Mistaken Identity?


Alex couldn't stop himself from laughing at that, however he pushed himself up only to fall back onto the seat, spilling the tequila in his hand over himself which resulted in them both cracking up in a fit of laughter.

After a minute of cracking up, Jamie stood up, seemingly wobbly on his own legs though he did manage to stand on his own.

"I think I am drunk too man." Alex said as his friend reached out to help him up, swaying as he did though remaining steady.

Jamie cracked up into laughter again as he grabbed the ridiculously huge bottle of tequila that his cousin had supposedly brought up from Mexico, and helped Alex towards the stairs.

"Up we go man, up, up and away." Alex's drunk friend said as he took the first step slowly.

"You're a good friend Jamie man, a fucking good friend." Alex slurred, and Jamie grinned as he fell against the wall, slowly plodding up the stairs.

"Yeah, I know. You too man, fucking great." Jamie replied as they eventually reached the top of the stairs and turned towards the spare bedroom.

Fumbling into the room, Alex fell on the bed laughing as Jamie sat on the other side, leaning against the headboard as he took a deep swig of the tequila.

"This is some funny shit man...a great night.." Alex mumbled into the sheets before he finally pushed himself up enough to take another swig of the strong spirit. He was drunk out of his head, and getting tired now as the night slowly wore on and the pair of them drank neat tequila that never seemed to end. As the tequila slowly began to show signs of being consumed, both Alex and Jamie showed signs of being ever more drunk, and slowly, ever more weariness.

"You let him cum inside you?" Michelle asked incredulously.

The bride-to-be blushed and nodded as she grinned. Michelle stared at her friend in amazement. The woman was getting married tomorrow and she had just fucked a stripper and let the guy cum inside her. Granted she was on the pill but, damn, she would still have the guy's cum inside her when she walked down the aisle tomorrow morning.

"It was so hot too, his dick was so big I almost came when he shoved it inside me!" The bride-to-be giggled excitedly and the other girls laughed. "I tell you Michelle, I didn't plan on fucking another guy, but when that big dick was in me, fuck, I'd have fucked him at the wedding, at the alter even in front of everyone!"

Michelle shook her head, staring at her friend in amazement.

"But don't you love Gary?" She asked still in shock

"Of course I do honey," Her friend replied warmly, "But it's my last night as a single woman, I have the right to get fucked by a big dick, it'll be the last chance I have, and no doubt Gary's watching a stripper with fake tits right now. Besides, he'll never know, and fuck was it worth it to have that monster shoved inside me."

Michelle shook her head in amazement as she took another deep drink of her cocktail. She just couldn't understand it. Sure, she loved having sex with Alex, but to feel as if you would do anything to keep any size cock inside you, she just couldn't understand, even one the size that stripper had. There was no way she could do that; she just loved Alex too much to even consider it.

"Trust me honey, if you'd had that hot cock shoved inside you, you'd have gone back to Alex on wobbly legs." The bride-to-be said amusedly and the other girls burst out laughing.

Michelle simply shook her head with a faint smile as she tried to get the image of the stripper's enormous cock out of her head. Damn, but she couldn't wait to get back to let Alex fuck her. Despite how wrong she thought her friend's actions were she was hotter for cock now than earlier. A few more hours of drinking and partying and she'd be back home, and Alex wouldn't know what hit him. She was hot to fuck all night.

Little did the stunning young girlfriend know just how long she would be fucking that night. She would get the cock she craved, more than she ever imagined, but just what she needed. However, she had no idea at that moment just how different things would turn out.

Jamie almost fell off the bed as he was laughing so hard at the story his friend had just told him. What made it funnier was it was a true story. Oh, he felt like he was going to cry it was so funny.

In the last hour or so they had managed to finish off just over half of the enormous bottle of tequila and were now completely wasted out of their heads. The world had been spinning for some time, and Jamie had found that unless he sat up, he was in danger of falling asleep, unless Alex was cracking him up with some crazy story like the last one.

"Alex man, you alright?" Jamie asked his friend amusedly as he finally was able to see again.

Alex was lying with his face half-turned on the pillow with a dozy-stupid grin on his face and his eyes half closed.

