Mistaken Identity?


She wasn't going to leave him hanging after such an amazing blowjob was she? Was he going to have to get Alex in here now and be left without cumming after having Michelle's hot mouth wrapped around his dick. Horny irritation sparked within him and Jamie felt the desire to finish what Michelle had started, however then Michelle did something he did not expect and only momentarily had to think about as lust now had him completely...

Alex Gordon slept deeply in his tequila-induced stupor, dreaming of unusual things in many more unusual circumstances. Dreams that were quite entertaining, if a little odd.

His dreams however were not as pleasant as those of his friend's, which were more induced by Alex's girlfriend of four years sucking on his raging-hard dick while he slept.

As Alex dreamed of many a strange thing, soundly asleep, he was blissfully unaware as his girlfriend sucked hard on his friend's dick, thinking it was his. He did not know that his friend knew full well that it was his friend's girlfriend who had a mouth stuffed full of his monster cock, nor did the unconscious boyfriend know that his friend had guided the sexy 24-year-old girlfriend's head back to his dick to suck it, which she gladly did for a few more minutes, before she lifted her mouth from the solid-shaft, with intentions of something far more illicit in mind.

As Alex slept, his girlfriend stood, and was about to be filled like never before.

Michelle reluctantly pulled her mouth from Alex's hot dick and raised herself to stand by the side of the bed. She could tell he was awake now, his hand guiding her head back to his dick had confirmed that, however she had had a need burning within her all night, and she didn't want him cumming before she had that blazing desire satisfied.

Smiling playfully at her boyfriend as he lay watching her, she could tell his eyes were on her as the light behind her glinted faintly in them, Michelle reached under her dress and slowly removed her panties, dropping them to the floor as she placed one sexy leg on the bed.

"Mmm, I've been needing you so badly baby." Michelle purred hornily as she swung her other leg over Alex's, "All night I've been waiting to shove your dick in me...I'm going to ride you hard baby."

Alex didn't reply, instead he reached his hands to run silently along her smooth legs before moving them to hold on to her waist as she reached beneath her to take hold of his still raging hard on.

Holding the throbbing head directly beneath her horny pussy, Michelle considered teasing her boyfriend a little more, however the furious desire within her would wait no longer, and so she quickly began to lower herself down onto his ragingly-hard shaft.

The moment the head shoved inside her hot pussy Michelle groaned loudly in satisfaction, however as she continued to lower herself down the hard cock her eyes began to widen. Alex must have been hornier than ever as his dick seemed to be twice as wide as normal and seemed to be going on forever as she still hadn't sat on his lap yet.

"Ohmmm!" Michelle moaned as she continued to spear herself on her boyfriend's throbbing cock, trying to lower herself all the way down.

Biting her bottom lip, Michelle moaned lustfully as she felt Alex's dick pushing deeper into her than he had ever gone before. Fuck, he must have been as big as that stripper she had seen earlier and still she wasn't all the way down. Fuck, she hadn't thought he was this big, perhaps that image was fucking her mind up.

Lifting up slightly, Michelle decided to impale herself fully on Alex's dick and slammed herself down.

"OH FUCKK!" Michelle groaned loudly and felt her head fall back as the huge dick speared into her pussy completely.

Fuck! She must have had about ten or eleven inches of hard dick shoved inside her. How could she have ever not noticed how fucking big her boyfriend was before!

The thought however did not last long, all that filled Michelle's horny mind was how hot she had been all night, how much she needed to be filled and how good she needed to be fucked.

There was no mistake, she definitely felt fucking good. Alex was deeper in her than he had ever been, and fuck it felt amazing!

Taking deep breaths, Alex seemed to give her a moment to adjust to his size. Fuck, he had to be horny as hell to be this big and hard! It felt as if he was buried to her womb.

Finally Michelle was able to lift her head back up, however she felt all tingly already having so much dick buried inside her burning pussy. She was going to have the best orgasm in the world with this sex. She'd have to get Alex this horny again, if he could do it once she would never want it to be as it was after feeling this.

"Fuck..me...you feel so big baby...so fucking big and hard...Mmm, so fucking goodd!" Michelle told her boyfriend breathlessly as he lay under her, still gently holding her by the waist. "Fuck I love your big dick!"

