tagErotic CouplingsMistletoe Inspirations Ch. 02

Mistletoe Inspirations Ch. 02

byKaryn Gardenia©

After a quick-paced walk through the upstairs hallway, she was glad to have her bare feet off the cold hardwood flooring. The guest room was slightly warmer and decorated with one of her hastily opened suitcases and a duffel bag spilling some of its contents onto her bed. She gathered these things up, pausing every now and then to catch the large towel she was wrapped in so it wouldn't fall off and expose her to the chilly air. Dropping the bag into her open suitcase, she shoved the whole pile out of the way and brushed at the bedspread, clearing away a few tiny bits of gum-wrapper that had fallen from her overturned bag. She wanted the room to be tidy in case she and one lucky guy wanted to mess it up later.

She heard the sound of the shower being started up on the other side of the hall, down at the end. She smiled shyly at herself in the big vanity mirror, knowing that whomever was using it would likely run out of hot water sooner than they expected. She mustered up enough courage to let the towel fall away from her body into her grasp, catching her naked image in a mirror yet another time. It was warm enough in here that it didn't matter. The towel was tossed harmlessly over a stuffed chair to be dealt with later.

Her cousin's home was finely decorated, and the guest room was no exception. It was mostly a matter of showing off her money, she sometimes thought privately. Why else would she insist on holding all the family gatherings here when it was much more convenient for everyone to meet at her mother's? And of course there was always the question as to why she felt the need to invite her husband's colleagues and random members of the community who generally milled and and out all day anonymously. Naturally, at this moment in time she was quite glad that the Mistress of the House had invited her husband's colleagues, for she had had her eyes and her thoughts on one of them all day long.

He had come in with a crowd, but when she spotted him, everything else in the world disappeared. He was tall, with bright green eyes that jumped out beneath a neatly styled shock of black hair, and the buttoned shirt he was wearing seemed to cling to every contour of his muscular form. She felt drunk with his presence. Several of her female relatives and a few of the other anonymous women of the day had tried their hand at his attention, and one might have succeeded if he hadn't been interrupted with a cell phone call. At that point, he hadn't spotted his secret admirer from her place near the Christmas tree. She had stolen glances while pretending to be quite interested in her cousin's long-winded explanations of where each ornament on the tree had come from, and what it symbolized.

Now, as she stood naked in her room, feeling her nipples hardening to rocks once again, she pictured the first time their eyes had truly met. It stirred her, and she shook her head to snap out of the trance as she bent to search her suitcase for something presentable....and temporary, she thought with a sly smile... to wear for the evening.

She first pulled out a pair of slightly ruffled black panties that had always made her think of the centerfold girls from the 1950's. Slipping them up her naked legs made her feel scandalous and sinful, and she had to return to the mirror for a moment to pose in the appropriate style: her arms crossed over her breasts and her body turned slightly away so her round posterior and its thin, black ruffles were showcased. She smiled innocently at the mirror and imagined a plethora of well-to-do citizens being corrupted in secret by her tasty ass in a centerfold.

Returning to the suitcase, she selected a black camisole with similar ruffles at the waist and bodice. It wasn't a matched pair to the panties, but no one would have known that. She had picked them out on the same day in different stores, picturing the sexy, teasing pair in her mind. She pulled the cami over her head and felt the smooth satin rubbing happily against her sensitive nipples. The tops of her breasts were neatly exposed, pushed up by the design of the camisole. She felt like a gorgeous damsel in distress with her bared cleavage, waiting to offer her knight a kiss he'd never forget.

Atop her black ensemble, she pulled on a pair of arid drawstring pants and a thin but loose-fitting t-shirt featuring a retro sports team logo. When she was fully dressed, she took a deep breath, reminding herself to be patient tonight. Things might not work out exactly as she wanted, and she should be ready to accept that. Still, it was okay to fantasize. She had done her share of it earlier.

She pulled the door to the hallway open slowly, not looking forward to the breeze of cold air she would feel when she went out. Her breath was stolen from her when she opened the door fully and was met by a pair of green eyes. He had been on his way from the shower to his room at the very end of the hallway, and he was wearing a blue towel similar to the one she had dashed to her room in. His beautifully chiselled body was covered in little droplets of water, and his hair was wet and shining in the low lighting of the hallway lamp.

He let go of a quiet, embarassed laugh, and his smile nearly cut her in half. He made a move to continue to his room, but paused, looking back at her. She nearly tackled him with anticipation during that pause. Five seconds later he was in her room, closing the door quickly behind him.