"Yeah man, fucking great." He mumbled drunkenly, half into the pillow. "You're a fucking great friend man, this has been a fucking good night."

Jamie felt his leg fall off the bed drunkenly as he nodded in a wobbly fashion that it indeed had been.

"You falling asleep man?" Jamie asked as the world once more began to spin and he failed to grab the tequila bottle twice before finally managing to catch the devious thing.

"Uh?" Alex mumbled back sleepily, his eyes now closed.

"Fuck man, I ain't sleeping in bed with you." Jamie slurred as he prodded his friend a few times to try to wake him up. "You've got a bed of your own to get to."

Alex muttered and tried to swat Jamie's fingers away before he rolled onto his back, giving up and mumbling something before he managed to speak a little clearer.

"Fuck off man...go and sleep in the other room." Alex muttered irritably and only barely intelligibly in his drunken-half-asleep stupor.

"'Chelle won't like that." Jamie replied as he used the tequila bottle to help him stand up, leaving it by the side of the bed as he swayed drunkenly. "Shit, I need to piss."

"Uh? She'll come in here when she sees you asleep..." Alex mumbled as he threw an arm over his face. "She won't care..."

Jamie nodded, knowing Michelle probably wouldn't, she was easy going like that, before he made his way, half-stumbling, around the bed to the door.

"Alright man...want the light off?" Jamie slurred as he opened the door.

Alex mumbled something that didn't even sound like a word and so Jamie flicked the switch off before attempting to close the door quietly, though it banged shut loudly.

"Shhh." He hissed at it loudly, before he turned to stumble into the bathroom.

Finally relieving himself felt so good, and moments later he stumbled across the hall into Alex and Michelle's bedroom, knocking the door open as he half-stumbled through into the dark, leaving the hall light on, which cast a faint glow into the room, though not putting much impact on the darkness within.

Feeling his way around the black-iron frame at the bottom of the bed, which matched its larger twin headboard, Jamie fell onto the soft mattress, and mumbled as he felt his head sink in the soft pillow.

A sharp pain told him that he was still only half on the bed, and so reluctantly he forced himself to move, pulling himself onto the bed. Moments later he was in a deep sleep, and completely unaware of where he was and what was about to occur a little later that night.

Michelle giggled as her friend continued to describe some very detailed information about her boyfriend's body that in her tipsy-state just seemed to be hilarious. She probably wouldn't have found it so funny if she hadn't had those last two cocktails, which had seemed more alcohol than mixers, yet right then in that cab ride home it was hysterical. The night had been more than fun, if a little more sex-filled than Michelle had expected, however it had had to end some time and so now, in the small hours of the morning, while most houses they passed were dark and silent, Michelle and two more of the girls were sharing a cab ride home. The wedding would be tomorrow, which would be exciting, she had her dress all ready for it and her hair planned, however right then, all that kept occupying the hot brunette's mind was getting back and screwing Alex until she collapsed. Damn she was fucking horny, hornier than she had ever felt she was sure, and of course, the size of that strippers thick dick and the illicit sex her friend had had with him had nothing to do with it. Of course.

The cab ride seemed a lot shorter than it actually was, and finally Michelle was wishing her friends a good night as they waved drunkenly at her as the cab pulled away and she was making her way back towards her front door.

Opening the door, she closed it quietly behind her. It was more so she didn't wake Jamie up than Alex. Her boyfriend would be woken up soon enough, however she wanted to make sure his friend stayed asleep so she could enjoy the attention her boyfriend would give her.

Passing the lounge she noticed the pile of cans and the fact that the lights were still left on, though neither of the guys were asleep in the chairs or on the sofa, which meant they had both gone to bed. Good, that at least meant she would get some hard cock tonight, and fuck she needed it, she was almost clawing up the walls as she slowly made her way up the stairs towards her and Alex's bedroom.

Looking over to the spare bedroom, Michelle smiled erotically to herself as she saw that the door was shut. Jamie would be asleep in there, not doubt as drunk as Alex would be, he wouldn't hear a thing. The light from the hallway created a soft, faint glow in the dark bedroom that was hers and Alex's and that pleased smile deepened as she noticed that Alex had left the door open for her. Approaching slowly, Michelle saw the shape of her loving, hot boyfriend lying still on their large, double bed and bit her bottom lip in excitement. The horniness from the night had built up so intense within her that she felt her eyes glaze as she thought of Alex's hot cock slipping into her. Her large, hazel eyes twinkled with the horny lust she felt as she slowly swayed into the dark bedroom.

