tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMistress Ann - Still In Charge

Mistress Ann - Still In Charge


Sue walked in as Jim relaxed on the sofa. He was watching the D.V.D. for the second time. "Hi lover! No need for me to ask, I can see you are enjoying my adventures!"

Jim jumped, he was so immersed in the action he hadn't heard Sue come in.

Embarrassed he hung his head in shame. He could see another brown envelope in Sue's hand. He realized that he now wanted to see what Sue had been up to today. He would have to wait!

Two more days passed, Jim, naked, cleaning, polishing, cooking. Frequently being called on to pleasure Sue. Jim used these opportunities to perfect the technique he had seen Sue use on Mistress Ann. Sue did not need to correct him very often. She began to climax when Jim used his new found skill to perfection. He began to relish this new found power over his wife.

Sue began to realize that Jim was overtly beginning to assert control over her orgasms. As much as she enjoyed the sensations, she decided that she needed to re-assert herself.

Jim had gotten into the habit of wanking himself whilst attending to her. A spell of chastity would bring him back to heel.

On her next visit to town she purchased a male chastity belt . The waistband was adjustable and finished with a strong metal D-ring and a sturdy padlock. The crotch strap ran from the front to the back in a thong style and was also adjustable. Attached to the sides were two adjustable straps made up of metal chains and leather. The bulging cod piece at the crotch looked impressive but inside were two 1.5-inch diameter cock rings that assured her he would be kept chaste whilst wearing the chastity belt.

The day after Sue acquired this device she received a text message. She smiled to herself as she called Jim.

"I'm going out. You will be wearing this while I'm away!" she informed him.

Jim looked at her stunned but offered no resistance as Sue fastened and locked the belt around his waist. He felt uneasy when his limp prick slid into the pouch at the front and he felt the metal rings inside. The metal chains and leather side straps were also padlocked and Jim realized that a hard-on going to be painful.

He was surprised when this realization caused his prick to swell and attempt to stand. It was futile, pain quickly prevented this and he soon shrank to a comfortable size.

Jim watched the new film it was not as long as the first two. It started outside a door that Jim did not recognise . Sue just pushed it open and walked inside, in the hall stood a naked man whose face seemed vaguely familiar to Jim.

The man towered over Sue. Jim's attention switched to the erect prick which was pointing skywards. Jim noted that it was not particularly long at least when compared to his son's but was considerably thicker and he was surprised to see that it was already clad in a thick condom.

Sue whipped her skirt off, revealing the absence of underwear, and moved into the arms of this new stud. The man pushed Sue up against the wall and proceeded to fuck her. Sue wrapped her arms around the man's neck and lifted herself off the floor. Her legs gripped his waist. She was absorbing his thrusts. Jim could tell by her gasps and smiles that she was experiencing exciting sensations.

Jim wished he could wank himself but the pouch and rings around his cock prevented relief by that route. He was enjoying this new pain.

"Take me to your bed Clive!" Sue ordered the man.

"How did she know this man?" thought Jim. Then he suddenly realized - he did know the man. It was Ann's brother! Jim had only met Clive once , it was at Colin's wedding. Jim now remembered Clive meekly following his sister around fetching and carrying every thing she asked for, he thought at the time that something unusual was occurring.

"Did that make him our son- in- law?" Jim wondered. That thought was soon dispelled.

He watched as Clive carried Sue, who was still wriggling on the prick that was impaling her, to his bed. Clive carefully lay her down and carried on fucking her. Jim saw and heard her urging him on, urging him deeper. She climaxed again and again. Jim kept expecting her to push Clive off as she had continually done when with Carl. But no she kept Clive at the task. When he rested she continued to writhe beneath him.

"I'm cumming don't stop!!" she screamed frequently!

"Faster...Faster damn you!" Jim kept hearing from his once sweet natured wife.

Suddenly he saw Clive's whole body stiffen, thrust deeper and Jim could tell he was cumming.

Clive relaxed and fell off Sue. Sue looked down at the rapidly shrinking prick. Jim was amazed as she calmly removed it and fed the contents to the man who had served her so obediently. She casually threw the empty condom onto the bed and left to retrieve her skirt. During all this she had not removed her sweater. Clive had had scant reward for his efforts.

Jim was watching the D.V.D. for the third time when a slightly dishevelled Sue arrived home with yet another envelope. The grin on her face unsettled Jim.

