tagBDSMMistress and John

Mistress and John


Chapter 1

"A car just pulled up," announced my cuckolded husband, Richard, standing at the front window. My new client, John, had arrived promptly on time.

"He's carrying a gift bag." John noted.

John and I had been communicating via email for several weeks. He knew what was expected of him. Arrive at my address precisely at the assigned time, enter the opened garage door then close it. Strip naked. From the shoebox on the table, put on the blindfold then grab the handcuffs and cuff yourself with hands behind your back. After these things are finished, knock on the house door.

In our emails, John had confided to me his need to be used and abused through bondage, humiliation and degradation. He shared with me his abusive 'Mistress' fantasies. I explained to him that as his Mistress there would never be any actual sex between us. I assured him that all his sordid desires would be fulfilled despite this stipulation. In addition, during any encounter he would have with me, he would be hooded. The hood serves three purposes. First, by being hooded, the slave must immediately accept that his wellbeing now resides with his Mistress. He must relax and trust that anything his Mistress would require of him, it will not be beyond his capacity to endure. Secondly, it enables me to dress as I please during the client's visit. Third, it allows me to remain anonymous to him. His Mistress's appearance is what he imagines her to be. Nonetheless, I had shared with John one photo of me. In that photo, I'm wearing a tight corset that accentuates my already ample derriere. My back is turned to the camera. My face is visible with only a peek of it from a side profile back and down toward the camera. I'm wearing only a bra, a corset and above-the- knee black leather boots. I look the part of a Dominant Mistress whose ass is to be worshipped.

John had agreed to my requirements. I told John he needed to bring an offering for the treatment I would be providing him. I told him I could not accept money. Instead I sent him two online links: one for an Italian brand leather purse I've had my eye on, and the other, an Italian brand bracelet that is the rage lately.

Soon enough the knock came at the garage passage door.

I had Richard open the door so we could inspect our new client.

Sometimes when that door is opened, they have a hard-on and sometimes they're too nervous to get it up. John had a hard-on.

Richard proceeded to perform his duties. I am not talking about sucking John's cock. That would come soon enough. No John, as mentioned, would be wearing a full hood, with only openings at the mouth and nostrils. Richard stepped out to the garage. He inserted foam ear plugs in Richard's ears. He then covered Richard's head and blindfold with the hood and laced it up snug.

"Do you hear me John?" He looked my way and nodded.

"You are in the presence of your Mistress."

"Take six steps forward so I may inspect you." With John leading him from behind, they entered the house.

Still sporting a hard-on, I reached down with both my gloved hands and caressed his cock with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. "I am your Mistress. I can give you pleasure or, I can give you pain and discomfort." I released my hold of his genitals. With his hands, Richard grabbed John's right breast and presented the nipple to me. I applied a stout clothespin to it. The left breast received the same treatment.

I told Richard to put a condom on John's dick.

Of course Richard was hard also. By his choice, Richard had been cuckolded for many years now. He loves to suck cock as much as eating pussy and ass. Richard had been looking forward to sucking John's cock. Richard knew the routine: I would let the client get off first. I like to reset my slaves' libido by letting them ejaculate upon arrival. That way they will be required to perform for me with shear desire rather than the lust drawn from the need to cum.

"John, you know I have a full time slave. We need to deal with that hard-on of yours. My slave, Richard, loves to suck cocks. I'm going to allow him to suck yours. I want you to fill that condom up with a nice load of cum."

It didn't take long. Richard tried to start slow but he couldn't hide his desire. He was soon grabbing John's butt cheeks and deep-throating John's dick in rapid fashion, ending with John ejaculating with loud groans and mighty spasms.

Richard removed the cum-filled condom, and replaced it with a plastic baggy to capture any stray secretions. I then had him place a rubber band around it the base of the plastic bag so that it couldn't fall off while John's dick was flaccid. I had Richard hang the used condom with the others. (I'll explain later.)

"I think you should return the favor, John." Richard put on a condom.

"You said you've never given a blowjob before. I told to get a rubber dildo and start practicing on it. I told you to set a timer and practice sucking and licking it steadily for thirty minutes. I told you to learn to deep-throat that dildo without gagging. Let's see if the practicing you claim to have done on your dildo at home has indeed made you a decent cocksucker."

