{This story has sex outside of marriage in it, so if you will be outraged, then be forewarned.}


Sissy lay there in the soft bed, her mind in a whirl. She could hear the soft snores of the man who lay beside her.

The room kept blinking to a reddish hue, right outside were the motel's large neon lights.

She remembered seeing those, the red portion was still lit but the blue had gone out.

"Sweet Dreams Motel." The sign had read.

She turned her head to look again at the man, he wasn't that bad to look at. Older than herself by at least a dozen years, she could see the slightly receding hairline, and even make out the sparkle of gray at his temples.

What was his name? Sissy struggled to remember, Raymond she thought he had told her?

No, Randall. That was it.

She looked around the room, there was no clock, not even one on the TV set that was bolted to the wall.

She reached over, felt around and found her wristwatch, pushed the tiny button to light the face of it.

2:15 AM, it read. She was very late, she had told Jim she would be home around midnight.

What time had she and the man arrived at the motel room? It must have been no later than 10:30, she knew she had arrived at the bar rather early, around 8 PM. She had dozed for barely an hour.

She slipped carefully out of the lumpy and overly soft bed, feeling the man's weight shift the mattress as she moved. She paused, he stirred slightly, but then returned to a deep sleep.

Sissy stood silently and watched as the man's face was lit, then in shadow as the ugly red light continued to flash.

She thought briefly of her husband Jim who waited at home for her. She knew he would want to talk, and she was not wishing to talk at all right at the moment.

In the tiny bathroom, she shut the door quietly and turned on the shower, hoping that would not wake the man still in the bed in the main room.

Sissy was nude, her body felt sticky and dirty. Glancing at herself in the large mirror, she didn't appear to be different.

But she was, she knew that.

Dirty, ashamed, yet alive in a way she had never felt. In fact, she had no idea at all that sex could be like that, delicious, yet terrible.

She let her hands brush lightly across her loins, feeling nearly instantly a trace of arousal.

She suddenly wanted desperately to feel that again, feel that helplessness as the power of the man now sleeping in the next room took her.

It made her feel even more ashamed.

Adjusting the fine spray from the water saver shower head to as hot as she could stand it, she washed herself quickly, using her fingers to cleanse herself inside as well as she could.

After drying herself off using a smaller towel, she used the largest one for a wrap and opened the door.

Randall was awake, he leaned on one elbow, looking at her as she stepped out.

Sissy felt her face flame and she tugged the towel more securely around herself, that was silly of course since the man had been inside her not once but twice just a couple of hours earlier.

She had thought it would be difficult if not impossible. No man had ever seen even part of her nude except for her Doctor and one boy way back on Prom night. That boy had been insistent in the car and they had struggled, he managed to get the crotch of her panties tugged aside and looked but she had hit at him and he finally stopped. The boy had even taken his penis out of his pants and pressed her hand to it. It was firm and she had felt an odd excitement at that but her basic shyness took over and she then struggled very hard to keep him from doing more.

Sissy had managed to retain her virginity until her wedding night with Jim. She had thought that Jim would be her life, but now here she was.

"Lord you look beautiful!" Randall told her. That caused her to flush even more deeply.

"I have to go." She told him.

"I don't want you to." Randall said, sitting up and pulling the covers back.

Sissy felt a bit of a shock at his sudden exposure, his penis was fully erect. Unable to stop herself, she looked down at it in the reddish light.

She knew that some men were larger than others, this man was one of those that was. His erection had a big curve in it, she remembered that part, how strange that had felt. She also remembered how it had felt even larger, seeming to grow as he had thrust inside of her, the way it had bent slightly before sliding in with each stroke.

She remembered a couple of times how he had slipped out, then reinserted and continued. He had an odd way of rotating his hips, it was strange but felt delicious.

"I really do need to get home, my husband...."

She instantly regretted mentioning her husband.

