Mistaken Identity Ch. 02


"Oh dear God," I moaned as I felt my twitching rod press against her warm sticky pussy.

"Oh Jesus Christina," I said as she began to lower herself down onto me.

"Shhhhhh," my daughter said as she placed her finger on my lips.

"Call me Allison," she said softly as she sank completely down on me.

I couldn't believe that this was happening all over again. I reached behind my daughter and pulled her into me, feeling her night shirt clad breasts pressing into my face. Her pussy was so hot and so tight as it was wrapped around my cock. I looked into my daughter's eyes as she leaned closer and placed her lips on mine.

"Make love to me like I'm mom," Christina said as she kissed me softly on the lips again.

Our tongues quickly darted in and out of each other's mouths as she slowly began to grind her hips. After our soft kiss she pulled back and looked into my eyes again.

"Fuck me like you fuck my mom," Christina said as she again pressed her warm soft lips onto mine.

Christina began to gyrate her hips a little more as our tongues continued to dance in each other's mouth's. I began to slide my hands up and down her back as her hands began to explore my neck and side.

"Fuck me hard daddy, just like you fuck mom," she said as she now began to slide up and down, fucking me like my wife used to.

I reached behind her and slid my hands under her naked ass. Her cheeks were on fire as I cupped her ass and stood up. My daughter instinctively wrapped her legs around my waist as her arms held on to my neck. The whole time our mouth's never came apart.

Slowly I began to carry my daughter toward the sliding door as her legs remained completely wrapped around my waist. As I walked, she continued to work her delicate pussy up and down my cock. I walked through the door and made my way to the bed. I slowly began to lean her back until I placed her back on the mattress. She looked so beautiful as she laid there with her legs around me and her pussy still enveloping my member.

"Fuck me daddy," Christina begged as she bit her lower lip.

I slipped my hands under her thigh's and lifted them up to my shoulders. I took her ankles in my hands and then pushed her legs out wide as I continued to hold her legs up.

"Oh God fuck me like you fuck mom," Christina hissed as I felt her pussy begin to tighten even more around my throbbing cock.

I began to rock my hips back and forth as I looked down into my daughter's eyes. I wanted so badly to see her breasts but she still had her sleep shirt on. She began to moan as I increased my tempo. I could feel my balls beginning to slap against her ass as I fucked her harder and faster.

"Oh God yeah, fuck me daddy," Christina screamed as she reached down and began to rub her clit.

"Did mom ever fuck this good?" Christina moaned as her back arched as she bit her lower lip.

"Oh God NO," I shouted as I was now pounding her for all I was worth.

"Oh daddy, I'm cumming," she panted as her back arched even higher while her head thrashed from side to side.

"Oh Allison, cum for me," I moaned as I realized that I just called my daughter by my wife's name.

Suddenly my daughter began to thrash about as she lost all self control. My nuts were on the verge of exploding as I watched her toes curl and her eyes roll into the back of her head. Suddenly her pussy became very slick as I could feel her juices running out onto the mattress below. I knew I couldn't last much longer as I watched my baby girl continue to cum.

"Oh Allison here I cum," I said as I pulled out and quickly pulled on my cock.

I watched my daughter open her eyes and watch as suddenly a rope of cum shot out of my cock and landed on her chin and neck. Spurt after spurt of cum continued to coat my daughter's sleep shirt. Christina began to slide her fingers through my jizz as she looked into my eyes.

"Did mom like it when you came all over her?" she asked as she lifted one cum coated finger up to her lips.

"No," I said as I shook my head as I watched her lick my cum off of her finger.

"Aww... I guess she missed out on a lot of fun then," Christina said as she sat up on her elbows.

I just stood there with my half limp cock resting on my daughter's pussy as I stared at her cum covered body. I watched as she looked over to the side of the bed and then back at me. A smile crept across her face as she rolled over and reached for one of the candles burning next to the bed. Looking back at me with a lust crazed look she slowly lifted the candle to me.

