tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMistaken Affair Ch. 3

Mistaken Affair Ch. 3


All I could do was stare at my daughter as she finally looked at me, defiant. Her arms were crossed and she started tapping her foot.

"Come on then. We wouldn't want mummy to find out, would we?" I stood, paralysed. She took a step towards me. "Or maybe you'd prefer it if I undressed you myself."

I quickly unfroze and started undressing. When I stood before her in nothing but my boxers I tried to plead with her one more time but she was deaf to me, her eyes glued to the front of my shorts. I was so glad I was not hard. I slowly pulled the shorts off and stood, holding myself, naked before my daughter. She moved closer to me and took hold of my hands, pulling them away. I finally let her and she stepped back to look at me completely.

"There. That wasn't so hard, was it?" She looked at me. "Well? Was it, daddy?"

"No...no, it wasn't, Sally. It's...err...it's just fine." I felt pathetic and I dropped my head.

"I think we need to discuss a few new rules around here, daddy. Just some things that mummy doesn't need to know about. Agreed?" I'd never known my daughter to sound so hard, so obviously nasty. I nodded.

"Answer me, daddy!" She growled at me.

"Yes, yes, Sally, of course, whatever you say. Please, I think I should get dressed now and –"

"You've got to be kidding! Actually that's the first rule. From now on, when we're alone together, you are not allowed to wear anything unless I say. Now go and get a chair and stand on it."

I went and grabbed a dining chair and placed it before her, climbed onto it. Her eyes were now almost level with my soft cock. She poked it a few times, giggling as it swayed. She gradually got more adventurous and squeezed the head between two fingers. She then started whacking it from side to side. I could feel myself starting to grow and tried to think of other things. Sally then slapped my balls, hard, and I stopped growing and almost fell off the chair. I grabbed for my balls but Sally brushed my hands away. I was in agony, trying to double over but every time I did, Sally would straighten me up. She suddenly grabbed my cock in her fist and started squeezing it very hard and releasing it, squeezing and releasing. My balls were starting to just throb and my cock was starting to grow again. She then started pulling on it, roughly.

"Sally, please –" I begged but she just slapped my balls again and my erection vanished again. She then began with the squeezing again until I once more started to grow.

"Isn't it funny, daddy?" She suddenly said, her hand cupping my balls.

"What, honey?" I said, hopefully.

"Well, I came out of these, didn't I? Well, half of me, sort of. And now I'm holding them." She giggled, "I think it's really weird!"

"Yes, I see, yes, it's weird, honey," I tried to laugh with her.

Then she squeezed my balls, slightly at first but then increasing. I felt the pain rising up through my body as her fingers tightened. When I felt about to faint she let go and just patted them from side to side. Then she looked up at me.

"Does that hurt, Daddy? When I do this?" And she slapped my balls again.

"Oh God, yes, Sally. It hurts a lot!" Tears were streaming down my face and my body wanted to collapse in a heap and roll into a ball.

"Well, I'll stop doing it but you have to do something for me in return, Daddy."

"What honey?"

"I don't think you're going to like it but it will make me very happy."

"Tell me and we'll see."

She grabbed my balls again and squeezed them tightly.

"That's not how it works now. You have a choice. I'll keep squeezing and hitting these or you choose the alternative." She stopped squeezing but held onto my balls, waiting for my answer.

"I'll take the alternative, Sally," I decided, cowed and broken.

"I'm glad you decided to, daddy, that game was getting a bit boring. Get off the chair." I stepped down. "Mum's going to be home soon so I think you'd better get dressed but don't worry, I won't forget our little agreement." She giggled and skipped out of the room as if all was normal with life.

I stood and moaned to myself, holding my aching balls. Then I heard the car pull into the drive and quickly pulled on my shirt and boxers. By the time Jackie walked into the house I was tucking my shirt into my jeans, trying to look normal as she dumped two big bags on the kitchen table.

"Where's Sally?" she asked. I jumped, wondering what she knew.

"Err, upstairs, I think, why?"

"I don't want her seeing any of this stuff. It's for our little 'experiment'. Come up to our room, I'll give you a sneak preview."

I followed her up the stairs and into our room. As I passed Sally's room I could here music. Jackie winked at me, knocked at her door and said loudly, "We'll just be in our room, honey. In case you're wondering."

"OK Mum!" came the reply.

Jackie winked again and led me into our room. I shut the door as she upended the bag onto the bed. She had bought the sluttiest clothes she could find, by the looks of it. A very short black latex mini, fishnets stockings, a flimsy bodysuit that was completely see through. What looked like 8 inch spike heels, lots of pairs of black panties with and without crotches. The bed looked like wash day in a brothel. She started holding things up against her, showing off, swirling around, giggling.

"I know, I know. I went a bit mad," she said as she threw her dress into the corner. "But I was just getting so hot thinking about it...on Saturday, I mean." She suddenly stopped and looked at me, a worried look on her face. "You're sure it's still ok? Of course we won't do it if –"

"Definitely," I smiled, "It's definitely ok."

"Good!" she started peeling off her pantyhose, giggling again, "Because I am SO looking forward to it."

She tried on everything for me, parading and bending over, acting as slutty as she could. She was turning me on, my cock hard against my jeans, ignoring the dull ache that was still my balls. When she'd finally modelled everything she knelt between my legs and massaged my cock, rubbing it up and down, smiling up at me. She then unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out. She started sucking me, slowly and expertly. I started to think of this other guy and how lucky he was going to be. It just turned me on even more and I started bucking into Jackie's mouth but she stopped and backed off, tutting and shaking a finger at me.

"Oh no, not so fast, mister. I think I'll keep you on edge for a while. After our 'client' has filled me up I want a gallon of come out of you!" She then playfully flicked the head of my cock, stood up and went into our bathroom.