"Please! Please let me out of this belt!" The pain was beginning again as his prick hardened as he began imagining what Sue had been up to.

"O.K. but I am to tired to attend to you, you'll have to do it yourself." With that she handed Jim the key and settled down to watch him.

Jim gratefully began wanking his sore little cock. As his cum shot into his hand he realized that Sue had brought herself off whilst watching him.

To his relief Jim was not ordered to put the cage on again until the following morning.

Jim was cleaning the dishes after Sue had her breakfast, lovingly cooked for her by himself - her adoring house slave. He was still dreaming about the latest film and wondering what the next one would bring.

"Get in the car you're taking me to a meeting!" Sue's voice brought him back to earth.

"Go slip on something loose, we need to go now."

Jim was ready in a flash and soon they were on the road. Sue directing him to the far side of town. During the journey Jim had been sneaking looks as Sue's sluttish clothing. Her petite tits were clearly visible through the tight satin blouse. Her prominent nipples clearly on display. Her lovely long legs revealed to him when she crossed and uncrossed her legs, which she did frequently during the drive, entranced him.

Sue was excited. She was on the way to meet a young friend of Alan. The thought of training him to please Mistress Ann had caused her to become moist with excitement her panties were already wringing wet causing her to fidget in her seat.

Sue directed Jim to the bar of a luxury hotel in the centre of town. Jim realized that any one might know them, any of their friends could be at this popular meeting place. Sue spotted Alan and a young man in a booth on the far side of the bar. She went and joined them, sliding in beside the young stranger.

"Go and get us some drinks!" she said, indicating that Jim should fetch drinks for her and the boys. Jim went to the bar and returned with a tray of drinks, he carefully placed a drink in front of each of them and slid in alongside Alan.

Sue had been talking intently to the new boy, Alan just sat quietly watching and listening.

"This is John. Alan has spoken highly of him to his step-mother. I have been sent to check out his credentials." Sue said to Jim whilst she continued to stroke the embarrassed boy's leg.

Jim could see that the boy clearly had a lot of potential. The bulge in John's trousers stopped just above his knee. Sue's hand was pressing down quite firmly to stop him tenting , still softly stroking the bulge she continued "Alan has booked us a room for the afternoon. You will leave me here and go and attend to Mistress Ann ...oooohh."

Sue lifted her hand to show Jim the wet patch that was growing on John's trouser leg. John blushed furiously. "I can see I have a lot to teach you! " Sue whispered to him. Then turning to address Jim. " Off you go ... you know the boys will look after me."

"I told him to use your credit card. You don't mind do you?"

Jim shook his head "No." Then he saw Alan reach for his camera . He reluctantly made his way out of the bar and back to his car. The leather belt fought with his prick the whole of the journey to his Mistress's house. The belt won! he arrived in considerable pain and discomfort.

"So pleased you could make it." smiled Ann as she watched Jim strip off in the hallway. A naked Colin was filming as Jim had come to expect. She smiled again when she saw the leather pouch that encased Jim's prick. "I see Sue has taken some precautions, very wise of her! Follow me." She led Jim by the ear to her bedroom.

Without removing any of the clothes she was wearing (a bright red silk blouse, buttoned up to her chin, it was tight enough to emphasize her tits but it concealed them , much to Jim's dismay. The outfit was completed by a knee length leather skirt). As Ann lay back on the bed the skirt flopped open to reveal a split all the way up the front. Jim gasped with excitement as Ann's fleshy lips were once again revealed to him. He made a mental resolution that this time he would not fail to please her.

"Well what are you waiting for?" Ann enquired.

"Sorry Mistress!" Jim climbed onto the bed between her legs and lowered his face to her cunt. He was ecstatic. Carefully he dribbled spit onto her lips. With a last look into her eyes he could tell she was expecting him to fail her again. He determined not to disappoint her this time. His tongue flicked out and began to caress her sex. Making sure to keep dribbling more saliva he inched his tongue between the folds. Slowly he circled her clit. Wetter and wetter it became. He realized that she was now wetter than the spittle he was supplying could possibly be responsible for.