"Here daddy," Christina said as she touched the candle to my hand.

"Did mom like this?" she asked as she slowly pulled her sleep shirt off, completely exposing herself to me.

I just shook my head 'no' as I watched my daughter reach out and pull my pajamas down past my ass and then down to the floor. I stepped out of my pajamas and now stood naked before my naked daughter.

Christina positioned herself in the middle of the bed as she leaned back on her elbows. Her legs were parted and her knees were bent as her pussy lips glistened with wetness. Looking seductively into my eyes my daughter motioned for me to come to her with her finger as she slowly slid her tongue along her lips.

I began to crawl across the mattress until I knelt between my daughter's parted legs. I still couldn't believe that this was happening to me again. She looked so much like her mother that it was unreal. One difference was that she seemed to enjoy the things that Allison hated.

"If you only knew what this does to me," Christina whispered as she leaned her head back.

I raised the candle up and slowly tipped the holder until the hot molten wax came up to the edge. My daughter looked so incredibly hot as she laid sprawled out before me.

"Do it daddy," Christina said as she moaned softly.

"Oh Allison," I moaned as I dripped the first drop of wax onto her breast.

"Oh God," my daughter cried out in a dry husky voice.

"More daddy," Christina said as I watched her nipples stiffen before my eyes.

I dripped a couple more drops of wax on her breast, each one progressively getting closer to her areola. The wax began to trickle in a stream down her breasts and pool up on her stomach. I dropped one more drop, landing it right on her nipple.

"Arrrrgggghhhh," My daughter screamed out as she thrust her breasts up even higher as her back arched.

Looking down I could see her pussy begin to leak as there was now a wet spot on the comforter beneath her ass. Her breathing was rampant as she still leaned back on her elbows.

I poured a small trickle of wax on her other breast until I bathed her nipple in the hot molten paraffin. Her breasts began to heave up and down as her breathing became heavier.

"Oh dear God daddy," she screamed out as her hips began to buck slightly.

Slowly I poured a trickle of wax from her breasts down over her stomach until I reached her mohawk just above her cunt.

"Do it daddy, I know you always wanted to do this to mom," Christina said as she reached up and pulled on one of her nipples.

Her heavy breathing and her words of encouragement were all that I needed as I tipped the candle over her bush.

"OH FUCK YEAH!" my daughter screamed as the hot candle wax dripped onto her clit and ran down the length of her gaping slit.

I set the candle down quickly and laid flat on the bed between my little girl's legs. I slipped my hands under her thigh's and around and held on as I lowered my mouth to her smoldering pussy. I kissed her parted pussy lips softly as I looked up between her breasts and into her eyes.

"Eat my pussy daddy," Christina begged as she cupped a breast with one hand and ran her fingers through her mohawk with the other hand.

I continued to look into her eyes as I sunk my tongue into her wet depths. Her taste was so different from that of my wife bit as I looked into her eyes all I saw was Allison.

"Oh yeah daddy," Christina moaned as I began to flutter my tongue over her clit.

I felt her slip her hands under mine as she squeezed my hands. I squeezed back as I sunk my tongue in even farther, as I inhaled her musky scent. The whole time I ate my daughter's pussy our eyes remained glued together.

"Mmmmm yeah, just like mom," Christina said as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Suddenly her hips began to rock back and forth as I felt her cunt begin to grip at my tongue. Her thigh's began to squeeze my head as she gasped for air and thrashed back and forth on the bed.

"Oh God, Oh God, Oh Goddddddd," my daughter panted over and over as she began to shake out of control.

I held on to her legs as her hips were now bucking against my face. Her pussy juice was smeared across my face from forehead to chin as I held on for her to finish. Her pussy continued to gush cum as she slowly began to come down. I crawled up onto my knees as I watched my daughter twitch and shake.

