Mist & Moonlight


The light begin to dim, and she could feel it penetrating into her pores, absorbing into her muscles to coat her arteries then melt into her blood now flowing through her veins at an alarming rate. Liquid heat ran through her, every inch of her reverberating in pleasure. It was almost unbearable. Closing her eyes she gave herself up to the ecstasy. Spasms seized her, her hips arched; only to be caught up in strong hands as the wet demanding mouth of her warlock closed over the most intimate part of her. Sierra screamed she couldn't help it. MY GOD she'd never imagine such pleasure existed.

Her legs spread open wider, her hands found them-selves in his thick silken hair pulling, yanking hard. He grunted, gentling the plunge of his speared tongue inside her. She wreathed, twisting her torso back and forth, her breasts swaying. Scalding heat converged once again inside her, centering, exploding sending her into throes of exquisite orgasm. Still he kissed her intimately, licking, sucking, drinking all of her sweet nectar into his mouth to swallow greedily; as if he were dying of a horrendous thirst.

Sierra could do nothing but respond, the lava flowing through her body quickened erupting again and again under the expert manipulations of her lovers sexy laving. Her heart pounded, sweat dripped off every inch of her satiated body, and still he relentlessly suckled her, finally just when Sierra didn't think she could take another second of this agonizing pleasure he released his hold on her hips and rose up to drape his body over hers. She could feel his hard length reclining against her slick wet opening, his eyes drilled into hers as he held himself over her resting his weight on his palms on either side of her shoulders.

Words were not needed, panting, trying to recover her breath all Sierra could do was nod. In one sure stroke he impaled her, his eyes never leaving hers, she gasped, feeling her hymen tear and his cock fill her was a painful but wondrous feeling. Immediately a blue light engulfed him, glowing from his skin giving him an almost ethereal look. He groaned as if in pain and pulling almost out of her shoved into her again hard, the pleasure retook her instantly.

Instinctively she wound her arms around his neck, and her legs around his hips hanging on for dear life as he plunged into her deeper and deeper with each stroke. Over his shoulder she could see the stars being obliterated, blocked by the encumbering mist cocooning them inside its eddying canopy of mystic colors. The damp coolness settled upon her skin, mixing, mingling with the hot salty moisture from her earlier pleasure. Wave after wave of heat plummeted though already taxed never endings, with each thrust he'd moan until the cadence of his voice was a nonstop symphony of raw need.

The sounds of animal coupling filled the night, crickets became quiet, frogs stopped their mating call, even the wise owl listened intently. The wind became still, and it was as if all of nature was waiting for the culmination of this act, which many centuries ago had played out to such a tragic end. Sierra was aware of nothing but his primal lust, looking into his face she watched the play of emotion there, it flickered as he kept her eyes locked prisoner within his hypnotic stare. Wanting to close her eyes and wallow in the golden fire now washing over every inch of her being. Sierra half screamed and half moaned, sounds were being forced from her throat, primitive sounds of want and need fulfilled. His rhythm increased, his groans escalating into a shout as his whole body tautened, she actually felt the intense heat of his cum as it splashed deep, deep inside her.

The blue glow of his body changed shades, going to a blinding shocking white, Sierra had to squint her eyes. Where his body touched her inside and out she tingled, quickly dropping her arms and legs from around him all she could do was stare in awe as the mist seemed to converge on him totally. She felt him sliding out of her as the nebula around him lifted him into the air above her. He seemed almost pained as the light grew incredibly more intense, she had to close her eyes. Static electricity crackled in the air around her, she could feel every hair on her body stand straight up, thunder crashed, lightening streaked across a cloudless sky and a frigid wind blew into the glade.

Sierra curled into a ball, trying to ward off the cold gales, this could have gone on for minutes, or possibly mere seconds, time was irrelevant. Then, as suddenly as everything had started everything stopped, almost frightened to look Sierra sat up slowly and hesitantly opened her eyes. He stood about three feet away from her, watching her, naked and glorious, no mist or light shrouded his body, his eyes now shone a deep blue, in his hands he held her grandparents Urn.

