tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMistress Barbara Ch. 01

Mistress Barbara Ch. 01


Follows 'Addicted To Attention', My Earlier Series.

Authors Note:

Any readers that enjoyed Addicted to Attention please note that this new series actually follows on. If you didn't read AA then I suggest that you read the previous twelve chapters. Thank you to all the readers that commented via Email and, all those that voted, a special thank you from me. Without those votes I would have been discouraged and despondent. I hope you all enjoy the next section. 15 chapters. One every day. Remember voting is like lotion to my weary fingers.

* * * * *

We awoke the next morning to a beautiful day, the events of the previous evening night still fresh in my mind. Ken's rump was still glowing from his trashing with the flail. His was skin unmarked, his penis hidden in the lower cheeks of Cats beautiful bottom. Ready for action at all times, our Ken. Des was stirring on his back shifting around to the edge of the bed and turning to reveal an equally reddened bottom. I smiled as I looked in the mirror to see my skin, flawless front and rear, but my back was still stiff from laying backward over that barrel at the Club last night.

Cathy had massaged me all over before I went to sleep, with soothing scented oil. I had been too tired to indulge in sex play, as I was so exhausted from the countless orgasms at the club. I was still proud of myself for blindly obeying Kent, confident in his experience to allow myself to enjoy this highly unusual experience. I would trust no one else. I only wish that I could have seen the lady that fisted me so skillfully. I promised myself not to ask Kent, but this morning I was more curious than ever. Cat awoke next, fortunately, so I was able to quiz her for more information.

"What was it like Barb?" She asked breathlessly. "I mean-- her whole hand inside you like that."

She assured me that it was neither Monique, Margaret nor herself as she had been fully occupied with them and our men at the time. It hadn't been until much later that she had been ordered into the room with Monique and some other men that she hadn't recognised.

"Pure ecstasy, sweetheart." Rolling my eyes skyward and gently squeezing her hand. "Especially with a strange penis in my bottom at the same time." I giggled softly.

"Kent and Rick put us under Margaret's control and left the room for an hour or so." She paused. "Ken and Des were with us the whole time." She laughed. "It certainly wasn't them!"

We didn't speak of it again, as Des and Ken woke up and went for a shower. I knew that they would be able to shed no light on it either.

I put it out of my mind as we went about our normal every day things and swam or rode on the lake until lunchtime. I normally hate any unsolved mysteries and all morning, I thought;

"How would Kent be so confident that the people entering my body so intimately would be guaranteed to be clean?" I knew all his friends and acquaintances and no lady, other than Margaret, had such tiny hands. Margaret had longer fingernails though. "Who could the men be?" I knew Kent too well, remembering the buyer of his boutique and the way Kent had insisted on the wearing of latex gloves prior to allowing him to penetrate me with his fingers.

I was sorely tempted to call in and ask Kent outright. My respect for Kent won out in the end and I drove past the turn off to his home, getting more curious than ever. You can't just approach someone and ask; "Excuse me, did you screw me last night?" I chuckled at the thought.

I put the thoughts out of my mind for a while as it was Friday and I had to make arrangements for the weekend shows. I had decided on a naked mile walking event for my first anniversary, finishing at Lakeside. This event had been widely advertised and we were expecting a huge influx of tourists. It was a first for the town, and I had done some slick talking in order to get permission.

The business people saw the potential and convinced the authorities to allow it on a trial basis. I now had wide support, among the good people of Maple Lake, who recognised that my ideas and investments had brokered a booming local economy. It had helped enormously that house values were rising and before starting on any new enterprise, I carefully made sure that I didn't step on any existing business in the town. I was becoming the darling of the business community.

On a whim, I went next door to see if Melissa would be entering the Naked Mile event.

"Absolutely!" The girls enthused, when I asked. The shop was picking up well now and was much busier than before. Normally the girls were pleased to see me and chatted to me for a while but today I felt an distinct atmosphere of nervousness. It started me thinking and I glanced at Melissa's hands. She was petite, like Darlene, very attractive with a lovely figure and now that I noticed, really tiny hands. Her fingernails were well manicured but much too long.

