I awaken just as you come into the room with my breakfast tray. I see you are wearing your special uniform of fuck me heels, short, short skirt, a see-through top tied just under your breasts and your "CUNT" collar. You look like the horny slut you are and more.

I get out of bed, walk to the bathroom with you trailing behind me. You take off your clothes and lay down in the tub, I place my feet on either side of your body and crouch slightly as I let loose with a hot stream of pee. I piss over your entire body and notice your pussy is already puffy and glistening with your juices already. I make a mental note to ask you about this later.

After I finish relieving myself on you, I grab a handful of your hair and grind your face into my pussy, I tell my little white cunt, "Lick me until I cum, bitch."

You start moaning like a whore in heat and I catch you fingering your already wet snatch. I give myself over to the orgasm racking my body. I then proceed to brush my teeth as you take a shower to prepare yourself for round 2.

As I finish up my breakfast in bed, you walk in clean and freshly dressed.

I ask you, "What you were doing this morning?"

You reply with a nonchalant "nothing Mistress".

I tell you to take off your clothes and go to the ball in the corner and assume the position. You beg for my forgiveness, as you lay across the ball and I chain your hands and feet down. I pull out my favorite paddle, the one with the tiny rounded nubs on the surface and proceed to spank your lying white ass with abandon.

"I swear I will be a good slave!"

"I will always ask permission to pleasure myself!"

"Please Mistress, I will never lie to you again, I promise!"

I laugh at you as you raise your ass to meet each smack of the paddle.

"You're a pussy licking slut who should know better than to lie to your mistress, who is smarter and wiser than you."

After I have thoroughly showed you I am not to be taken for a fool, I gently caress your very red and hot ass cheeks. You make small sounds in your throat and I see you grinding your pussy into the ball, I slap you on your ass signifying the punishment isn't over yet. I grab a handful of clothes pins and start attaching them to your nipples and pussy lips. You cry out in pleasure pain, your pussy really starts flowing with your juices.

You continue to whimper and beg for forgiveness. "Shut your mouth or I will stuff a gag into it!"

You shut up immediately, knowing I am losing patience with your whimpering. I pull out a strap-on from the 'toy chest' and hunt for a few special toys, just for your sorry ass. I find what I am looking for and suit up for a little fun. I come to stand in front of you and you lift your head to see me wearing the big, fat red cock with the ripples and ridges on it. Your eyes take on a gleam, knowing you are about to be used for my pleasure.

"Open wide slut, suck my cock just like a whore."

You don't even hesitate; you just start blowing me like a bitch in heat, slobbering all over my cock getting it good and wet for your pussy.

I pull out of your mouth, "Don't expect any gentleness, only good little slaves can be made love to."

"Bad slaves get fucked as rough as her mistress deems necessary."

You stutter out a, "Yes Mistress, anything you say."

I walk back to your red, imprinted ass and pull on a few of the clothespins hanging from your pussy lips, then give you a couple of swats on your ass again, you moan over and over again.

I wrap my hand tightly into your hair, pulling your head backwards to me and then I ram the cock as far as it will go into your pussy.

You start moaning loudly, I slap your ass cheek, "Shut the fuck up or I will gag your filthy ass!"

You tone it down somewhat, but I am fucking your cunt with abandon and you are on your way to one of the cums of your life.

Just as you are ready to go over the top I bend down and whisper in your ear "If you cum I will beat the living shit out of your pathetic, trashy white ass bitch."

You grit out a breathy, "Yes Mistress."

I see you trying so hard not to cum, that I pull out of your hot pussy with an evil grin. I walk back to face you and ram the cock down your throat and make you suck my cock clean of your juices. I am somewhat satisfied with your performance so far, but there is more to come.

I fuck your mouth like I fucked your pussy, hard and without mercy. You are trying your best to blow me, but drool is sliding out the sides of your mouth and you are gagging every so often when I slam into the back of your throat.

"Deep throat my cock you horny bitch!"

"You know deep down you're a little slut whose sole purpose in life is to please your mistress, whatever that entails."

You are so obviously grinding your drooling snatch on the ball that I bring your attention back to the top of your body by grabbing the clothespins on your tits and pull them away from your body tightly. You try to scream, but that is difficult with a mouth full of cock.

I resume my position behind you and wrap my hands in your hair once again. I ram the red cock as far as I can into your dripping snatch. You scream out and writhe as much as the chains will allow.

"Stop moving slut or I will beat the shit out of you!"

I pull your hair tighter and keep pounding you hard, you are moaning uncontrollably as I slap your ass cheek.

"Are ready to cum bitch?"

You scream, "Yes Mistress, please let me cum!"

I laugh wickedly, "If my trashy whore cums before I grant her permission, she will rue the day I became her mistress."

"Please Mistress, I beg you to let me cum!"

I simply reply, "I don't think you are ready yet, whore."

I stop fucking your nasty cunt and start working my cock into your tight asshole.

"Mistress please, your cock is too big to fit into my small ass!"

I just laugh at your complaints as I continue to stretch your asshole.

"I can see your pussy is still dripping its juices, so it can't be hurting that much."

You won't shut up so, I pull out of your ass and go and get the gag that is shaped like a cock.

I push the red cock into your mouth, "Clean your ass juices off my cock, cunt."

Once you have sucked the cock clean, I shove the cock gag into your mouth and buckle it shut.

"Since you can't seem to understand what obedience is, I am going to have to ravage your holes with the biggest cocks I can find."

"Not being able to sit down for a few days, should be a good reminder of who's in charge."

I take off the red cock and pull out a new toy you haven't seen yet. It's called the DP monster, because it is huge, black and scary looking; the cock for your pussy is 9 inches long and thick, the cock for your ass is 7 inches long and 2 inches wide. Both have life like veins and nice fat mushroom hoods on them.

After I am ready, I stand in front of you showing off the treat in store for you. Your eyes get big and you try to speak, but that is hard to do with a mouthful of cock. I grab some lube for the ass cock and put on just enough to coat the tip, why make it easy for a disobedient slave?

Your eyes implore me not to fuck you with that monster strapped to my ample hips; I slap your face and laugh at you.

"Stupid cow, you should have thought about the consequences, before you lied to me!"

"You'll love having your holes stretched to their limits with fat, black cock."

"For my own pleasure, there's a special nub on the inside of the strap-on that rubs against my clit, I can cum numerous times while I fuck you."

I grab a handful of hair and whisper in your ear "You will cum only when I tell you to and not a second sooner. Is that clear, bitch?"

You nod your head in understanding of my command. I walk back around and grab your hips; I line up the DP Monster to your ass and pussy.

My hips surge forth in one swift move, impaling you on my cocks. You scream and thrash, making me cackle with glee.

"Your sorry ass is going to learn, that I am not one to be trifled with."

I pull almost completely out of your holes, before I plow back in to the hilt. Your muted screams and thrashing urge me on a brutal rhythm.

As I push into you, the nub presses against my clit, sending shivers throughout my body. A fine sheen of perspiration coats my body as I ferociously fuck your pussy and ass without mercy.

Plunging in fully, withdrawing almost completely and then forging my way back in. I feel the pressure in my clit building to a wonderful climax.

Just as I fall over the edge, I scream "You can cum now slut!"

Your pussy juice spurts all over the cock as I ram it home one last time, sliding down your thighs and slowly dripping onto the floor.

As I catch my breath, I unchain your hands and feet; then unbuckle the cock gag. I slowly withdraw the Monster from your holes, amused to see your ass gape is red and raw.

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