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Mistaken Identity


My lovely little brown Filipina wife is very attractive and loving caring person. Ella is 5'5'' - which is very tall for a Filipina - and she has a firm slim sexy body with long flowing black hair. I married my wife in Philippines four years ago now and in spite of the twenty years age difference - my wife is 29 years old - we have had a very good marriage. Apart from cooking, my wife enjoys sex every day and she is a very good lover. She even had her tongue and pussy pierced to be able to heighten her sexual pleasure.

One day we decided to go on a holiday together in Thailand. I loved Bangkok and I even spoke a little Thai and my wife knew the passion I had for the country, culture and girls. My wife being a good little devoted Asian wife wanted to go on holiday there too so as to please me. When we arrived she even suggested that we visit a bar as she knew I liked watching sexy Thai bargirls. Ella was not jealous and she would tease me about my past affairs. Ella was quite open-minded but she was not into experimenting within our relationship. We do watch porn together and she especially enjoys watching threesomes. It makes us both climax quite hard. Ella knew that Thai bargirls would get me hard so she was keen to take me there so to enjoy good sex together back at the hotel after.

Although my wife was Filipina she often got mistaken for a Thai girl especially in Thailand by Thai people as her features and skin is similar to theirs and she is taller like a Thai girl rather than a Filipina. This always gets her angry as she does not think of herself as a Thai and she cannot speak a word of the language. The fact that stripped down to a halter top and a short skirt she looked identical to the natives did not help as she could easily have been mistaken for one of the local bar girls, especially as she was there walking the streets holding hands with a "fareng"/foreigner.

As we approached the bar district I noticed some of the male sex tourists checking her out it. They obviously thought she was a whore. Instead of angering me, this made me horny and I imagined my wife actually working in a bar. My wife picked out and lead me into a gogo bar in the red light district where the girls were pole dancing naked. Looking at those cheap whores in their heavy make-up skimpy clothes made me instantly horny. My brown skinned wife smiled at me as we sat down and I ordered drinks. I noticed the other girls looking at her very angrily. They obviously thought she was competition and they were hostile towards her presence due to lack of other male customers to buy them drinks. I thought nothing of it, blissfully aroused by the whole situation.

Before we had really settled down, two Thai men came up to us and started speaking angrily to my wife in Thai.

"I don't speak Thai." She replied.

They did not seem to believe her.

"Why you come to my bar! You not work here! You bring your fareng here. You pay me 20 000 baht now!" He shouted at her.

"Wait a minute, she's my wife..." I began.

"You pay me now!" He insisted.

"Let's go." I said to my wife and she tried to get up.

"You stay. You pay me!" He said drawing a knife.

"Pay him." My wife said eyes wide and frightened now.

"We don't have that sort of money..." I began. "I only have 10,000 baht," I said, "I can't pay you more."

He snatched the money away from my hand, slapped me hard and they both suddenly grabbed us. My wife began kicking and screaming and they punched her. The next thing I knew they had tied our hands and dragged us upstairs into what seemed to be a massage parlour. I was thrown onto the floor of a dirty dark bedroom bound and gagged while one of them men handcuffed my crying wife's wrist to the metal bed.

She was still sobbing hysterically and really scared.

I saw him fetch a bag containing crack cocaine bricks and a syringe with diluted crack inside it. Crack cocaine is a substance that affects the brain causing euphoria, increased confidence, loss of appetite, increased energy and a craving for more cocaine. I was horrified as I knew the stuff was so instantly addictive. The thought of my wife being turned into a junky made me go crazy with rage and I thrashed around trying to free myself but I was too tightly bound.

I watched helplessly moaning as he injected it into her arm while the second man held her down firmly.

"You owe me 20,000 baht now. You work pay your debt." He said to Ella pulling off her gag.

She seemed to be floating there in a daze for a moment then she looked back at him more calm and relaxed, without any concern.

A big fat Thai man walked in and began to pull down his pants. With horror I suddenly what was going to happen and I tried to cry out with but the gag stopped any sounds. They were going to make her work off her debt as a whore and she was going to be fucked by this man.

