tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMistress Barbara Ch. 02

Mistress Barbara Ch. 02


It had been time consuming in the spare spaces between modelling assignments and training Melissa and her group in BDSM etiquette as well as water-skiing and business management. We had regular nights where I would check and advise on their progress in lingerie sales and encourage their business skills, particularly Tony whose building construction staff had grown much larger.

Melissa's group was always ready for fresh challenges and I had to curb their enthusiasm for even greater thrills by offering the girls steadily more daring modelling assignments. Individually or together I was always there for them, partly as I needed to assess their own reasons and needs for the lifestyle that they had chosen to adopt.

Kent had assessed all of my family very carefully, prior to declaring his family's interest in mild BDSM and then associating with us on a sexual level. He was such an experienced Master that he had obviously done the same with Melissa's husband and friends before involving them in the final test of my devotion at Taylor's Ridge. Now Kent had put me in the position of guiding Melissa's large group. It was my biggest test yet.

Very like myself, my sweet Melissa had long been repressed by a strict upbringing, never allowing her natural exhibitionist tendency to develop and flourish until she met Des and I. Tony, much like Des, had challenged her in their early courtship to lose her inhibitions and show her beautiful body, at least among their friends. I had been the catalyst that finally allowed her to remove all her clothes and enjoy, as I had, the freedom to realise that her unclothed body gave others pleasure. Melissa was a natural leader with a good business brain, so it was natural for her to enjoy my company during the many times that we were together.

After we began buying more properties and giving them business opportunities together they leapt at the chance to copy our lifestyle of communal living. They had always sensed that my family was integrated sexually, although we did our best to hide that from them. Darlene, like Cat, had always been bisexual and their men had enjoyed watching them become lovers too. We were all so very much the same, in the way that we had come together as a group. The other four friends stayed with Melissa's family every weekend over last winter, when Cat and I had been fully involved in Kent's Creations in the city. A natural progression of their long friendship had led to them all becoming sexually active together. Melissa had been too nervous of rejection or disapproval by my group to allow her to open up to me or my family until we moved permanently to Maple Lake.

She probably had similar reasons to ours, in never approaching their other friends. It had been a combination of mutual respect and fear of rejection that had kept us all apart for nearly a year until Caroline, Jill's sister, had begun to work for Rick. She lived with Melissa and they all began to put threads of information together, prompting the nervous and tearful approach that Melissa had initiated with me.

Caroline had no interest in men in particular, as she had become a lesbian following an unfortunate rape in her early years of modelling. Melissa and Jill had encouraged her to live with them whenever she visited Maple Lake and over time Caroline had joined the sexual activity with the rest of them, still preferring girls as partners but accepting advances from Cameron at first. She then accepted the others, after feeling safe from aggressive demands more normally found in relationships with the men in her past. She felt loved by the group and safely began to enjoy sex with men again, comforted by the protection the unique association offered her. The young men had all been extremely sensitive and caring to her because they all knew about her violent rape experience. They never pushed her to participate in penetration with them, even now.

She had leaped at the opportunity to manage the photography studio and was capable, innovative manager. She also modelled the lingerie, when called on, with artistry and enthusiasm. She had no ambition to marry or have her own special man, and probably never would. She loved the security and variety that communal living had brought to her life. She felt that same love and understanding within my family in the same way. The financial security that we offered and sexual feelings for Cat and I had allowed the encounters with Des and Ken to be an acceptable part of her family life. She enjoyed the association now, without reservation, totally fulfilled within our combined families. Like my family, Melissa's group never allowed petty insecurities or jealousy to flourish or spoil what they had together.

Melissa controlled that portion of their individual income that they had all agreed to pool for their combined benefit. She had already broached the subject of buying the lakeside property that they were renting from us.

We had agreed to allow them to purchase the property when they could, knowing that they loved the privacy and proximity to the water in the same way as we did at Rome. Melissa was totally in charge of her young group and like me, had never been questioned on the leadership by Tony or any other member. It was an awesome responsibility for a young lady. Her maturity belied her tender age and I had even more respect for her as I advised and guided them all. I was humbled by her willingness to submit to my authority and I began to realise that she enjoyed my domination, in much the same way as I enjoyed Kent's respect and domination.

We were really so much alike, both in experiences and nature. Since we had been involved sexually with Melissa's group we had expanded our sexual horizons by experimenting with new techniques and all practicing the eastern philosophy of yoga and tartaric sex. The most powerful sex organ is the mind, especially in women, as I found out at Taylor's Ridge. Trust and respect are still paramount with any association, sexual or otherwise. I still look back on that night with reverence, to this day.

