tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMistress Barbara Ch. 05

Mistress Barbara Ch. 05


We showered together and I promised to release Kurt in other ways if that was acceptable to him, meanwhile. It was the first time that I had seen him naked and I was impressed by what I saw. Kurt was still smiling as I climbed into bed, still bewildered by my family's understanding and Des's willingness to allow me to sleep with him.

"I think we can dispense with the need for gloves tonight." I whispered as I invited him to explore me again. "Come on, darling."

In the shower Kurt told me that he was just as concerned about health and cleanliness as we all were and he hadn't had full sexual contact with anybody since his wife died. My trust in Kurt was well placed as he brought me to orgasm, as he had in Kent's presence, and I dealt with his raging needs in a safe manner. I was totally impressed by his understanding attention to hygiene. His genitals were completely free of pubic hair and his penis seemed even larger to my touch because of that fact. He was well formed and his body felt so good next to mine.

Unlike our previous encounter, I felt able to take the lead. I stroked him, marvelling at the control that he displayed. He stimulated my body in the same way, tenderly running his fingers through my lips and barely touching my sensitive clitoris to delay my orgasm. We both climaxed together and showered afterward together. He was clearly satisfied with our limited sexual contact and we both slept though the night until morning.

Kurt was much less reserved the following day when he took us on a cruise of Moreton Bay. Kurt took us on his business friend's yacht, pointing out all the interesting off shore islands off the coast of Brisbane. He was in his element as he showed us how easily the vessel handled in the wind and taught us all how to sail, after turning the diesel motor off. It was a well-appointed vessel with a centre cockpit and an enormous aft cabin. Apparently Kurt partly owned the craft and he had a lot of his personal gear on board. He was thoroughly familiar with handling the sails and we all enjoyed the lesson. He was enthusiastic as he showed us photos of the yacht under full sail with his wife at the helm and the other owner and his wife aboard. He had taken the photo from the yacht's motorised tender, which hung suspended from davits over the stern.

Kurt's wife had been a good-looking blonde lady with ample breasts and a well-proportioned figure. She looked to be about my age and I asked him when it was taken. Growing sombre he told me that it was only three years ago. I was surprised to be informed that she had died in a road accident and Kurt was evidently still getting over his loss. He looked serious as he told us how much he missed her with his eyes clouding in pain. I apologised for causing him such distress with my thoughtless questioning. He was a real gentleman about it, saying that he didn't mind talking about her as they had ten great years together. He volunteered that they had started the business with one shop in Brisbane and now owned five others along the Gold coast. He also did the buying for several other stores, some of which were owned by his friend with the yacht.

We didn't return to the wharf until early evening as we were all enjoying the trip and the conversation with our interesting host. Des ran out of film as he recorded the day's highlights. We spent most of the day totally naked, including Kurt. He became totally at ease in our presence and appeared to relish the experience of being captured on film with Cat and I, in his birthday suit. I had been sorely tempted to allow penetration last night but I had wanted to discuss the issue with my family first. Although confident that they would approve, we had previously made that commitment to each other.

While Kurt was securing the yacht at it's mooring we all decided to allow me to have sex with him on the second night. We were convinced that he was unlikely to put us all at risk of sexual disease.

After supper, I slept with Kurt again. This time I gently guided his throbbing member toward my vagina, sitting astride him and nodding my acceptance. He smiled and eagerly penetrated me, sighing with relief when he was fully inside me, expressing mutual trust without words.

We hugged for a moment before I began to make love to him, moving my hips upward and tightening my muscles around his shaft as I lowered myself down again. It wasn't long before he indicated that he was about to ejaculate, offering to withdraw his penis.

"Don't!" I put my hand over his lips and clenched him tightly and moved a little faster, prompting an eruption of hot semen deep inside me. We kissed and I told him how much I had looked forward to satisfying him properly. We showered together and I brought him back to life orally, as soon as we got back into bed.

