tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMistress Barbara Ch. 07

Mistress Barbara Ch. 07


I led my group into the room that I had booked earlier. I quickly noticed Ken carrying by bag awkwardly, in front of his costume.

"On your head, Ken! You seem to be covering the wrong one."

Cat burst into giggles as Ken reluctantly moved the suitcase onto the top of his head, exposing the erection that he had being trying to hide from the surrounding patrons.

"Sorry." Cat muffled her laughter. "Will you punish me too, Mistress?"

"Naturally. I expect you to see to that husband of yours as soon as well get into the private room. I think you know how best to reduce it's size to more manageable proportions."

Inside the room, I quickly organised Kent to see to it that Lance and our men were placed into the punishment stocks. Lance immediately undressed and I had him placed so that he faced away from his wife.

"Now! Kate, my love." I softened my tone. "Just remove all of you clothing and place the items beside my suitcase. I have another outfit that is more suited to your agreement with me to display yourself properly."

I helped Kent to secure the men while Cat selected a soft flay to arouse them. Kate was taking her time to strip. Her nipples were hard as she fought her natural urge to cover them up again.

"Get those panties off, now!" I urged as I opened up the case.

After an agonising interval of indecision, she deftly pulled them down and stepped out of them, revealing a freshly shaven and powdered pubic region. She was attempting to cover herself with her hands.

"Sorry Mistress. I think I might be a bit wet." She murmured so softly that I had difficulty hearing her. She was shivering her body uncontrollably and holding her legs tightly together.

"Open up you legs, girl! Your Mistress needs to examine you. Hands on head and feet wide apart!" I barked. "You really do need training, Don't you?"

Kate nodded miserably and reluctantly moved her hands to the top of her head. As she shuffled her feet apart, I was pleased to note that her labia was swollen and her clitoris was moist with anticipation.

"That's better. I really don't know what you think that you have to be ashamed of." I said softly. "Now stand properly and act more like you're proud to show yourself to me."

Although her body was still tensed and shivering she relaxed as I ran my hands over her body, giving her an almost clinical examination. Her breasts were firm and youthful with her large nipples quivering with excitement when I touched them. She kept her eyes lowered as I deftly parted her labia and remarked on the excellent job that Lance had done in shaving her. She jumped back when I touched her clitoris lightly.

"Oh, sorry Mistress." She giggled and relaxed again.

"Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" I assured her. "When I give you instructions I don't do it to embarrass you, Kate. As you know, I don't believe in hiding anything." I turned to Kent. "Isn't she lovely?" I'm so proud of her."

Kate shifted her knees inward. A purely defensive reaction as she noticed that Kent was looking over her body too, for the first time. She blushed and looked at me with eyes like a startled deer. The look that I gave her, combined with Kent's reply was sufficient to restore her knees to their previous position.

"Quite so, Mistress." Ít's a shame to hide her lovely body with that other silly costume. Might I venture a suggestion?"

"Of course, Kent."

"Before you dress her, have her walk around the room for us."

"Excellent idea! Now go and show your husband how far we've come already, my love. Will you do that for me?"

"B-But--Yes Mistress." As her hesitation turned into resolve. I could sense that she wanted desperately to please me. Her first few steps were hesitant but then she began to straighten her shoulders and walked daintily around the room.

"Just stop there for a moment, Kate." I ordered.

She halted immediately in front of her husband and our other two men.

"Now turn around and open your legs again. Hands on head."

She lowered her eyes and blushing as she did so, complied fully as I instructed her to look them in the eyes and show herself properly before returning to Kent and I. I noticed a faint hint of confidence as she stood before me again. Her eyes were sparkling again.

"You may speak." I said softly. "You did very well, my love."

"It was worth it, just to see the look in Lances eyes." She gushed. "He hasn't looked at me that way for such a long time." She bit her lip. "Y-y-You're not going to punish him too severely, are you, Mistress?" She became subdued.

"He can stop it anytime he likes. You are both able to refuse me, you know that. I don't allow the wearing of panties at any time or for any reason." My voice softened as I explained the position.

"I wasn't wearing any the other day when I met you in Maple Lake." She offered. "Lance was--"

I put my fingers over her lips and interrupted her explanations.

"I would naturally be very disappointed in you, if you were to refuse me. Remember, it was your choice to accept me as your Mistress. I expect trust and total obedience, Kate. Now you may speak if you wish." I paused. "Just watch for a moment."