After their initial confession of the extraordinary events of that evening they told me that Kent had given them instructions prior to the events in the room. He had, in fact, left only for two brief times while they were around me, once to give the impression that he had left me to the mercy of the unknown audience. The second time was when he noiselessly guided them out to Rick, who had taken them back to the car park where they dressed and went home. This meant that he had been present when my gag was removed and Cat came in. Kent therefore knew that I was upset when I thought I was alone. They were all curious about the Club but accepted that they were not yet ready to be invited for an evening out at the Club. I promised them that I would escort them there myself when the time was right. It was a glorious late spring day on Sunday at ten in the morning. We sat, naked in the lotus position, in the shade of the tree near the boathouse in a wide circle to discuss the approaching long weekend. We planned our various roles in the event and also the after event function at Lakeside to eliminate any untoward disruption to the townsfolk. Safety was discussed at length, resolving any fears of a drowning. Then we moved on to personal and social issues.

Melissa was concerned that Kent and his family hadn't attended but I assured her that he had been invited. At this stage Kent was leaving those matters in my hands to resolve. He would of course be informed of any matters affecting his family. Everyone knew that he was well preoccupied with his new building project.

After a Bar-B-Que lunch at Rome we settled into our normal activity, practising skiing and picking up skiers in the water if they fell. Between us all we had two fast ski boats and two Jet Skis for safety boats. If the entries were anything like the last event that I had organised I knew there would be no shortage of adventurous ladies as well as men, prepared to shed their swimwear and enter the Naked Mile ski event. Out on the lake yesterday afternoon I saw a lot more nudity on the water than ever before, proving the potential of the coming event.

We expected to make the homeward leg a run in front of the spectators on the main beach alongside the town. Every accommodation venue was booked to capacity and we had fully stocked Lakeside with food and refreshments. We were ready for a record crowd and expected no complaints about nudity by the authorities. Very few people will travel many miles with the sole purpose of being offended. Our town officials now discouraged complaints now that the business community was largely in favour of events that brought this much business to their premises. Even in the first day I had been in town, no remarks were made about my revealing toga. The townsfolk were used to brief beachwear and casual dress, even then. Lakeside was the only venue for night time socialising which had prompted Gerald to put in the bowling alley and snack bar originally.

The demand in the town for lake front real estate was still increasing as inquiry was proving. Des and Ken were busier than ever in their dealings. They had found that their office at Lakeside, where they dealt with expanding the client base of Kent's Creations, was fielding more calls for real estate than apparel.

Les, the new manager of Lakeside was pressing for even larger space so a new addition was being planned. He worked out to be a lot more visionary than Gerald had been and slowly improved the range of food and drink to suit the more upmarket conference trade without losing our free spending target market of twenty to forty year old adults.

We put him on a profit sharing salary base in order to ensure his continuing interest in the growth of Lakeside. Rick was busier than ever with the photographic supply and studio business, always making time for the BDSM showings where he still did the lighting and makeup. Des would announce and sometimes organise or assist changes in costume. Amazingly, he still enjoyed watching as we displayed our bodies and allowed some clients to touch our breasts and genitals briefly.

I had a particular favourite and once, I sat on his knee as he played with my nipples after the showing. His name was Kurt and I hoped that Kent would order me to let him go further one day, with gloves, as the buyer of the city boutique had done. I knew that Kurt would be more gentle and I kept hinting to Kent that I wouldn't mind. I just couldn't initiate the encounter. It wouldn't feel right somehow. Kent would have to make that sort of decision and I would eagerly comply. Kent had only done that twice before, both for good reasons. The anticipation of an episode with Kurt really appealed to me and I made sure that Kent was aware of that.

Finally, on Saturday morning I drove into town with all my family in the BMW and parked. Melissa was running her boutique and Rick and Monique were running their shop. All the others involved in the event were coming by water in the ski boats and Jet Skis, marking out the course on the way in preparation for the start. Few swimmers were in evidence on the main beach. When the event started the water would be cleared for two hours to allow the ski boats to come in closer to the beach than normally allowed.

Kent and Margaret were already there, having agreed to officiate and coordinate the entrants at the start line which was roped off with barriers already. With an hour to go the spectators were already jockeying for position and the potential entrants gathering. There were seventeen family members and they all had duties, along with five employees including Pete who had volunteered with alacrity to secure the clothing of the entrants. A perfect job for the old voyeur. Sally was standing beside him in an extremely brief swimsuit. She seemed to be loving the attention of so many men around her, undressing her with their eyes. Her barely covered nipples were prominent and erect and the string bottoms allowed her to fully expose the tanned cheeks of her firm bottom. She looked magnificent.

Cat helped Melissa for a while as she was already swamped with customers. I made my way to the start line, tingling with nervous excitement. The atmosphere of the crowd was electric with growing anticipation and the start time was brought forward to 9-30 am to cope with the amount of entrants. The first lady made her skis firm and hesitantly took off her dress to reveal a body that had worn a full bikini in the past with a bottom as white as snow. She was an experienced skier however and took off with a wave on the mile long course. There was an enormous cheer from those assembled on the shore when she straightened up to start the course. There were many novice entrants, both men and women, with their own coaches urging them along. The atmosphere of the crowd was friendly and tolerant, with no crude or objectionable comments expressed as some of the less perfect bodies disrobed and set off. It quickly became a carnival atmosphere with many of the returning participants in no particular rush to cover up upon their return. Although towels were handed to them by their partners, or Pete as he handed them their clothing, some of them remained naked as they watched the next participants line up. Sally led the way but most of the entries were disrobing prior to donning their skis and walking into the water. The event had all the hallmarks of a family event when the television crew and a young interviewer turned up.