"Set down on the sofa, Richard, and let him suck on his first real cock."

Though he had never sucked cock, John swore to me that it was something he would like to do as my slave, if I so desired. My husband didn't have much of a cock; maybe five inches long and an inch and quarter across when erect. Due to his small size, it had been of no great consequence when, after Richard was cuckolded, he was no longer allowed to fuck me. I fuck who I please now, whenever I please. Richard's small hard-on would serve well for initiating this beginner cocksucker.

John got on his knees and tried to locate Richard's erection. Richard held his dick up to John's hooded mouth hole. Immediately John began bobbing his head up and down, sucking Richard's cock as if his life depended on it. John had a bit of a difficult time since his hands were cuffed behind his back. Richard's cock kept popping out of his mouth. I took mercy on him and removed the cuffs. With his hands free, he went at Richard's cock with special fervor, kneading his balls and stroking his cock.

"Can he suck on my balls, Mistress?" Richard asked. He loved to have his balls sucked.

"Suck on his balls until he tells you to suck cock again, slave." I ordered.

Richard laid back and let John suck on and roll his balls around in his mouth for five to ten minutes.

Finally I had had enough of my two slaves' cocksucking and told John to get on all fours.

"Fuck him, Richard."

Richard got down on his knees, spit on his hand and applied it to John's asshole.

John was a virgin at this also. Like cocksucking, he had assured me that he had practiced taking Incrementally larger dildoes up his ass in preparation for serving me. Not that taking Richard's dick up his ass would be much an accomplishment. It would serve to loosen him up for the eight inch long by one and a half inch across strapon I would be using on him later.

When Richard's dickhead passed John's sphincter, John let out a groan and his back stiffened. Perhaps he hadn't been practicing as much as he claimed. Rather than arching his back, opening up his asshole and presenting it to be fucked , he was apprehensive and was experiencing discomfort because of it.

I told Richard to pull out and back off a bit. I grabbed my cane and delivered a number of whacks across John's back and buttocks while shouting, "Open that asshole up for him! Spread your knees apart. Act like you want him to penetrate you."

"Now ask Richard to fuck you! Say it like you mean it!"

"Mistress, please let Richard fuck me? I want his dick up my ass. Please fuck me long and hard Richard?"

"Fuck him, Richard!"

This time Richard penetrated John, buried his dick in his ass completely and began pumping him good.

I took a seat in the chair directly in front of Richard. I crossed my legs and planted my barefoot in front of his hood. While Richard drilled him from behind, I inserted my big toe in his mouth, giving John the opportunity to taste his Mistress. He sucked on my toes with passion. Other than our scheduled toilet session later, this would be the only time he would be able to have body contact with me.

Richard managed to fuck him a good fifteen minutes before unloading in the condom deep in John's ass. Richard could never last longer than five minutes when we used to fuck. I had my boyfriend, Jack, over the other night. He can always give me the fucking I need. He sports an eight inch dick, two inches across, and he can keep it up for me all evening. He'll cum multiple times also. The first load the other night, we saved by having Jack wear a condom. The rest we let shoot off in me. When we finished fucking, I had Richard lick all our juices from Jack's cock, then, we had him lie on the floor for his treat. I squatted on the floor, over Richard's mouth. I had him suck Jack's jism out of my pussy, while Jack and I smoked a cigarette.

I told Richard, "Put the butt plug in now while he's nice and loose. I want my slave to have that 'penetrated and ready for more' feeling."

Richard inserted the butt plug in John's ass. It was a bit larger than Richard's cock. John groaned a bit as the head of it popped in place.

"Turn around and give John's dick a good tongue cleaning."

Richard stood up and John sucked his own ass juices off Richard's cock.

"Have you ever sampled your own cum, John?" I asked. He nodded, yes.

"Do you think you could become a cum slut like my husband, John?" He nodded, yes.

"Tell Richard and I what you would like."

"Mistress, may I have Richard's condom so I can suck out all his cum and swallow it?

"You may. Present your mouth."

Richard proceeded to remove the condom. He placed the ringed opening across John's mouth and with his middle finger he turned it inside out by poking the loaded end through the hood opening and into John's waiting mouth.