At the same time that I was talking to her, Cat was administering a few soft stokes of the flay, reddening the bottoms of both Ken and Lance. Des was awaiting his turn.

"Don't worry! I haven't forgotten you, Des." Cat snarled. I'm going to teach you not to doubt our word again." She waved the flay menacingly at him. "Mistress Barbara was very annoyed with you."

She was quite an expert at tantalising and stimulating our men's libidos with a few well placed strokes of the flay. Cat was always careful not to hurt them too much.

"I'm sorry, Mistress." Kate answered me. "I will trust you,--a--and obey your commands in future, I promise." Her shining eyes now reflected her sincerity.

Kent and I assisted Kate into one of Margaret's most revealing costumes that provided constant stimulation of the breast and pubic regions of Kate's body. She winced as I tightened her corset. I saw her admiring my clit ring and answered her queries as I dressed her.

I explained that all of the female members of our combined families were similarly adorned.

"The pain is fleeting but the benefits to our sex lives are so well worth it." I smiled. "Are you thinking about it, my love?"

Kate nodded eagerly and smiled.

"Lance has been trying to persuade me to get mine done." She confessed. "He seems to think that it would look great on me."

I nodded as I dressed her and put her high heeled shoes back on. By now she seemed more comfortable with her body and more relaxed about her exposed private parts. She helped Cat to remove our men after Cat had finished with them and we had a light-hearted talk while I helped dress Lance in his new costume. It was my first real chance to admire his physical attributes for the first time. By now, Kent and I had decided that it was safe to involve them in sexual activity with us.

Lance and Kate looked at each other and consented immediately to go into the adjoining playroom with us. We sat in a circle while I instructed the couple on our etiquette procedures regarding any group interaction, praising Kate for sitting properly throughout my new instructions. She sat with her legs parted, exposing her breasts and genitals completely to our view. She was obviously ready for the next part of the evening that I had planned so carefully. I couldn't help noticing that her hands were as tiny as Darlene's, with neatly short cropped fingernails. I had decided to allow her to help to prepare me for anal sex with Kent. We were about to go into the next room when a knock on the door heralded the arrival of the manager along with another couple wanting to use the punishment room. I caught a glimpse of Kate as she scurried into the next room.

"Are you finished in here, Mistress Barbara?--Sorry to intrude this way." The Manager glanced toward Kate's rapidly disappearing form. He smiled.

"That's quite alright! We've finished in here now, Sir." I then turned to Ken. "Well! Come on what are you waiting for?" I snapped at him. Turning back to the other couple. "Enjoy yourselves. We'll be next door in the private room for a while." I explained.

I mildly chided Kate for going ahead of the rest of us.

"In future, please wait for my instructions." I said curtly. "You should always wait for me to tell you when to leave the room, with the rest of us."

"Sorry Mistress." Kate was shaking.

"You can help Cat prepare me to have sex with Kent." I said casually. "Now be gentle, or else you can go back and wait in the room next door."

"Oh yes, Mistress." Her eyes glistened. "I will always obey you from now on.-- Thank you, Mistress."

Kate appeared to have no difficulty accepting my latest command. her nipples betrayed her eagerness when she realised that I was actually allowing her full and unrestricted access to my body. I lay backwards while she tenderly lubricated my anus while I caressed and probed her exposed vagina. She gasped when Kent removed his clothing and she saw the size of his flaccid manhood for the first time. Her eyes were glistening as she applied more lubricant. It became obvious that she was no stranger to lesbian sexual contact. I thought of the gorgeous young waitress at the restaurant tearooms and idly wondered whether she was more than just friends with Kate.

"Now go and help Cat to prepare Kent." I ordered.

"Yes Mistress, thank you." She smiled adoringly at me.

Des and Ken joined me as Kate obliged Kent as I had instructed her, kneeling before him with Cat to help him to achieve a full erection.

Lance, noting my willingness to be pleasured, joined Des and Ken in tenderly exploring my body. His touch was electric and I nodded when he probed my vagina with his fingers. The previous time I had gently forbidden him to penetrate me this way but now I smiled and allowed him to enter me.

"Just your fingers, for now." I warned sternly.

