tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMistress Barbara Ch. 03

Mistress Barbara Ch. 03


We were back into the swing of work as usual following the water ski event of the previous long weekend and on Monday and realising that it was exactly a year since Cat and I had worked exclusively for Kent's Creations, we decided to invite Kent's family to a special dinner. With just the eight of us we celebrated the occasion in style, at Rome. Melissa and Darlene agreed to serve the food, then go home to their family. I explained that it was very special to us that we should be alone with Kent on that night, following the dinner we planned. Melissa understood and waved away any attempted explanation as unnecessary. They were grateful to have the opportunity to help in any way they could and would even prepare the food at their place, planning to serve at 8pm then depart. I had rung Margaret to confide my plans to her and she agreed not to tell Kent or the others until late Monday. We had a gift for both Rick and Kent as a surprise, planning to express our gratitude for training us to be successful models for the business.

The evening went without a hitch and Kent was misty eyed as he and Rick accepted their gifts, protesting weakly that they had enjoyed our association and were humbled by our gratitude and kindness. Kent was eloquent in his praise of all of us and more especially our involvement in making Kent's Creations the leading edge firm which it now was. His new mansion was almost complete and he had never been happier. He was due to move in before the main summer holiday season. He told us that he didn't miss the city life or even his house in the city, because the new mansion incorporated everything he had left behind. He now had even better and newer amenities than before.

"There's gotta be an upside somewhere." He grinned at me.

In the entire year there had never been anything but respect and affection between all of us. For the rest of the night we all interacted as the close friends and the sexual as well as business partners that we were. A perfect mixture of business and pleasure.

We agreed to create an exclusive zone, within our land holdings at our end of the lake, to discourage public access. Kent promised to handle the initial negotiations with the local council officials.

Kent had been impressed with Pete and Sally and was confident that Pete wouldn't invite any obnoxious or dishonest characters. There was a smaller lake near the old farm dwelling, suitable for swimming or canoeing, so the chances were that they would be self sufficient. They would have their own amenities for recreation.

Wednesday, that week, there was a showing for selected overseas buyers and I was delighted to see Kurt among the audience. Most of the buyers were regulars, coming to the showings up to three times per year, sometimes bringing assistants or their trainees as a special treat for them. Throughout the showing this afternoon, Kurt was alone at his table in the far corner of the room with briefcase conveniently situated on the table. This afforded privacy as he teased my nipples to full attention with his fingertips. I moved around the room leaving him till last, tingling with anticipation as he became bolder. He discretely asked for a closer look at the open bra or corset and as I leaned over he would pinch or tease my nipples on each occasion. I would walk straight back to change into the next outfit with my nipples erect and more enlarged than usual. I hoped that some of the other buyers hadn't noticed, but one middle aged lady buyer was giving me strange looks and smiling knowingly after the fifth outfit change. I promised myself that I would stop making it so obvious by changing the order in which I approached the buyers tables for the next few outfits. It was difficult because I was like a moth to a flame, struggling with myself to keep from leaving Kurt till last but finally giving in to my strange desires.

Cat noticed my excited state and commented that I appeared to be enjoying myself a little more than usual during the second to last change. It was a particularly revealing outfit with only a tight corset that pushed up my breasts in a particularly inviting way with suspender straps attached, leaving my entire pubic area completely exposed with high heels and black stockings as the only apparel below my navel. I always enjoyed showing those sort of outfits but today, especially with the middle aged lady in the audience, I avoided going over to Kurt's table. I sensed that any additional stimulation may well precipitate the orgasm that was so imminent as I approached his corner. He looked disappointed when I turned around in front of him and walked back to the dressing room to change. The last outfit was equally revealing but I was more in control as I walked out around the tables. I stopped at Kurt's table again as usual.

The next phase involved changing back to normal street wear and mingling with the audience as they sat sipping coffee to discuss their needs. I noticed Kent in earnest conversation with Kurt as we finished dealing with the other buyers and they departed to the rest of the complex. Most of them would be back later for dinner and the show at Lakeside. They normally stayed overnight following an afternoon show. Cat left the room with her last customers to show them around the rest of the amenities leaving only myself and Kent, who was still talking to Kurt.