I went out back where Darlene was altering a dress and spoke to her. The first thing I noticed was her short clipped fingernails and tiny hands.

"Eureka!" I exclaimed, excitedly. "Did you go out last night by any chance, Darlene my sweet?" I asked her with a wry smile on my face. She turned bright red and nervously stammered.

"Why do you ask Barbara?"

It all became clear as crystal as I kissed her and smiled.

"You really do have talented hands, my love. Not just for sewing either, I suspect."

At once they confessed and were their normal bubbly selves again. They told me that Kent had arranged for them all to go to Taylor's Ridge last night, after the limousine had gone. They had parked away from the Club car park as there was security preventing them from entry. They had been met by Rick, who blindfolded them and led them into the car park. Then they had been stripped and were escorted, naked and blindfolded, into the club and straight into a room.

The blindfolds had been removed and they were instructed to wait. They were told not to speak but given explicit and exact instructions by ten other men in the room. They waited for me to be brought in. Immediately after they finished they were led back to the car park.

Melissa spoke.

"It was the most exciting thing that we've ever done. The room was packed and we had to walk through heaps of people. We could tell that people were watching us along the way.

"Did any of them touch you?" I expressed my concern.

"No, the people that led us wouldn't let them. They only guided us and instructed us and they led us by the arms." She gushed. "Kent told us never to tell any of you guys what happened, or anybody else. He said that from now on we should only listen to you, nobody else, not even him. He told us never to take instructions from anyone at all except you." She blushed. "Are you mad with us, Barbara? Did we do right?"

"If I ever hear that you have done anything so stupid without telling me again, you will all regret it. You must never tell Kent or any of his friends or even my family what you have told me." I smiled at them. "Kent is my Master as well as my business partner, but you must only listen to me from now on! Can I trust you?" I asked.

"Oh Yes! Mistress." They both said, in unison. "We will all obey you from now on. All of us! He told us not to tell you though, about---you know what!" She hesitated.

"It'll be our little secret." I smiled and walked out, happier than ever. My family had grown and I would be a benevolent Mistress to our lovely young friends. Kent would never know that I knew who had penetrated me, so lovingly, last night. I was now a fully fledged Master! I would tell only the people that needed to know, when it suited me. For now, I would only tell Cat. She would be my protegèe, taking my place if necessary. She would understand.

The Naked Mile event was a huge success. There were well over one hundred naked bodies lined up at the start, many novices judging by the number of white flabby bottoms of both sexes. Surprisingly, a few spectators joined in along the way, all shapes and sizes. The press was there and even the T.V. cameras from the local district station.

The town was alive with tourists and I was interviewed, after donning my toga, for the local station as well as Nation Wide News.

Maple Lake would never be a sleepy country town again. I stood there in my brief garment, immediately planning to produce my own label in a line of togas for the adventurous ladies world wide, being interviewed and congratulated on my daring event. The publicity would make Kent's Creations a fortune, not to mention Maple Lake and the business people of the town. It would definitely be an annual event, I told the camera, as well as other similar events that I planned to host at Maple Lake. When I was questioned further, I said there would be plenty of advance publicity beforehand and I would let the viewers know well ahead of time. There was a loud cheer in the surrounding crowd.

The show I had planned for Saturday night was postponed as Lakeside was too full of patrons in various states of nudity enjoying the facilities. Our only problem was security, as people drank and made merry, but the men handled it well. Amazingly, the problems, as they were unfolding, were dealt with amicably and swiftly by our expanded family of young men, under Ken and Des's leadership. Lakeside made more money that night, attracting more publicity than it had in it's history. Gerald would retire within weeks. He was worn out and planned to go fishing. We hired a capable young manager for him to train. I was free to come and go as I wished.