Alex was lying on his back, sleeping quietly. Michelle couldn't make out anything except his outline on the bed, however it was enough to guide her towards where his jeans were closed up, hiding the hot cock she needed so badly.

Swaying closer to her boyfriend's sleeping shape, Michelle gently sat on the edge of the bed, looking to where she thought his face must be for any sign that he was waking up, as she reached forward to find his button and zipper. Electricity ran through her fingers, sending a shiver down her spine, as her fingers touched his crotch and made their way to the small metal button. Not intending to keep her boyfriend asleep, Michelle pulled at the button non-too-gently and she smiled as she watched her boyfriend stir as she yanked the top of his jeans open. His zipper soon came down and slowly she began to pull his jeans and boxers down his legs until she pulled them a little roughly from his feet, tossing them uncaringly onto the floor somewhere in the room.

"Ughmmmm" Her boyfriend moaned as he was knocked around by all of Michelle's pulling and yanking of his clothes, however as Michelle's eyes slowly adjusted to the dark and she could make out the outline of his head, she could tell that he had not yet woken up or he would be looking at her by now.

Smiling wickedly to herself, she once more reached forward with her hands before gently touching his soft cock with her nails. Electricity shot through her body once more as her fingers lightly came into contact with her boyfriend's naked cock, and it seemed to shoot through Alex too as he stirred again.

Her smile deepening lustfully, Michelle traced her nails along the length of his cock, which seemed to have a big effect on Alex as it suddenly began to harden. Shuddering with excitement, Michelle let her hand wrap around the length of his dick before she slowly began to move her hand up and down its length.

Alex began to breathe a little faster as Michelle slowly moved her hand up and down his quickly hardening cock. Michelle's breathing too began to grow more excited as she felt Alex's cock harden into a rock-solid shaft that only seemed to get harder. It also seemed to be longer than she had thought, unless that was perhaps because she was a little drunk and the image of that stripper's huge hard on was still in her head. The thought of that huge naked dick she had seen earlier made Michelle breathe heavier and forget any thought about the size of Alex's cock, she just needed to feel it now.

Slowly she leaned forward until her face hovered above the rock-hard shaft and Michelle felt the heat of her boyfriend's rod as she gently moved forward to lick down and then up his seemingly-still-growing dick. She must be more drunk than she thought, or he must be hornier than ever being woken up like this, Michelle thought proudly as he warm, soft tongue reached the head of Alex's solid, and surprisingly thick, cock. Moaning lustfully to herself the moment her tongue danced across the head of her boyfriend's dick, Michelle opened her mouth and wrapped her hot, luscious lips around the tip. Moaning as the contact sent shivers down her spine, Michelle lowered her mouth down her boyfriend's dick until she felt the head press against her throat. More shivers ran through her as she realised that she still had her hand wrapped around his shaft, her mouth stuffed with his cock and still room for her to jack his dick. Fuck, he really must be as horny as she was.

Moaning lightly once more, Michelle lifted her head all the way up Alex's dick, flicking her tongue along the tip as she sucked on the end until she lifted her mouth from his dick long enough to raise her head to look at Alex's face. She still couldn't make him out clearly in the dark, however she could tell his breathing had deepened and he was obviously enjoying her attention, and so with another sexy smile, Michelle opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around Alex's thick cock, before once again sucking it deep into her hot, wet mouth.

Little did the stunning, horny girlfriend know, that the big dick she was in fact sucking happily on did not belong to her boyfriend of four years, but in fact to his friend. As Michelle continued to work her mouth up and down Jamie's dick, although she believed it was Alex's, sucking and circling her tongue along its solid length, Jamie began to stir from the pleasure.

Jamie's tequila-induced dreams suddenly began to alter from driving a car down a glowing road to suddenly floating in the midst of clouds with a hard on that seemed to rage solidly.

As he stared with amazement at his suddenly naked hard dick, he felt a rush of pleasure flow through him and blinking he thought he saw a woman's hand a moment slowly jacking up and down his pulsing cock.