I was becoming more excited when I realised that we were now alone in the room. Kent called me over to join them, telling me that Kurt was disappointed that he hadn't seen one of the outfits close up.

"Bring it out here now!" Kent's voice sounded strained.

"Would you like me to put it on, Sir?"

"That won't be necessary my little Dove. Just bring the outfit out here for Mr Weller to look at."

I walked into the dressing room and picked up the items from the second to last outfit, disappointed that Kurt probably only wanted to examine the corset in more detail. When I returned, I did notice that as I was in the dressing room somebody had shut the main door and locked it in my absence. I felt a surge of nervous anticipation as I approached the table carrying the garments and accessories. Kent had moved to the next table leaving Kurt alone at the original table.

"Put the outfit on my table and take off your dress!" Kent barked at me in an authority laden, slightly louder voice.

"Yes Sir." I said meekly, disguising the overpowering euphoria I was feeling at finally allowing Kurt unrestricted access to explore my body. For some strange reason, even if I had been alone with Kurt I couldn't possibly allow him the freedom to bring my body to it's full orgasmic state. It was very hypocritical of me but I could easily reconcile the most debasing act if I was not in control of my own body. Because Kent controlled me, I had no guilt about behaving as wantonly as I now anticipated that Kent would direct me to. I now stood before Kurt totally naked, vulnerable and ready to obey.

"Perhaps you would like to dress Barbara this time? Kent suggested with a wry smile.

I stood there as the two men chatted and Kurt dressed me. I took a sharp inward breath as he clipped the corset in place, lifting my breasts and squeezing them outward as Kent extolled the virtues of this particular design.

"It brings a rosy flush to the breast and pubic area, as the blood supply increases. Another innovation is the triple sewn metal rings attached liberally around the costume. This is for attachment to her body jewellery." Kent informed Kurt.

I had worn the same outfit that first night at Taylor's Ridge, where each step that I had taken produced uncontrollable orgasmic pleasure. It restricted my progress to small dainty steps if the clit ring was attached to the costume correctly. As Kurt attached delicate gold chain to my nipple rings he teased my nipples to full attention in the gentle way that I had come to expect from him. I almost lost control as he manipulated my clit ring, attaching the chain to the corset having teased my firm vaginal lips first to fully engorge my clitoris.

"Now! Walk around the room and let us see how it affects you."

Kent remarked on my lack of ability to control the orgasms now taking control of my body, making it shudder and shake most deliciously while I moved. The orgasms added to the flush that was apparent in my body and I felt my cheeks redden.

"Present yourself properly for Mr Weller to inspect!" Kent ordered as he turned to Kurt.

I assumed the position that always humiliated me whilst bringing Kent so much pleasure, without complaint. I lay back over the table in such a way that my genitals were readily accessible and held both my ankles as wide as my arms would allow. Both my anus and vagina were readily able to be penetrated and it was obvious that I was well lubricated with my own juices. I obediently looked away as Kurt surveyed my body in this position.

"Just order her to whatever position you desire, Kurt." Kent said with a smile of satisfaction, handing Kurt a pair of latex gloves. "She knows better than to disobey your commands."

Kurt tenderly probed and stimulated me, between flattering comments regarding my responsiveness and submissiveness. He lubricated my anus with his supple talented fingers. Kurt's briefcase contained sex toys and lubricant samples and as Kurt opened it I was stunned to see that he was very well prepared. He allowed me to assume a more comfortable position while he tried out a number of the toys that he thought might intrigue me. He seemed to sense that I was far from unhappy to co-operate with him and he was gentle and understanding. For the next hour or so the two men talked, as Kurt brought me to new levels of heightened sexuality and desire. In spite of the circumstances I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the time I spent in front of the two men. I could never have initiated such an encounter on my own behalf. On occasions that our eyes met, Kurt appeared to be admiring my willingness to let myself go and orgasm wildly before his eyes rather than expressing the disgust that I might have expected. He was like Sir Gideon in so many ways. I was drained and tired when Kurt signalled his satisfaction. Kent ordered me to pick up my dress and return to the dressing room.

