

Missy's parents had always been very protective of Missy and she was never left alone! Never Ever! This would be a first! For as long as she could remember, there had always been Mommy and Daddy to look out for and to take care of her. She was their little princess and her life had been so sheltered that she was only allowed to watch TV shows that were rated for children. There was never a time when she was left alone. In fact she had been home schooled and had almost no contact with other children. To others this might seem out of the ordinary, but it was all she knew and of course had no bad feelings about her life.

Missy didn't realize it but she was a very beautiful young lady. She had long dark hair that cascaded down over her shoulders and most of the way down her back. It was very wavy and thick. She was about 5 foot and 7 inches and a mere 110 pounds. Those pounds were very well put together also. Her measurements were almost perfect at 36 – 27 – 36. She had always worn very plain blouses and skirts that came to below her knees. Only her mother knew that she had a bra size of "C". Even Missy did not know because her mother ripped out any tags from her clothing before Missy ever saw them. To those that did see her, she couldn't have been any plainer had she tried. Mother had seen to that and mother was pleased.

The big day was coming too slowly for Missy. She felt excited and nervous at the same time as the day came closer and closer. Finally it was Friday and Mommy and Daddy were finally getting ready to leave. Mother pulled her aside, away from Daddy and in a low voice told Missy that she was to let no one into the house. She told her that there was only one person that was allowed in and that was the woman from next store. Missy knew her as a quiet lady who lived alone and had only met her a couple times. Mother said that she would come by each evening just to check on Missy and make sure all was OK for the night. Missy didn't care about that, she just wanted the weekend to start! Daddy gave her a big hug, squeezing her tight against him and told her to have fun while they were gone.

She watched them back out of the driveway and turn down the street. Finally they were gone and she was alone! She couldn't believe they would actually go through with it but she sure was glad they did! Now she would find out what it felt like to be almost an adult and living on your own.

It was almost dinnertime and it was time to cook her first meal. Actually all she had to make was the spaghetti noodles. The sauce was already on the stove simmering. She got the pot out and after filling it with water, placed it on the stove to get hot. She had helped mom before and knew how to do this. Soon the spaghetti was ready and she drained it over the sink and placed on the hot pad on the table. The sauce followed on it's own pad and along with the garlic bread, her meal was ready! It was delicious, especially since she had made most of it and it was her favorite.

Just as she was finishing, a knock came on the door. It was her neighbor. Missy opened the door and asked her to come in. She stepped right in and closed the door behind her. She said her name was Maria and that she was of course the neighbor. Missy told her that she was fine and had just finished eating. Maria said, "let me guess"; spaghetti. Missy looked amazed until Maria told her she had spilled a little on her blouse and skirt. This embarrassed Missy a little and she blushed. Maria told her not to worry; she knew what to do. They had to be put in cold water right away to rinse it out before it stained and she asked Missy to take it off right away so she could show her. Missy was a little nervous but since this was something her mother had done numerous times, she took both her skirt and blouse off right there in the living room!

Maria just stared a moment and took the clothing to the bathroom down the hall. Rinsing out the stains she saw that Missy had followed her and was watching what she was doing. Maria kept rinsing while she was looking in the mirror at Missy. She saw a very young, to her, lady in what could only be described as "granny pants and bra"! It was no wonder she never saw any boys come calling. Maria put the clothes in the sink and filled it with cold water to let them soak before washing them. She turned to Missy and told her she should go get dressed. Missy was so used to following directions that she just turned around and went to her bedroom to do as she was told. Maria following, watched as she put on another skirt and blouse that was almost exactly the same as the one she had just taken off. She could see that the clothes just hid poor Missy's charms and Maria could almost feel the repression in the house! Maybe she could help Missy come out a little this weekend. After all she was only a few years older than Missy and should be able to relate to her.

Once she was dressed they went back to the kitchen and Maria offered to help clean up. Missy found that she liked having Maria around and she was only 6 years older than Missy! They talked about many things as they finished the dishes. The work done, they moved to the living room where they sat and chatted. Eventually the subject of clothing came up. Of course Maria was the one to bring up the subject. She asked Missy if she ever dressed in anything besides blouses and skirts. Missy said yes she did; she had some dresses too. Maria said no, I meant; shorts or pants and tee shirts! Missy told her she didn't have any of that because her mother said it made her look wicked! Maria said that couldn't be true, some of them were very flattering to a woman and that she was sure that Missy would look great in a nice pair of shorts and a nice tee! Missy blushed again at this and Maria made up her mind to help this beautiful girl come out of the shell her mother had forced her into! She told Missy to be ready to go shopping at 10:00 AM the next morning. When Missy tried to say she didn't have any money for that, Maria told her not to worry, it is covered.