This time Kurt was in charge and took me from behind, lubricating my puckered anus before he eased his member into my bottom. I pushed back at him, desperate to take all of his shaft and feel his smooth testicles against my skin. When he was fully buried inside me we rested, Kurt nibbling my neck and caressing me gently, his penis still throbbing with desire. Gently he stroked, withdrawing almost fully before plunging back to the fullest depths of my bottom.

"Oh Yes!" I murmured. "Faster darling! I love it!" I urged him. "Fill me with your juices." I moaned softly with satisfaction.

He lasted much longer this time and I orgasmed twice before he stiffened and held me tightly. He groaned with pleasure, convulsing as I felt his sperm flood my rear passage with a warm sensation.

"I didn't hurt you, did I Barbara?" He cuddled me tenderly.

"You were wonderful my love." I glowingly reassured him of my satisfaction with his technique. "I love the feel of your hot penis inside me." I giggled. "Especially there."

After toileting and cleaning ourselves up, Kurt gently laid me on the bed and buried his face in between my legs. I held his head as he pleasured me orally for several minutes, probing my labia with his tongue and exploring my body, paying special attention to my clit ring. He was an amazing lover and he satisfied me completely as I manoeuvred him into the sixty-nine position so that I could match his oral attentions. With no body hair around his testicles I took them into my mouth, marvelling again at their smooth texture and taste. I run my tongue up and down his shaft before swallowing his entire member, relaxing my throat to prevent gagging until he was fully erect again. This time we took it more slowly, savouring each moment as we brought ourselves to the point of orgasm and then rested in each others arms, determined to enjoy each other for as long as possible.

The following day we toured the Gold Coast, stopping at some of the attractions that interested us and briefly visiting some of Kurt's shops. I was amazed at the wide variety of recreational activity geared to the tourist market. It seemed that the area was popular with both local and international tourists, judging by the large number of tour buses parked outside the various theme parks. Three of Kurt's stores were well situated to take full advantage of the brisk tourist trade.

On the third night we all slept together after a sumptuous meal at one of the leading hotels at the Gold Coast. It was located in the middle of the main beach. We rented a family suite with connecting rooms and by mutual consensus, had full sex with Kurt. We introduced him to the joys of group interaction and he was an enthusiastic participant. He was overwhelmed to be sharing the pleasures of uninhibited sexual connection with us after a lifetime of relatively conservative, monogamous past relationships. We explained to him that all of our attitudes to life had been liberated within the past year.

Needless to say, Kurt thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the time we had set aside for the holiday. Every time that we were near a landmark tourist venue Des insisted on a photo of Cat and I standing beside a sign or building, minus our clothing of course. On more than one occasion other tourists caught us, but Des explained that he was a professional photographer shooting for a men's magazine. We didn't get into any trouble with the law although we had a few borderline experiences. Cat and I still enjoyed the thrill of posing in public places where the chances of being caught were relatively high. Being discovered by astonished, fully dressed spectators only added to the excitement.

We had one particularly stimulating occasion, were we were ambushed by a group of young Japanese tourists outside a theme park. We didn't understand their language but it was obvious that they were far from offended so we continued to pose. Cat and I even stood alongside some of them while they took a multitude of their own photos. It was a real highlight of the tour for them. Their friendly smiles and swift gestures quickly overcame my initial embarrassment.

Des was delighted, taking photos of the group as they were training their cameras on our unclad bodies. We were both flushed with sexual excitement as we posed provocatively for their cameras. When we finally slipped our togas back on they continued to photograph us and bow politely as we departed the scene.

Our last night in Queensland was spent at Bribie Island, all of us, including Kurt, regretful that our holiday had been short. Kurt had integrated so compatibly with all of us, intellectually as well as sexually, that I had no hesitation. I promised to make his next visit far more enjoyable at any time that he was visiting Maple Lake.

We would take him on a tour of the lake district whilst he stayed with us at Rome for as long as he wished.

We made plans to return to Queensland at some more suitable future time to spend a longer holiday break with him, touring to Cairns in the north. We hadn't had enough time to enjoy the full variation of sightseeing offered within Kurt's homeland.