As the door closed behind my wife I noticed out bedroom door was ajar. I also noticed Sally smiling and pointing at my hard cock. She backed out and softly closed the door. I wondered how long she'd been there and how much she'd seen. Then, as my thoughts turned to her 'alternative' I felt my cock subside and I felt utterly ashamed and pathetic.

The next day I woke to find myself alone in the bed. There was a note on the bedside table. Jackie had gone to visit her sister. She hadn't wanted to disturb me. She'd be home for dinner. I stretched and was about to roll over and go back to sleep when Sally walked into the room. She wasn't alone. Her friend, Kirsty was with her, giggling.

"Sally? What –" I started but she held a hand up.

"I've told Kirsty about your cock, daddy, and she doesn't believe me. Will you show it to her?"

I just started at her. She reached down and pulled the sheet off me. I was naked. My cock was lying against my leg. Kirsty giggled some more.

"See, Kirsty? Now look what happens when I do this." She reached down and squeezed it, pulling the foreskin back. "There, now it looks like a real one. What's that piece of skin called, daddy?" I just started at her, unable to say anything. "Oh, dear. Now sometimes, Kirsty, daddy gets a bit funny about his cock. But I know how to make him behave. Watch." She grabbed my balls and squeezed them. I yelped. "What is it, daddy?"

"A foreskin, Sally, it's a foreskin!" She let me go.

The two girls bent down and inspected my cock and balls, poking me with young fingernails, examining me minutely.

"Do you want to squeeze it?" Sally asked.

"Oh, can I?"

"Of course. But you mustn't say anything to anyone. You've got to promise."

"Sure, sure, I promise. I told you before, I understand." She reached down and took my cock in her hand and gingerly squeezed it, giggling again. "God, it's all hot!"

"You can squeeze it harder than that!" And Kirsty squeezed harder, making me stiffen in her hand. She giggled. "Pump it a bit if you want it to get harder." Kirsty started slowly masturbating me, making me harder. "And to make it go soft again, just squeeze the balls. Like I did before."

Kirsty shifted her hand to my balls and squeezed me hard. My erection started softening as the pain ran up my body.

"That's excellent, Sally!" she cried. "But how come –"

"Ah, that's our little secret, isn't it daddy?" She smiled at me and reached up to my chest and flicked one of my nipples. "Oh, look, his nipples get hard too! Just like a girl!"

Then they were both studying my nipples, flicking them and pinching them, making them hard. My cock soon followed suit, hardening on it's own, away from their eyes.

"Sally," I started, my voice croaking.

"Yes, daddy?" She didn't look up.

"I need to go to the toilet, honey. Could I just –" I tried to move but they had me pinned down.

"Of course, daddy. Come on, Kirsty, let's watch daddy go to the toilet." Kirsty giggled again as they got off the bed and waited for me to get up.

I slowly stood up, my cock bobbing in front of me, causing more giggles, this time from both girls. I went into the bathroom, robotic, wondering if I could manage to piss with my daughter and her young friend watching me. I stood at the bowl, holding my cock, willing the urine to come. They stood either side of me, their eyes intent on my cock.

"Come on, daddy," urged Sally, looking up at me, briefly.

"I'm sorry, Sally but I can't. Not with you both watching me. I'm sorry but...I'm trying, honey."

"I think you need some water, daddy."

Sally then filled a glass with water from the sink and made me drink it. Then another, and another. I started feeling bloated as I swallowed the fourth glass. My bladder felt like it was ready to burst. Then a faint trickle started. This didn't last long and Sally forced another glass into my mouth. I swallowed and strained, trying to concentrate on relieving myself, feeling slightly nauseous from the water. Sally then turned the tap on and left it running. She reached up and started kneading my abdomen. I felt the piss starting to come. It exploded out of my cock with a gush, splashing the toilet and the tiles around it. I aimed for the bowl and, gratefully, emptied my bladder. When I finished I shook myself and pulled my foreskin back and forth a few times.

"That was amazing! I wish I could do that." Kirsty exclaimed as I flushed the toilet. "I want to see him come!" She suddenly said all at once, looking into Sally's eyes. "Do you reckon he would?"

"Yeah, why not?" I felt like I wasn't there as Sally pulled me back into the bedroom, pushing me onto the bed. "Come on, daddy, we want you to masturbate. Tell me before you come, though or you'll be in big trouble!"

Miserable I lay on my back, grasped my cock and started pumping myself. My other hand involuntarily reached down and held my balls but Sally knocked it away wanting to watch them jiggle. I closed my eyes and thought about Jackie the night before in her new clothes, making myself harder. I wanted it over quickly so I pumped faster and faster. The two girls were silent as I started to quietly grunt. Then I felt it starting, felt the stirrings beginning in my balls.

"I'm...I'm close..." I moaned through my teeth.

"I want you to come in my hand, daddy!" Sally said loudly and I felt her hand near mine, resting against my stomach. "Open your eyes. I don't want you to miss."

I opened my eyes. They were staring at the head of cock, waiting, expectant. Sally's hand was ready to receive my seed. Then I came, gushing into my daughter's palm, exploding onto her skin. I pulled and squeezed, relief running through me. I slowly stopped, holding myself, feeling disgusted.

Sally held her hand up and sniffed it, showing Kirsty who pulled a face. Sally dipped a finger into it and tasted it. They both played with it with their finger tips.

"There's not much, is there?" Kirsty said

"I thought there'd be more, too," Sally sounded disappointed. "Is that all you can manage, daddy"

"Sorry, honey, that's it. Sorry." Tears started to well up in my eyes. I felt less than human.

Sally reached down and held her hand beside my mouth. Waiting. She smiled and Kirsty giggled again. I knew what I had to do. I turned to the side and licked her hand clean.

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