Still catching her breath from the size of the cock buried within her, Michelle slowly started to move her hips back and forth, still trying to adjust to Alex's horny size as she began to slowly fuck herself on his hard shaft.

"Mmmm, Oh! Yes...that's what I've been fucking needing! Ummmmm!" Michelle moaned breathlessly as she moved back and forth a little faster.

Slowly the stunning 24-year-old began to speed up her movements as she grew accustomed to the size of the dick that was now sliding in and out of her faster and faster, filling her up like never before and making her moan as she continued to ride up and down it's hard length.

Lust-surged through Michelle's body as the big dick pumping in and out of her hot, needy pussy repeatedly slammed home as she swiftly began to bounce around on its enormous length.

"Oh fuck...oh...so fucking good! Mmmmm! Oh, ummm yeesss!" Michelle moaned breathlessly, running her hands through her hair and holding them behind her head as she began to ride up and down Alex's thick cock harder and faster, slamming herself down hard enough so that the bed springs squeaked lightly in unison with their fucking.

"Fuck your good!" Michelle heard Alex grunt between what sounded like clenched teeth and she looked towards his shadow-shrouded body as she held her hair up behind her and continued to repeatedly impale herself on his huge, so-fucking-good, cock.

If she had not been so deeply lost in the horny lust she craved, Michelle would have noticed that the voice had not sounded like Alex's, but like his friend. However, the hot girlfriend was lost in the feel of the enormous dick stuffing her pussy full and bringing her ever closer to her intensely growing orgasm to notice anything much.

"Fuck baby...ohummm...yes....you're so big and hard tonight...ummmmm....this is the best sex we've ever had....yeeess....ummmm...you're making me feel soooo goood!" Michelle moaned before she groaned loudly as Alex began slamming his hips towards her as she slammed her own down, driving his big dick deeper with lust-filled force.

"Ride my dick Michelle!" Her boyfriend grunted commandingly, once more through the clenched teeth of pleasure.

Michelle responded by lowering her hands and placing them on his hard-muscled chest to help steady herself as she began to ride up and down his massive dick as hard and as fast as she could.

"Oh fuck Alex! Oh fucking...Ohhhh! You're dick is so fuckking good baby! Oh! Fuck! Mmmmm, yeaaahh! Ummmm!" Michelle groaned as her boyfriend's dick repeatedly thrust up into her as she slammed herself down with all her strength.

Alex must have been enjoying himself more than ever, and his orgasm must have been coming close, as he suddenly thrust up harder. The force of being slammed full of her boyfriend's enormous cock all at once and the pleasure it gave her, caused Michelle's arms to give way. Falling onto his hard-masculine chest Michelle quickly found his lips and mashed hers against them, opening her mouth and moaning lustfully into it as her tongue began to dance with his passionately.

Kissing him deeply, Alex continued to piston his raging hard on into her pussy, bringing soft grunts and groans from the hot girlfriend.

"Mmmm baby you're so fucking good!" Michelle moaned into her boyfriend's mouth as she broke the kiss and pushed herself back up so that she was once more sitting on his hard cock.

As Michelle once more began to bounce up and down on her boyfriend's hard cock, she watched as his hands reached up to cup her large tits. Squeezing roughly, Michelle moaned as she continued stuffing her pussy full of his shaft, relishing the feel of his hand mauling harshly at her large tits over her low cut dress while she drove his cock repeatedly into her hot, tight pussy.

Letting him squeeze and squash her big tits against his large, strong hands for a little while as she continued to ride him, Michelle soon took hold of Alex's hands and held onto them as she once more began riding him hard.

The bed began to squeak lewdly, and the metal headboard began to slam against the wall, marking the growing intensity of their hot fucking. Neither of the two fucking cared that the door was open, or the man sleeping down the hall in the spare room might be woken up by the hot, illicit sound of the large, double bed squeaking and hitting the wall as the stunning 24-year-old girlfriend rode the dick she thought belonged to her boyfriend.

Harder and harder, faster and faster, Michelle slammed herself on the large dick buried inside of her, until she let go of Alex's hands and sat straight, reaching for the buttons at the front of her dress that held it closed.

"Fuck...I'm going to cum soon..." Michelle said breathlessly as she seductively began to unbutton the first three buttons on the dress.

Jamie could not see what she was doing of course, though he could guess and wish he could see as Michelle slowly unbuttoned the top of her dress.

