John sits in his favorite chair, drinking down a hot cup of hot chocolate. The television is off and his wife and daughter are nowhere to be seen. They are suppose to be sitting down together watching a Christmas movie and when he looks up at the clock he sees it has been almost a half hour. By know he is sure even their cups of hot chocolate are cold.

He sits his cup down on the table next to his chair and stands up deciding it is time to go find her. When he turns toward the door Kimberly, his nineteen year old daughter, is standing there with nothing on but mistletoe just above her crotch.

John is stunned as he sees his wife and her perfect body standing there. "I, uh," he stammers out not knowing at all what to say.

Cassie, his wife, and Jessica, his other daughter, appear behind her. Cassie smiles and says, "I wanted to surprise you with something special."

"Are you serious?" he asks not able to take his eyes of his sexy daughter.

"This is your Christmas present from both of us," Cassie says. "Now you know what to do with mistletoe, don't you?"

It is John's turn to smile as a grin appears on his face from ear to ear. "I do."

As Cassie and Jessica sit on the couch, Kimberly walks over to her father. She stands on her toes to reach up and kiss him. "Merry Christmas Daddy," she says.

John cups her cheeks in her his and kisses her back. Instantly his cock is hard in his pants. This is the ultimate Christmas present. Kimberly helps her father undress; tossing his clothes off in any direction and then grabs his hands and pulls him down to the floor. She guides him to his back and she slides on top of him. Kimberly's bare skin is erotically warm against her own as he pulls her to his lips.

Their tongues cross each other's lips along with soft moans. Each time Kimberly pulls away even a little bit, he leans forward to quickly close the gap. When they do finally break the lock, John cups her cheeks again and asks, "Where did you learn this stuff?"

Kimberly smiles and looks at her mother before looking back at him, "Mom show me everything I need to do to make me your perfect Christmas present."

Before John can comment, his daughter moves down and kisses the center of his tight stomach, then licks her way halfway back up his chest before moving down again. He gets up on to his elbows, lifting his upper body up to watch as she kisses down toward his crotch.

As her lips gently press on his cockhead, he sighs heavily. Teasingly Kimberly kisses his stomach while running her hand over his rock hard and perfectly thick cock. His eyes remain glued to her, watching every erotic action this young eighteen year old was taking.

Leaning down further, she runs her tongue from the base to his cockhead and elicits a pleasurable moan from him. Wrapping her lips around his cockhead, she gives a small suck before moving to lick upward again, slowly working her tongue along his shaft.

"Come here," he breathes heavily. He entangles his fingers in his daughter's hair and lifts her up to toward him. He kisses her, running a hand over her breasts and smiling against her mouth. His other hand moves from her hair and runs over her neck, shoulders and back, tickling her bare skin as he goes.

Kimberly breaks from the kiss and moves downward once again along his body. She kisses and licks every bit of it while enjoying the sound of his groans. Finally she slides her lips over his cock, taking more than just his cockhead in her mouth, slipping her tongue along. She bobs slowly, taking more of him each time she goes down.

"Oh yes Kimberly," he groans loudly as her nose presses against his tensed stomach. He gathers her hair with one hand and holds my head. With his other hand he pulls her sideways to him. As his cock slides in and out of her mouth, he runs his hand across her stomach, moving downward.

His fingers slide past the mistletoe and along her moist slit teasingly. Kimberly moans around his cock. His touch is light but it doesn't stop the muscles in her stomach from twitching and contracting. He rubs her bare pussy a couple time before finally sliding a finger inside, eliciting a deep moan against his cock. She bobs up and down a bit faster as the intensity of his finger sends jolts through her body.

Feeling her change in pace, he begins working his finger in and out of her pussy faster, making it almost impossible for her to focus on his cock.

"Oh my god!" she shouts as she pulls her mouth off of him. She tries to again wrap her lips against his cockhead, but it only lasts until his thumb finds her clit. "Uhh, Daddy..." He turns her quickly, smashing his lips against hers as he continues his assault on her pussy.

Kimberly's whole body gyrates against her father, needing to feel his fingers rub harder and press deeper inside her. With an arm wrapped tightly around her shoulder, he keeps her against him, his tongue tracing around inside of her lips.

Soon, she can't take it anymore. Her virgin pussy throbs for his cock to be inside her. She pushes his hand away and swings her leg upward to straddle her father, rubbing his cock along her wet slit. John pushes her upward, taking a nipple in his mouth and swirls his tongue around it, looking up at her as he does. Her breathing speeds up as he moves to the other breast.

He kisses her passionately as she rubs her pussy along his entire shaft. She lifts her hips and he slips two fingers quickly into her pussy as she wraps her fingers tenderly around his cock, pointing him upward. "I want you to have my virginity Daddy," she says smiling down at him.

He places a hand gently on her neck. "Daddy will be glad to make his baby into a woman."

Kimberly drops herself down and he thrust upward. With that single motion, he is fully inside of her, his warm cock filling her completely. For a moment, neither move as they wait for the sudden pain to dissolve.

Then, when she is ready, Kimberly begins to rock herself up and down, moaning softly at the feel of his hard, warm cock sliding in and out of her pussy. His hands move eagerly over her skin as he kisses her. Kimberly rocks a little faster, breathing hard against his mouth.

"Oh, Kimberly," he moans as he slides his fingers through her hair. Arching her back, she continues sliding up and down. "You're amazing. Your mother taught you well."

"I love you Daddy," she says as his hands quickly wrap around her back, pulling her against him. He begins thrusting into her, taking control.

"Oh, yes!" she cries, settling her face into his neck.

Turning his head, he runs his tongue tenderly along her lips, still thrusting. He moves gently, pulling out slowly before thrusting back in with force.

His moans are mesmerizing. Each thrust is punctuated by one, vibrating against his daughter's lips. He starts moving faster, getting into a rhythm, rubbing against her body.

"Kimberly," he says through gritted teeth and she feels him tense inside of her. Her stomach tightens and twitches as she feels her orgasm building up.

He thrusts fully inside of her and holds himself there, clutching her tighter to his body and sitting upright. She wraps her arms behind his shoulder, trying to bring him closer to her. "Oooohh," she moans loudly.

John's breath begins to come in grunts and groans. "Yes, Daddy!" she yells as she wraps her arms around him tighter and pulls toward her. He instantly picks up speed, thrusting hard and deep. "Hold it Daddy!"

Her stomach tenses and her legs begin to shake. She buries her face into his neck as her pussy walls begin to squeeze him tighter and she feels him grow tenser too. His thrusts come faster and his body slides over her clit.

"Oh god!" she screams.

John thrusts as deep into her as he can manage. A ripple goes through her. Wave after wave of her daddy's hot cum shoots into her tipping her over the edge. Her body shudders as the torrent of the orgasm tears through her. Her pussy juices mingle with his and she hugs him even closer to her.

They remain locked together as their orgasms subside and Kimberly whispers into his ear, "I love you Daddy."

From the couch Cassie and Jessica have smiles on their faces and in unison they say, "Merry Christmas Daddy!"

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