I smile flashed across her face as she pulled her legs up and placed her sexy feet on my chest. She rubbed her feet up and down from my stomach to my chin. She giggled as she slid her foot up to my face and pushed her toes into my mouth. I hungrily bit and licked at her long slender toes until she pulled her foot from my face.

The hazed over look in her eyes told me she wasn't finished as she laid on her back and raised her legs. Ever so lightly, Christina blew me a kiss.

"Come fuck me daddy," she said as I slowly crawled between her spread open legs.

Along the way I planted kiss after kiss from her bush to her navel. Moans of excitement escaped her lips as I kissed my way toward her breasts. I peeled off some of the wax that remained attached to her soft supple skin as I kissed my way across her breast toward her nipple.

"Oh God daddy," Christina moaned loudly as I planted my lips around her nipple and sucked.

I felt my daughter grab my head and pull me the rest of the way up so my cock was pointing at the entrance of her pussy. We stared deeply into each other's eyes as she lowered her legs around me, resting her heels on my ass.

Not a sound came out of my daughter's mouth but I did manage to read her lips as she softly mouthed "fuck me."

I felt her heels begin to push down on my ass, causing my throbbing member to part her lips and slip inside of her slippery cunt.

"Mmmmmm, did mom like it like this?" Christina asked as she pulled me all the way inside of her.

I nodded my head yes as my hips began to instinctively thrust back and forth. The soft skin on her legs felt like velvet around my waist as her thigh's slid back and forth. The feel of her bare feet digging into my hips was a feeling that I had never experienced before. Our eyes remained glued together as our tongues began to lick at each other's mouth's.

"Oh daddy your so fucking good, why did mom leave?" Christina whispered out as she reached around me and caressed my back.

"I'm going to do everything that mom didn't do," she said softly as her hips rocked back and forth to meet mine.

"I'm going to do everything that mom wouldn't do," she said softly as I noticed a tear trickle out of the corner of her eye.

"I'm going to do everything that mom couldn't do," my daughter said as she leaned up and slid her tongue into the back of my mouth.

I kissed her back with passion that I couldn't ever remember having before. Our hips rocked back and forth in unison as we gently made love. The feel of my little girl's legs wrapped around me along with my cock sliding in and out of her soft pussy felt magnificent.

"Wait daddy," Christina said as she placed her hands on my chest and pushed me up.

She scooted back, pulling herself off of my throbbing cock.

"Lay down daddy," she said as she crawled to my side and guided me onto my back.

She looked so beautiful as she began to rub me all over as she lifted her leg over me and straddled me. Looking up at her I watched as she slowly began to lower her glistening pussy toward my cock.

"Did mom ever ride you?" my daughter asked as she pushed the head of my cock inside her.

"Yes," I said as I watched my daughter close her eyes and throw her head back as she sank down completely on my cock.

I could feel her ass on my thigh's as she sat down all the way on my lap. She pulled her head up and leaned forward, placing her hands on my chest as she slowly began to push herself up and down.

"Oh God you fill me up daddy," she said as she scraped my nipples with her finger nails.

I reached around and cupped her ass cheeks and caressed her magnificent ass as she continued to slide up and down. Her breasts swung down over my face as she closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. Her breathing was heavy as a light sheen of sweat broke out across her body.

"Oh God daddy," Christina moaned as her body began to tremble.

"Oh God, daddy," She moaned again as she threw her head back.

Suddenly she sat still for a moment. I watched in amazement as her body tensed up and began to contract. Every muscle on her body contracted over and over, even her pussy as it gripped my cock over and over. She gasped for air as she held her breath for an extended period of time. Her finger nails dug into my chest as she turned red in the face as she exhaled. Her body quivered and shook like I never saw before.

Christina suddenly began to ride me wildly as she held on to my chest with both hands. I continued to hold her soft supple ass as she bounced up and down. Loud gasps came from Christina as her body began to tremble and shake again.

"Oh God daddyyyyyyyy," she cried out as she tensed up all over again. Her pussy squeezed and massaged my cock as her juices began to trickle out of her cunt and across my balls.