"Oh. You are married? You didn't tell me that, and you don't have a...? So that's the deal, one of those guys, huh?" He looked at her with a strange expression, glancing down at her hand.

Sissy had her wedding ring inside her coin purse, she had carefully placed it there before leaving the house.

She had done that right in front of Jim, her husband. He had watched with a smile, his face flushed. It was almost like some kind of final act of compliance.

She didn't answer Randall, just reached for her clothing. Then she hesitated, the man was sitting right there, naked, fully erect.

Sissy sighed and slipped off the towel, baring her body to him. It didn't matter now, he had already seen and touched everything. She noticed his eyes scan up and down, pausing at her naked sex.

She had carefully shaved herself before leaving the house, Jim had insisted she do that. That felt strange, it was like it was not her down there.

She looked at the man, he held out his hand. She went to him, knelt down and took his penis into her hands. After a few minutes, she stood up, stepped forward and lowered her body over him again. His hands came up to her sides as he lay back, his rigid member jutting upwards.

Lost in the sensations, she had no control over her actions at all. He began to nip lightly at her breasts, he had done that earlier. Jim always suckled, this felt different but then everything felt different.

Again she quickly had a powerful series of climaxes, she had long since lost track of how many.

After Randall had ejaculated inside of her for the third time, she stood and looked at him.

"Honey, you are one great fuck, that's for sure!" He grinned up at her.

Without another word, she quickly retrieved her pale pink thong and matching bra, pulled them on. She finished dressing quickly as the man sat there and watched.

Amazingly, his penis was still partially engorged, she could see it clearly each time the garish light outside flashed.

"Thanks! I will be here until Wednesday if you want to drop by again." Were the last words she heard from him as she walked out the door.


The first four years with Sissy's husband Jim were normal, they had met in college. It took nearly three months of dating before she finally gave in and allowed him to touch and play with her naked breasts.

By then she was hopelessly in love with him. Soon the petting progressed to where she would let him stroke between her legs, first through her panties, then finally his fingers slipped inside. She had her very first orgasm with someone else doing that, it felt completely different from when she touched herself there.

A few days later Sissy rather eagerly returned the favor, she knew before she even did that that she was going to.

That part she liked, the way his eyes closed and his mouth came open, the feeling of his solid erection was delightful. Sissy knew very little about male bodies, the one penis she had seen way back in school was smaller than Jim's. She could wrap both hands around Jim's shaft and the very head of it would protrude past her upper hand. It was so firm yet soft at the same time, She also found she really liked looking at it, the way it jerked in her hands as his climax was reached very nearly caused her to reach her own.

Sissy found herself studying Jim's face when she played with him, wanting to create as much pleasure for him as she could. He appeared to like it most of all when she wrapped both hands around the shaft, then tugged upward firmly against the swollen ridge while squeezing him tightly. By squeezing and releasing as he climaxed, she could make him shoot off so firmly it sometimes spattered into her hair.

Everything was wonderful, she wanted to be right there with him all the time.

Jim was so handsome, so strong. He worked out almost constantly so his stomach rippled, his chest was solid muscle.

He didn't drink, not really, just one or perhaps two over the course of an evening. He made her feel proud to be with him, her friends all told her she was lucky to catch such a fine hunk of a man, and she felt lucky herself.

Completely secure and happy, she loved her guy with all of her heart.

But after a couple of years, things changed.


At first it was the internet, he played videos a lot. But that was just looking, she sometimes joined him, then in their bed she would try out some of the things she saw couples do.

That was sexy fun, for a few months anyway. Often they ended up in giggling fits after some odd antics trying to duplicate what they had watched.

Just once they tried anal, it only took a couple of seconds and she knew she didn't want to do that at all.

Then she got some thin latex gloves and stuck one finger up Jim's behind, she put the glove on in the dark surprising him.

That was an idea she got from the videos too, and Jim jumped at first, then he was on his knees and letting her. She used the one hadn on his erection, while probing him with one finger and he must have liked that because he got even harder than normal.