"What do you say?"

"Thank you, Mistress, Thank you, Richard."

"You're not finished. We have more cum-filled condoms for you."

"First, let's give your nipples some attention."

I grabbed each clothespin and, without squeezing them to unclasp them, I slowly pulled them outward, pulling the nipple and its flesh out until the clothespin popped off. The slave groaned at the pain, and the pleasure, of their release. It would be short lived. I had Richard present John's nipples to me as before. I reapplied the clothes pins to my slave's nipples, yet, this time I positioned them ninety degrees from before. Slave John groaned loudly at the excruciating pain.

"Put his balls through the cock ring."

Richard squatted down and popped one then both balls through the cock ring.

"Attach the first weight to it."

Richard attached a two pound weight to the snap hook that was attached to the cock ring.

"Put the leash on him."

Richard leashed him and led him over, still on his knees, to a clothesline we had strung at just the proper height.

"There are six condoms hanging on the clothesline above you. Of course one of them is filled your jism. Take them down one at a time, turn them inside out inside your mouth, suck and swallow all the cum from them, then hang each back up."

With his butt plugged, nipples on fire and his balls being pulled from his groin, John reached up, grabbed a condom and emptied its contents into his mouth. Other than his own, he had no idea whose cum he was eating. Actually, only one other condom had real cum in it. We had frozen Jack's from the other night, then, hung it on the clothesline before John's arrival. The rest were filled with homemade cum which I had Richard mix up this morning. (see recipe at end of story)

John was working on his third condom when I said, "Open your mouth, slave." I had Richard use some scissors to clip a bunch of his own crotch hairs from his pube and sprinkle them in John's mouth. A good cocksucker never knows when a pube hair might show up and he needs to learn not to let it distract him from the task at hand.

"Continue, slave."

Once John had finished his condom sucking task, I had Richard cuff the slave's hands behind his back again.

"Did you get a nice belly full of cum, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress."

"That slimy throat of yours should make it quite easy for you to swallow my shit later."

"You are looking forward to my shit, aren't you? You may speak."

"I've hardly slept the past week, Mistress, knowing I may have the opportunity to serve as your toilet."

"You shall."

"Have you done anything to prepare yourself for that moment, slave? Have you ever knelt at the toilet, reached down and grabbed your own turd and bit off a chunk?" He lowered his head and nodded, yes. "Did you consume and swallow the entire thing?" He shook his head, no. "I'm sorry but you'll have no choice in the matter tonight and tomorrow morning."

"Let's get back to your training."

"I thought about placing a double sided dildo gag on you and riding your face for a while. But my boyfriend gave me a good fucking the other night. In fact one of those condoms you just handled had his cum in it."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"No, what I think I'll do is fuck you."

"Please, Mistress. Please use my ass as you see fit."

I swatted one of his clothespinned nipples with my cane. "Did I ask for your opinion, slave?"

"Open that mouth. I'm wearing a strapon and I'm going to fuck you with it. It's too big to fit in the hole in the hood. So lube it up good with that cum, slimy tongue of yours."

Slave John began licking every inch of that rubber dick.

"That's it. Do a good job. It will be the only lubrication you'll receive."

Richard had built a special bench for fucking him and other slaves in the ass. An integral collar held the slaves head and neck in position. His knees and ankles were bound by leather straps. With hands cuffed behind, the slave was completely immobilized. I reflected for a moment on the first night I'd ever had Jack over and he met my cuckolded husband for the first time. After introducing them, I made Richard get down on his knees and show Jack what a good cocksucker he'd become. We then showed Jack the bench. Jack and I strapped Richard into the bench. While I worked my strapon into his ass, Jack was in front working his dick down Richard's throat. Once I had him loosened up I pulled out and let Jack takeover. God, Jack gave Richard's ass a good fucking that night. Jack said it was the first time he'd ever had any relations with another man and later admitted he liked the novelty of it. Richard loved every moment of it. He was in cuckold heaven. But I digress.

"Remove the clothespins." Richard released the pins and then led John over to the bench and strapped him in. Richard removed the butt plug for me.

"Stick it in his mouth." I ordered.

With John strapped in, I placed the head of the strapon against his asshole.