Before she even knew what was happening, she was on her back on the bed with his dripping, perfect form pressing down onto her. He was kissing her, licking at the insides of her lips with his tongue and silently encouraging her to do the same. She moaned happily against his mouth, her hands reaching up to grasp his damp, rippling back as he held her face in his free hand. In the unbalanced passion of it all, he slid off to her side and pulled away, seemingly curious for her reaction.

She had played it all out in her mind, and it hadn't started like this at all. Not that she was complaining! It would just take a little improvisation to get back where she had planned. She wanted to feel the things she had imagined during her bath, and she wanted to feel them her way.

Using whatever momentum she could muster, she perched herself atop him, straddling his toweled lap. His smile showed his approval, and the hardened bulge she felt through the towel confirmed it. She had to fight to keep from ripping the towel off of him right then to reveal his powerful member to her. She wanted to see and feel it pulsing with its need for her. Instead, she ran her hands up and down his muscular chest, her eyes locked on his, and began to tell him what she had been doing while he was away with the other men. He didn't have to feign his interest. She felt his erection growing tense and full with each detail as she drew them out, causing him to nearly pant with his need. Just when she thought he was going to roll her over and have his way with her, he interrupted.

"Show me," he said, his eyes twinkling with ideas unknown. "I want to see how you touch yourself."

Not knowing what else to do, she stood up at the right side of the bed and slowly slipped off her drawstring pants, loving the way his face changed when he saw what she was wearing underneath.

"Beautiful," he panted, propping himself up on his elbows.

She tossed her pants onto her suitcase, following them with her t-shirt, which she was sure to pull off carefully so it stretched around her breasts. Having shed her outer layer, she lay next to him on the bed, her face turned towards him and her breasts high and round above her arched back, encased in thin, black satin. She slipped a single finger into her mouth, wetting it, and then traced circles on her exposed skin. Soon she was rubbing her breasts with one hand, then the other, then both, squeezing them and teasing her already pert nipples. His eyes were maddening as he watched her, his breathing controlled and his gaze full of admiration.

When she was aching from her exploration, she let a hand slide down her stomach and slip under the thin black fabric of her panties. There, she found that she was wetter than he had been, straight from the shower. Her fingers found the silky, sensitive places she had explored earlier, thinking of him. She moaned softly and brought her hand back to her mouth, tasting her sweetness. He flinched visibly and approached her, his arm finding a resting place on her other side and his tongue in her mouth once again. He was licking and sucking her tongue, wanting to taste a little of what she had sampled.

She was beginning to think she would let herself go and just allow him whatever he wished to do when he pulled off of her once more. He rose to his knees on the bed, one knee between hers and the other balancing him from the side, and pulled away his towel. The rod he exposed to her was long and thick, and the area around it was nearly free of hair. She shuddered at the sight of it. Before she could stop herself, her hand was on it, and she gasped, feeling it throbbing.

"Look at what you do to me," he scolded playfully, his hand reaching down and gripping one of her breasts as she slowly stroked her fingers over his massive erection. His hand wandered up and down her torso, teasing her nipples and belly while she played with him. They were both near death with anticipation.

"I'd like to do a bit more," she heard herself saying in a deep, sultry tone. "Would you let me?"

He smiled- a combination of amusement and pleased shock. Before he could respond, she was on her knees, facing him, with his cock still in her hand. She planted a short kiss on his lips, reminding him of the one she had given him under the mistletoe. Taking one of his hands in her free hand, she brought it to her breast and cupped it there, pressing. He squeezed her enthusiastically, running his thumb over her nipple and hardening significantly in her other hand with the contact. She surprised him when she dropped both of her hands, letting his erection stand freely. He reached up from her breast to grasp her face, wanting to kiss her again. In this moment of opportunity, she slipped off the bed onto her feet, taking hold of the straps of her cami in their opposite respective hands. She knew that by crossing her arms, she was also pressing together her breasts as she revealed them. The cami sat comfortably around her waist as she stared seductively into his ravenous eyes, which were crawling all over her naked skin.

He made no move as she turned away from him, catching her reflection in the big mirror once again, knowing his eyes were glued on her ass. Bending playfully at the waist, she looked over her shoulder at him, sliding her ruffly panties off her butt and down her thighs, letting them drop to the floor around her bare feet. He gave a drawn-out moan of approval as his eyes took in her whole body.

She watched all of this in the mirror, thinking ahead, wondering what other things she might be watching in this mirror before the night was over. Suddenly remembering a forgotten detail- one of vital importance- she kicked off her discarded panties and walked over to the hallway door, throwing the bolt and favoring her fantasy man with a smile she had been saving all night for him.

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