I had walked the naked mile along with all my new expanded family, except Kent's family, enjoying all the attention and the freedom of actually walking totally naked through the main road of town. I had waved at the spectators along the way and even the most conservative residents had clapped and cheered me. Attitudes to mixed nudity were changing quite rapidly. I handled the publicity very well, Kent told me later, as we planned the new range of togas. They were to be niche marketed, bearing my label for distribution worldwide, selling rights to overseas manufacturers everywhere.

The young girls would be kept busy modelling at Lakeside every day. Cat and I would only handle the BDSM gear from now on. We certainly didn't need to work but we were alway's excited to wear and show the apparel. One disgusting old pervert offered us a small fortune to service his needs at the luxurious motel that he was staying in. He was horrified to learn that we not only owned Lakeside but the Motel he stayed at as well. He never approached us again but bought even more stock than usual.

Kent bought the entire farm surrounding his new property, allowing construction of a private road access to his mansion on the lake. We both assisted Tony to expand his construction business, employing all the labour and supervisors that he needed to expedite the rapid development of Kent's magnificent new dwelling and surrounding grounds. Kent had insisted on demanding specifications for his new house, just over the lake from Rome, and no expense was spared.

It was to be constructed with an even larger play room and gymnasium, than his city mansion, taking into account the expanded number of devotees that would one day enjoy the facilities within. We still visited Kent's family regularly but never invited the younger group to join us. I needed to be satisfied that they were going to please Kent with their total subservience, under my direction.

It did please him enormously, that I never asked him the question that he must have known bedevilled me, after the night at Taylor's Ridge. On one night, as we were alone, he offered to tell me who he had allowed to invade my body that night.

I smiled serenely at him.

"It really doesn't worry me Sir. You had your reasons and I would never question your judgement or refuse you in anything you believe necessary in my instruction. You must know that now."

If it were possible, he was even more tender and loving after that. I felt guilty for deceiving him that tiny bit but the special regard that he had for me meant that I could never tell him that I knew. My body was always his and I knew that his was mine. The mutual trust was, and would always be, complete and not compromised with doubt.

It was a perfect situation. Kent had his family, I had mine and Melissa looked after the younger group, taking instruction from me. She reported any potential infractions, {Not that there were any}, to me for my personal attention. I always felt closest to Melissa, ever since our first meeting at the lake a year ago. Under my direction, she and all the other girls had completely removed their body hair and never wore panties or thongs again, unless modelling them.

The minor dissent during that instruction came from Sue who had really coarse pubic hair and although she had tried to remove it before, had always let it grow back. I advised her to use depilatory creme or electrolysis. I gave her a lecture on beauty and hygiene.

"I believe that a woman's pubic area looks more sexual and inviting without any pubic hair. On the positive side, the vaginal lips become more sensitive to the touch during sex play. It is far more healthy to go without panties, allowing the air to dry any build up of moisture. Aesthetically, the vagina is more beautiful without body hair which hides the contours, masking the natural form of the pubic bone structure." I looked at her. "Well!"

With all these good reasons outlined to her Sue complied without a murmur, apologising to me for being difficult.

The relationship with Melissa's family group, as I called them collectively, was largely unchanged in our social life. When Melissa was with Kent and I she called me Mistress, as they all did during sexual encounters. This honorary term appeared to satisfy all of us.

I looked forward to the day when all seventeen of us could enjoy sexual recreation at Kent's new mansion together, under his overall direction as Grand Master.

All the young friends were now involved at Maple Lake and living in the lakefront dwelling with Melissa. Caroline had stayed with Melissa ever since we had employed her to run the photographic studio. Sue and Jill were now fulltime modelling for Kent, calling in Caroline when needed. Greg was an electrician, now employed by Tony. Cameron formerly worked at as a landscape gardener and jumped at the chance to work for Tony as a labourer and later as Kent's handyman gardener at the mansion. Kent had offered him permanent work after Cameron had advised him on the layout of the grounds and Kent was impressed with his advice. Cameron, incidentally had been the smaller penis that invaded my bottom as Darlene pleasured my vagina. He was a tall wiry young man with skinny hips and torso but he was popular among the ladies with his artistic temperament and technique. Tony was the much larger penis that entered my vagina afterward. The little mysteries of that night had long since been resolved completely.