I showered and cleaned myself up amidst very confused feelings of shame and pride. I wondered how I could ever face Kurt again, as a valued client of the company that I jointly controlled with Kent, following my extraordinary demonstration of submissive enjoyment at his hands. I remembered Margaret's words of wisdom at the Club at Taylor's Ridge as I put on my dress and nervously went back out to the showroom. I smiled at Kurt shyly. I waited for the conversation with Kent to conclude, hoping that Kurt hadn't lost respect for me.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't show you that outfit properly the first time, Sir. I --"

"I understand perfectly now." He interrupted. "Perhaps you were worried about demonstrating that erotic garment to me at it's very best in front of the others."

Turning to Kent, he thanked him.

"I only hope you will allow me such a pleasurable, personal demonstration for my next buying trip in a few months time? May I give Barbara the order in the usual way now?"

Kent nodded his assent, shook his hand, unlocked the door and left the room. I breathed a sigh of relief that Kurt's relationship with me wasn't to change in any significant way. It seemed that he was intelligent enough to realise that the interlude that we had both enjoyed could not have been handled any other way at this point of time. It would have been too embarrassing for both of us. Kurt was a perfect gentleman as he gave me a huge order, vowing that he would stock our lines exclusively in his shops from now on if I would show him the new lines in the same way again. I smiled.

"If you insist.---Sir." I eagerly nodded.

I knew that he was discrete and the next time I would offer him a private showing, dispensing with the need to involve Kent. We had an understanding. He thought no less of me, probably respecting me even more than before.

The only real commitments that Cat and I had toward business pursuits now, were the showings of the BDSM gear and very general supervision of Lakeside complex. The complex had continued to expand the turnover and profits. I had a weekly meeting with Les to kick around ideas and innovations. He proved to be a tremendous manager, organising buying of stock and staffing matters. He constantly improved the viability of the investment and made my presence largely unnecessary.

Kent and I had more free time to spend with Margaret and Cat during business hours, discussing the near completion of Kent's new dwelling and planning the imminent move. The decorators had almost finished the final touches and Tony and his men had moved to other projects including another Motel complex near Lakeside. With the conference work we had attracted over last winter, this type of accommodation was suddenly in far more demand.

I had long abandoned any thoughts of political ambition, as our relationship with the town officials was so accommodating that it was better to remain distant from the everyday running of the town's administration. The suggestion of closing off the no exit road that ran past Rome was adopted beyond the rest area where we met Melissa and her friends. Bert had joined our petition from the residents beyond this point to exclude the last mile of the road from public access. There had never been any problems in the past but now it was officially a private road. We put in a vehicle turnaround and enlarged the car park at our own expense as part of the deal. Our end of the lake was now far more private. My next proposal was to make the main beach clothing optional, to allow the more daring licence to swim, water ski or simply sunbathe nude at any time of the year. Our friends in council were still working on that one but we hoped to implement new bylaws allowing this, by next summer. There are a number of nude beaches around the country but I hoped to make Maple Lake the first nude town in the country.

Thursday, we all went over to Kent's new home together, Des and Ken were taking the morning off and Rick and Monique left Caroline in charge. We went by road because we wanted to see the grounds on the way in. I was amazed at the transformation. Clever landscaping had almost hidden the huge dwelling from view until we were only a hundred yards away. Cameron had used all the existing mature trees, raising the natural ground level between to plant up a myriad of shrubbery. This effectively hid the grounds of the mansion from any vehicle approaching until they reached the main entrance gate.

The rest of us toured the house while Kent dealt with the electronic security man, noting all the new curtains were now in place and monitors in the main rooms in working order. It looked like something out of a James Bond movie with electronic controls and monitors everywhere. Kent had spared no expense to maintain the privacy afforded by this magnificent dwelling. There was still three weeks to go until the main summer break, when the township would be alive with tourists and holiday makers.

