Mister Fluffykins


Mister Fluffykins applied his ears to her tits and his little paw to her pussy with increased vigor, caressing her while her head rolled side to side on the pillow. It was a gesture of negation but the gasps and sighs were not.

The rabbit crawled lower on her body. She felt this, felt him scooting down, moving like there were bones and joints in his limbs instead of just stuffing.

The next thing she knew, his hard plastic nose, twitching like that of a real live rabbit, was burrowing into her thatch. His supple ears, stronger than their single bendy lengths of wire should have allowed, held her thighs apart. The smooth fronts of his buck teeth pressed against her clit. And his tongue, Mister Fluffykins' leering pink tongue, danced teasingly against her pussy lips.

Lisa's back arched. She had to smother her mouth with the pillow. Her hips rolled urgently against the rabbit's face. His little tongue danced and darted. It was so good, fantastic, she was going to come, insane but true, she was going to –

He lifted his face away and Lisa nearly screamed.

But then, something new bumped against her. Something with a blunt, rounded point. Something that felt like thick, spongy foam covered with a layer of well-worn vinyl. Orange vinyl.

Oh, God … the carrot! Mister Fluffykins was going to fuck her with his carrot, the one that looked so much like a fat orange dick.

The tip of the carrot slid up and down, massaging her, pausing to prod tantalizingly at her clit. Her mind rebelled in shocked denial – this was too much, this couldn't be happening – but her thighs parted wider and she was making little whimpering noises deep in her throat.

She suddenly imagined a voice in her head. The voice she'd always used when speaking for Mister Fluffykins at tea parties, high and silly with a bit of a whistle as air was forced through his buck teeth. She didn't hear this voice, not with her ears, but it was in her head. Mister Fluffykins. Asking her what she wanted, the way Vic always used to do. Wanting her to tell him, beg for it.

The carrot pushed and probed, tormenting her. She imagined the voice, insinuating, telling her she needed it, he could make her feel so good, and all she had to do was –

"Yes," Lisa whispered into the darkness. "Yes, do it, fuck me, please!"

Mister Fluffykins seemed to chuckle in triumph. He slowly thrust the carrot into her, and Lisa crammed the pillow against her mouth again as a delighted cry burst from her. In and out, nice and slow, Mister Fluffykins pumping her with the carrot as his other paw resumed the gentle rubbing of her clit. She could feel his fur, soft and decadent against her skin.

She was going to come, and the stuffed rabbit somehow knew it. He quickened the thrusts of the carrot and bent to apply his tongue to her clit again. Lisa was suffocating in the pillow, suffocating and not caring, knowing only that she had to keep quiet because if anyone found her like this she'd die of embarrassment.

The lower half of her body rose up from the bed, lifting Mister Fluffykins with it, pinning his plushness in her thighs, and he kept shoving with the carrot, deeply in and then most of the way out. Lisa reached down and held the rabbit, pressing him against her, straining from head to toe, so close, so close, and then finally the tension in her shattered into a spinning, dissolving sensation that seemed to hang her suspended in a web of unbelievable pleasure.

She collapsed against the sweat-damp sheets, shuddering and gasping, stars whirling in the darkness behind her eyelids. Her breath was ragged, and her body seized with tiny aftershocks.

Mister Fluffykins still lay between her legs. She gathered him into an embrace, cuddling him against her chest and cheek the way she used to, so long ago. She smelled fabric softener on him, but also herself, the scent of her own arousal.

Sleep pulled her down into a comfortable, sated darkness. When she woke the next morning, to the familiar sounds of her parents and sisters, she opened her eyes and blinked drowsily up at the billowing white canopy.

Had what she though happened really happened? Or had she been in some half-awake dream state, imagining it all?

A long, floppy ear draped her chin. She felt the furry lump of the rabbit cradled in the hollow of her neck and shoulder. Lifting Mister Fluffykins, she gazed thoughtfully into his knowing eyes. He didn't move, not so much as a twitch. And yet, the leer of his expression was different somehow. The look of someone who knew what she liked, and didn't mind providing.

And come to think of it, lots of girls brought their favorite childhood friends with them to college. She'd seen plenty of dorm rooms with teddy bears and other stuffed animals in places of honor. There wasn't anything wrong with that.

She hugged the rabbit, smelling fabric softener and her own scent on his soft fur.

"I love you, Mister Fluffykins," she said. "I'll never leave you again, never. I promise. And this time, I really mean it."


The End

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