Things like that were naughty, dirty, but they were fun.

Then Jim began to go to swinger websites, next he read stories to her about wives that slept with other men.

Sissy found that weird, why would a man want someone to do that to his own wife when she was right there for him to do it himself?

"Have you ever thought about something like that?" He asked her one evening as they made love.

"No. Of course not." She told him, wondering if he might think she would even consider something like that.

"I will only be with you, honey." She told him.

"Maybe you should try it at least once, I know I am the only man you ever had sex with, aren't you curious?" He asked.

"No. Not really, why would I be?" She was surprised that he would even mention such a thing. She climaxed with Jim more than half the time and that was just fine with her.

It was just as nice being able to please him.

So why should she even be curious about being with someone else? They would only be doing what he would do, there was no real mystery there that she could see.

"Honey, it only goes in one way, so why would I care?" She told him in a teasing manner, even giggling slightly.

"Oh, you know. There is that seven year itch, and since you have no idea what that would be like, I thought that maybe getting it out of your system would not hurt anything."

"I don't have any need to, and besides, we have only been married about four years so nothing itches yet." Sissy still tried to let a teasing tone into her voice.

"You know what I mean. I have been with other women...before we got together, so I just wondered...?" Jim seemed suddenly more flushed than normal, she could feel his erection pressed against her side.

That was the start, at first he only mentioned it rarely, but then it became the subject of conversation almost every time they had sex.

After months of that, she finally asked him.

"Why does the idea of me sleeping with another man excite you?" Sissy asked Jim bluntly.

Just saying that to him instantly excited him, Jim became more animated.

"I don't know," he told her as he thrust inside her.

"It just does. The idea of you taking a strange cock inside you is hot!" He managed to blurt out just as he reached an intense orgasm. Sissy lay there holding him, wishing that he would thrust just a little bit more, but she felt him begin to soften, then he slid out.

Sissy tried teasing him after that, telling him what she might do and say, how something like that might happen. One evening she mentioned the guy that came by to install the cable upgrades for their TV, telling Jim he was a good looking young man.

He actually was an older black man, in his fifties at least and very heavy set.

"He was so cute that he interested me, I could hardly wait until you got home!" She told him.

"God, you should have fucked him!" Jim told her, pushing her back and tugging the crotch of her panties aside and entering her just like that.

"Maybe I will next time." She told him, still teasing. That time Jim even got hard for the second time when she told him she was wondering what the young man's cock looked like.

She had never actually used the word "cock" before, but it certainly worked and she had a glorious orgasm because that time he lasted longer than the first time.

Then it was the guy who read the power meter, he was about 40 and really not that bad looking.

She always said hello to him, he was nice.

The house they lived in was on the end of a long driveway, they did not yet have the electronic meters installed.

Sissy told Jim several times about that man, telling him the man always looked her up and down. Then Jim told her she should maybe flash him or something like that to see if he was interested.

"Would you like that, honey? What do you want me to let him see?" She teased.

"Maybe wear a skimpy loose top and bend over, show off these nice little titties." Jim was grinning as he played with her nipples.

"Maybe I will bend over and let him see my pussy." She whispered to him as he this time was taking her from behind.

Nearly instantly Jim reached his climax.

Later in the bathroom Sissy quietly took care of herself. She was thinking that she needed to time her naughty comments a bit better, giggling to at that.


That one she actually tried, when the meter reader stepped up onto their porch several days later she came out. She had on a pair of tight shorts and a very loose and low cut blouse.

"Hi!" She said brightly as he was intently reading the numbers over a set of reading glasses perched on his nose. As he glanced her way with a smile, she dropped the newspaper she had in her hands and bent over to retrieve it.

She pretended to have a small struggle to get hold of it, holding the pose far longer than she needed to.

Sissy was sure the man got a good look at most of her bare breasts, if not all of them, then she stood back up.

The man looked quickly away, he had a slight frown on his face.