The big man was surprisingly gentle, teasing my labia before allowing his index finger to fully penetrate the depths of my love canal. His eager penis jerked to attention, leaving me in no doubt that but for my warning, his desire may well have overcome his restraint. He moved to one side only when Kent positioned himself to invade the depths of my bowels. Lance smiled at me tenderly, his expression changing to one of awe as he noted the size of Kent's straining erection. All my attention was now distracted by the familiar feel of Kent's member parting my lubricated sphincter muscles as he drove relentlessly into my bottom. I moaned with satisfaction and orgasmed as his testicles met my inner cheeks. There was no stopping Kent as he stroked my bowels faster. He seemed to enjoy performing far more, in front of these recent strangers and he thrilled every fibre of my body with his urgent needs. Kate looked in disbelief as I vocalised my enjoyment at all the attention that I was receiving and urged Kent to climax inside me. I saw Des bend her over and begin to penetrate her in the same way. Lance was busy with Cat and Ken on the floor as the two men both satisfied her at once. Riding on top of Lance, Cat leaned over to accommodate Ken and squealed with delight as he buried his erection into her willing bottom. I was confident that while our new friends were experiencing full sex with my family this way, there was no further need for precaution. They were both new to our group lifestyle but I was sure that both of them posed none of the usual risks of disease.

Kate had told me that her and Lance had always been monogamous in the past. I had confided my own initial experiences of sharing our sexual relationship with Cat and Ken. She had told me that tonight's meeting was the fulfilment of one of Lance's more recent fantasies, for far greater adventure. Whilst having reservations, she admitted that she had long dreamed of becoming more uninhibited in order to satisfy Lance as fully as she could. It was obvious that the two of them were very much in love.

Later, as we sat around, Kate invited me to spend some time at Angel Falls with them. By now she was ecstatic and relaxed. Lance was next to her, cradling her tenderly in his arms.

"You would all be very welcome to spend the day with us." He agreed. "I really envy your lifestyle. I've always loved Maple lake." He hinted. He shifted awkwardly. "I took Kate there for her holidays hoping to meet you guys again." He admitted.

"I will come and visit you." I promised. "But Kate, will you do something for me?"

"Anything you like, Barbara." She murmured. "You're still my Mistress." She looked at me coyly. "We both loved being with you tonight."

Lance nodded eagerly.

"Do you still want me to train you, after tonight?"

"Oh Yes! --Please Mistress?" Kate said.

"I want both of you to come back into the main room with us for a drink and a chat." I gazed at her steadily. "Dressed as you are now." I emphasised.

There was an awkward silence as Kate realised that I wanted to show her off. She looked at Lance. He nodded.

"In our other costumes?" She said wistfully.

"These costumes are yours now, Kate. They are a gift from all of us. I now want to test your obedience." I paused. "You won't let me down?" I fixed her with my eyes. "You will do this for me?"

"Yes Mistress, I will." Kate lowered her eyes.

"Right! Lets go and shower and clean up then." I got to my feet. "You've done very well so far, Kate." I gave her a tender look. "We'll take you home later in the Limo." I promised her.

After our shower I dressed Kate up again and tightened her corset. "Make me proud of you." I whispered in her ear.

We made our way back to our table. Only Kate's desire to please me prevented her overwhelming instinct to cover herself as we walked through the room. I sensed that the experience of overcoming her natural urges was highly traumatic for her but to her credit she straightened her shoulders and ignored the astonished spectators. She sat opposite Kent and I and gingerly edged her bottom closer to the front edge of the chair. Blushingly she opened her legs to display herself properly to us. The corset had aroused her again. Her moistened labia parted to reveal her engorged clitoris, but she sat still while I gave the waitress the order. There were times when her resolve faltered, but to Lances astonishment and obvious pride she kept her breasts and genitals completely exposed to the view of the other members that passed by our table. As her Mistress, I felt an enormous sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. We talked freely about the evening's events and I smiled my approval to Kate, from time to time. This seemed to give Kate confidence and increase her resolve not to disappoint me.

After testing Kate for nearly an hour we all left the club together. Ken went in Lance's car to show the way and there were just the three of us ladies in the back of the Limo. We talked about piercing and Kate readily accepted my invitation to spend the next weekend with us at Rome. She asked me to make an appointment with Harold, explaining that she wanted to surprise Lance. Throughout the journey, she didn't once ask for her old costume or attempt to cover herself in any way. I kissed her goodnight when we arrived outside her home.