At my urging an announcement was made to the crowd that faces would be blurred if necessary. No frontal shots would be taken by the crew, although the programme wasn't live and all coverage would be edited for transmission at a later time. It only briefly affected the running and I took the opportunity to go on the lake, lifting off my toga dress and donning a pair of skis. There was a loud cheer as I turned to the crowd, waved and took my position in the water. I had practiced taking off and as the cord pulled me to position I took off around the lake. Greg was driving and Sue was acting as the lookout.

I could see the course markers easily and enjoyed the ride, noting the large number of spectators around the course. On the return to the start I went in close to the packed beach and could hear the good natured cheering from the assembled crowd. I let the sun dry me off while I watched the next few skiers take off. It was only a three or four minute run in the lake, with minimal time between dropping one and picking up another eager skier.

After giving the young reporter a ten minute interview I went to relieve Cat and Melissa who were still doing steady trade in swimwear with potential participants, among others. I noted that some of the ladies were being treated to lingerie items as a reward by their partners after they returned. This was the one angle that none of us had considered, so it had been well worth while staying open.

A few minor incidents were quickly dealt with by either Ken or Des, before they became notable by others. All participants were given lunch vouchers by Kent, entitling them to food and drink free of charge in one of three different venues. The day was a complete success and the night would be extremely profitable for Lakeside.

I suspected that the television coverage would be shared between both news and documentary programs at a later time slot. The unsolicited publicity for the town would only serve to increase tourism and be great for business, generally.

My vision for Maple Lake was fast becoming reality, as what I had estimated to take some years was developing so quickly. I hoped that Kent would approach Sally and Pete before they left town while I served customers. We hadn't taken a lot of time to develop my idea over the last week, however I sensed that Kent was in agreement in principle. The lease would contain the provision to remove any of the visitors or guests that caused grief to anybody with no rights to stay on, for a probationary period.

My answer came when Sally rushed in to the shop and thanked me for arranging a great place for them to stay. Before I could ask, she kissed me on the cheek and rushed out to join her husband outside.

Next, Cat came back into the shop with a smile on her face. She had secured the last ride before the lunch break.

"There's so many people out there." She enthused, breathlessly.

We left Melissa and Darlene to go inside for lunch with the others. It was a while before I realised that Kent and Margaret weren't inside with the others and Des told me that they had gone home to talk to Pete and Sally about my scheme. We only had a permit for the event until midday so I realised that Kent would speak to me later.

After lunch and checking with a few officials that there had been no problems with the running of the event, Cat and I took one of the ski boats back to Rome. Ken and Des would be able to bring the car home later. My Jet Ski had already been returned and Tony was using Greg's one to pick up the markers around the lake and tidy up the course. I looked forward to the rest of the weekend at leisure. I thought about the changes in my life as Cat drove the powerful craft.

Next week there were three showings for Cat and I, including the one that Kurt had been invited to along with fifteen other overseas clients. I hoped that Kent had taken up the liberal hints that I had dropped over the last two or three weeks, to arrange a private meeting with Kurt. I expected Kent to humiliate me in much the same way as he had with the boutique buyer in the city, making me question my motives for wanting to repeat such an experience. On the other hand Kurt took such pleasure in touching me, with such tenderness and sensitivity, that it gave me the strange urge to want him to go much further in the exploration of my body. It just wouldn't be right for me to encourage him by taking him to a more private situation and letting him have his way. I realised that I now had a compulsion to be dominated and forced to comply, under Kent's orders. It was inexplicable, not as if I was sex starved or I lacked excitement in the rest of my life. There was just something about being ordered to put myself into a vulnerable position with strangers that brought a heightened thrill element to my life, making the most outrageous and humiliating acts seem acceptable and even desirable to me. A Master has an awesome responsibility and I began to appreciate the good judgment that I must exercise toward all of my family for the rest of my life.

Cat and I walked into the house at Rome and I began to make love to her almost immediately.

"I'm not complaining, Barb!" She exclaimed excitedly, as she melted into my arms. "But what has brought this on my love? I must do it more often in future."

She responded eagerly to my advances.

"I've just realised, how tremendously much I love you Cat." I explained. "In fact, how much I love all of you." I led her to the bedroom with tears in my eyes. I couldn't tell her or explain fully, even to myself, but I was just so overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion as I realised the extent of enormous trust that twelve other beautiful, mainly younger individuals had placed in me. I resolved to try to be as worthy of their trust as Kent was of mine. It would be my task to fulfill their innermost desires, while protecting them from being overcome by those desires into submission to bodily harm in the way that those other poor creatures at the Club had been. I had a greater purpose in life, to be the best Mistress that I could possibly be.

To Be Continued Tomorrow...

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