To Michelle, while her large rack was not fully exposed by the buttons she'd opened, her black, lacy bra underneath was exposed just enough to appear seductively and show most of the large tits it contained. As she continued to bounce up and down the solid cock buried within her, Michelle knew her large tits now bounced and jiggled lustfully in time to her slamming onto the hot cock beneath her. Barely showing the bottom of the bra, the sight of her teasing Alex with her half concealed half-naked tits as she rode his hard dick would drive her boyfriend over the edge just as she was cumming too. She loved it when they came together and she knew that he loved seeing her tits as they bounced while they fucked.

Staring seductively towards the shape below her as she continued to fuck herself on his hard dick, Michelle smiled lustfully as she spoke words that would change the rest of the night, and the rest of her life...

"I want you to watch me as I fuck you baby..." Michelle began to speak in a breathless, lust-filled voice as she continued riding Jamie's dick hard and fast. "...Turn the light on so I can watch you as we come together."

If Jamie's heart had not already been pounding from the fact that his friend's knockout girlfriend was riding his dick like a lust-possessed woman, it would have at those words.

The feel of his unprotected dick buried deep within Michelle's hot, tight pussy as it clung and squeezed his raging hard shaft, was unbelievably good. Jamie had never felt so fucking good and had never had such a good fuck as Michelle was; Alex was one lucky fuck to have her as his girlfriend.

However, what was he to do now? How could he turn the light on and let her see that she was really fucking her boyfriend's friend? But then, there was no chance in hell that he was going to stop fucking her if he could help it! There had to be a way.

The thought that he could have said that he wanted to screw her in the dark never even occurred to Jamie, firstly he wanted to see her tits naked, and bouncing as he gave it to her hard, not to mention better than Alex ever had by the sounds of what she had said so far. Perhaps if he had the rest of the night would have unfolded much differently, however Jamie simply said the first thing that came into his mind.

"Lean your head back...and let me watch you fuck yourself on me." He grunted between clenched teeth, half because Michelle was fucking herself so good and her pussy was squeezing his big dick like a vice as she slammed herself up and down its long, thick length hard and fast. The other half was because he didn't want his friend's girlfriend to recognise his voice.

Why he said what he did, Jamie would never know, but then it was hard to think straight with your friend's knockout girlfriend riding your raging hard cock in the bed she shared with her boyfriend.

Michelle simply purred excitedly at him, running her nails down his t-shirt-covered chest, before she shook her head to flick her hair over her shoulder, placed her hands behind herself on his legs, and leaned her head back, letting her long, wavy, dark-brown hair hang freely.

Jamie groaned as she leaned back as his friend's hot girl never once missed a stroke of riding his dick.

His eyes intent on what he was about to see, Jamie reached his arm to the side, fumbling for the lamp until he suddenly heard a 'click' and the whole room lit up, and a sight he would never forget came into view...

Meanwhile, Alex slept silently in the spare bedroom, out cold and not stirring as his girlfriend slammed herself all the way down his friend's huge cock, a cock that was a lot bigger and thicker than his own, and that before long was pleasing Michelle in ways she never thought existed.

While Alex slept, a little way down the hall, with the door wide open, his girlfriend moaned and groaned loudly as she bounced hard and fast up and down his friend's huge dick. Jamie's hand squeezed Michelle's big rack through her dress, the pair engaged in a passionate kiss, deep and hot, as they continued to fuck.

Unaware that her approaching orgasm, and the best fuck of her life, had been by the big dick of her boyfriend's friend, Michelle leaned back, arching her back and pushing her tits out lustfully, as Jamie reached to turn the light in the bedroom on.

As her boyfriend slept down the hall, Michelle was about to see who she was really fucking, and her life was about to change...

The moment the light came on, Jamie's eyes were filled with the beauty of his friend's girlfriend as she bounced up and down on his dick, repeatedly feeding its long, hard, thick length in and out of her tight, hot pussy, unprotected.

Her dress clung to her figure, accentuating her sexy curves, her smooth legs, her slim waist and her large tits perfectly. The top three buttons, now undone, showed a tantalising amount of her perfect 38D tits, which bounced and jiggled in their half-shown confines as Michelle fucked herself hard on his dick. The fact she was leaning back arched Michelle's back and pushed her luscious tits out further towards Jamie's eyes which stared at them lustfully.