"Oh daddy, I can't stop cumminggggggg," Christina shouted as she again began to slide her velvet like pussy up and down my aching cock.

I couldn't believe how many times my little girl came. It was like one long orgasm with only slight pauses between climaxes. I could feel her cum dripping off of my balls as she continued to ride me.

Just then she pulled herself off of me. She was breathing hard as she crawled onto her knees and turned around. She looked back over her shoulders and smiled as I knew what she wanted. I crawled up behind her, pointing my cock at the entrance of her pussy.

"I'm going to do something that mom wouldn't do," she said as she lowered her face into the pillow while reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks.

"Go ahead daddy, you know you want to," my daughter said as she pulled her ass hole open slightly.

"I know mom would never let you," she said as I watched her sphincter relax.

I began to tremble as my fantasy of fucking my wife in the ass was about to become a reality. I reached out and held onto my daughter's hips and slowly moved into position. I placed the head of my trembling cock against her tight sphincter and pushed lightly.

"Oh daddy, fuck my ass," Christina said as she pressed back against me, causing the head of my cock to push inside her ass hole.

"Arrrggghhhh," Christina screamed out as I inched myself even farther inside.

"Do it," she hissed as she began to pant heavily.

"Oh God Allison," I said as I swung my arm, slapping her delicate ass.

"Oh God YES," my daughter screamed as I began to slap her ass repeatedly as I gently rocked my hips back and forth.

I couldn't believe how tight my daughter's ass was.

"Harder daddy," Christina said as she continued to thrust back at me.

My balls began to slap her pussy as I now fucked her ass with some force. I reached under and cupped her soft breast while I pinched and pulled on her nipple.

"Oh God yes," my daughter moaned.

I slid my hand down and felt her mohawk as I slipped my fingers closer to her pussy. I touched her clit, nearly causing her to scream as she began to grind back at me like a wild woman.

I felt my balls begin to tingle along with my toes. Every nerve in my body was on fire as I fucked my own daughter in the ass. I could hear Christina panting and moaning face down in the pillow as I again slapped her ass.

"Baby, I'm gonna cum," I said softly as I continued to fuck her ass hole like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh God I wanna feel it," she screamed as she tensed up and began to cum.

Just then I too felt the first contraction in my nuts. This was the sexiest, most romantic thing I ever experienced in my life. Simultaneously my daughter and I came. I felt my cum racing up my shaft as her sphincter began to squeeze at my cock.

"Oh daddy," Christina screamed.

"Oh Allison," I cried out as I held her hips and pumped spasm after spasm of cum deep into her bowels.

"Oh Goddddddd," Christina screamed out again as she began to climax all over again.

"Oh Allison I love you," I shouted as the end of my orgasm neared.

"I love you too," my daughter yelled back in the throes of a mind shattering orgasm.

I felt my cock begin to soften as I slowly pulled out. I laid down on the bed completely exhausted and spent. Christina turned around and fell into my waiting arms as she pulled the blanket over us.

"I love you daddy," Christina said as she kissed me softly on the lips.

"I love you too baby,": I said as I looked into my lovely daughter's eyes.

A tear trickled out of her eye just as a tear trickled down across my cheek. Christina lowered her head to my chest as I pulled her into me tightly. I closed my eyes and before I knew it we fell fast asleep. (To be continued)

Thank you for reading my story. Please send any and all feedback as your feedback helps me write future installments. Thank you.

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by Anonymous

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by prop6911/09/18

What an awesome story.

As much as I loved the story I wish you would build up more.
Why did Allison leave? I don't want her to return. I think Christina deserves a reason why her Mom just left.
1) Did Allison and Christinamore...

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by Anonymous02/11/18

I agree with the member that said keep the story between them.

Make him move on from Allison. She really needed to be an adult and explain why she left them both. It really isn't fair to Christina that he continues to pine for her mother. Even though he really lovedmore...

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