He continued his ministrations. Mistress began to sigh. He increased his endeavours. Slurping and licking he could feel her clit growing and hardening. He could feel her hips begin to tremble as he grasped them. Ann trying her hardest not to give way to her impending orgasm gripped his ears. At first she tried to lift him away from her cunt, trying to cause him to fail. She then began to accept the inevitable. In fact she began to crave the inevitable. Her grip on Jim's head tightened. Her knees gripped his waist. She began pulling him into her.

Jim had one final trick up his sleeve. He eased two fingers into the slippery, welcoming cunt. Ann tried to resist - but her cunt betrayed her. It bucked to meet the new assailants. Jim found the G-Spot which he gently caressed. He began to suck on Ann's clit. Ann bucked and bucked, she scratched on Jim's back. She gasped and gasped.

"I'm CUMMMING!!" she screamed.

Eventually after multiple ( unexpected ) orgasms she went limp.

Elated Jim ceased licking and slid his fingers out of his Mistress.

Ann getting her breathing under control pulled on Jim's ears until he was laying beside her. She then turned , raised herself on her elbow, looked in Jim's eyes and proceeded to kiss him deeply, tongues wrestling, she cuddled into him.

"I was not expecting that!" she admitted. "Undress me now!! You've earned this! "

Jim could hardly believe his ears. His prayer answered. His first thought was to get the blouse off so that he could see the tits that so entranced him. He then reasoned that completely naked would be a better option so he unclipped the skirt, lowered the zip and eased the skirt off over her arse. Ann raised up to accommodate this procedure. Her legs were long and shapely. Jim savoured them for a moment and then Jim than began work on the ultimate goal.

Hands shaking he slowly unbuttoned the front of the blouse, he reached behind his Mistress and carefully lifted her to a sitting position, slid the blouse back over her shoulders and sat spellbound as everything he ever wished for came into view. Sue was pretty and attractive but Ann was absolutely stunning. Firm, rounded tits sat high up on her chest her smooth skin glowed at him.

Smiling she said "Have you got the key to your belt?" The expression on Jim's face told her the answer.

"Take the camera from him." she nodded towards Colin.

"I haven't got time to wait for one of my big toyboys, you will have to do."

Gratefully Colin passed the camera to his dad. Opportunities to fuck his wife were few and far between.

A jealous Jim then proceeded to film his son fucking his daughter-in-law.

Colin was determined to show his wife that he was not such a bad lover as she claimed.

Using all the wiles he had noted whilst filming her over the last year he more than made up for his lack of size. His energy transmitted itself into Ann's cunt. Thrust after shallow thrust managed to stir feelings in her clit. She gradually fell into his rhythm, hips raising to meet each assault. All to soon Colin shot load after load of steaming cum into his wife.

As his body collapsed beside her he realized that was probably a mistake. Fearing punishment he began to slide down her body intending to lick her clean. Gently she stopped him. "I'm sure your father will do the honours!" she said looking over at Jim.

Jim, still in awe at her beauty gratefully nodded, stopped filming and started to lick at their Mistress's swollen cunt lips and carefully drank all of his son's cum juice that he could prise out. This elicited a few aftershocks in Ann who promptly fell asleep. Jim and Colin curled up on either side of her. Both delighted at their respective performances.

Jim was awoken from his brief slumber by a pain in his prick, he realized that Ann was gently stroking him. The rigidness caused considerable discomfort but he was enjoying it and he slowly began to respond by gently thrusting his leather clad prick up to greet the warm slippery hand.

"Good I've got your attention. I need more of your fantastic tongue."

Obligingly and gratefully Jim resumed his position between his Mistress's thighs. This time although Ann gently gripped him she stroked his head in encouragement. Jim had certainly learnt all of his lessons from Sue. Soon she began to respond to his tongue. Jim kept to his task, looking up beyond Ann's gently undulating, beautiful hardening nipples he could see her smiling at him. Encouraged by his success he slid his hands up to grasp them. His dream realized at long last. They were as firm as they appeared. Gently he toyed with her nipples. Ann began moaning. Soon her climax overtook her. The pain in Jim's prick became unbearable. He collapsed, breathless by her side.

Ann nudged her husband, who had been watching with pride, his dad enjoying his wife.

"Finish me!" was all Ann needed to say. Colin for the second time this afternoon shafted his wife. Not many thrusts were required to fulfil her. Jim having done an excellent job, which was completed when yet again he cleaned her with his tongue.