He went over to the bed and roughly opening her legs pulled down her panties. She lay still as he climbed on top of her. I watched with horror, anger and arousal as he pumped his hips forward and sent his thick cock into my wife's pussy. I was angry and hard watching my wife being fucked like a whore on the bed. The guy laboured away at her for ten minutes before he came in her loins unprotected and pulled out of her messy pussy. My wife seemed unusually unaffected and smiling.

Half an hour later the whole scene was repeated, this time with a white tourist. My wife had sunk into the bed sulking and depressed so the guy who had locked them up came over and slapped Ella on the face and told her she had to make them cum hard in her pussy. She had to try harder. He took out the needle again and this time I saw my wife shakily hold out her arm and asked for another shot. She seemed very agitated and desperate for the needle. As soon as he had injected her she relaxed and her eyes became bright.

"You see, you like it whore. Do better next time and you can have more." He smirked, rubbing her exposed pussy.

The next guy was a white skin headed fat middle aged man who undressed, ignoring me then climbed between her legs holding his cock in his hand. His balls were large and filled with sperm. Ella used her long red nails on her freed hand to spread open her pussy lips as the tourist guided his cock to her hole. As he went in and out of her slit I saw that she was pushing her hips vigorously up to meet his thrusts. I watched him moving in and out as she sighed beneath him. Suddenly I saw her free arm wrap around his back. Her wedding ring was visible as he pumped her pussy. This time I distinctly could hear her groan and shudder with pleasure as he filled my woman with his seed.

He had barely left when the two Thai captors came back to the room and untied her. She sat there indifferent as they touched her breasts and rubbed her dripping wet pussy.

"You like..." The first sniggered.

"Please..." She said holding out her arm.

He looked at her and said:

"What would you do for it?"

"I would do anything. I make money for you. Work hard." She groaned. "Please! Just give me another shot..."

The two men looked at each other then smirked. I saw them pull down their pants. Unlocking her handcuff the first man said:

"First you suck my cock, whore." He said pulling her my hair to shove her head down on his cock.

My whore wife hungrily took his Thai sausage into her mouth and sucked hard at it like a slut. I could not help but feel horny in spite of myself as I watched her head bob up and down the shaft of his cock. Her tongue stud flicked around his cock head until his shaft was hard. Her sucking made an obscene chocking sound as she sucked hard taking him deep into her throat. When he was hard, he turned her on her back and lifted her feet in the air and the proceeded to shove his cock in as deep as he could into my wife's Filipina pussy. My beautiful wife held onto him desperately, pulling him as deep as possible into her. I watched as he thrust his full length and thickness into her tight wet pussy repeatedly. She was moaning now in real bliss as they fucked madly until he came grunting in Thai inside her loins. Without waiting for him to recover I saw my wife roll him over straddling the guys' cock and lower her soaked pussy back onto his cock. Her slim tanned body began pumping his cock again until he was once again hard inside her burning sheath. She looked directly at me and I saw wild enjoyment and drugged lust in her eyes. As I watched the second shorter guy who had been holding his hard erection suddenly decided to climb onto the bed behind the couple. I watched as he pushed his Asian dick into her already occupied hole in a double vaginal penetration. My whore wife let out an animal cry of pure ecstasy as she felt two cocks in her hot pussy now.

My wife had taken the cocks of two Thai men in her pussy and she seemed to be enjoying it immensely. Ella seemed to quickly adjust to the size of the double cock and I watched as my wife received the fucking of her life. She fucked and fucked them. She was bouncing up and down on their cocks while they fucked her pussy and sucked her nipples. In spite of my anger and horror at the situation, my cock was as hard as steel I saw the duo fucking her. I saw her body shake and climax in a series of multiple orgasms. She was crying out with pleasure as a series of strong orgasms sent contraction throughout her body all the way down to her feet as she clenched and unclench her pussy muscles frantically milking the double cock inside her pussy. Finally when her Thai captors could not take it any longer they started shooting cum deep into my wife's grateful tight pussy. She was so hot, sweaty and horny, just cumming on them.