Margaret and Monique were thrilled at the prospect of moving in on the weekend and renting out the old bungalow to Les, our manager, who was still living a good thirty-minute drive from Maple Lake.

Margaret and I made plans for a party to celebrate, inviting Melissa and all her family as soon as she and Kent were comfortably installed with all their belongings in place.

We only meant to be there for an hour or so, but when we finished touring the house we started on the outside. From the jetty with Kent's new boat tied alongside, back to the main gates in the courtyard, stopping to look at the wide variety of new plantings. Cameron enjoyed the garden as much as Margaret. He arrived and went to work, fertilising and tending to those few plants that were struggling to match the good health of all the others. It would not be long before the garden would match the magnificence of the pool area with all it's tropical plantings and natural stone water features. Cameron had worked with Tony when needed on the building, but had spent most of the last three months tidying up and directing the earthworks on the approach to the house and forming the grounds. It was unrecognisable from the area as it had been, prior to the building project. Kent must have been gratified by the quality of the work done on his behalf.

That Sunday, after our usual morning meeting we all pitched in and helped Kent to move the essential personal possessions and furniture to the mansion. The bungalow was now ready for Les to move in. He was excited, as the long drive back home after a late night at Lakeside was beginning to wear him down.

The next week, Tony was in awe as he was escorted around the property on the Saturday evening of the celebration party. Although he had been involved in the construction, when at times up to sixty staff and subcontractors had been working on the various areas of their specialty, the finished product still filled him with pride.

Because of the large number of all of our families together, the evening meal was Bar-B-Que by the pool with seafood and salad as we all intermingled and socialised together. Melissa told me that the area where Tony first made love to her nearly four years ago was now a flower garden. She would always remember that occasion and place and she pointed it out to me.

"I'm so glad that I'm still able to come here." Melissa gasped.

She really was a true romantic at heart. After dinner we all relaxed as the younger men were enjoying the amenities in the gymnasium next to the pool or swam in the heated pool.

Cat and I had always enjoyed our morning workouts at Kent's home in the city, when we were staying there. Margaret had told us that we were welcome to come over at any time to use the pool and equipment year around. We were especially looking forward to the privilege over the winter, in particular. Now we had the same facility just two minutes by boat or a ten minute drive away, right here at Maple Lake. In fact, at least some of the mornings we would probably start our day here anyway. It was a great way to start the day after a night of communal sex play.

Kent's biggest concern had been to ensure the younger group fully understood the unique relationship issues a multigenerational family group faced. There was far more to it than mere sexual gratification. The issues of individual preferences and sexual tendencies, respective strengths and weakness all play a part. My mission over the last several weeks, had been to educate and guide all our younger friends toward a complete understanding. They now understood the intricacies of compatible social as well as sexual intercourse with the entire family. They had all grown to accept, without question, that any direction of the leaders of the group were for the benefit of the group as a whole. They wouldn't have come together as a group under Melissa's natural leadership, otherwise. Everybody understood that the night ahead was a trial, during which any one of Melissa's family could opt to refuse to be part of the larger family. There would be no recriminations or sanctions placed on any or all of them. This had been exactly as the situation had been when Kent and I had discussed my families integration with his, last summer.

As I have said before, all of the younger group had been eager from the start and during this time, Monique had been instrumental in providing the younger group with insight into more mature sexuality. She proved that sexual libido didn't reduce or dissipate with age. Her submissiveness to me was further proof that trust and respect were paramount in achieving an ongoing and compatible long term relationships. BDSM etiquette was the ultimate way to achieve a well run structure and to make communal goals possible. It was also a lot of fun, allowing individuals to explore their innermost desires without inhibition or guilt. Kent's new mansion was a perfect venue to begin this process. Kent, myself and Melissa would meet to fully discuss the issues and make a final decision, afterward.

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