"Lady O'Connor the gift of your innocence has freed me. In return I offer you this gift to show you my gratitude for your sacrifice."

Confused it took her a few seconds to realize he'd opened the lid of the Urn, crying out she tried to get to her feet but before she could a beautiful rainbow colored shaft of moonlight streaked down right into the opening. A pale smoke rose up and out of the urn, it flowed up then began to take form right in front of her, it was Gran and Gramps, their ghostly images smiling radiantly at her.

A sob broke from her throat as first Gran then Gramps floated over to place a cool misty kiss on her cheek before smiling into her eyes one last time before turning and floating away into the softly blowing Irish wind. Stunned Sierra couldn't get the strength in her legs to stand. She could only sit naked in the sweet smelling grass beneath her and watch as the warlock came to knell before her. Looking into her eyes one last time he handed her the now empty Urn and in a commanding voice ran his palm across her eyes at the same moment his rich warm voice whispered, "SLEEP".

A blast from a car horn broke the spell, jumping Sierra blinked, then stared in disbelief as the glade, the warlock, the moon and stars even the nighttime was gone. She sat in the front seat of her car fully dressed. In front of her about a quarter of a mile down the road an old truck loaded down with what looked like chicken coops, filled with squawking fowl, sat smack dab in the road, she watched as a man leaned out the window waving his arms. A few seconds later a sheep wandered casually from in front of the truck, back to the grass at the side of the road. The truck moved on. Sierra gaped. What the..???? Déjà vu crept over her senses; looking down at the dashboard she knew what she'd see. Sure enough it was lit up in red, with a feeling of dread in her stomach she turned the key. Nothing. Confused, feeling disoriented and scared Sierra replayed everything in her mind.

This was crazy, it couldn't have happened, or did it...? Between her legs she felt a definite soreness, and her body was exhausted. Looking over at the urn she knew there was only one way to find out. Taking a deep breath she picked it up and lifted the lid, it was empty, just as she'd known in her heart it would be. Looking through her opened window Sierra looked out over the green, green rocky plains of this mystic land of her ancestors, she could almost feel her grandparents contentment in the gentle breeze coming in to caress her face. She'd done what she'd promised to do, she'd brought them home.

The sound of an engine behind her grabbed her attention, a small car almost identical to hers had pulled in behind her, she watched through her rear view mirror as a young man got out of the car and came up to her window. Her jaw dropped, blue eyes looked at her through a classically handsome face, black hair now cut short and styled perfectly to match his high stark cheekbones set off the young mans features perfectly.

"Hi... I hope I'm not intruding here, but I couldn't just drive by and not stop to help a damsel in distress."

That she was sitting there and just gawking finally penetrated Sierra's shocked senses, the voice, face everything was almost perfectly the same, except he had a very definite American accent, the lilting Irish brogue, was gone. He frowned looking at her in real concern now, the teasing smile gone from his face.

"Are you alright?" Sierra smiled.

"Yes, Yes, I'm fine, I'm just having a little car trouble, my car's stalled. It's a rental... figure's huh? Can you believe it? My first day here and I already need rescuing." His smile lit up his face.

"You know what, this is my first day here too, I'm about 10 kilometers from the bed and breakfast I'm going to be staying at, if you'd like I can give you a lift there and we can figure out what to do once we get there."

Looking into his eyes Sierra knew she'd just been dealt a card from the game of destiny. Grabbing her purse, the Urn and the car keys she opened her door and stepping past her charming rescuer turned to him and said...

"Wow, what a coincidence, that bed and breakfast was where I was heading to myself. I must have an fairy on my shoulder or something!" Content, and hopeful she continued on to his car opened the door slid into the passenger seat and fastening her seat-belt knew in her heart of hearts that her adventures here in Ireland were just beginning.

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