They talked a while longer and Maria finally left for home. Missy stayed up and watched a little TV, stations she wanted to, not her mother, but soon got tired and went to bed. Tomorrow was Saturday and she was going shopping! This would be a new experience since her mother always just came home with clothes for her to wear. She couldn't wait!

Chapter 2

Missy woke to the alarm going off at 7 AM. The night had been uneventful and Missy was rested and ready to go. She headed for the bathroom and started the shower running as she took her morning pee. By the time she was done the water was warm and she took all her clothes off and got in the shower. The water felt really good as it hit her virgin breasts. She always liked this part of the morning shower but never thought it could be any better than that and usually got right out after showering. This morning though there was no rush to finish and she stood there enjoying the feelings. Her deep brown nipples got harder and she felt a pressure building there. It was a good feeling and she let her hands come up to hold her breasts. Her fingers naturally moved to roll her by now hard nipples, making them even harder! She could feel the heat spread out and when she felt the heat spread to her vagina, her hands dropped to her sides. She had never felt that feeling before and had no idea what to do now! It felt good but she "knew" it was naughty. Her mom and told her over and over again to never touch there; it was nasty. Missy couldn't help just a little touch and as her fingers slid down over her belly there was a rush of feelings when she brushed over her mound. "This isn't right" she thought and quickly finished washing and got out of the shower, trying to forget how good it had felt when she touched herself!

She got dressed in her normal white blouse and dark skirt and went out to get her breakfast. Maria was coming at ten and she wanted breakfast over and dishes cleaned up by then. She checked the time and found it was already almost 8:30! She had been in the shower almost an hour! Missy couldn't believe that she had "lost" that much time. What had she been doing in there! Breakfast was done in time and she was putting away the last dish just as Maria knocked at the door.

Maria was very excited this morning and her excitement soon rubbed off on Missy as they made their way to the mall. It didn't open until 10:00 AM so they stopped at a donut shop for some coffee. Missy didn't drink coffee but she did get a small cup of hot chocolate. The mall was only as short drive away and they set off again so they would be there when the stores opened. Missy was finishing her chocolate as Maria parked the car when all of a sudden there was a lurch as the front wheels hit the curb and Missy spilled the last drop down over her chin and onto her white blouse! Just what she needed, now she would be in the mall with all these people staring at her and her blouse. She didn't like to be the center of attention at any time and wanted to just leave. Maria was having none of that and said they would get a blouse or shirt first and then she wouldn't be stared at.

She finally convinced Missy and off they went. Maria in the lead and Missy barely keeping up, they went to the first store. It was kind of trendy and Missy felt a little uncomfortable. All the clothes were stylish and she thought they were just too much for her. Maria said that was nonsense and that she should try some of them on and then make up her mind about what she liked, or didn't. Maria grabbed two off the first rack she came to and sent Missy off to the dressing room to try them on while she went looking for more.

Several minutes went by and no Missy, so Maria went to the dressing room area and started calling out Missy's name. She finally heard the soft, "I'm over here" and found Missy just sitting on the seat in the little room. When Maria asked her what was wrong; all she got was, they are too tight and my bra shows! She could tell Missy was embarrassed and was going to need someone to tell her what to do. She gently took Missy by the shoulders and had her stand up. She then told Missy to take off her blouse and she would show her how good she would look in the new blouse. Missy finally took it off and revealed the plain white bra she was wearing. Maria thought it looked like something her mother would wear and told Missy to take it off too. Now Missy really didn't want to do this in front of Maria but Maria insisted and finally just turned her around and unhooked it herself. Missy instantly put her hands up to cover herself but Maria was having none of that! She took Missy's hands down and reached for one of the blouses she had brought in. It was one of those "tube top" things with really thin straps and was really stretchy with that crinkly styled material. As she pulled it down over Missy's head, she couldn't believe how good Missy's tits looked to her. They stood out firmly on her chest with those dark brown Italian nipples pointing right at her! They were so suckable looking it was all she could do to not just bend over and lick them all over. She stopped herself, knowing that Missy was not ready for that and she would have to go slow and work up to that! But, they were sure tempting and she knew that some how she was going to have them!