The trip home appeared to be much shorter and we slept for most of the return flight. We arrived back at Maple Lake, fully refreshed and invigorated. Melissa was overjoyed to see us, confirming that Kent had taken charge in the interim and there were had been no problems during our absence. Des went straight into the studio next door to begin processing all his films, while the rest of us informed Darlene and Melissa about our adventures in Queensland. It was wonderful to be back amongst friends, catching up with news over the last week.

I was more convinced than ever that we all had the most fulfilling lifestyle right here at Maple Lake, amongst our families.

The excitement of being able to holiday in other countries further highlighted the secure benefits of the communal lifestyle that my family had adopted.

It was a great feeling as we drove through the new keypad gates, over our private road to Rome. There were a surprising number of cars parked in the rest area that now marked the end of the public access road. It was just as well that Kent had the foresight to legitimise closing our properties to public vehicular traffic as our road would have become much busier in time, reducing the privacy we all enjoyed.

We arrived at Rome to a warm welcome from Kent and all his family. Monique made refreshments and we told everyone about our marvellous holiday in Australia. I was touched by Kent's keen interest in our safe arrival home, as it wasn't usual for him to wait at our place for our return. It was still the middle of the main summer holidays and he had noticed strangers venturing around the property so he had come over to prevent any vandalism or burglary. This wasn't normally a problem through the rest of the year, but we had noticed a lot more cars at the rest area than ever before. We still expected that our private property signage would prevent most curiosity seekers.

Des had developed some of the photos from our trip, particularly the ones of the yacht trip with Kurt and the Japanese tour party. Kent recognised Kurt, even without his clothing, on the yacht with us and we spent the rest of the evening discussing the extraordinary events during our five-day stay with him.

Kent was glad we had integrated so well with Kurt as Kent held him in high regard, both as a customer and personally. He had known Kurt's wife in earlier days and was devastated when the tragic accident had taken her life at such a young age, not long before Cat and I came to work at Kent's Creations. Now I was sure, based on our visits to his outlets, that he would prove to be our best client. I informed Kent that we had invited Kurt to stay with us at Rome on his next visit.

"In only a month, his increased sales of additional swimwear lines has confirmed our analysis of his potential as a customer." I reasoned with Kent. "You don't mind then?"

"Of course not!" Kent briefly stopped looking through our photos. "I trust you'll bring him over to visit us while he's here."

Kent roared with laughter when he saw the photos of the Japanese tourists, photographing Cat and I as we posed nude outside the theme park sign.

"It looks like you girls were enjoying yourselves. The look on these young guy's faces? You'd think they had never seen a lady with body jewellery before." Kent wiped the moisture from his eyes.

It felt great to be back amongst our dearest friends, as much as we had enjoyed the break from the normal routine. While we had been away there had been other re-orders in swimwear and Margaret was ecstatic.

She was already busy with Darlene on next year's designs.

I had encouraged Darlene to work closely with Margaret over the last few months because I saw her as the future designer of many of the more popular lines, now enjoying a sales boom. Her natural gift needed to be cultivated into technical expertise, under Margaret's tutelage, to better share the increasing workload. Over the last year the turnover of Kent's Creations had almost doubled, fully justifying our equal partnership in the company.

Kent invited us all over to his place for dinner before he left us to unpack and reorganise our household supplies. Des and I went back to town to do some shopping, while Ken and Cat stayed at home. Des went into the studio to develop the rest of his photos while I decided to go shopping for the supplies that we needed at the local food store.

I recognised into the couple that had given me their card at Taylor's Ridge recently, as I was about to enter the food store. It was a bit of a shock to encounter them here in my home territory so suddenly and unexpectedly. They recognised me immediately, but were pleasant and discrete, inviting me to join them for drinks and a brief chat in the coffee shop next door.

"I'm Lance and this is Kate, my wife." The man introduced the two of them. "Please don't be concerned about meeting us here."

I hadn't been aware that my surprise at seeing the couple that I had allowed to fondle me so intimately that night at the Club had shown up my nervous trepidation so embarrassingly.

"Look! I've only just returned from holiday. I was surprised to see you again." I recovered my composure. "Do you live around here?" I smiled. "It's a lovely town."