The three of them spent the evening switching positions, dozing intermittently relishing each other bodies until- "Well you seem to have been enjoying yourselves!" They each looked up to see Sue and Alan staring at them.

"Have you got the key?" Ann asked nodding towards Jim's leather belt. Sue nodded.

"Can I have it please?"

Sue unfastened the slim gold chain around her neck and passed the key to Ann.

Gratefully Ann began to remove the padlocks on Jim's belt. His erect prick leapt out. Although only 6 " long it was very thick , as it jerked in it's new found freedom Ann swung her leg over and impaled herself on it. She sat up to face Jim who took the opportunity to grasp her firm tits.

Ann began to grind down onto the pulsating prick which began thrusting to meet her. Her clit began to react to the stimulation and quicker than would be normal for, perhaps relishing her subjects wife watching in silence she rode him to her orgasm. She had noticed Sue franticly fingering her own cunt, unaware of her husbands new prowess ( but determined to take advantage of it herself ). All three came at the same time. Ann slid up to position her cunt over Jim's eager mouth. He sucked her clean giving her further orgasms in the process.

"Thank you Mistress!" He managed to gasp when she finally slid off him.

"I've enjoyed myself so much this afternoon I think that from now onwards ' Miss Ann' will suffice as a greeting." she purred.

"Thank you Miss Ann." Colin, Sue and Jim said in unison.

"What news do you have for me Sue?"

"It took longer than I had hoped, but John is ready for you now."

"Thank you. Choose your next prize." Said Ann as she walked over to the dressing table and removed four photos from the drawer.

Sue glanced at each in turn, stopped at the fourth, her eyes light up and she passed it to Ann.

"Looks like a wise choice!" smiled Ann "I haven't had a chance to test drive Steven yet he is a bit out of my preferred age range. Let me know how you get on. O.K.?"

"Of course Miss Ann." agreed Sue.

At that moment Alan arrived with a disc. Ann took it from him and slipped it and the photo she had taken from Sue into it, and sealed it down firmly.

Ann pointed to the door, indicating to Jim that he should dress and leave with Sue.

Once home Sue dragged the disrobing Jim to their bedroom. After demanding he gave her his usual tonguing she dragged him by his prick and imbedded it in her cunt.

"Fuck me stud, you've learnt a lot from those films I've been leaving you haven't you?"

"A spell of chastity obviously helped as well. Your prick is going straight back into your harness when I've finished with you. I left the key with Miss Ann, fortunately I have a spare!"

Jim was eager to watch this new disc ( and more importantly to see the photo). The next morning Sue studied the photo while Jim was preparing her breakfast. She was smiling all the time. Jim kept trying to sneak a peek but Sue kept the photo turned away from him when he was around.

The phone ringing startled both of them. Sue listened for a moment, smiled and headed to her bedroom to dress.

"Did she deliberately leave the photo face down on the table?" wondered Jim. His hands were shaking as he turned it over to look. He gasped when he saw the most enormous prick laying semi-erect over the TWO large hands it was displayed on. Jim's prick expanded in its harness. Pain prevented it reaching maximum size.

"Drive me to Miss Ann's immediately ...No need to dress!" demanded Sue.

Jim looked up to see Sue dressed to kill. She was wearing a new dress that was so tight it clung to her showing every undulation of her body. Her nipples standing erect, the sides of her tits on view through the low cut neckline. She smelt strongly of her most expensive perfume.

When they reached their son's house the door swung open to reveal Ann standing there dressed as a schoolgirl in a grey, tight fitting mini skirt. Her delightful legs clad in seamed black nylons the tops just showing below the hem of the skirt. Her tits on display through the gaps in the front of her tight fitting white shirt that had only every other button fastened. She was holding John's hand, he was standing obediently to attention.

"I fancy 'al fresco' sex today!" Ann smiled. Looking at Jim she purred "There's a treat for the men in the lounge." with that she dragged John out of the door and they were gone!

Intrigued Sue followed Jim into the lounge where they saw Alan and Colin seated side by side on the sofa. They motioned Jim to join them. Now they were all staring at the largest television screen Sue had seen outside public bars. Both were naked, and were gently stroking their pricks. Sue glanced at the screen. Now they were all watching an old, grey, balding black man idly stroking the biggest prick she had ever seen. The prick she had chosen from the photo, Steven's prick Ann had told her!

Sue gasped, she felt her panties dampen, in fact she gushed.

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