"You are both very welcome to visit us or ring me at any time." I counselled her. "We don't go the club very often, but Kent has a lovely new home with everything we need to continue your training." I explained. "I'll ring you tomorrow."

"Thank you, Mistress." She turned to Cat and kissed her as well. "I'll see you soon." She promised. "Thank you all so much."

I gave her a card with my private number at Rome.

"Here Kate!" Now remember, no panties from now on."

"No Mistress, I promise." She giggled as Lance opened her door. "Now for my reward." She said, turning to Lance. "I'm going inside with you, dressed like I am. Can you bring our old costumes?" She waved and raced to her door. "Thank you for everything." Her parting words indicated her willingness to continue our association.

"Thank you, Mistress." Lance accepted her clothing. "I told you that she needed a Mistress. I never would have believed she would have changed so much."

The next day it was business as usual. Kent was tired by late afternoon, so I volunteered to tidy up the sales figures, insisting that he go home early.

"Thank you for helping me last night, Kent. I really enjoyed your company." I grinned. "You were wonderful last night, just in case I forgot to tell you."

"You just make sure you're ready to help me with those new buyers that I told you about. They're due this week sometime." He said mysteriously. "You've still got a few things to learn, my little dove." He looked at me. "I might need to keep you a bit later than usual this time." There was a faint grin on his face.

Kent could be very demanding at times. I knew it would be no use asking him what he had in mind. He never gave me any prior warning as a rule. I expected him to humiliate me, like he did with the buyer of his city business. He loved to show off my submissive nature.

"I'm sure I'll be up to it. You can rely on me Master darling." I assured him. "Now you just make sure you get some rest."

I quickly dealt with the remaining buyers and adjourned to my office. There had to be some reason that Kent had brought that favour he wanted of me to mind. I thought of Kate and how she had pleased me last night. In such a short time, she had exposed her body to the entire club with the sole purpose of not disappointing my confidence in her. Similarly, with me, there were no limits to the lengths I would go to in order to please Kent. Kathy was so much like I had been, just over a year ago. I wondered if she was still so determined to take instruction from me after the trauma I put her through last night. When I had finished my paperwork I decided to ring her to confirm the arrangements for Sunday. Lance answered.

"Is Kate available?"

"She'll be with you in a moment." He hesitated. "Is that you-- Barbara?-- I mean Mistress." He whispered. "Thank you so much for last night. ---You've changed her attitudes like I wouldn't have believed." He enthused. He called her. "It's our friend from last night, darling. Quickly!"

I heard an excited whispering before Kate came on the line.

"Is that you, Mistress?" She urged. "I've been hoping you would ring me."

"Just called to see how the two of you are getting on and I might be able to come over tomorrow morning for a short while if you would like me to." I explained. "Just call me Barbara, my darling."

"Oh! Mist--I mean Barbara. I couldn't get to sleep for hours last night." She gushed. "Lance went through all my clothing and I burned every pair of panties that I had. I see what you meant now. About being more aware of your body, I mean. I've never felt so free. Lance took photos with and ---without that costume you gave me on." She giggled infectiously. "Lance is really good at photography. He made love to me till dawn. Will you really come and see us?"

Kate was really excited by the prospect.

"Cat and I can only spare a short time tomorrow morning, I'm afraid, but, if you could get away from work, we could have you both as guests for the weekend. It's entirely up to you."

Kate paused, as if unable to believe that I thought enough of her to invite them to spend the weekend at Rome.

"You don't mind?" She was breathless. "I would really like to stay for the weekend. I'll talk to Lance about it and see what we can organise."

"Great! I wanted to see you again too." I admitted.

"We'll look forward to seeing you tomorrow, Barbara. You've already done so much for me." She lowered her voice. "Thank you Mistress."

I smiled with satisfaction when the call concluded. It was a most incredibly powerful feeling to realise that I had affected two lives so much in such a short time. I was pleased that I had agreed to meet them in private. Lance was so much like Des in many ways, interested in showing his wife off. Kate reminded me of an earlier version of myself, struggling with her early upbringing and requiring a more masterful approach to release her inhibitions fully. her repression had benefited enormously from my tactics last night. Her enthusiasm to continue my training was obvious. Lance too, was in need of help to break down the barriers to his own happiness. I was happy to be their Mistress.

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