"Richard, hand me the end of that leash."

"Arch that back, slave, and present that ass."

I slowly penetrated his anal opening and began pumping his ass with my strapon, working deeper and deeper with each stroke.

Once he had accepted the length of it, I began picking up the pace. I pulled the leash tight and used it as leverage for my forward strokes. I fucked his ass until there was little lubrication left. Then I had Richard spit on the strapon. I proceeded to fuck my slave as hard and fast as I could. When my muscles tired of it, I slowed and eventually withdrew.

I had Richard add a second two pound weight to the slave's cockring, then, we left John strapped to the bench for a good hour to allow him time to enjoy his after-fuck 'glow'.


Chapter 2

Richard aroused my slave by removing the weights and the cockring. He removed the butt plug from his mouth and unstrapped him from the bench.

"Mistress says I need to prepare you for toilet service. Follow me."

Our house has a shower and laundry area in the basement. Richard led John downstairs and sat him in a chair.

He removed John's hood. Richard wore a simple mask over his eyes to hide his identity. Using electric clippers, Richard proceeded to remove all John's locks.

Richard cut the end out of a clear, plastic trash bag and then slid the bag over John's head, covering his torso. Richard gathered the top of the bag around John's neck and tied it in place with stretchable rubber exercise tubing. He then pulled the bag back up over John's head and tied a second rubber tubing around his neck; essentially double sealing the bag around his neck.

Richard undid John's cuffs only to refasten them in front of him.

Richard had the slave lie on his back on some towels on the floor. While feeding the open end of the plastic bag through the toilet seat, he placed a camping potty stool directly over the slave's face. Using a large rubber band, he slipped the band down the length of the bag until it was just above the slave's face. This created an hour glass shape that would help direct all deposits to the slave's mouth and face. Richard then folded the bag over the outer edges of the seat. Using a four foot length of rope, he drew tight the plastic bag surplus outside and underneath the toilet seat. This served to keep the bag up close to the slave's ears, chin and face once it began to fill with waste.

As his Mistress, my plan was to immediately indoctrinate my toilet slave to the stench and the cold reality of actually being a toilet. I had saved my morning waste by going to the basement and pissing and shitting in a bucket.

Richard was finished preparing the slave for his toilet service. He looked down through the toilet seat and said, "This is Mistress's business from this morning. Mistress said I should dump it in the toilet." Richard unceremoniously dumped the rancid contents of the bucket into the toilet. The slave's prone head was immediately surrounded by my cold piss. My excrement would flow where it wanted. Richard then closed the lid and turned the lights out, leaving slave John to deal with the matter in the dark.


I like Italian. For lunch, before John's arrival, I had prepared and dined on a fancy salad followed by spaghetti and meatballs. It was my intention that this would serve as slave John's supper; the recycled version.

When Richard returned from the basement, I asked, "Is my toilet ready?" He smiled and nodded, yes.

I walked to the bedroom and grabbed my corset. I had Richard lace me up tight. I put on the bra that John had seen in the photo. I skipped the boots though.

Helping me get dressed had aroused Richard. "Can I please tongue your ass?" Richard begged.

"I suppose." I relented.

I leaned forward and let him clean my ass. He probed my asshole and tongued the tip of the stool within.

Five minutes later I said, "I've let you indulge yourself long enough, Richard. I'm ready to relieve myself on our newest toilet."

I flipped the switch at the top of the basement steps. The light served as my announcement of his imminent toilet service.

Turning my back to the stool, I reached down and lifted the lid, allowing my slave the only view he would enjoy of his Mistress. It was only my backside and much the same view as the photo I'd sent him. I stood there briefly and let him admire my form.

I don't talk to my toilet slaves. That's because they are toilets and toilets are inanimate objects. If he dared utter a word, I had my cane in hand to give immediate correction to his genitals.

Slowly I lowered my ass to the seat. I knew the anticipation of this moment was what my slave had been mentally focusing on for weeks. Sucking cock for me, taking it up the ass for me. Those things were all part of serving under a dominant Mistress. But this act he was about to perform, the privilege of consuming his Mistress's shit and piss. I knew that in his mind, this was the supreme moment, the supreme test of his ability to serve his Mistress.

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