The blouse fit very nicely over Missy's tits and came down almost to her belly button. Maria knew she looked hot and when Missy saw how she looked in the mirror she blushed and told Maria that there was no way her mother would let her wear something like that and Maria told her that her mother didn't have to know. Why tell her, Maria wasn't going to. Missy looked back at the mirror and Maria could see a hint of a smile now. The blouse did look great. Maria stood behind Missy and pointed out how the design of the blouse let it be worn without a bra. It was shaped to cup her breasts and hold them up even if they wouldn't really stay that high by themselves. She asked Missy if it felt right and could she feel the support. When Missy hesitated to answer, Maria took a chance and placed her hands under Missy's tits and gave a little lift saying that she should feel it here. Missy blushed and nodded her head yes she could feel it. Maria could see Missy's nipples making little tents under the blouse and wanted to see just how big they would get so she just grabbed the bottom of the blouse, lifted it up and squeezed both Missy's nipples with her fingers! Missy almost freaked out and tried to pull back but now Maria was having none of that. She just held on and since Missy couldn't go far she just kept rolling them between her thumbs and fingers until they stood out almost half an inch! Letting go, she pulled the blouse back down and turned Missy to show her how sexy she looked in the mirror. Missy couldn't believe the feeling going on in her nipples after that rough treatment but she liked them and the blouse did look sexy with her nipples trying to push through the material.

Maria told her to take that blouse off and try the other one on and she would be right back. Missy raised it up over her head and just as she got it off Maria opened the door wide and left saying she would be right back. Missy just stared at the store clerk as she stared back at Missy's bare tits. Missy finally got control of her surprise and closed the door, but not before she saw the clerk smiling at her! She was just picking up the next blouse when the door opened again! Missy let out a little squeak as she tried to cover her self but it was Maria back with a skirt. She told Missy to hustle it up and put on the blouse because she had found a skirt and wanted to see her in it too.

Missy looked at the blouse and seeing that it was a very light white material, she was going to put her bra back on. Maria stopped that right away saying that there was no way her big ole granny bra would go with that blouse. They would find one later. Missy's nipples were still hard and when she looked in the mirror she found that she could actually see them through the thin material! They only got harder as she looked too. Maria distracted her and told her to take off the skirt so she could try on the new one with the blouse. Missy hesitated but Maria reached to do it herself and Missy took it loose herself and let it drop to the floor. Now she stood in front of Maria in an almost see-through blouse and her granny panties. Maria handed her the skirt and Missy stepped into it and pulled it up over her hips. Immediately, Maria could see that the granny pants would not do and told Missy to stop. Knowing Missy would object if she told her what to do, so she just reached up under Missy's skirt and pulled them down! Missy shrieked out to stop and pushed her skirt back down but not before Maria caught a nice view of Missy's plump pussy. She saw the hair was fine and her outer lips were "pouting" like they yearned for attention. Attention Maria wanted to give but knew it was too soon.

Missy wanted Maria to leave the dressing room but didn't know how to tell her. Maria's closeness was making Missy warm all over and she just didn't understand. Maria could see how Missy was feeling because her nipples were still trying to push through the blouse but wasn't going to let up on Missy just yet. Missy finished zippering up the dress and smoothed it over her hips. Maria could not believe the difference these two little items had made in Missy's appearance. She had before her one hell of a fine looking young lady! Compared to the before, the after was beautiful! She knew beauty was there just waiting for a chance to come out.

Maria told Missy to turn around and look into the mirror. Missy couldn't believe the change either! She had to admit she liked the new clothes and how they showed off her body. She could see Maria smiling behind her and when Maria took her hands and smoothed them down over her ass, she barely moved. The warm hands felt good. Maria noticed the change right away and told Missy that with a skirt like this she should only wear a "thong" or nothing at all! The skirt was long enough to cover the most private areas but showed most of her wonderfully long legs too!

Maria knew that this was enough for the young girl for now and told her to get dressed to go. She was to put the other blouse back on and either her old skirt or the new but if she left the new skirt on, don't even think about putting the panties back on. They would show all kinds of lines! Missy wasn't ready for that and said so. Maria waited until Missy had stripped again and quickly opened the door to leave. Missy was stunned to stillness again and saw the clerk was just outside the door again! They stared at each other and Missy could almost feel the clerk's eyes as she let them take in the naked young lady standing there. Finally Missy regained her senses and closed the door. She didn't see the smiles exchanged between Maria and the clerk or even hear the clerk tell Maria to call her when she was ready to share this wonderful treat.

Missy finally came out of the dressing room and after paying for the clothing they left to find some proper underwear. Of course the best place for that was Victoria's Secret. Maria knew that there was no way she was going to get Missy into another dressing room that soon so she just took Missy's hand and led her to the panty area of the store. She just took several pairs that would fit Missy and amid Missy's protests that she could never wear something like that she paid for them and they left the store.

Both of the girls could see the stares that they were getting now. Missy knew that anyone that looked could see her nipples pushing against her blouse and by the time they reached the car she was actually enjoying the sensation. She was quiet as Maria slowly drove them home.

Maria's mind was racing ahead to what might happen when she finally got Missy alone at her house. She wanted to do so many things with this young thing, and it was only just now lunchtime! Plenty of time to put her plan into action.

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