"Not at all!" Lance countered. "Not that we wouldn't like to. No, we're just having a few days off ourselves." He paused. "Perhaps you would like to visit us where we live at Angel Falls? It's not too far from Taylor's Ridge, on the way there." He urged. "You--"

"I think we should meet at the Club." I interrupted before he carried on. "Much safer for all of us that way." In a low voice.

"Anything you say. M--May I call you Barbara.?" He reddened.

He was plainly coy. I leaned over to him and whispered.

"As long as you don't call me Mistress, here." I drew back.

They seemed eager enough to please me. I was still confused, as to my motivation for agreeing to explore a relationship with this couple. I imagined that they were into more extreme forms of BDSM, judging by the noticeable scarring of the lady's breasts. I suppose the idea represented another challenge, similar to the ones which stimulated my strange fascination of the danger element of public exhibitionism. I looked around and dropped my voice again.

"I hope you don't think I enjoy pain. I only get into safe sex and well--showing off a bit." I blushed, remembering how they had tenderly explored my intimate body parts. "You know!"

I did this to make sure they would be under no silly illusions about enticing me into their way of life. Kate seemed to be intrigued by our group's lack of inhibitions.

"I don't know how you could do that." She said admiringly. "I

don't think that I would have the courage." She confided softly.

"I enjoyed our little encounter." I smiled at her. "That why I stayed with you as long as I did. I take pride in giving other people pleasure." I whispered, surprising myself with my honest approach. "You should try it sometime."

As I talked with them for a while over coffees, I found that my early concerns at meeting them here at Maple Lake soon evaporated. Lance appeared mild mannered and considerate to the wellbeing of his wife, somewhat diminishing my earlier vision of him as a brutal sadist, but there was still irrefutable evidence to the contrary in my mind. Kate's voice dropped to a whisper.

"Lance would like me to be more like you, in many ways." She seemed embarrassed as she glanced toward at my toga dress. "You know what I mean." Her voice trailed away.

I was confused. Here was Kate, a petite and attractive thirty odd on a hot summer day, dressed very conservatively while on holiday in a town where bikinis and even less were now commonplace. At the club, her outfit was also conservative by the standards that I was now used to. The outfit that I was wearing today, whilst split through the sides was moderate in length. It was an acceptably decent outfit even in the city, with careful management. Lance nodded.

"Kate is a real prude. I would be grateful if you would agree to instruct her." He sighed. "She really admires you. Perhaps an experienced Mistress is what she really needs. I would love to show her off but she is so stubborn." His voice whispered, a pleading look on his face. "That's why we wanted a private meeting."

This was making me even more intrigued. I felt honoured to be asked to guide this couples interest in the subculture of BDSM. I hadn't imagined that instruction was the reason for their interest in me. It now appeared that both of them were seeking discipline from me. I was already aware that Ken and Des were interested in mild discipline and humiliation, from our previous nights at the club. My earlier hope had been that they would enjoy learning from the couple, particularly Kate, the dangers of allowing that interest to progress too far. I decided to test my new theory. In a sharper and more authoritarian voice, moderated for discretion in a crowded cafe. "I expect to see you both at nine o'clock sharp on Monday night at the club. Don't you dare be late!"

"Yes Mistress." They both whispered in unison with a shy smile.

I thanked them for the coffee and left with a smile on my face.

All this was on my mind, when we spent a pleasurable night at Kent's house that evening. I told Kent about my decision to meet the couple at the club and sought his advice and guidance. He told me that my assessment of the situation was probably correct but urged caution none the less. My honesty was amply rewarded later by the sensation of Kent's enormous penis fully buried to the hilt into my bottom and stretching my sphincter muscles as no other natural penis could.

After tenderly stimulating me in his favourite position, Kent groaned with pleasure as he erupted and held me tightly until he subsided. It was always a special time for me when we rested after climaxing. In spite of any initial discomfort that I felt, I loved it as much as he did. I had become very fond of anal sex, under his guidance and always climaxed readily, totally absorbed in my ability to pleasure Kent in this very special way.

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