None of Melissa's friends knew the other men in the room, but they had been the ones making the salacious crude comments about my sex organs. None of Melissa's group had spoken, as they knew I would recognise their voices and had previously been instructed not to say a word while they were giving me pleasure. The fisting had been Darlene's idea and I had since insisted on a replay of the entire episode with no gag or blindfold. Cat had been enthusiastic as she watched, taking my place when I was satisfied. Des and Ken had been at Lakeside at the time so the secret was safe.

The long weekend was approaching and I looked forward to recreating the body jewellery contest, knowing the larger auditorium would be packed to capacity for the show. I hoped that all the original contestants would be there, especially the older lady who had spurred all of us to exhibit so daringly. This time I would make certain she won, if she came, as she helped me overcome my inhibitions that night more than she would ever know. I gave her credit for prompting me to exhibit so shamelessly, inadvertently helping me to fully understand my sexuality. I believe that every thrilling moment that I have experienced since is largely due to her influence. I didn't even ask her name, to my eternal regret. Neither Darlene nor Jill, also with me that night, could recall her name, but remembered her fondly. All the young friends now had at least one or more body piercing. We could almost put on a show on our own now. Success would be guaranteed and we had Rick to announce and organise. He wouldn't miss the prime photographic opportunities of such a contest. I would have him makeup the breasts and vulvas of the girls who wanted to be a little more daring.

Harold and Heather came to the event, prompting Darlene to get a bad case of nerves beforehand. She asked to be excused and sat with them at a table. She came into the dressing room, full of hopeful and nervous ladies just before the contest started, smiling broadly and begging me to let her exhibit. Heather and Harold had both insisted she exhibit with her friends if she wished. Apparently they had always known about her previous showing, giving her their blessing and wishing her luck. She was ebullient and flushed with pride, knowing that her parents weren't as narrow minded as she had believed them to be.

I re-introduced her to Sally, the older lady that I was hoping would turn up. The original contestants were all here at Lakeside, not one of us wanting to miss the opportunity to parade totally nude at the contest. As we were called, we all remained onstage while the others paraded the cat walk. There were twenty three of us standing beside each other when photos were taken and the winner announced, over an hour and three quarters later. Sally radiated with pride when she won and two runners up were announced.

I had already discussed leaving all of my extended family of young ladies out of the running for prizes. They were rewarded in other ways later, for business reasons. They all understood and didn't complain or object. The prize winners all did a second showing to thunderous applause from the audience. The other contestants all clapped too. Darlene and I explained the situation to Harold and Heather.

I was glad I had allowed Monique to enter. She would have easily been the oldest entrant at forty four and had received a lot of applause which started her glowing with pride. She still had a youthful body with remarkably firm skin. She was happy that Kent and I had allowed her to enter. Her sex life had never been better, now that I unlocked her more often to make love with us. She loved to demonstrate her undoubted skills at lovemaking to my extended family as well as her total subservience. Kent readily loaned her to me whenever I needed her for training, or any other purpose. She superbly trained and I was beginning to appreciate the power I held over her as well as all the others. Like Kent as her Master, I was a benevolent Mistress but I could be strict as well. I never forced anyone to do anything that they were uncomfortable with but I would always praise and reward total obedience. A happy slave is a far more devoted slave, thrilling the Master with blind obedience and devotion.

On contest night I had to force her to call me Barbara so that none of the other contestants suspected that this lady, old enough to be my mother, was actually my devoted slave. I rewarded her by allowing her to have unlimited sex with my extended family after we closed up and went home to Rome. She was delighted and serviced all six men, as well as most of the women, until she was exhausted and slept at my feet for the rest of the night. Melissa couldn't believe Monique's voracious sexual appetite.

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