They left her collapsed on the bed. When the next customer entered accompanied by one of our captors holding a syringe my wife sat up on the bed, opened her legs wide and with both hand anxiously parted her parted her pussy lips in an obscene invitation and sign of submission. She did not seem to be the same person anymore. The powerful craving and compulsion to use drugs seemed to take over control of her mind and her body.

I could see the overwhelming obsession for the drug in her eyes. She was ready to do anything to avoid the pain of withdrawal. Her body was trembling and her pupils were bloodshot and her nostrils seemed to be wider. He handed her the needle and I watched as shaking, she injected herself. Her body seemed to relax instantly. Then she looked up her eyes shining with desire. I saw her frantically climb on top of the guy, hungrily taking his cock out of his pants and slipping it quickly into her pussy.

"Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" She groaned.

She began to ride him energetically, thrusting her loins down hard against his pelvis. Her eyes were jammed tightly shut and she the out little whimpers of bliss as she lustfully took his thick cock into her brown and pink Filipina pussy. The captor looked at with a pleased smirk then I was pushed me out of the room and into the street. Releasing my bonds my captor said:

"If you go to the police or tell anyone we kill your junky whore wife. If she is good we release her in two days."

When finally after two days of agony and wait she came back to the hotel she was a total mess.

"Hi." She said. She appeared sullen and hostile at first. "I really need more drugs... can't stop thinking about it..."

I was shocked at her first words. I just gave her a hug and after a while her tense body seemed to relax.

I held her face and kissed her. My tongue darted into her mouth as we exchanged a hungry desperate embrace. As I kissed her I could recognise the musk taste of another man's sperm in her mouth. I knew I would probably taste and odour in her cunt too.

I pulled her onto the bed and removed her top. I could see kiss marks on her breasts. My hands started caressing her boobs. I moved lower and reached her pussy. With one finger I eased aside her panties I saw her pubic hairs all stuck together with semen and her pussy was dilated and full of sticky sperm. A liquid had run down and dried on her thigh and I knew it was cum. The dirty girl had not washed her pussy and come home all dripping. She had come home with cum in her panties. I did not know who had been fucking her but her pussy was full of cum and so I knew that she had gone bareback with every guy she had fucked.

My finger slid inside and I felt it was gooey and wet. It felt good and the smell of sex filled the as I fingered my pussy. I felt the walls of her pussy tighten around my fingers. The pussy juices of my wife and her lovers cum on my fingers, I popped them into my mouth. The taste was musky and made me hard. I not only tasted her lovely cunt but sperm as well. I guess that she had been fucked like there was no tomorrow as they had pumped an incredible amount of his man seed into her pussy. I did not want to know where she had been or what she was doing I just wanted to lick her swollen pussy until she came.

I kissed her eagerly, passionately, open-mouthed. She responded, her tongue meekly darting at mine. I eagerly responded by kissing me harder and searching my mouth with his tongue. My cock was hard. I tried to push her back onto the bed to have sex but she refused telling me her pussy was too sore. She kissed me instead. When we broke our embrace and she said:

"I'm sorry darling, but I have to go back tonight to the bar to work..."

"What do you mean?" I cried out in horror.

"I don't care what you think!" She snapped irritably. "Please understand darling. I need my fix. Ho agreed I could work at the bar for it. He was very kind to me."

"How can you do it to me?" I managed. "Fuck those men like that?"

She told me that she loved me very much but that she really needed her shot now. I replied that this could ruin our marriage and I asked her if acting like a cheap hooker for her drug was worth it. She looked at me sadly, pleadingly and said she had no choice. She had to do it. She needed the drug so bad and nothing would stop her even if it meant having sex with other men for money.

She confessed that after a while in the whore house everything had blurred into a sea of pleasure and ecstasy and that she had got used to it, the high, the men and the sex. She admitted liking the excitement and thrill of sex while she was high with different me. I told her that she was a dirty slut but that I was okay with it and that she could fuck anyone she wanted

She kissed me and left quickly.

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