Fuck this girl was perfect in everyway. She was hot, the best cocksucker and the hottest fuck ever!

Jamie couldn't believe that he was watching his friend's girlfriend ride up and down his dick, making her tits bounce in that hot dress, on the bed she shared with her boyfriend, while Alex was sleeping just down the hall and the door was open.

"Uhhmmmmm Ummmmmm Ohhh...." Michelle was groaning tightly as she rode up and down, revelling in the feel of Jamie's hot dick inside her.

Fuck, if she kept this up much longer he was going to shoot his load inside her. The thought of cumming inside his friend's girlfriend made his balls tighten and Jamie couldn't help but groan loudly.

Suddenly Michelle's breathing began to grow more erratic and her hips began to move more fitfully. She was about to cum, and so was he. Fuck this was hot.

All thoughts of what would happen after left his mind as his orgasm grew to bursting. Michelle began to moan loudly, and breathlessly, and Jamie felt his balls tightening. Reaching up to grab hold of Michelle's big tits, Jamie began to knead them roughly, feeling his fingers sinking into the soft, firm flesh of the large globes, he was almost there, then suddenly his friend's girlfriend pushed herself back up again and her eyes locked with his...

Michelle could feel the big dick slamming back into her repeatedly, her large tits jiggling in her boyfriend's big, strong hands. Her pussy was on fire like never before and she could feel her orgasm ready to explode, and she knew that it was going to be her biggest ever.

Loving the feel of Alex's hands roughly kneading her large tits and his enormous cock buried within her, Michelle wanted to watch him as they came together. She could feel his movements growing more erratic, matching her own, and knew they would both cum soon.

Forcing some strength into her arms, Michelle pushed herself forward, burying the big dick beneath her into her pussy completely, pressing her large tits into the strong hands that mauled them, ready to watch her boyfriend as he came inside her, when her eyes fell on the face of his friend, Jamie, staring up at her from beneath her.

The world seemed to freeze, as did Michelle's movements. Sitting straight and impaled on his raging hard dick fully, her tits pressed hard into his hands, Michelle simply stared frozen in shock at Jamie, as he stared back at her in the same way.

How could Jamie be here? Where was Alex? Suddenly the situation dawned on her. She had been fucking Jamie! Jamie's dick was buried inside her! His big hands were holding and squeezing her large, half-uncovered tits! She had sucked her boyfriend's friend's dick and had been fucking him for the last half an hour at least!

The huge dick within her still remained rigidly solid and buried deep as Michelle stared into Jamie's eyes. No wonder the cock inside her felt so huge and thick. Fuck! She had been fucking her boyfriend's friend and she had been loving it! It had been the best sex she had ever had, even better than with Alex! And Jamie's dick was enormous!

All of these thoughts raced through Michelle's mind in the few moments she sat frozen, impaled.

"Fuck Jamie...what have we done!?" Michelle finally exclaimed in disbelief, her tits still held firmly in Jamie's hands and her pussy still stuffed full of his cock.

"It...It was a mistake 'Chelle." Her boyfriend's friend stuttered, however he didn't make a move to release her tits or make her get off him, although neither did she, but she was still in shock.

"Oh shit! What the fuck am I going to do?" Michelle asked herself as she ran her hands through her hair, thinking as best as she could. Fuck! She had fucked Jamie in her and Alex's bed! What the fuck was her boyfriend going to say!

Sitting there racking her brain hard, Michelle was oblivious to the fact that Jamie still held her large tits in his hands and was gently squeezing them with his fingers, that she was still straddling him on her and Alex's bed impaled completely on his huge dick, that the door was open and the light was on.

"Where's Alex?" Was all she could ask as she once again looked to Jamie beneath her, still not moving his hands or cock from her body.

"He fell asleep in the spare room and said I should sleep in here, that you'd notice I was here and go to him." Jamie answered, seeming a little more composed now. Still she was unaware of his hands squeezing her half-exposed tits gently.

They had gone to sleep in the wrong rooms! She had been too horny to check when she had got in, all she had needed was a hard dick after seeing that stripper's large cock. It had been so big, much bigger than her boyfriend's... The thought trailed off as it reminded her that she was stuffed full of a dick that dwarfed the strippers cock easily. The thought gave her a flutter in her stomach. She had not cum yet, and oh she needed to after tonight, and she was impaled with such a big fucking hot cock...

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