Lying back on the clouds, enjoying the sensations, the world suddenly spun as a wet heat covered the top of his shaft and the sudden feel of a woman sucking expertly made him groan in pleasure as bright stars began to shine and slowly spin around him.

Looking down at his crotch he could see a silhouetted woman sucking hard on his cock, he was considering who it was when the wave of pleasure doubled as the woman sucked harder and faster, jacking his dick as she sucked on it fiercely.

Releasing another happy moan that he couldn't contain, Jamie thought he heard the woman laugh lightly as if she were pleased at the reaction she was getting from him, before once more she returned her hot, expert mouth to giving him the blowjob of his dreams literally. Whoever this mystery woman was, she was the best cocksucker Jamie had ever had, no wonder she was in his dreams.

As the woman continued to bob her head up and down, flicking her tongue around his thick shaft as she sucked, locking her lips to his hard rod, Jamie reached down to wrap his fingers in her hair, lifting his hips to her mouth as he breathed heavily. She was fucking good. The world began to spin and darken, the dream fading, until suddenly it disappeared entirely, however the hot sensations remained. Moments later, his eyes cracked open as a light moan escaped his lips.

At first he thought it was another part of the dream, however as his eyes looked down towards his cock, his eyes fell on the silhouette of a woman, sitting on the edge of the bed, and sucking his dick. He couldn't make her features out due to the light gently falling in the room from behind her, and so it took him a moment to gather his bearings and understand what was going on.

Suddenly memory flooded back to him as he realised that he was lying in Alex and Michelle's bed. Alex had told him to sleep here as he had fallen asleep in the spare room. That would mean that the woman sucking on his dick was....Michelle.

His eyes widened as he tried to look up, however Michelle suddenly sucked harder and lightly dragged her teeth over the head of his cock and Jamie's head fell back to the pillow underneath him as he groaned in pleasure.

Fuck, was this happening? Was his friend's hot girlfriend of four years really sucking his dick like a pro in her and her boyfriend's own bedroom?

Once more he heard that lightly amused laugh and if that hadn't been enough to confirm it was his friend's girlfriend, her voice was.

"You like that baby don't you? You always love it when I wake you up with your dick in my mouth." Michelle purred erotically and it took a moment for Jamie to register what she had said.

His eyes widened again as he did. She thought he was Alex! Well, of course she would, she had obviously not turned on the light when she came into the bedroom as Alex had said she would. Instead she must have seen him sleeping in the bed and thought it was her boyfriend and just started sucking his dick. Fuck! What was he going to do now? If he told her it was him that would no doubt ruin everything for him, her and Alex. They'd all no doubt fall out, and even if they all accepted it was a case of mistaken identity, who could forget that their girlfriend had sucked off their friend in their own bed?

Thoughts flashed through his mind in the two seconds after Michelle had spoken, however her hand still slowly pumping up and down his dick did not help him concentrate, nor did the constant image of what she had been wearing when she left or how hot she had looked.

Damn she was a hot woman, and his friend's girl at that, not to mention that she sucked cock like nobody he had ever met. Perhaps the best thing was to just not say anything and hope she went into the bathroom long enough for him to carry Alex through here so she would think it had been him. Alex was drunk enough to believe Michelle had sucked him off while in his stupor, and if Michelle didn't turn the light on she would never know it had been him. That way, no one would be hurt, and the fact he would get a free blowjob from his friend's hot fucking girlfriend was just an added bonus. Yeah, that's what he would do.

Feeling like he had a plan, Jamie did not reply, instead he once more reached his hand down and placing it on the back of Michelle's head, he gently guided her mouth back onto his waiting dick.

"Mmmm." Michelle purred as her mouth once more filled with his raging hard on.

Jamie left his hand on her head as she continued to suck happily for a few more minutes, bringing him close to the edge before letting him fall back teasingly. Sucking slowly and rolling her soft tongue around his hard shaft, Michelle worked his hard dick in and out of her hot mouth with expertise.

Jamie couldn't help but groan in pleasure as his friend's girlfriend sucked unknowingly on his large dick, uncaring about the open door, until suddenly and unexpectedly Michelle lifted her mouth from his dick and stood up from the bed.

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