"We have a crew coming out to install the automatic meters, guess I won't be coming by now." He said, not looking her way.

"Oh. I read about that in the paper." Sissy answered.

That was all there was to it, but she created an involved story about how the man had stared at her naked breasts.

"Did he get excited?" Jim asked, again almost instantly beginning to make love to her.

"Oh, God yes. You should have seen the bulge in his pants!" She told him.

Still, she refused his suggestions, telling him she could never actually allow sex with someone else when he pressed her.

That went on for months.

Worried now, she quit telling him stories, hoping it would all go away.

Jim began to make love to her less and less, claiming he was too tired, finally he was staying up much later than she was before coming to bed.

He was on the internet, of course. She quietly peeked around the corner one night, saw that Jim was masturbating to something he was reading.

She pretended to be asleep when he came to bed, knowing that he would not reach for her anyway.

She put her energy into keeping a perfect house, preparing his favorite meals, but nothing changed.

She even went to a Victoria's Secrets at the mall, found some pretty bedclothes. That worked a little bit but things went right back to the way they were.

Sissy was becoming unhappy, then one day while Jim was at work she snooped on his computer. He had made no effort to hide any of that, they had read some of them together but she didn't know about the favorites part.

She was shocked at what she read, he was signed up to a website about something called "Hot Wives." When she found his list of favorite stories, every single one of them was about the husband waiting at home while the wife went out and had sex, some of them even had the husband watching while she did it?

A lot of them also involved other men with large penises, by now Sissy knew very well that those men did exist since she had seen things like that in the film clips. But many of them were no larger than Jim, so she didn't think that was it, not really.

"Cuckold", there was even a name for that. Was that what Jim wanted, to be one of those? That didn't make any sense to her at all.

But that had to be it, that had to be what he wanted.

Sissy sat with her face in her hands for a long time. She loved Jim and wanted to please him, his reactions were obvious and consistent when she showed interest in any kind of sex with someone other than him.

That she was sure of, they were watching one of the videos and it showed one man filming his wife having sex, complete with almost gross closeups.

"One of these days I just might surprise you and let some guy do that to me." She told him.

Jim was on her in a flash, his erection leaking fluids before she could even get her panties down.

If that was what he really wanted, then she would try, she finally decided.


"All right. All right, I will do it! But you had better be sure, honey." She told him after he brought up the subject again a few nights later.

"Really? You will? Do you have someone in mind?" Jim was again instantly excited.

"It couldn't be someone we know, I just couldn't do that. I thought maybe I would go out...by myself...and just pick out someone."

She almost laughed to herself at his reaction.

"That would be amazing!" He exclaimed, reaching for her.

"He will have to be a nice man, and it's only going to be just one time, then I don't want to ever bring it up again." She told him.

For the first time in their married life, Jim climaxed three times over the next hour and seemed just as firm the last time as he was at the start.

Sissy found that even at that, she could not reach her peak. Finally she faked her own, telling him she couldn't take any more.


Sissy walked into the dimly lit hotel bar, it was just a half mile from the main airport. It was unlikely she would run into anyone she knew there.

She was terrified, completely unsure of herself, yet determined. She did know all about her ability to attract attention, and had taken great care in her appearance, using a trace of makeup, fixing her hair perfectly.

Men had approached her before, even when she was out with Jim and he left her to use the restroom or something like that. Her method of handling that was easy, she just offered a gentle, "Thank you but I am married." But she always knew Jim was close by so she was not bothered by any of the advances and just never let them really get started.

This time she was alone, and she had no real idea of what to say or how to react if approached.

The dark blue dress she wore was not overly short, or even low cut but it hugged her body and showed quite clearly that her undergarments had to be skimpy and soft.

She felt almost naked, on display, even though she was modestly covered. That was uncomfortable.

Even more discomfort was the fact that she had shaved, she could feel the soft material of her pink thong against her bare flesh, it felt strange like she was not herself.

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